1.0 / September 30, 2017
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Mathway : Cool Math and Number the perfect app game for mathexercises !are you having problems solving simple math operationsand calculus or algebra problems? this app is the answer to yourquestions ! a great math solver for you.Download and use Mathway :Cool Math and Number step by step to boost your brain to the nextlevel and be able to solve any math calculus and math problemswhile practicing everyday !students ? welcome back to school withpowerschool math app like Mathway : Cool Math and Number !Mathway :Cool Math and Number is a free app game that will help you solveany math problems during classes and homeworkwith Mathway : CoolMath and Number no need for simple calculus coursesit's easy to usefor better practicing ! and user experience tired of using appsthat solves simple calculus like photomath with mathway no need forthat anymore practice and boost your memory and math abilities.Download this game and get ride of the machines for making simplecalculus !Mathway is a brain math solver and a great math game topop your brain and boost your mental math abilities.the gamecontains many levels and let you exercise your brain to mental mathbut also strengthens your memory as you have to figure out what boxis the right answer !mathway Mathway : Cool Math and Number is afree good educational app game for kids but it is also suitable forall ages and will help students improve their memory and mentalmath abilitiesDownload it now for free at the googleplay store!Recent changes:Discover our new free educational game app a mathproblem solver that will help you boost your brain and yourmemorywait for our regular up dates for more features !Feel free tocontact us.Netcandle team.

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    Mathway : Cool Math and Number
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    September 30, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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Welcome to Netcandle : the world’s best leading platform forgameplay. millions of players enjoy our games. we're glad tointroduce the super game " ROBOX GAME" the #1 best adventure gameever live on the google play store ! it's al about Robloc a smallflying robot trying to avoid all kind of obstacles, all you need todo is help the Robloc by clicking on the screen to keep him flyingduring his journey ! No tricks needed nor strategies, just keeptapping on the screen and the robot Robloc will luxuriously keepflying and avoiding the obstacles ! the only trick to keep in mindis to maintain the robot flying if it fels down then it'll crash Goplay ROBOX GAME now and enjoy the game with your friends ! thereare many worlds you need to unlock by collecting eggs and money !yeah the robot Robloc loves eggs ! just select the first world andkeep collecting the eggs and coins ! and become a tycoon of robots! you can also return home and choose the world in which you wantto play when ever you want. Player don't need any kind of guides toshow you how to play just tap and enjoy the game ! don't let yourimagination take you away you need to keep focused because younever know what might you face on your way ! there are thousandsand millions of ennemies, aliens, and monsters, warrior piggs andsome ninja weapons ! players should pay attention to the robototherwise it'll crash ! while hanging out with your friends Go playthe game and challenge each other ! it'll be more fun ! rememberthe Robloc loves the eggs it has enough pockets for the eggs andcoins ! Join players across the globe who are discovering RoblocAdventures and enjoy the outstanding game features. It’s time toget moving—your real-life adventures await! Now’s your chance todiscover and capture the max of eggs and coins and explore theworlds ! ROбLOX adventure game is : Free-To-Play adventure game !cool sounds and graphics ! Endless game Note: - Compatible withAndroid devices - Compatibility with tablet devices is notguaranteed. - This app is free-to-play and does notoffers in-gamepurchases. It is optimized for smartphones - Don't get angry if youlose the game you can always chose a world after unlocking it ! ifyou have any quiry please contact our developper team. NetcandleEnjoy the ROBOX game Good luck !