1.0 / March 27, 2015
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Have fun with the big fashion game.Our fruit block game will keepyou hooked from the first minute, have fun playing with ourblocks.Besides being visually very addictive, it is very easy toplay.Suitable for all levels, you can take and playing block athome with your family or friends. This way you can challenge youfor who gets the most points in the shortest time possible.Become amaster in our game fruit, increasing levels of difficulty,increasingly complex.With this great game of blocks for android youcan enjoy various game modes, at first we recommend to be as easyas possible to get you started, our, later to move forward when yougo taking practice.You will have to go fitting the blocks in theappropriate boxes, to match the same kind of fruit. Whether pears,strawberries, or lemons. The more blocks of the same fruits lace bylines or more points easier columns.With some bright colors, you'llfeel picking fruit in the middle of the field on a nice spring day,with our game block fruit.The maximum score you will get saved, soyou can see your progress are increasing, and so improvingconstantly going.If you've ever played Candy crash saga you will befamiliar with this type of game, you should go getting increasinglypoints to advance to the next level. Try to get as far as youcan.Our game crush block is suitable for all ages, from children toadults. Ideal for entertaining the younger members of the housewhen we are performing some task, and we need to keep doing someactivity. Block is also highly recommended for adults, alwayskeep that in your android device. Will serve to spend that tedioustime when you have to be waiting for the bus or train, and not justarrived. Or maybe if you have the typical friend who is alwayslate.When you start playing with blocks not want to ever stop.Increasingly want to advance in levels or game modes to try to dobetter than last time.You can make different combinations ofmovements that are going to give different scores. When thishappens the display will show "+1", "+2", "+ 3" while higher themore you score or score.You can compete with your friends to seewho is the best playing and getting a higher score. Encourage themto challenge.When you get tired of playing some of the rules of ourgame block, you can try other modes, each aredifferent. Thanks to our game, drive in those boring days itwill become much lighter and easier to bear, we hope you enjoy andlike it. Any suggestions would be welcome.

App Information Master Block Crush HD Fruits

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    Master Block Crush HD Fruits
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    March 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Con nuestra aplicación podrás consultar tu horóscopo diario y saberla fortuna que tendrás en diversos temas, como la salud, el dineroo el amor. Descubre si te acompaña la suerte, para saber cómoactuar en tu día a día, o al menos lo que opinan las astros de loque te va a suceder.Además consulta tu horóscopo gratuito, notendrás que pagar nada por esta fantástica app, no tiene costoalguno.Su interfaz es clara y sencilla, diseñada especialmente paraque consultes tu horóscopo sin ningún tipo de complicación. Una vezque la tengas instaladas con tan solo pulsar sobre el botón al quepertenezca tu horóscopo se te abrirá, un cuadro. En el que te darátoda la información sobre tu horóscopo de hoy. Además si loconsideras tienes la opción de poder compartir con todos tusamigos, lo que dice para que ellos puedan estar informados, teanimamos a que le invites a que se instalen nuestra aplicación paraque puedan consultar ellos también lo que el horóscopo le va adeparar.El horóscopo del día, es una buena forma de poder tener unaidea de cómo actuar ante un acontecimiento inesperado. Por ejemplosi tenemos un mal día, intentaremos no tomar decisiones de vitalimportancia. Mientras que si nuestro horóscopo de hoy, nosrecomienda tomar decisiones importantes, deberíamos de tenerlos encuenta al menos para saber, que los astros están aliados connosotros.Con nuestra app de horóscopos gratuita consulta el tuyosea cual sea, desde el fiero Leo, a testarudo Tauro, pasando por latranquilidad de piscis.Ideal para consultar cada mañana antes deirte al trabajo o al instituto, como un estímulo anímico para queel día comience bien, y poder aprovechar las cualidades que tevienen mejor para eso momento.Por ejemplo, habrás día en el que elhoróscopo no te de fortuna en el amor, pero sin en el dinero, seráese el momento en que tengas que hacer un negocio, o vender algo decierta importancia.O tal vez, se decante por el día, en el que tusvirtudes estarán relacionadas con el amor, será este el momento deintentar conquistar o empezar algo con el chico o la chica, que teguste o estés enamorado o enamorada.El horóscopo del día, debe detomarse como un consejo, como una guía, no como algo totalmenteseguro que nos lleve a entristecernos sin motivo, sin habercomenzado tan siquiera. Y en caso de que sea un día difícil, teanimo a que tú lo cambies.With our app you can check your dailyhoroscope fortune and know you will have in various topics such ashealth, money or love.See if you accompanies the lot, to know howto act in your day to day, or at least what the stars say what willhappen.Besides consulting your free horoscope, you will not have topay anything for this fantastic app, no charge.Its interface isclear and simple, especially designed for you to consult yourhoroscope without any complication.Once you have it installed bysimply pressing the button you belong to your horoscope will open abox. In which will give you all information about your horoscopetoday. Also if you think you have the option to share withyour friends, which says that they can be informed, we encourageyou to invite you to our application are installed so they can seethem also what the horoscope is you hold.The daily horoscope is agood way to get an idea of ​​how to deal with an unexpected event.For example if we have a bad day, try not to take vital decisions.Whereas if our horoscope today, we recommend making importantdecisions, we should take them into account at least to know thatthe stars are allied with us.With our free app consultinghoroscopes yours whatever, from the fiery Leo, a stubborn Taurus,through the quiet of Pisces.Ideal to check every morning beforegoing to work or school, as a mood boost to start the day well, andtake advantage of the qualities you are better at that time.Forexample, you have day that do not horoscope fortune in love, butwithout money, that the time will have to make a business, or sellsomething of some importance.Or maybe it will side with the day onwhich your virtues will be related to love, is this the time to tryto conquer or start something with the guy or girl that you like orare in love or in love.The daily horoscope should be taken asadvice, as a guide, not as something totally safe to take us to besad without reason, without even begun. And if it is a difficultday, I encourage you to change it.