/ March 30, 2021
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If you are passionate about brain-twisting challenges thenyoucannot miss Match Master. Match Master is the perfect,uniquematchmaking game that's all you're looking for in a realgame. Notonly that, but this is also a new 3D matching puzzle gamewith manydifferent challenging levels, easy, fun and brain trainingforfree! Don't be overwhelmed by the mess of 3D objects you areaboutto see. There are hundreds or even thousands of objects herethatyou need to pair. You can also dig up the mess to find the itemyouwant. Lots of cute combinations, this free game will power upyourbrain and speed up your memory. HOW TO PLAY: - You need toselect 2identical objects and to bring to the door and delete them.- Donequickly before the time ends - You will become the winner ifallitems are put together and wiped out, otherwise you will lose.-You can also use the helper when you cannot find the sameobjects.However this help is limited, when you want to add help youcanview ads or buy directly at the shop. CHARACTERISTICS: - Alargenumber of 3D objects: cute animals, shiny toys, deliciousfruits... - Great 3D graphics and effects. - Pause whenever youwant -Play anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. - Themoreyou play, the more rewards you will receive. - The gameiscompletely free. Thank you for playing Match Master! Pleaseleaveus feedback about this game so we can develop it and make youevenmore satisfied.

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Galaxy Hunter: Space shooter 7.1.4 APK
Our galaxy is under attack by a mysterious squad of aliens! Wetried to fight back, but they were too strong! Now the whole earthand galaxy are very dangerous and need a leader command squad toattack them! We know you are an excellent commander with lots ofexperience from many battles to maintain peace of our galaxy. Andyou are still fighting! So we hope you will continue to stand up tolead the galaxy army to fight once again to defeat these mysteriousaliens! If you are one of the fans of the classic shooting gameseries like galaxia, galaxian and galactica, you will not be ableto miss our new space shooter series. After many years of doing andresearching, we have created a completely new and attractive spaceshooting game series. With a classic play style but a completelynew way of expressing it will fascinate you when you play. Galaxyshooter will bring you new enemies and bosses in galaxy wars. Doyou think you are skilled enough to survive this epic battleagainst these alien invaders? 👍FEATURE: ⭐️Select your spaceship,fighter ship to build your squad ⭐️Challenge Campaign with manyamazing levels design for you ⭐️Daily Quest, Archivement, Spinlucky help you earn more gem and gold ⭐️ Daily reward with spcialreward for you 👍HOW TO PLAY ⭐️Slide to control your spaceship dodgeenemy's bullets. ⭐️ Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve yourspaceship to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders. ⭐️ Youcan earn gem and gold to use drone to support in each combat⭐️Don't forget collect power-up item, booster item make yourspaceship become stronger ⭐️ You aslo watch video to take morereward from game Download now Galaxy Raid in your phone to joininterested combat in galaxy shooter game. Get your ship ready forspace attack in this arcade galaxy shooter game
Shot Master: Impostor Arena APK
Pick up your gun and jump right into this action-packedactionadventure right now. This shooting game is designed to beplayablewith one finger, you can easily control your superhero toovercomeobstacles. You may encounter a lot of zombies along the wayandyour task is to kill them all, to keep the worldpeaceful.ShotMaster is the game in which you transform into asuperhero ofjustice. Pay attention to the zombies and bosses, theyare reallyaggressive, they have many of the most advanced weapons.You needto use your speed to deftly avoid their attacks and upgradeyourguns in time. FEATURE: - Move superheroes in many directions:left,right, up, down to get close to the target. - Fight inmanydifferent maps - Select and increase movement speed - Great3Dgraphics, vivid sound - Many different enemies and monstersinevery shooting world - Collect bonus points by killingmultipleenemies in one shot - User interface / UX action adventuregamesimple and easy - Easy one-hand control Explore all the worldandprove you're a true superhero. Download ShotMaster andexperienceit today. If you love the game, please rate 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️and sharethem with your friends. Thank you!
Gun Clash 3D: Imposter Battle 3.0.3 APK
🎮 In the fantasy world, joining the wild west gun shooting battleby war tactics. You will become a stickman cowboy warrior in thewestern lands with the mission of gathering crowd of cowboystickman to fight against the enemy and defence the tower byragdoll shooting in non-ending battle simulation with a war tactic.🎮 Gun Clash 3D is both a battle race and shooting battle of thecowboy mob who use survival fire to fight with each other. In thelast destination, the battle of heroes who break realm defense isthe winner. In battleground shooting, gathering the guns and usingyour guns to shoot down all enemies in battle simulator fightingareas and try to survive in global war. 🎮 Gun Clash 3D is one ofthe most anticipated epic gamestoday. You need a survival fire andrun to collect treasures along the way. Gathering your army intothe biggest crowd to fight in the survival battleground if youdon’t want to duel with monsters in the battle arena. 🎮 Build upyour army, run and lead the crowd, and start a gun clash againstthe enemy team to become the best kingdom defender warriors. 🎮Start the global war with your own battle strategy and collectcowboy fiighters along the way to build up the biggest crowd. Runwith your cowboy gang shoot through all deadly traps and obstacles.Save as many cowboy fighters as possible to prepare for the finalepic gun clash gang fight. 🎮 Run the crowd gunfighter untilreaching the fortress at the end of the journey. Eliminate all theenemies in the final gun clash, capture the castle and then becomethe shooting heroes in the survival battle arena. 🎮 Use yourperfect brain with wonderful battle strategy to command your cowboygang on the battleground and win eternal glory in this epic clashof warriors with intelligence and battle fire of gunfighter. 🎈 HOWTO PLAY 🎈 Collect crowds of cowboy snipers. Try to run with squadbattle and avoid dangerous obstacles. Run and shoot ‘em up todestroy the enemy by using your best shooting skills along the way.Attack, shoot guns to take down all enemies at the end of the roadand create the biggest epic game. Run and shoot ‘em up to survivein the fantasy world battlefield and win Shot and imagine you'refacing a survival game Fight against the enemies using machine gunsor bazooka Upgrade your firepower with a machine gun or a bazookato protect defence castle 🎮 This is a stickman fight with firebattle where you become a stickman warrior cowboy. You have aresponsibility to start and run alone, and then gather professionalwestern snipers to fight for justice on your way to win a gang'sbig gun. 🎮 Start with a gunfighter in the war crowd and gather astickman warriors gang to shoot, fight hard to destroy bad guys anddefend the castle. 🔥 Gather crowd stickman warriors survival battleto destroy the enemy and become the best real gun shooter today. Wegive you a great experience when participating in this adventureshooting battle. Download Gun Clash 3D: Epic battle now!
Rescue Game – Save Princess 2.0.3 APK
Save Girl - Rescue Game is a simple game but very attractive withmany interesting levels Do you like to play rescue game or brainpuzzle ? Easy swipe and cut the rope with your finger. Help thegirl through the gangster lair to get back to safety. Hundreds offascinating brain puzzles through to cutting the rope to rescue thegirl with your brain out. The most tricky and relaxing puzzle gamewill give you a very interesting and fascinating experience youhave ever played. Here will be levels that only the smartest canhelp the girl through danger! Each level will give you a scenariowhere you will have to use your IQ, intelligence, and ingenuity tosolve it. Can help by cut the rope to rescue the girl, to avoidbombs, ferocious dog, bullet of crime... and finally, help save thegirl escape out of the dangerous room. Every challenge in thescreenplay are both funny and dramatic, you will need a lot of timeto be able to help our girls overcome those dangerous places.Simple control by swipe cut the rope save girl. You can play withone hand without any problem. It's easy to get started butchallenging to complete the rope-cutting puzzle to rescue the girl.The higher the level, the more difficult the game increases, themore intelligence you need. Stay and play the most addictive andsatisfying game. Feel the satisfaction of solving funny and moredifficult problems and protect the girl from harm. Use your witsand sheer ingenuity! ***GAME FEATURES: 1. Don't be fooled! Therewill be levels you will be troll beware! 2. Lots of levels to playMany startling situations and levels for your experience 3. Fun forthe whole family A lot of funny situations that you can share withfamily and friends to have fun laughing. 4. Simple and addictivegameplay Once you start, you will want to continue solving theupcoming puzzles. The best rope puzzle available! If you've beenlooking for a cutting rope puzzle rescue game for a long time, it'stime to explore it. Download Save Girl - Rescue Game now and enjoyit!
Blob n Giant: Blob Clash Runner 3D 3.0.0 APK
This is a really fun game that you cannot miss with simple gameplaybut also very addictive. You will play the role of a fat pusher,eating everything you can along the way to becoming fatter thanever. And when you get fat, go out with a strong slap on theopponent to destroy them quickly and get the rewards. But you alsoneed to be careful what you eat along the way as you run, they canalso drain your energy, and then your opponent will easily knockyou down with a knockout. So a sensible diet is an option for youto become the king or slap master. With Face slap 3D, you also havespecial priority, you can revive if you get booty, try to get lotsof booties and you will become the strongest slap master. HOW TOPLAY - Eat more fat and increase strength - Eat everything on thego, but be careful with booty that drains energy. - Slap or hityour opponent - Fight and get lots of gold Whether you want tosmack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Master isthe true slapping champion game. Become the master of slap todayand enjoy the most relaxing moments.
Craft Shooter: Blocky World 3D 1.0.2 APK
Craft Shooter: Blocky World 3D is a shooting game 3D pixel stylegun pixel shooter game with block style weapons,character in theenvironment style craft. You a gunfighter to mission secret andparachute from above to remote island, fight in the vast world ofcrafting, surrounded by dangers, find the prison built above, shootguns and destroy the enemy in the cube sandbox world of battlearena survival A specially designed prison built on a uniquecrafting world where the hostages are held captive by criminals onthe top floor.Them is crafter in the world open craft. Become ahero to fight to rescue hostages with enemies strong intelligencewith survival fire in heart. Please pick up weapons when up andfight battle survival with the enemies in the house craft. In thiscube sandbox world your main goal is survival and rescue hostages.A great shooting battle with smart enemies in the world pixelcraft. Try to survive and destroy assassins in this prison in theworld pixel craft Eliminate enemies on every floor of the world,dominate the battlefield and reach the top floor freeing hostagesand survive in the adventure sandbox simulator HOW TO PLAY -Holdand move the virtual key to shooting craft and destroy the enemy,and dodge enemy bullets in the battle survival -You will be a goodsniper you will be able to activate special shooting craft mode anddestroy multiple enemy at once - Used to upgrade pixel gun andincrease survivability when facing the strongest enemy. GAMEFEATURES - Many challenging levels for you to overcome - Buy uniqueweapons gun craft for you to upgrade - Beautiful pixel graphics andblock characters - Buy accessories, dress the way you want - Voxelstyle battle and shooting game in the pixel world. Take the part atthe battlefield of Craft Shooter: Blocky World 3D gun shootinggames. Download and enjoy now!
Gang Master! 2.0.1 APK
Ultimate gun hunter always keeps his finger on the trigger Have youever wanted to be a gangter, spy that can beat all the bad guyalone and save innocent people. Gang Master can give you all ofthat experience and even more. So are you ready to try yourself andprove your shooting skill. Clash the gangster alone, become thestealths master and fight the prime target in the ragduel – themost evil criminal which is the leader of the gangster squad – theBOSS. If you are a fan of stick man, shooting game, assassin thenthis is the game that will satisfy you with the endless excitinggun battle and bullet rush. You are looking for an action stickmanshooting game. Role-playing and try your best to be the best gunshooter. HOW TO PLAY Gang Master has very simple control system!Hold to fire and dodge enemy’s bullet, If you are good enough, youcan able to trigger fire mode and destroy hundred of them in onego. Collect money to upgrade guns and fight the BOSS to pass thelevels. Game features: - Simple control and easy to play - Fightagainst various bosses and waves of assassin - Lots of uniqueweapons, bulletproof and upgrades - Impressive 3D graphic and soundeffect
Gun clash 3D: Battle Friends 2.0.8 APK
🤺 Brave warriors always keep the trigger in their hands ready topull the trigger to destroy the enemy on the battlefield. 🤺 Wouldyou like to embark on an Gun Clash 3D with a massive crowd ofstickman heroes instead of western cowboys? 🤺 It is almost a warthat requires you to have battle strategy and battle fire , fromcollecting 500 brothers to build into an army or the second largestgang to conquering castles , collecting treasure. and destroymonsters become to kingdom defenders 👇 Gun Clash is a hyper casualadventure game, a heroic game to save the world. 👇 A lot ofchallenges worth experiencing in this survival epic game. 👉First,this epic clash 3d offline game that you can entertain anywhere,anytime. Getting started is never easy when you are alone, you haveto overcome many obstacles and collect your massive crowd as muchas possible until the final battle. Start battleground shooting andclash, gather your gang or army to advance to conquer the castle,destroy monsters and build yourself a solid stronghold with all thegang beasts. Create an epic kingdom of your own by collecting lotsof treasures or capturing your opponent's castle. 👉Second, GunClash is also an online ultimate battle simulator draw duel gameYou can transform into an assassin guerrilla-style, slowly defeatthe opponent's castle then , capture the fortress. Or become astickman superhero, defend your castle, avoid or counterattackenemy shootings. So how to become a stick hero, timely come andrescue your kingdom defenders? Very quickly, Gun Clash will sendwarnings to you, with quick wits and battle strategy, and a mightyarmy, your castle will surely be kept safe. HOW TO PLAY: + Collectthe crowds and use gun shooting to kill the enemy in the battlearena. + Participate in the clash 3d with squad battle shooting tokingdom defenders. + Collect treasures and capture the castle +Fight, shoot guns against monsters + Use coin update power forcastle FEATURE: + Play online or offline + RPG – Role playing game+ Bright, sharp graphics + Live sound + Many levels that aredifficult and addictive + Update power for castle and defensecastle +Update powerfire by using a bazooka or a machine gun. 👉Transform into a brave hero gunfighter with many battle strategy,dare to fight monsters or be a bloody assassin right now with GunClash