2.71 / June 20, 2018
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The rise of the Mech Legion Conquer the battlegrounds as aruthlessmachine. In Mech Legion: Age of Robots you will be incontrol of abig mech, shoot down other mechs and tanks and conquerthe city.Expand your mech legion and force the enemies out oftheirterritory. Get to play one of the best mech games of 2017.Ancombination of action and strategy at it’s finest! In MechLegion:Age of Robots you will be in control of the battlefield inmanyoptions. Are you going to dominate the Campaign mode or areyougoing to climb the leaderboard in our most feared endlessmode!Mech Games features: ▪️ 5 heavy metal mech games robots readyto bedeployed! ▪️ Upgrade and customize your robots to dominatebattles!▪️ Dominate the desert battleground and gain territory! ▪️Call foran airstrike or put your enemies down with a flame thrower!▪️ Mechgames were never this much fun to play!

App Information Mech Legion: Age of Robots

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    Mech Legion: Age of Robots
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    June 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Nijkampenweg 31 7815 GB, Emmen the Netherlands
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READY TO TAKE MIAMI BY SURPRISE, FIGHT YOURWHY TO THE TOPVendetta Miami Crime Sim 2 provides just about everything you’dwant in a follow up to an outstanding free roaming game likeVendetta Miami Crime Simulator. This newest crime simulator gameoffers vehicular pleasures that will suit with every taste.Vendetta Miami Crime Sim 2 has high performance cars andmotorbikes. Drive your way through the streets of Miami. Hit theboulevard, take on missions at the phone both become the mostfeared gangster on the streets of Miami.A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF NEW FEATURES SET THIS GAME MILES APART FROM ANYOTHER GAME ON GOOGLE PLAYFrom graphics to the car handling it all has been improved sincethe last version of Vendetta Miami Crime Simulator. You can nowride on bikes, pick up missions at a phone both steal cars. Diveinto big action packed shootouts, fight back against the gangstersand take over the City for yourself. Vendetta Miami Crime isbigger, badder and better in almost every way.A REAL CRIME SIMULATOR GAME HAS REAL COPSFinally prepare yourself to take on a formidable force the MiamiPolice Department. Watchout as they have the ability to take youout while you are trying to getaway, these cops will ignore themost standard traffic violations. However when you start stirringup a serious madness will get you the cops on your tail.VENDETTA MIAMI CRIME SIM 2: GAME FEATURES:- Ride on awesome looking motorbikes and in insane fast sportscars- Massive improvements to the gameplay, epic crime simulatorvibe- Pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, drop packages,steal cars and kill rival gangsters- Become a real old school Miami Gangster- Set in a 80 style open world, enjoy the music, enjoy thefeeling- Buy guns, cars and make your way to the top- Police wanted level, make a mess will come to clean it up- Character level system, become bigger, strongerAt the highest level of law enforcement response, loads of copswill be sended your way. This means in Vendetta Miami Crime Sim 2you will have many different encounters with the authorities inthis 80’s styled Miami 3D city.Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play orfollowing us on:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
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Cabs are here! Are you a big fan of driving games and parking gamesthen try out Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D! in this newest big cityadventure and taxi driver 3D simulator, your taxi driver dutystarts today. Take a seat behind the steering wheel in this 3d taxidriver game, drive around in different taxis, earn cash. Make longdays and earn as much as possible in this crazy taxi driving game,race through traffic on your way to the final destination of yourcustomers. Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D will give you hours ofgameplay, full of traffic racer action, different missions andmore! What makes Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D the best 3D taxisimulator of 2014 Well first of all this 3D taxi driver game hastons of different upgradeable parts. Spend your hard earned cash onnew cars and vehicles, upgrade them on the inside and the outside!Also the large amount of missions will keep you playing for hours.The City you drive around in is full of traffic, traffic lights. Sothe missions will never be the same, the great dynamic city is fullof different obstacles. In your employment of one of the biggesttaxi companies it’s your obligation and duty to earn as much aspossible. The full taxi game 3D environment will give more thenenough challenges. race to the right destination, drop and pick upyour passengers and be sure they have the ride of a lifetime inthis taxi driver 3D simulator game! Crazy Driver Taxi Duty 3D gamefeatures - Full 3D taxi simulator environment - Real cool racingtaxis, upgrade your cabs to the max - Pick up and drop offpassengers at the right destination - Crazy difficult missions setin a 3D taxi driver city - Hours of taxi driver 3D simulatorgameplay So if you love 3D taxi and bus driving games where youneed to pick up people, drive around in a big open city full oftraffic. Then you would love this new game with the coolest taxifor sure. 3D taxi games are super fun to play. Race to yourcustomers, be fast as your act like a real traffic racer. Drivingtaxis is a super fun job but also very hard, you need to have superdriving skills, racer insights, and know how to get the bestperformance you off your vehicle. Watch out for busses, cars andother vehicles as you race your way on the asphalt. Wait for thetraffic lights or decide to make a run for it! Please give us somesupport by rating our game on Google Play or following us on:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames Twitter -https://twitter.com/VascoGames
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Create something of worth, something of value City Builder 2016County Mall , a new city construction game from Vascogames, willput you in the spot of a real city builder. 8 differentconstruction vehicles are waiting for you to be used in the dirtwith each their own mission and difficulty, i hope you brought yourlunch box because there are going to long hours. From a bulldozerto a really, really big crane. Take your pick. City Building 2016County Mall offers you the use of multiple construction vehicles.So you could say this construction simulator is a forkliftsimulator, excavator simulator, big crane simulator and many morecramped into one epic construction game! City Building games havenever been this much fun so take your chance and play it now! Ifyou feel like you want to become a construction crane driver, youcan. Or a excavator operator, also possible. You’ll understand thatthe possibilities are endless in City Builder 2016 County MallConstruction missions with a goal, with a purpose. These citybuilder games fall into the category : fun games for when you arebored. So this means that you’ll never get bored playing CityBuilder 2016 County Mall ! Next to the 20 epic constructionmissions, this city builder games has 8 (!) epic bonus missions forcollecting more money. What can you do with that money you ask? Buynew skins for the 8 construction vehicles. Every constructionvehicle has 5 different skins to really make it your own! CityBuilder 2016 County Mall City Builder Games Features : ▶ Citybuilder games made fun again with the implementation of 8construction vehicles! ▶ Drive, dig, transport and more in thiscomplete construction game! ▶ Collect all construction vehicles andskins! ▶ Doný forget to rate us or give us feedback! Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames Twitter -https://twitter.com/VascoGames YouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
City Racing Fever 3D 1.0.4 APK
City Racing Fever 3D is all about intensepolice chases and racing against four opponents in one time. Therace themselves are everything you expect from a cool arcade racinggame. Feel the thrill of speeding through the city streets. CityRacing Fever delivers the next adrenaline filled street racing andwill challenge players to face the ultimate test of driving skillson treacherous big city roads.It expands on the traditional racing experience, besides thestandard races, cops will get in the fight as well as you need topass them by and loss them from your tail. City Racing Fever 3D isone of the most thrilling racing experience offered on mobiletoday. If you are a true autosport fan then you need feel the powerof the mighty cars in City Racing Fever 3D. Which combines races,no matter which race you’re in or where you are on the track,you’re guaranteed to be involved in high voltage wheel to wheelaction. With cops chasing you down the road, cars that will spinout of control smash into you and offer a challenge that means thebattle for third place is as though as poll position. Take to thestreets and become the most wanted racer around!Can you prove yourself by completing the racing challenges wegive you? Can you attempt to bet the next racer on your lift? Thecops in this police chase game are downright awesome, they call forbackup set up roadblocks ramming you from the road! They will tryeverything to make you stop from winning the race.City Racing Fever 3D Game Features:As with almost every street racing game available, you can usespeed boostsDifferent street racing game challenges, set your ownmilestonesMost thrilling racing gameplay found on the google play storetodayOn Screen Steering Wheel & Acceleration / Brake PedalsFull Customize Vehicles OptionsCars can be bought and tuned up manually too, with plenty ofperformance upgrades on offer.While the actual head-to-head races are a super to play the, copchases provide more entertainment than most racing titles releasedthis year combined.Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play orfollowing us on:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
Crime lord: Gangster City 3D 1.8 APK
In Crime lord: Gangster City 3D you play asPaulie Bonbanno, a small time mobster looking to avenge the deathof his other family members. You start out in the city of HuntersHill, knowing that the killers of your family have established afoothold for their operations here. Hunters Hill is a small citycontrolled by three other rival cities, these families keeping thecity under a firm grip. Having rackets all over town, and attackedeach other all the time.You begin with your territory establishing, take on small carthief missions to earn a quick bug. Or bring people away with legaltaxi driving missions. But the best money is in setting up anetwork of different rackets, as you hire gangsters and muscles totake over and to protect them. Wreak havoc on your rivalsestablishments, by killing their henchmen and taking over all theiroperations. As the game goes on, you are going to set up your ownillegal businesses, hiring more and more gangsters to protect yourackets, shops and other stuff.But besides this players can embark on a spectacular crimespree, stealing cars, collecting and dropping of differentpackages. Can you survive the dangers of the criminal underworld inthis fun open world game. Us the hard earned money to upgrade yourrackets hire specialist, customize your rides.Crime lord: Gangster City 3D game features:Build out your mobster empire as you take over rival rackets, shopsbecome the ultimate kingpin.Hire gangsters and muscles to protect your own racketsEarn daily cash, spend it on upgrading stores and build acollection of epic cars as wellYou can steal all kind of different vehicles in the epic lookingcrime gameSteal, Sell and buy cars, upgrade these into the vehicle you wantto haveSuper simple and easy controls and super advanced real physicsengine.Crime lord: Gangster City 3D is set in a massive open world citythat is full of different mission types, making this this one ofthe most fun crime games ever seen on mobile or tablets. The Cityfeels like an open world, that is full of different missions andquests for you to take on. This game is not only a crime game, butalso a real driving simulation game. The game isn’t a level bylevel game no the game offers a massive amount of missions. Thatmake sure you as a small criminal in this crime city can becomericher and richer. The mechanics of Crime lord: Gangster City 3Dfeel like a basic third person shooter. Like in that genre of 3Daction games you see the players character visible on-screen.Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play orfollowing us on:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
Dawn of the Crime Underworld 1.1 APK
EXPERIENCE THE HARD BOILED LIFE OF A SAN ANDREAS CITY COP You haveone job in this town and that is to uphold the law in the streetsof LA, you are put into the role of a Cop that is taking onmissions to take down the most hardened and powerful gangs in thestreets of crime. DAWN OF THE CRIME UNDERWORLD RECREATES THE TRUEFEELING OF SAN ANDREAS The game recreates a big area of the LosAngeles California cityscape, where you as a player will be able tofreely roam, you can take on missions that span over the entireneighborhood. As a cop you need to make sure that the gang memberswill not restore their strength. You are a one man army in thisbattle. You have to fight against the most powerful gang members.YOU ARE THE LAST HOPE OF THE LA CRIME FORCE TO PUT A STOP TO THECRIME WAVE THAT IS GOING ON IN THE CITY Dawn of the CrimeUnderworld is a super exciting crime simulation game, bringing youaction packed gameplay. Work your way through all different kindsof missions, earning money so you can battle your enemies evenbetter as well.Dawn of the Crime Underworld is a free roaming crimebased shooter, Mixing action and strategy elements in the gameplay.Explore the streets of a modern timed neighborhood, work you waythrough the streets and take back everything that once was yours.game features Super easy to control gameplay By guns, buy ammo andfight against your rivals Try to control the streets from back tofront, make it your neighborhood Multiple cars to drive and smashthrough the streets Earn money and buy yourselves the best gunsavailable Epic gang war fights in the streets of LA Become thetoughest police force cop and fight for street supremacy. In thismodern day urban gang warfare game. If you like our newest titlesand want to be up to date about everything we do at vascogamesfollow us on one of the following social media channels Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames Twitter -https://twitter.com/VascoGames YouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
Pyramid Solitaire is a nice fun card game from VascoGames. In thissolitaire game the goal is to make the highest possiblecombinations and as fast as possible INSTRUCTIONS FOR PYRAMIDSOLITAIRE Move all the cards to the waste pile (the opened pile atthe bottom). You can only move a card that is adjacent to thetopmost card on the pile (A and K are considered adjacent). You canalso open a card on the tableau( (the covered cards at the bottom)and put it on the waste pile. You got a 180 seconds to clear asmuch levels as possible. CARD GAME FANS OUT THERE ARE YOU READY FORTHIS CHALLENGE! Do you like brain training puzzles, card games andboard games and you love a challenge then give pyramid solitaire atry. Share your high score and see if you can beat the best playersout there! HOURS OF SOLITAIRE GAME FUN Pyramid solitaire isn't theeasiest solitaire card game. To get the highest score in this cardgame can take hours. And of course you are not the only one outthere playing so it can be your latest score is beaten withinhours. THIS PYRAMID SOLITAIRE GAME FEATURES - Time pressure (get athe highest score in 180 seconds) - Brainteaser - Pyramid Solitaireis a challenge - Beautiful graphics - Compete with world-wideplayers - Compete with your friends - Hours of game fun
Crazy Driver 3D: VIP City Taxi 1.4 APK
If a VIP is in need for a taxi? Or Airport transportation maybe?then they Call VIP Taxi Service in this 3D city for a quick pickupand the best rates now! In Crazy Driver 3D: VIP City Taxi you arepart of these elite group of drivers. In this newest extreme cartaxi driving simulator you have to transport VIP passengers fromone spot to the other. Driving only luxury cars which will give thereal feeling of the rich and famous. These reliable taxitransportation have more options than an ordinary regular taxi. InCrazy Driver 3D: VIP City Taxi you are dedicated to travel fast toget the rich and famous in time to any kind of event. Getting themin time to the events, means you need to show your crazy driverskills in different taxi cars as you make your way through thecity. Crazy Driver 3D: VIP City Taxi is a driving simulator thatoffers you an endless amount of missions. Earn your money throughthese missions and expand your fleet of luxury VIP taxi vehicles.And make sure you hold your reputation for the highest quality uphigh. So if the rich and famous are in need for VIP transportationthey will call you. We offer them a luxurious and comfortable ridefrom the moment they step in until the moment they get at theirdestination. These supreme have great realistic controls the taxicars have a great sense of wight and momentum on them to make theydo drifts as you will race on the streets of the city. Prepare forthe drive of your life drive a powerful car. You get to buy andselect one of the many different vehicles in this newest drivingsimulator. build up your nitrous bar by doing things like drifting,taking down suspects, jumping, evading the traffic in the streets.Yeah you need to watch out for the oncoming traffic as well driversounds crazy he! Thats why this game is called Crazy Driver 3D: VIPCity Taxi in this super extreme car simulator 3d game, you getaction after action. Crazy Driver 3D: VIP City Taxi - racingsimulator game features: - Hours of core gameplay - Day and Nighttime driving - Earn cash and points during police pursuits - Showyour driving skills and don’t get shaking off - Build up your owncar collection of unique and rare taxi cars in this extreme carsimulator 3D game - Taxi VIP drop off racing action with one of thebest racing physics on google play store today Earn access to allthe different cars in this awesome rich and famous VIP taxi racinggame. New cars means more chance to get those VIP in time to theirevents. This is not only a taxi simulator it is also a full fastracing simulator experience. As you will go through this extremecar driving 3d game you will find it out yourself for sure! So turnon your taxi scanner, turn on your car lights, and don’t forgetyour taxi license and start with your taxi duty today. Please giveus some support by rating our game on Google Play or following uson: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames Twitter -https://twitter.com/VascoGames YouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx