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Every one of us already once played in thefreeeducational games such as Lines or Three in a row or Match 3.Everyone of us has already piled shiny crystals and candies indifferentfigures. So, you have already know what a grasping andfascinatingthe game Match 3 is. Today our beloved baby Hippopresents anupdated version of the game Lines. Go ahead for thedeal! Glitteringcrystals are waiting for you!

We can talk a lot about such games as Lines. But themostimportant thing you need to know about our game baby Hippo -Match3 or Three in a row is that this game is focused especiallyonyoung children. It means that in addition to theentertainingcomponent it has educational elements. Games for boysand girls is,first of all, educational. By combining crystals andadding candiesto certain figures, the child develops motor skillsof hands andacumen, as well as learning to think through theirturns inadvance. The development of your child is the goal of allourproducts, the most wholesale of which are free games for three-andfive-year-old children. A mischievous baby Hippo add even morejoyand enthusiasm to the gameplay.

So what are you waiting for?! Baby Hippo invites you to trytheupdated game Match 3 or Three in a row! Collect candies of thesamecolor in a line and have fun with our heroine. Stay tuned andstaywith us. Our free educational games for boys and girls willalwaysmake you and your children happy.

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Toy Shop: Family Games 1.3.6 APK
Favorite educational family games! Hippo andher friends are playing family shop.Hippo and her friend Pig will be sellers at the shop. Raccoon,Giraffe and Cat will be buyers. Family funny interactive shop sellsa variety of goods: toys, foods, fruits, vegetables, horses andeven dinosaurs. It's like a small supermarket. Characters taketurns coming to the cashier and order what they want to buy. Evenif something is not in the market, Hippo and her friend Pig canoffer something else. Once you received the goods - you must pay!To pay for goods use coins 5, 3 and 1. Help to pay for yourpurchase. To do this, combine the different versions of the coinsthat would fulfill the sum for the purchase.Funny Family Interactive Shop, is a great opportunity to spend timewith family, and to play and learn at the same time!- Family game- Education element of counting to 20- Colorful decorations- Search for items- Funny Hippo heroes and her friends- A hilarious mood during the gameEnjoy the new game with Hippo. Funny Family Interactive Shop.
Supermarket: Shopping Games APK
This game is suitable for every member of thefamily and for all the ages! Mommy Hippo has made a list of goodsthat should be bought in the supermarket. Daddy Hippo, Hippo andher brother took a trolley and went to the supermarket to findproducts that Mommy Hippo included to her shopping list. At the topof the screen you could find a list of goods you must be lookingfor. Help Hippo find all products which are included to the list.Watch out for shop shelves, and when you see a product that youhave in the list - put it in the trolley. Do not forget to look forthe Daddy Hippo and a little brother, they always try to throw inthe basket something extra.The supermarket sells a variety of products that are familiar foreverybody: fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes, garden tools, etc.You will search for products and fill in the trolley.After this Hippo with her daddy and little brother gets to thecashier and pay for the goods - you will meet with Mommy Hippo,which will check the shopping list and all you have bought. And donot buy something extra. Collect all 5 stars and Mommy will behappy!- Family game- Funny heroes - Hippo and her family,- Learn while you play,- Colorful pictures,- Supermarket with many different products,- Search for items.Have fun with Hippo in the supermarket!
Cooking School: Games for Girls 1.1.8 APK
Children like to help their parents. Theyespecially like to help with cooking . When there is a cooking inthe kitchen, it is no way to play. But cooking is a complicatedprocess and often it ends up with a huge mess in the kitchen. Butwhat if you are so eager to cook pancakes, cake or cupcakes? How tocook all that without doing a cleaning after? We have a solution!Home Cooking School with our curious Hippo has opened especiallyfor parents and children! We do not only cook food here. We willlearn different interesting recipes and the ways how to decoratedishes. Here you are a master-chef! Cook dishes for everybody! Andyour kitchen will remaim clean and without damages.Again, family games are renewed with a new game. This time ChefHippo teaches you and your kid to cook. Of course, this is, firstof all, an entertaining game, so cooking would bring a lot of fun!But do not think that cooking is such an easy task. All the recipesare special so you need to mix the ingredients in the correct orderand perform all actions correct. Whatever we do, cake, cupcakes orpancakes, each dish has its own characteristics and requires yourattention. But at the very end of cooking it would be a lot of fun.We will decorate all the dishes to our taste! There will not berestrictions due to the creativity of our art.Family Cooking School with Hippo is waiting for you and your kid!Have a lot of positive emotions together with your kid! Stay tunedand stay with us. Our free educational games for girls and boyswill always delight you and your kids.Peculiarities of the game:- Exciting cooking for all the family- A lot of recipes (cakes, cupcakes, pancakes and other)- A great possibility to spend time together for a wholefamily- A recipe book is updating- Secrets of cooking
Baby Car Traffic 1.0.9 APK
Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car.Hippo Daddy bought a new car. It's not just a automobile - it'sa convertible automobile, it is possible to raise and lower theroof. Hippo and her family went to the new car on a trip.During the journey, on your way will meet different vehicles,buses and motorcycles. On the road, the big car traffic, if theautomobile is going slowly - you must to overtake, and if theanother automobile is faster than your, you must to give the way.Also during the trip will meet an old automobile that much smoke -you must raise the car window. When it starts to rain - raise theroof of the car so as not to get wet. Hippo will prompt you what todo, and your task in time to perform the necessary action. And ifyou get bored on the road, you can play music. For each completedtask, you get 1 to 3 stars. On your way can get coins - collectthem. Perform all tasks and try to collect all the coins andstars.Control of the game is very easy to move to another lane rathertap on the screen in the correct lane, and the machine will move inthe right direction.Enjoy new game "Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car"
Airport Adventure 2 1.2.5 APK
Travelers find adventures by themselves! TodayDaddy Leo has bought a lottery ticket. What a pleasant surprise iswaiting our favorite heroes this time? Hippo scratches theprotective type and wins Super prize, a great trip for the wholefamily! Now this is time to pack the luggage and go to the airport.Exciting adventures are waiting for us!Free family games for boys and girls are renewed with a remarkablenovelty. This time, Hippo and the whole family goes to the airportto start their funny adventure. In this collection, in addition tothe scratch game, are also included educational games united with atopic - HOS. These games, are suitable for all the ages theydevelop attention and coordination. And all this takes placeunobtrusively. We add the pleasant music, funny characters, variousadventures and everybody will get a lot of fun, conducted withgreat benefit for your family members.So, Hippo has won a great trip. What do we have to do next? Firstof all, we will help our characters to pack their bags. Put thingsscattered around the room into Mom, Daddy, Ji and Hippo'ssuitcases. And then they will jump in the car and drive to theairport, where wonderful and exiting adventures will be waiting forthem! All the things need to be checked on a special scanner beforedeparture. After that, we will fly to another airport located in afar away country. And an another great game from the HOS series iswaiting for us on the other end of the world. Our heroes will needto pick up their luggage. And this time, another funny element isadded to the game, where players develop their intelligence. Hippoand her family are not alone to pick up the luggage . Funny pandasmay accidentally remove one of the bags of our heroes from theconveyor belt. Ji is also being naughty today. He can take otherpassengers suitcases because he is bored. Be careful to make surethat everyone has got their own bag.Are you ready to go on a long journey? Then - full ahead! Have alot of positive emotions with your family! Stay tuned and stay withus. Our free family games for boys and girls will always make youhappy.
Princess and the Ice Dragon 1.1.6 APK
Free interactive fairy tales for familypresent you a novelty “The Princess and the Dragon”. If you everplayed our previous free family games such as “Three Little Pigs”,you know that Hippo and her friends get together around the fire inorder to tell interesting stories for boys and girls. And as youmay have guessed, you can not only watch and listen our interactivefamilyfairy tales for kids, but play them for free!In this interactive story, Princess Hippo and Ice Dragon will playmagical hide and seek, learn colors, make a spell such as "connectthe dots" or "dots to dots" to make all the possible puzzles andsolve magical puzzles. Moreover, coloring books and many others arewaiting for your kids! Don’t think that these are the only games toplay. Of course, not! Also you will need to burst the magicalballs, turn into animals, birds, fish, lizards and even to amagical tablet. Princess Hippo will have to outwit Ice Dragon andat the end of the game a delicious chocolate cake will be waitingfor all the kids and adults.Educational family games for tablets and mobile phones are becominga crucial component of modern society, and the development of thekids and the exciting entertainment for families is impossiblewithout them. And for kids and adults there is nothing better thanfree fairy tales. In our amazing stories boys and girls developfine motor skills of hands, motor coordination, logical thinkingfor free, and the most important, kids and adults are happy playingtogether in our free interactive stories.Educational family games is our priority, this is what we can andlove to do. Meet the new game "The Princess and the Dragon."Millions of boys and girls who speak Russian, Ukrainian, English,Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages have already been inlove with Hippo and her friends. Hippo is pleased to tellinteresting family stories for kids for free, and all she asks foris to rate the game and share it with friends!
Three Little Pigs 1.2.6 APK
Hippo and her friends decided to have rest inthe fresh air. Kids gathered at the clearing around the campfireand started telling each other fairy tales. It was Hippo's turn.And Hippo decided to retell the wonderful fairy tale - The ThreeLittle Pigs. But to make the story more interesting, clever Hipporemade the tale so that the heroes of the story were her friends.And instead of the angry grey wolf was a large toy dinosaur! Louis,Archie, Dennis and Mark found themselves in an exciting adventure,where they could build a house and run away from a toy dinosaur.Join them! Hippo and her friends want you to take part in a fairytale The Three Little Pigs. Help kids cope with cheerful tasks.Kids stories are waiting for you and your kid. Try to build a housefrom bricks, which could protect animals from a large toydinosaur.As you know, free games for kids and parents are renewed with aninteresting interactive fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Everybodylikes to watch cartoons with favorite heroes and listen to excitingfairy tales. But today, you and your kid could become heroes ofthis funny story themselves. Like the heroes of a classical fairytale, our friends are going to build a house out of straw andleaves, then from wooden planks and at the end of the hard bricks.And once friends finish building a house, it still needs to bepainted in bright colors. But other than that our interactive fairytale will have much more funny games for free. Fairytales areinteresting themselves. But what would happen if, while listeningto the story, the kid could play hide and seek with funnycharacters and throw the tomatoes at a toy dinosaur?Try our free games for kids and their parents- it is much moreinteresting than just watch cartoons. In addition, they are alsoeducational games that could be really useful. An interactive fairytale The Three Little Pigs is waiting for you and your kid. Spendtime with interest and benefit, playing our educational freegames!
Kids Basketball 1.0.6 APK
Baby Hippo - Kids Basketball. Sport games forboys and for girls. For kids from 2 years and older.Basketball - a favorite game of many children. The game becomesmore fun if it is played baby Hippo and her friends. Choose yourcharacter, who you want to play, the team and start the game! Youcan choice from the most world-famous basketball team. Playersavailable - Hippo and her friend Raccoon.You need to learn not only to accurately throw the ball, butalso to protect your basket. Game time is 30 seconds, who scoredmore points - the winner! In order to get good results playingsport games require good reaction and exercise. Especially in gameslike basketball. Move to the top on table of the record and crack arecords!- Funny heroes baby Hippo;- High Scores table;- Basketball for kids;- Educational sport games for boys and girls.Management:To make a throw - swipe in the direction of the opponent's basket.To protect your basket - tap on your player - he will jump up tohit the ball.If you like this game, please rate it.