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Maternity clothes are one of the things you need to prepare aheadof and during your pregnancy. This is very important for you to dobecause during pregnancy you will experience a very drastic bodyshape changes especially in the stomach. You will experience weightgain along with the increasing size of the fetus that you are in,so you need to adjust to your changes. There are many things youcan do to adapt to changes in shape and condition of your body andone of them is to prepare clothes that fit your body size while youare pregnant. This is intended for you and the fetus that you arestill able to feel comfortable during your pregnancy.Maternityclothes adjust to the changing body shape of pregnant womenInaddition, while pregnant you may also feel a decrease in confidencebecause you no longer have the ideal body shape that you have hadbefore pregnancy, especially when you are getting older. When yourpregnancy is still in the first trimester you probably will notfeel a significant body change so you will still be able to wearyour old clothes. However, when your gestational age begins toenter the second trimester, you will begin to feel that yourstomach is getting bigger and the old clothes you used to wear areno longer comfortable you feel in your body. You may feeltightness, not free movement, or pressure in the stomach area. Inaddition, you will also feel that your old clothes are not suitableanymore you wear on your body is getting bigger. So, in thesemoments you can start choosing a maternity clothes for you to weareither on your daily life or to attend certain events

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Women Ankara Dress 1.0 APK
What is ankara? What is ankara fabric? Isn’t it the capital ofTurkey? It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of apopular fabric worn by many Africans. So what is ankara?Ankaracommonly known as “African prints”,”African wax prints” “Hollandwax” and “Dutch wax”, is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrantpatterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarilyassociated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns andmotifs.It is also a very versatile fabric and many items can bemade from it such as hats, earrings, blazers, and shoes to name afew. To make ankara an even more versatile fabric, fashion brandsand fabric suppliers have manufactured ankara prints on fabricslike chiffon, silk, spandex for clothing such as kaftans, iro andbubas, bathing suits, sports bars, leggings & socks.Ankaraprint fabrics are made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeingtechnique called batik. In this technique, methods are used to“resist” the dye from reaching all the cloth, thereby creating apattern. The lack of divergence in color intensity helps with thedetermination of the (front) right and (back) wrong side of thefabric.Ankara print fabrics are usually sold per yard, 6 yards or12 yards. The fabric company, product and registration number isprinted on the selvage of the fabric, to notify people of thequality and to protect the designs from imitators. The wax fabriccan be sorted into categories of quality due to the processes ofmanufacturing. The colors comply with the local preferences of thecostumers. Wax prints can be named after and inspired bypersonalities, cities, building, sayings, occasions or well-knownindividuals.Ankara print fabrics can be worn for regular occasions,but many people consider it a formal fabric and it wear it forspecial occasions.Some people wear it as “asoebi” for specialoccasions such as birthdays, weddings, balls etc. Asoebi is aNigerian word and means “clothes of the family”. Family members,relatives and close friends usually dress up in similar attire fora special occasion.Even though ankara fabrics are associated withthe African culture, it’s origins are not authentically and whollyAfrican. Dutch wax prints started out as mass-produced imitationsof Indonesian batik fabric.It was originally intended for theIndonesian market but found a more enthusiastic market in WestAfrica, where it became symbols of traditional and high qualityfashion. From West Africa, this fabric spread to other parts ofAfrica and all over the world.
New Jewelry Design 1.1 APK
1. See the exchange rates of gold todayBefore buying gold, you cancheck the price of gold market.2. Pay attention to the goldconditions you buyIf you buy is gold jewelry to wear, of course youcan choose the preferred model and also note the state of goldjewelry, still good or there are defects.When purchased goldjewelry that there is a permena, note the impression whether thereis 'chipped', scratches and other, because of course if you sell itback, the gold shop will check it first and affect the sellingprice.When purchased is a form of bracelets and necklaces, choose abracelet or key necklace made machine, which is shaped 'S' orcalled 'toogle'. While the keys are handmade are usuallyshaped-stroke and sometimes become weak when it is often used (bookcover) and have long-lived.3. Look at the golden lookBuy a cleangold, because sometimes there is a green color on the pores ofcertain parts. It may be that the jewelry store says it's a regularthing, but it's not, gold has not been washed properly. In the goldis still left behind the chemical that can cause allergies in theskin of the wearer, causing itching, etc.4. Ask the level of goldpurityThe following is the level of gold purity according tointernational standards:- 24 carat gold is pure gold (99.99%)- 22carat gold has a composition of 91.7% gold and mixed othermaterials 8.3%, usually silver material- 20 carat gold has 83.3%gold compositions- 18 karat gold has 75% gold composition- 16 caratgold has a 66.6% gold composition- 14 carat gold has a compositionof 58.5% goldAnd 9 carat gold has a composition of 37.5% goldButsince we live in Indonesia, the standard gold content in the goldshop in Indonesia is somewhat different. 24 carat gold is 90% gold,23 carat gold is 70% gold, 22 carat gold is 40% gold and others.4.Save the gold jewelry purchase noteA purchase note of gold isrequired when it is resold. This is because not all gold buyers,whether sold in stores or elsewhere, experts in determining thegold content. Because to check the gold content takes time andtechnology that is not necessarily available where you sell it. Andif possible, sell gold back where you bought it, because it willcertainly be easier and there are not many questions about gold
Woodcraft 1.0 APK
Speaking of handicrafts, wood becomes the main ingredient that issynonymous with various handmade products. If you notice, anywooden handicraft will usually be more easily accepted in themarket and attract many people.
Women Trouser 1.1 APK
Tips Choosing Women's Long Trousers Appropriate Size and ShapeBody, Hips, Thighs, Calves and FeetNgin look okay when wearingtrousers? Find out the first pants that fit your body shapehere.Choosing a pair of pants that fit in the body and pleasing tothe eye is easy-easy because the pants model on the market does notnecessarily match your body shape. For that, you need to know whatkind of pants model is actually suitable for your body.The womanwith the big hipsYou who have big hips should avoid pants that aretoo thick like skinny jeans or avoid too pants that are too looseas well as baggy. This is because both types of pants can clarifythe shape of your hips are large so you should use a pair of pantsthat can make your body look more proportional like pants straightleg or boot cut.A woman with big thighsIf you do not have a highconfidence about your thighsBig you, you should also choose theright pants. Just as with the big hip, you should also choose thepants with a straight leg or boot cut.A fat womanYou are overweightshould choose a pair of tops that are right at the waist. Choose aslim fit model that is not too ngetat or loose, and select clothmade from thin to outsmart the body that tends to contain or fat.Awoman with a large calfLarge calves can also be one of theobstacles when you choose the right pants. You can use stright legpieces, boot cuts, and avoid wearing skinny pants.A short-leggedwomanShort legs can be tricked with skinny pants or high waistedwith a vertical fold line on the front. Avoid model pants becauseit will make your legs look even shorter.Women with legged limbsYouwho have a slim body with legs that level can wear any model pants.All models of pants will fit kok make
New Bed Cover 1.1 APK
Here are some tips you can practice before choosing the right bedcover for comfort during sleep 1. Choose ComfortableMaterialThe main thing that determines whether the bed cover iscomfortable or not is the material. If the material of the bedcover is made of hot fabric, your sleep will be uncomfortable. Allnight you will be sweating and not soundly. For a high level ofcomfort, you can buy materials from satin although sometimes theprice is a bit stifling chest.Other materials that provide comfortare cotton fabric. Choose a very soft bed cover when touched.Cotton fabrics usually provide a cool and comfortable effect sothat your sleep will be sound. Never buy a bed cover with roughmaterials and heat even if the price is skewed. 2. SelectUnique and Beautiful MotifPerhaps the motif of the bed coverbecomes a priority after the correct selection of materials.However, the motif or color on the bed cover also supports comfortwhen you sleep on it. Motifs with vibrant colors may not be perfectfor men or adults. They need a more calm color.For women, the bedcover can be chosen more cheerful motif or there is an element offlowers. For children it is advisable to choose a more brightlycolored motif and give the impression of the story. The selectionof colors and motifs will add comfort even more to thepsychological than the physical. 3. Choose the Right PriceWecan not say that the price is too expensive does not match thequality of the bed cover. Or the price is too cheap alwayssynonymous with cheap bed cover. The price of the bed cover isalways in accordance with the materials used and the brand thatcarries them.If you are going to buy a bed cover from a soft satinfabric, it's natural that the price is very expensive. Furthermore,it is only natural that the price of cotton bed cover cheaper thansatin because the quality of the material slightly below it. So,adjust the price with your pocket by considering the comfort of thebed cover material to be used. You can buy bed cover with cheapprice at dekoruma.com site 4. Select Fit to Bed SizeDo notjust buy a bed cover without knowing the size of your bed. Usuallybed covers are sold have some size that can be adjusted with thebed. Buying a bed cover that is too small will make your bed is notcovered perfectly. Bed cover can not fit perfectly so that makesyou less comfortable.In line with the bed cover is too small,buying a bed cover that is too big will make the mattress lookunkempt. You must cut some parts first in order to use properly.These cuts sometimes make the bed cover so damaged or the patternon the bed cover so not appropriate as you expect. 5. Choosethe Easy Washed and Not Gross DirtyChoose a bed cover that is notdirty when used. Some materials used for bed covers are often easyto dirty even if only used for a few days only. Materials that areeasily dirty will make you trouble in replacing and washing.Bedcovers are usually very heavy when washed. It needs special skillto be able to clean all parts and then dry completely. Bedcoveryang is not good, usually will be damaged easily after washingseveral times so it requires you to buy a new bed cover.So fivetips that you can apply when choosing the right bed cover for yourbed. Choosing the right bed cover will increase your comfort untilsleep becomes more qualified
Women Jumpsuit Dress 1.0 APK
The most basic of jumpsuit designs features a top attached to pantsor shorts and a cinched waist. The great thing about the jumpsuitis its versatility. Designers can play on this design and createdifferent styles of jumpsuits. When looking for the right jumpsuit,women should always keep these six do’s of buying rompers orjumpsuits in mind.1. Purchase the Right LengthJumpsuits and romperscome in varying lengths and sizes. Taller women can get away withsweeping, floor-length pieces, while more petite women should stickto rompers that go above the knee. Aside from bottom length,rompers can also come in different sleeve lengths. Women who haveshapely arms should go bare with halter top, sleeveless, or eventube top jumpsuits. Long-sleeved jumpsuits look elegant and classy,and can also hide some less-than-perfect features.2. Buy a SolidColor Romper or JumpsuitWhen in doubt, a solid color romper orjumpsuit looks great on any woman. The continuous silhouettecreated by the single color lengthens the body, and creates aflattering profile. Small prints, a few splashes of color, orcolor-blocked jumpsuits can also be acceptable if done inmoderation.3. Buy the Right Fit and SizeThe right fit is essentialwhen purchasing any piece of clothing, and even more so when itcomes to jumpsuits. An ill-fitting jumpsuit can highlight unsightlybulges and imperfections, and may cause some embarrassingsituations (especially in too-tight nether regions). When in doubt,a good rule when fitting jumpsuits is to ensure the fabric remainsloose and draped while cinching the waist. For those who want tohighlight their derriere, a jumpsuit that’s a little clingy aroundthe buttocks area would be suitable.4. Buy a Romper or Jumpsuit forFormal EventsWhile shorts jumpsuits are perfect for a day at thebeach or a stroll in the park, they can also have a place at formalevents. Hollywood celebrities wear jumpsuits on the red carpet, butthese are often ramped up versions of the daytime romper. Silk orsatin jumpsuits embellished with sequins can make a great nighttimeoutfit for anyone.5. Wear Jumpsuits All Year RoundThere aredifferent types of jumpsuits for any weather, from skimpy rompersfor the summer to turtleneck jumpsuits for the winter. The jumpsuitis a versatile piece of clothing every woman should have and wearduring any season. If anything, a basic jumpsuit is a great basethat can be layered with a jacket or sweater during coldermonths.6. Take Risks When Buying a Romper of JumpsuitFashion hasnever been for the faint-hearted, and if designers didn’t takerisks, the fashion industry would not have seen some of its bestcreations throughout the years. Women should try different thingsand take risks when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing tofind out what suits them best, or risk being stuck with the samestyle for the rest of their lives.6 Don’ts When Buying a Romper orJumpsuitFinding the right jumpsuit for the right body type doestake some effort, but for the most part, it’s quite easy. Asidefrom the do’s, women should also take heed and remember these sixdon’ts when buying a romper or jumpsuit.
Sun Glass Design 1.0 APK
The summer had come and the sun was not friendly with the blazingrays. For you guys who work or often out of the house during theday, strong sunlight must be a big enemy. Glare, Man! You know whatyou need, GLASSES! Not just any glasses but glasses that will helpyou stay focused on the view and stay good certainly. Select theglasses also should not be arbitrary. Must fit in advance, fit inthe wallet also times yes. For you who again nyari sunglassesstyle, the way the design has 22 most stylish glasses so the trendin 2015. Do not get me wrong, yes! Choose your style, guys ...
Men Shoes Design 1.0 APK
Quite ludicrous .. There are opinions that say that men do not careabout shoes. Though not a few men who really pay attention tounified fashion clothing with shoes. In fact, quite a lot of menwho have a special cabinet to store his favorite shoes. So, nowexclude gender. Some men look at shoes from a practical point ofview, while some are obsessed with shoes. So in the followingarticle we will present general rules that can be applied whenchoosing men's shoes.Try to choose matching shoes or darker thanpantsThere is an opinion that if socks do not need to match shoes.But actually, you can treat socks just like when you would choose atie. Both will determine the character of the dress.If you willwear a belt, try to match the color with the shoes. Unless you usea striped belt.Shoes for Jeans PantsYou can wear almost any coloror style of shoes to pair with jeans. Avoid shoes with a very shinyskin layer.Bots, lug soles, sneakers, loafers and matching sandalscombined with jeans.Her homework is, mix the types of men'sfootwear with clothes. Such as sporty polo shirts combined withloafers, t-shirts are best friends sneakers or retro-style shoes,to artsy button with sandals.Shoes for Casual PantsYou can choosedifferent types of shoes to pair with casual pants, be it docker,chino or khaki. The important thing is to make ornament or shoestyle guide you to the appropriate dress style. For example atassel or buckle for a more stylish or woven pattern or a seam fora more casual.Mix of Color Shoes MenBlack shoes look perfect withnavy pants, gray or blackBrown shoes match the brown, beige, greenor dark natural colors.Suitable burgundy shoes paired with wretchedkhaki, light brown, blue or gray.