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defenders! But on the second try... On the first try, there wasepiccivilization war! Alien technology was not ready for suchbrutalstreet wars. This time aliens technologies did not adaptgiantrobots aggressors. Robots lost the mechs battle, but not thewar.Leaving the epic post-apocalyptic battlegrounds in adeplorablestate, aliens flew home. Armored robots aggressors,mechs battlemachine and aliens cyborgs - technological legionsfrom spaceovercome millions of miles from distant aliens planetfor exploredangerous wastelands and adapt giant robots. Instead ofdangerouswastelands - aliens robots find Alon's car and consideredit afiercely humiliating bragging from human racecivilizationtechnology. The great human civilization is so proud ofitstechnological process that they put on display to all galaxiesitspaltry creation. The extinction of the human race will bringtheirpride. Now, all what people can have - epicpost-apocalypticcivilization battlegrounds. Future robot war withrailgun andplasma gun in best mecha games 2018. This is mech wars!You have tofight on the side of aliens technology, adapt giantrobotsaggressors on the epic post-apocalyptic human planet -Earth.Sci-fi cyber future technologies have strongest specialweapons togive some pain in this warfare conflict. Most powerfulfeatureslike jet pack, laser, plasma gun, railgun, flamethrower.Citizensurban freedom defenders will die while this mech assault.Humandefenders do not have a tough technical combination.Warriorcitizens has weak armor, weak guns, they weak military. Bagswithbones do not have as much stock of life as giant robotsaggressors.Robots aggressors have aliens technology, they are muchstrongerand powerful and they must conquer human liberty. Buthumandefenders have one advantage - to protect the city frommechsbattle machine will stand hundreds of thousands ofpeople.Thousands of human civilization defenders and theirmiserable earthtechnologies VS giant robots aggressors. Realisticmech wars 2018!This is mech assault! Take railgun or plasma gun andmake somenoise! To ensure the extinction of human civilization, youwillhave to use all weapons and tactical skills. Equip and adaptgiantrobots with aliens technology. Use your wit and makeruthlesscataclysm on epic post-apocalyptic civilizationbattlegrounds. Makearmored giant robots fight with the lastfrontier soldier -humanity. Use laser, powerful railgun, fastshooting machine gun,plasma or rocket launcher. Find energy,credits, boosters and funpower boosters like jet pack. Exploredangerous post-apocalypticbattlegrounds open-world. Evolve alienstechnology and your mechsbattle machine. Carry out diverse quests,have fun and incredibleadventure. Get best score. Ultimate combatsfree! Mecha gamepropose to choose one of mechs battle machine androbotics weapon,like strong plasma gun. Mighty raiulgun or superfast machineguncan make your day. You can also use flamethrower orrocketlauncher. And of course power boosters like jet pack. Findbestmechs from all mechs battle machine: future robot technologieswithmachine gun - Rhino or Golem. Power mecha with railgun -NATASHA orGoliath. Battle mechs with plasma - Butcher and Raiven.Bombmanmecha - Falcon and future robot mecha with flamethrower -STALKER.Epic post-apocalyptic Earth is the last human shelter forthemankind civilization. Destroy human civilization battlegroundsongiant robots aggressors - powerful mechs battle machine!Brutalstreet fight with squads of military enemies onepicpost-apocalyptic territory. Make some noise, incredible chaos.Thisis Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors - best mechagamessimulator 2018!

App Information Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors

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    Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors
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    October 18, 2018
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    Android 5.1 and up
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    LvlApp: Fantasy Adventure Time - Games Free Puzzle
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    ul. Ozimska 184/10 45-310 Opole
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Flyer VR - fantasy 3D sky race 1.0.4 APK
Fly or race as far as you can!Dash through fantasy island. Surf onthe beach, explore caves and visit temple in the jungle.Fantasyvirtual reality game for Cardboard / VR-BOX can be played in VR orNON-VR.2 gameplay types ► Endless runner (Sky Race)► Story of theisland3 amazing flying dino players ► FLYER► LEAFLET► GLIDER3gorgeous fantasy lands ► BEACH► CAVE► JUNGLE3 Power Ups ► HealthRestore► Absorb Shield► Speed ArrowExperience adventure with FlyerVR game for Cardboard. Check out what happened on island and helpflying dinos back to their nest.All eggs waiting for them at thetop of ancient temple.★ How to play ★In this amazing vr runner youcan play in Virtual Reality mode and 3D. In immersive mode use yourhead to surf your dino in to sky. When you upgrade your dino youcan even dash by obstacles and gain extra points from it. If youdoes not upgrade your player yet surf between obstacles to avoidthem. In the endless runner „ sky race „ game type dash as far asyou can and collect fruits. ★★★ TOP FEATURES ★★★★ Beautiful fantasyhand-painted environment★ Captivating adventure music★ VR andNON-VR mode★ TWO types of gameplay★ Over 9 maps and one randomgenerated maps in endless runner★ Three different dinosours withupgrades capabilities★ Over 60 achievements★ 3 leaderboards tocompare online★ 3 Power Ups★ Many obstacles★ Hours of gameplay★ Flyin sky raceOne of the first VR game supporting Cardboard and manyBOX devices.★ Requirements and notes ★To better experience useheadphones.Not all devices can run Virtual Reality mode, you needto have gyroscope, accelerometer and goodperformance!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lvlappstudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/LvlAppStudio
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Welcome in Mobile Casino VR. Play in Virtual Reality or 3D mode. ★Games included: ★- Slot machines- Black Jack- Poker- MobilebingoPlay our offline casino for free, gain experience and collectfree bonus every 15 minutes. Bonuses are available in menu. Comeover them and collect some coins.★ Free bonus in menu: ★- Wheel ofFortune- Treasure Chest- SafeThis Mobile Casino VR contains variousslot machines. Starting from classic slot you can unlock ancientEgypt machine. Next will be Wild West slots. At higher playerlevels you can unlock Greek slots with symbols of ancient gods. Forplayers who like more classic in this type of game we have preparedZodiac and Fruit machines.★ Each machine can give you: ★- Bonusgame with treasure chest to open- Up 20 free spins- Risk challengeevery winner spinSpin on 5 reels and try to win on 50 paylines.When you play slot machines you can hit 5 of a kind, Big, Mega andHuge Win on every spin.When you level up you can win chips,diamonds or lucky. Lucky level acts on your winnings so try to getas more as you can.Each game supports Virtual Reality. But you canplay in non-vr (3D) when you haven’t Cardboard glasses near you.Run bingo, poker and blackjack 3D wherever you are. ★ Other coolfeatures: ★- daily tasks (complete them to earn some coins) - Over60 achievements- Leaderboards to compete with other players- Thismobile casino is created in beautiful royal design- Music like inLas Vegas- Virtual Reality mode for new immersive gameplay-Beautiful card games design.★ Requirements and notes: ★- For betteruser experience use headphones- Not all devices can run VirtualReality mode (requires gyroscope).- Use Cardboard device forVRCasino VR Slots for Cardboard is intended for an adult audience,does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win realmoney orprizes!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lvlappstudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/LvlAppStudio
Egypt jewels: match-3 game 1.01 APK
Another free classic Match-3 game for gems lovers. Gems or jewels?It's your choice.Your task is to jewel pop and win all levels, tryto get all stars in each.In the game, you can meet heroes fromEgypt mythology like Seth, Sphinx or Osiris. Also from history, tryto find Cleopatra.How to play:1: Match 3 or more the same jewels.2:Match gems or jewels to pass levels and satisfy the Sphinx.3: Matchand jewel pop to get the extra score and power-ups directly fromOsiris.Features:- More than 1200 levels with Egypt jewels.- Match 4jewels to create a bomb.- Match 5 jewels give color changingpower-up.- Meet heroes like Cleopatra, Seth, Osiris or Sphinx.-Unlock bonuses.- Match contains 4 games type. Prefer gems orjewels?- Jewels pop.- Fight with gods like Seth or Osiris.- Match 3games free new to download!
Greek Pantheon Match 3 mythology 1.01 APK
Play the match 3 game with Greek Pantheon. Help mythology heroeslike manful Heracles, Apollo scion of Cyclops brother of beauteousPersephone, fearless Odysseus or indescribable Giants forefatherPerseus to get Ouroboros status. Beware Athena and Hermes willsupport you!Great Ouroboros story!If you love ancient gods storythis game is especially for you! Join manful Apollo, beauteousPersephone, fearless Odysseus and great Perseus to the fight withindescribable Cyclops Cronus, wicked Giants, and monsters likeHarp, and Minotaur. Beware gods like Hera and Helios. Maybe Hermeswith Athena will support you. Incredible journey gives massiveopportunity to collect bonuses and prizes every day. Explore alllands from forgotten Atalanta, mighty Rhodes, through wickedStyx.Waste everything on your way!How to play?- Match 3 symbols ofthe same type to crush & defeat Harp and Minotaur.- CollectHeracles sword and Apollo bow to fight with Cyclop Cronus andHera.- Pick up bonuses from Persephone and power-ups from Athena.Hermes will support you.- Enjoy thousands of levels and places likeforgotten Atalanta, mighty Rhodes, and beware wicked Styx.- Getmore points to beat Helios, Cronus forefather of Giants.Gamefeatures:- Beauteous graphics of favorite gods scions like fearlessOdysseus and manful Perseus.- No pay to win way. Hermes help crossthe Styx.- Play OFFLINE everywhere! Even Helios with Cronus can'tstop you.- Beware like Persephone and Athena.- Thousands of levelsfilled with Harp and Minotaur.- Indescribable worlds from Atalantato Rhodes.- 4 game types and one big indescribable adventure likeOuroborosDiscover greek mythology.Immerse yourself in anindescribable story scion of gods. Meet the forefather of suchheroes as Perseus and Persephone. Find out why Hera hates manfulHeracles, and why Helios fight with fearless Apollo. Will heroeswaste such monsters as Harp and Minotaur to cross Styx? Visitbeauteous places like Atalanta and Rhodes. Your place is among thegods of the pantheon! Prove you are one of them Ouroborosscion!Four match 3 game type:- Get the highest score. Waste Heraand freaks from Harp to Minotaur.- Beware of losing time. WickedCronus wait for that with Helios.- Collect Heracles sword andApollo bow to prove them forefathers like Cyclops and Giants waswrong.- Waste block and cross Styx to get to Atalanta andRhodes.Amazing power-ups directly from Athena and Hermes bonusesgive you an opportunity to win this all! Download for free.Challenge with all fans over the world. Are you as powerful as theGiants and the Cyclops?- Crush 3 to waste items from the board.Match 4 to get a line.- Matching 5 the same objects in L or T shapeto get a boom effect.- Connect 5 or more in a row gives specialthunderbolt.- Crush 2 special weapons to get an ever biggerbeauteous effect.Join fearless Odysseus and Perseus prove yourwicked forefathers were wrong and you are manful scion. Have ownOuroboros.Download pantheon of greek for FREE and crush in the bestmatch 3 mythology game ever!
Viking Crush: Match-3 game 1.1 APK
Viking game crush is Norse match 3 game with folklore andmythology. Crush all Iceland runic to get Ivar Lodbrok and RagnarLothbrok to Valhalla Asatru city.If you like folklore and mythologylike Edda this is perfect for real Viking like you! Join IvarLodbrok, Sigurd, and his father Ragnar Lothbrok. Explore allnorthland included in Edda, from Cork city trough Bifrost to Asatrucity named Asgard placed in Valhalla. Incredible journey acrossnorthland gives massive opportunity to collect bonuses and prizesevery day. Crush runic, find an Ymir axe and Mjolnir hammer todefeat Fenrir. Freyja and Lagertha Lodbrok will support you in thisfight. Discover this ultimate northwestern world.How to Play?-Match 3 and waste symbols of the same type to cross Bifrost and getto Valhalla.- Pick up Ymir axe and hammer Mjolnir to fight Sigurdwith Fenrir.- Collect bonuses and power-ups every day.- Enjoy Eddamythology and thousands of levels included northwestern folkloreplaces like Cork.- Get the highest score to prove you are worthAsatru place like ValhallaDiscover Norse mythologyExplore folkloreNorthland, travel across the Iceland beautiful places from Cork toAsgard Asatru city. All levels contain northwestern symbols andbonuses like Ymir axe or Mjolnir. Amazing women like Lagertha prayfor you to Freyja. You cannot lose with heroes like Ragnar Lothbrokor undefeated Sigurd Lodbrok. Enchanting northwestern story willtake you trough Bifrost bridge directly to Loki and Fenrir wolf.Even Freyja will be there as a earth protector. Unlock uniqueboosters that will help you beat enemies in all levels. Your placeis in northwestern Iceland Edda!Four different targets.Amazingbonuses and folklore northland stories are not all. Download thisaddicting app. Challenge with all Viking games fans. Who can bebetter than you? Prove you are king of Crush 4 gameplay type.- Getthe highest score. Help Ragnar Lothbrok win all these levels- Winbefore time left. Ivar have no time, help him across Bifrost beforeFenrir.- Collect Ymir axe and Mjolnir. Help Lagertha adore Freyjaand other gods like Loki.- Waste Iceland blocks. Sigurd uses hammerand gets to Asgard.App and Edda features:- NO PAY TO WIN- Amazinggraphics of Northland.- Over 1200 levels filled with symbols, Ymiraxes, and Asatru hammers.- Enchanting worlds. From Cork citythrough Bifrost bridge to Asgard capital of Valhalla.- Play oroffline everywhere you can! Even Loki can't stop you.- Be carrylike Lagertha and keep eye on updates.Create Loki explosion tocharge with power Mjolnir hammer.- Match 3 puzzle to create blastand waste it from the board. Matching 4 runes to get stripped andwaste a line.- Match 5 the same rune in L or T shape to get abomb.- Matching 5 or more in a row gives a special Loki bomb.- Fit2 special weapons to create a Freyja preys.If you love Vikings gamethis will take you for hours. Do not wait anymore. Save LagerthaLodbrok but not fall in love with her. Help Sigurd waste Fenrir inIceland Cork. Get Ivar to Asgard before time is runningout.Download for free! Viking game crush waiting for you with Norserunic.
777 Slot machines - free slots casino 1 APK
Need mega win? Join our 777 Slot machines and DO IT! It's easy justdownload for free slots casino and feel like in Las Vegas. Classicslots with JACKPOT will make you a billionaire in our casinogames.💰 MASSIVE prizes and AMAZING free bonuses waiting for you! ⬇️DOWNLOAD for free slots casino. Play Hot Spot and receive a freeMILLIONS of chips. Slots machines features: ★ Many amazing classicslot games ★ Free bonuses and prizes ★ Double up any WIN on hotSpot ★ Casino mini-games 💰 Install now, receive a big welcomebonus. Play on automats to create Jackpot and Free Spins. 🕹 MiniCasino games included: ♥️ Wheel of fortune ♣️ Treasure chest hunt♦️ Double up poker ♠️ Tap for lucky 💰 Hot Spot rules: - from 3 upto 50 pay lines - growing experience - bet from 1 to one million ️🏦The most popular slots machines: ✔️ Classic ✔️ Book of Ra ✔️ Zombie✔️ Many others This casino game is for adult audiences only. Allgame points and prizes have no cash value. 777 Slots machines donot offer real money gambling like the classic casino in Las Vegas.You have no chance to win real money or prizes. Success in our freeslots machines has no connection to future success in real moneygambling and lottery. Start billionaire adventure in our 777 Slotmachines. ⬇️ Download for free slots casino!
Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise 1.03 APK
Play Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise , greatflower puzzle adventure game.Start to connect, collect superflowers in spectacular combinations. Crush them and row enjoy.Withour Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise game, youwill have a lot of fun and you will spend a lot of hours in flowerparadise. Are you a fan blossom paradise type of game? Do you loveblossom paradise puzzle adventure games? Blossom paradise linkfarm: Puzzle Adventure game is just for you.Start to play in ourblossom paradise game, collect flowers and check brain and practiceyour reflex (time to collect super flowers).🌺 Play Real BlossomFlower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise.Collect and blastflowers from blossom island.Make your own way through the florallocations and combinations. Connect all on-farm puzzle. Link themon farm meadows, and watch how flowers blooming and react in thegarden puzzle. Check this brain teaser match game!🌺 Play BlossomFlower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise. It’s a great timekiller!- It's a very addictive puzzle game- Hundreds of hours ofgameplay with match blossom paradise, flower puzzle adventure game🌺Play Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise. Match farmpuzzle in blossom Island- Hundreds of addicting levels- Flowerbloom: Match 4 flowers and more of the same color to get points-Remove items: Link objects to make them bloom in blossom garden -Big blooming: Combinations with other blossom and blast react-Floral locations like garden paradise and farm meadows- Link itemsto trigger a chain reaction and see blossom flower blast-Combinations 3 or more of the same color make them grow and bloom.- Match 4 or connect blossom more to get enchanting flower blast-Collect all blocks and blossom stars from island flower- Beautifulgraphics and effects in our blossom paradise- Conquer blossom:Start to collect flower rows.- Be responsible for matching everysuper flower link- Collect blossom stars in different levels- Matchyour blossom flowers row- Use booster shop in our Blossom Island(destroy the row and column crosswise)- Collect gold coins (itgives you the 5 extra moves)- Collect super flowers: link 3 of thesame color to bloom flower, achieve collect flower and gain points.Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise was created forall floral lovers. Cheerful heroes react when they are connected,creating the spectacular blooming effect. Check them in allgorgeous locations, don't miss flower farm or meadows.In BlossomFlower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise game you will have linkbeautiful flowers to each other. When you collect minimum 3flowers, those flowers explode. You will be responsible for flowerexplodes. Play real Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm PuzzleParadise for free.If you like brain teaser match games BlossomFlower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise will not disappointyou.Some levels are challenging and some give you casual gameplay.Beat them all and our garden puzzle to become a real blossomstar.Download for free. Connect all blossom flowers from blossomisland and see how they react. Spectacular bloom gameplay withenchanting graphics of all floral location like garden, farm ormeadows. So blast them all in our flower puzzle adventure game.Youwill have a lot of fun with great boosters, bonuses and excitinglevels.Blossom Flower Match 3: Blast Farm Puzzle Paradise will letyou check brain and improve your reflex.