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Test your brain ability to solve simple math questions quickly..!Play Math Mind Quiz daily to sharpen your brain in addition &subtraction skills. Math Mind Quiz is an educational game speciallydesigned for the student. Math Mind Quiz app is the best way totrain your brain in Mathematics Quiz like addition &subtraction. If you enjoy a good math quiz and wish to train yourbrain, then this is the game for you. Features: - The simple userinterface, easy to play game - Choose from addition, subtractionquiz games. - The game is fun for all. - Small size app -Completely offline game - It Improves your mathematic skills - Itis crazy test! - it is math brain test, math exam - brain challengePlease send us an email at prajapatishankar5@gmail.com if you haveany feedback/query ** thank you**

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    Math Mind Quiz
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    May 10, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Shankar Prajapati
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FB4U app saves your internet data and battery because it loadsbasicversion so it is fast even on slower networks such as 2G. itisbattery friendly, uses less ram, less resources and is small insize(3 MB). FB4U app support login in multiple accounts. ** we donotreserve any copyright of any contents, all the rights arewithrespected owners.This is NOT an official app.If there is anyissueplease mail us.
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Calendar 2019 app provides details of all religious festivals,observances. Calendar 2019 also gives complete details of publicholidays & bank holidays, Indian government holidays for theyear 2019. विवाह मुहूर्त 2019 – शादी 2019 की शुभ तिथियां और नक्षत्रGet an auspicious Muhurat for marriage rituals**. Even Hindu sageshad different viewpoints on some of the elements considered whileselecting auspicious marriage dates. Hence one has to be carefuland should analyze different opinions while calculating auspiciousdates for marriage**. प्रत्येक मांगलिक कार्य के लिए शुभ मुहूर्त काविचार किया जाता है। और अलग अलग मांगलिक कार्य के लिए अलग अलग मुहूर्तहोता है। शुभ मुहूर्त में किया गया कार्य से खुशियां, शांति, समृद्धिआती हैं। इसलिए अगर किसी कार्य के शुरू करने के पहले अगर शुभ तिथि काध्यान रखा जाये तो निश्चित ही सफलता और खुशियां आती है। Appfeatures:- The easy and beautiful interface where user can selectany month. High Quality of Images Calendar Holiday list for theyear 2019 Details of major festivals, holidays observed in IndiaCompletely offline & small size app. Shubh Muhurat Timings inIndia If you have any feedback/corrections please send us an emailat prajapatishankar5@gmail.com ** thank you**
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