3.4 / September 14, 2017
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Came the best way for children to learn thebasic operations of mathematics.

Math for kids test their skills in answering addition problems,subtraction, multiplication and division in due time.

Race against time and answer as many problems as possible.

Compete with your friends to see who is the best in themultiplication table and the other operations.

Several achievements to be unlocked, the more fun and cute mathgame for kids.

Excellent application to train the brain and develop mathematicalreasoning in children.

App Information Math for Kids

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O AppEnem é um aplicativo com o intuito de auxiliar estudantes a seprepararem para o ENEM.Selecionamos questões dos mais renomadosvestibulares, dentre eles: fuvest, ITA, UERJ, UFRJ e muitomais!Todas as questões possuem resoluções, e estão separadas porsua categoria.O AppEnem é uma excelente maneira de treinar suashabilidades e se preparar para o ENEM!O aplicativo conta comestatísticas de tempo para ajudar o estudante a treinar essaimportante habilidade.Junte-se a milhares de estudantes! O appconta com conquistas e até mesmo rankings para marcar os estudantesmais esforçados!Indispensável para obter sucesso nos vestibulares eno Enem!The AppEnem is an application in order to help studentsprepare for the ENEM.Selected issues of the most renownedvestibular, including: FUVEST, ITA, UERJ, UFRJ and more!Allquestions have resolutions, and are separated by a category.TheAppEnem is an excellent way to train your skills and prepare forthe ENEM!The application has time statistics to help the student totrain this important skill.Join thousands of students! The app hasachievements and even rankings to mark the most hardworkingstudents!Indispensable for success in college entrance exams andEnem!
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One Touch Drawing: Connect the Dots is a very simple and addictivepuzzle game. The goal is simple, you have to tap the dots and dragto connect the sequential path for each shape. The only problem isthat you cannot draw the same line twice while you are playingconnect the dots There are several worlds and hundreds of levelsfor you to enjoy. Connect the dots to complete the levels and runagainst time to get more stars. Features ★ Every week a new worldis released ★ Several Levels are included ★ Clean and beautifulgraphics ★ Google Play Leaderboard included ★ The game is totallyfree
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Sudoku is a well-known puzzle based on logical placement ofnumbers.+HOW TO PLAY+The goal is to place numbers from 1 to 9 ineach of the empty cells in a grid of 9x9, consisting of 3x3subgrades called regions.The puzzle contains some initial clues,which are numbers inserted into some cells, so as to allow forinduction or deduction of numbers in cells that are empty.Eachcolumn, row, and region can only have a number from 1 to 9each.Solving the problem requires only logical reasoning and sometime.Problems are usually classified in relation to theirrealization.+FEATURES+This Sudoku puzzle has different levels ofdifficulty.To each game completed successfully in sudoku 9x9 theplayer earns points:○ Easy (+1)○ Normal (+5)○ Hard (+10)○ Very Hard(+20)Sudoku puzzle contains access to player game statistics, suchas game time, and quantities of times that the game ended as thedifficulties occur.The app has a beautiful and clean design,focused on the comfort and gameplay of the player. Also containsleaderboard and achievements.