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The App “Math Formulas” is the best collection of mathematicalformulas for education.In the app Math Formulas you will findAlgebra formulas, Plane geometry formulas, geometry formulas, Solidgeometry formulas, trigonometry formulas and much more to helpyoung students to learn this amazing and mysterious science. Thereis math formulas for all classes.The App Math Formulas coverstopics like: • Factoring and product formulas• Progressions•Trigonometric formulas• Trigonometric equations• Trigonometricinequalities• Table of the angles• Derivatives• Integrals•Logarithms• Combinatorics• Triangle• Right-angled triangle•Equilateral triangle• Parallelogram• Rhombus• Rectangle• Square•Trapezoid• Circle• Coordinates and vectors• Cube• Prism•Parallelepiped• Pyramid• Regular pyramid• Truncated pyramid•Cylinder• Cone• Frustum• Sphere and spherical sectorFeatures:•Intuition and friendliness material UI• Working without internetconnection.• Ability to add formulas in your own collection•Plurality of the formulasAll essentials math formulas and equationsin one app - that's great!

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ru.knnv.geometrycalcfree 2.8.3 APK
Geometric Calculator Calculates plane and solid figures: Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. Sphere, cube, box, cylinder,cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid, theoctahedron. For each shape type there are solution formulas andsolutions itself based on an input data! Planimetrics ~~~~~~~~~Triangle - Parties - Angles - Area - Perimeter Square - Parties -Diagonal - Area - Perimeter Rectangle - Diagonal - Area - PerimeterParallelogram - Diagonals - Area - Perimeter Rhombus - Diagonals -Area - Perimeter Trapezium - Area - Perimeter Quadrilateral - Area- Perimeter Polygon - Angles - Area Circle - Area - The length ofthe arc - Size of the sector - The length of the arc segment - Thearea of the segment Annulus - Area - Size of the sector Ellipse -Area - Perimeter Solid geometry ~~~~~~~~~~~ Sphere - Area - VolumeCube - Area - Volume Parallelepiped - Area - Volume Cylinder - Area- Volume - The area of the lateral surface Cone - Area - Volume -The area of the lateral surface Frustum of a right cone - Area -Volume - The area of the lateral surface Prism - Area - VolumePyramid - Area - Volume - The area of the lateral surface Frustumof a right pyramid - Volume Octahedron - Area - Volume
com.arpaplus.adminhands APK
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com.Totem.LoveHoroscope2015 2.2 APK
Daily Love and Erotic Horoscope 2019 – The most sensationalhoroscope application on Android! Daily Love and Erotic Horoscope2019 - What can you expect from the stars? The 100% free astrologyof SEX, LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS for 2019. What do the stars plan foryour zodiac sign today / tomorrow ? DAILY LOVE AND EROTIC HOROSCOPE2019 Every movements of the celestial signs cycle impacts our dailylive. Daily Erotic Love Horoscope 2019 gives most accurate love,relationships and sexual predictions for every zodiac sign: Aries,Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. PREDICTIONS Daily predictions forLove, Sex and Health for every zodiac sign along with thehoroscope. Know what the future holds for you and your closest onesin Love, Erotic and Health. COMPATIBILITY HOROSCOPE Read instantcompatibility matches between zodiac signs for love, sex andrelationships. What is the perfect match for you zodiac sign.OFFLINE USE This is the first love horoscope app that allows you toread your horoscope without an Internet connection! It isautomatically downloaded when connected and then you can read it atany time even without connection! FEATURES ♠ Your Love and Erotichoroscope automatically updated on a daily basis. ♠ BeautifulMaterial graphical interface Design ♠ Daily Love and EroticHoroscope for all 12 zodiac signs for 2019 ♠ Learn the starssecrets ♠ Daily predictions for Love, Sex and Health ♠Compatibility horoscope: match between zodiac signs ♠ Read daily anew love fortune cookie along with your horoscope ♠ Plan tomorrowwith the precise predictions ♠ Stores horoscope for offline use ♠Personalize Daily Love and Erotic Horoscope 2019 with your name andzodiac sign How do the cosmos affect your love and sexual life?Daily love horoscope show you how to make fun in love and buildlong lasting romantic relationships with partner! If you stillalone this love horoscope app will help you to find and choose yoursecond half. Daily Love and Erotic Horoscope 2019 is considered bymany users one of the best FREE love horoscope apps in Google PlayStore! Best career builder app with predictions every day.
Unit Converter Calculator 8.3 APK
Simple, fast and powerful Unit Converter Calculator and CurrencyConverter for all types of conversions you may need. A “must have”conversion application for daily usage and fast unit conversions.Our unit converter app is one of the most lightweight productivityapp on the market with only 2.2Mb. Modern material design of userinterface along with plenty of units, simplicity made this tool oneof the most rated conversion app in the Google Play store. UnitConverter Calculator (now with currency converter) have followingbenefits and features: - All units in chosen category on the samescreen, you don’t need to jump over and over to check new unitconversion anymore! - Intuitive unit to convert switchingon-the-fly - Tons of metric and imperial units to convert for yourmeasurement - Material design with color schemes - Lightweight andstable app - Simple and attractive user experience of conversionapp - Regular updates and maintain - Currency converter and evenbitcoins - Offline usage - Scientific mode - 24/7 hours support,please if you find any problem or want feature request - feel freeto contact us: info@arpaplus.com Various unit conversion categoriesinclude: - Currency: online currency converter: euro, usd, rub,yen, bitcoin and more... - Length: inch, foot, yard, various miles,kilometer, meter, chain, rod and more… - Speed: kmh, mph, ft/s, m/sand more… - Mass: pound, ounce, kilogram, various tons, grains andmore… - Area: square inch, square foot, square kilometer, acre,hectare and more… - Volume: us gallon, cubic foot, cubic meter,liter, pints and more… - Cooking: various spoons, ounces, pints,peck and more… And many other categories full of units ready to beconverted: Force, Time, Pressure, Radiation, Temperature, Fuelconsumption, Power, Digital memory, Cooking, Angle, Radioactivity,Sound Power, Frequency If you have any question about UnitConversion Calculator please contact us any time. We are lookingforward for feature request and new measurement units to add. Doyou need to convert units ? So this measure converter app isdefinitely yours if you’re looking for fast and effective unitconverter (measurement converter) with no pain. All of measurementsavailable absolutely for free in this awesome unit and currencyconversion app. You can share it with your friends and family usingtwitter, facebook etc. Please share your valued feedback about thismeasurement converter tool which does simply convert units. It willhelp us in improving Unit Converter Calculator. Remember, it isalso good currency converter app. ARPAplus site & social links(many apps and games, not only measurement converter): >>>OUR SITE: https://www.arpaplus.com >>> Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ARPAplus.mobile >>> VK:http://vk.com/arpaplus >>> Twitter: http://ow.ly/NWQ0W
Dreams World 3D Live Wallpaper 1.2 APK
● Recommend Pro Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxsionsoft.dreamsproIfyou are looking for soothing wallpaper and you need to relax andcalm, so this app is what you need!New, beautiful animated live 3Dwallpaper, for your phone or tablet! Dreams World Free 3D some ofthe best 3D wallpapers for your phone or tablet. The new beautifullive wallpaper is a fantastic world filled with colorful futuristiccolors. Considered as yoga and relaxation wallpaper. Immerseyourself in the world of dreams and fantasies with the new livewallpaper. Manage and change many types of cameras and admiring thecolorful and lush views. And if you are tired colors, the menu, youcan select the display mode sepia or grayscale. Set the automaticchange of time of day, and your phone will self-change designtheme. Enable and configure various effects to create even moreexciting pictures. → Main Feature Dreams World Free 3D :● Real 3D!●Supports a wide range of devices (handsets, tablets)● Support forHD and FULL HD displays for phones and tablets● Superbly crafteddesign● The dynamic camera● Graphics and texture HI quality●Simulation scroll the screen for Samsung and others● Quick accessto the menu, double-tapu● Support for installation on SD card● 2scene: day and night● Automatically changing the time of day● Themode sepia● The mode grayscale● 5 animated cameras● 5 viewscameras● Management of lighting effects● Accelerometer● Automaticcamera movementATTENTION: Set function and the option may bedifferent in the free or paid version.● Recommend Pro Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxsionsoft.dreamsproARPAplussocial links (find more cool and quality games!):💎 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ARPAplus.mobile💎 VK:http://vk.com/arpaplus💎 Twitter: http://ow.ly/NWQ0W
ru.knnv.geometrycalc APK
Geometric Calculator Calculates plane and solid figures: Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. Sphere, cube, box, cylinder,cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid, theoctahedron. For every geometry shape there is step by step mathsolve solution provided! If you either a schoolkid or anundergraduate this math solver toolkit will be helpful for you!Planimetrics: ~~~~~~~~~~ Triangle - Parties - angles - Area -Perimeter square - Parties - diagonal - Area - Perimeter rectangle- diagonal - Area - Perimeter parallelogram - Diagonals - Area -Perimeter rhombus - Diagonals - Area - Perimeter trapeze - Area -Perimeter quadrangle - Area - Perimeter polygon - angles - Areacircle - Area - The length of the arc - Size of the sector - Thelength of the arc segment - The area of the segment ring - Area -Size of the sector ellipse - Area - Perimeter Solid geometry:~~~~~~~~~~~~ ball - Area - Volume cube - Area - Volumeparallelepiped - Area - Volume cylinder - Area - Volume - The areaof the lateral surface cone - Area - Volume - The area of thelateral surface frustum - Area - Volume - The area of the lateralsurface prism - Area - Volume pyramid - Area - Volume - The area ofthe lateral surface truncated pyramid - Volume octahedron - Area -Volume
Japan Car Legend Traffic Racer 1.0 APK
Good news - easy to buy a new ride now:- Now you got 15.000 CASH onstart- Reward 5.000 CASH now🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟Would youever try your skills in traffic racing game High speed addictivetraffic racing game full of the Japanese sport cars that you love:Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota. The real drag racing,drifting legends! Start from Subaru and end with expensive Hondasuper car. Tune your car, pimp your ride and burn your wheels onasphalt !👉Try your driving skills on the different locations: 🌵MEXICO: very hot Mexican deserts with cactus🌿 RUSSIA: Novosibirskcity, evening, strictly urban style❄ CANADA: snowy asphalt andx-mas eve, Toronto🌴 INDIA: highway of the beautiful Mumbai, awesomemood👉Japan Car Traffic Racer Game highlights are:★ Excitingstunning 3D HD graphics★ Best Japanese 90's and 00's sport carsavailable: Supra, STI, Evolution, Skyline GT-R, NSX.★ Customizeyour auto with tuning★ Driving and funny music★ Smooth andrealistic car handling★ Addictive and fun traffic racer game play★Avoid police cars, cops are crazy! 🚓 🚓 🚓★ Don't get crash with citytraffic bus, trucks and cars 🚌 🚕 🚚 ★ Different drive modes, freeplay, time trial, special missions on ambulance 🚑★ Support for manydevicesIf you like traffic racing games, street car racing, trafficracer or racing fever games and japanese cars so you will like thisgame! Drive your car, follow rules and earn cash to get more andmore... Arcade racing when you drive by arrows and racing simulatorwhen you tilt device - you choose!ARPAplus social links (find morecool and quality games!):💎 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ARPAplus.mobile💎 VK:http://vk.com/arpaplus💎 Twitter: http://ow.ly/NWQ0WPlease rate,share or like our game "Japan Car Traffic Racer Game" if you likeit, we will appreciate!🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟 🏁 🌟
Calculator Lumber & Timber 1.3 APK
Calculator Tablets.Calculator lumber.calculation oftimbercalculation boards Calculation of volume (cubic meters)boards, given the size of the board and the number ofCalculatingthe number of boards, given the size and volumeCalculating the costof timber / boardsQuick selection of standard size timber /boardsSwitching between the number and volume of boards