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Uric Acid Remedies and Advice 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Do you have high uric acid? There are many natural remedies tolowerhigh uric acid levels. We have created an app to help you getit.Through the food we eat we take substances called purines.Theexcess of these substances in the body is what produces highlevelsof uric acid. It can occur because we take too many purinesorbecause our body is not able to eliminate excess uric acidthroughurine. Food is very important if you have high uric acid.Below werecommend some foods that you should eat more often toavoid thisproblem: - Lemon - Nuts - Cherries - Vegetables. With thetomatoyou must take special care. You must take it in moderation.-Bicarbonated water. - Artichoke Avoid foods rich in purinessuchas: sausages, fatty meats, pâtés,. . . You should also reducetheconsumption of prawns, blue fish, mushrooms, asparagus,spinach,legumes, industrial pastries. You must reduce theconsumption ofalcoholic beverages, especially beer. Increase theconsumption ofwater, it will help you to eliminate excess uric acidin the urineand to purify your body. If you suffer fluid retention,you canhelp with infusions that will help you eliminate them.Takeinfusions for fluid retention. Check our app and you willbeinformed of the best natural tips to lower and control excessuricacid. And if you like it, value us, your opinion helps ustoimprove and is very important for us.
Honey and Its Benefits 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Have you heard about the benefits of honey for your health?Discover them . . Honey is used as a home remedy to cure for a longtime. And this is due to its antiseptic, toning, soothing, laxativeand diuretic properties. In many countries it is widely used tocure many ailments. It is scientifically proven that consuminghoney is very beneficial for our health. Clean our body, relievesore throat, disinfect wounds, are some of the benefits that bringsus the consumption of honey. - It is moisturizing. Put it on thescalp or on your hair and then wash it normally, you will noticethat it is softer and hydrated. - It's digestive. Mix it with lemonjuice and favor your digestion. - Relieves constipation. - It'santiseptic. If you apply it on wounds, it will disinfect them. -Relieves sunburn. - Natural sweetener. Sweeten your food with aproduct as natural and healthy as honey. - Relieves sore throat.Take a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey and your throatwill be softer. - It is anti-inflammatory. - It's relaxing . Takinghoney before going to sleep promotes the conciliation of sleep. -Relieves tooth pain in young children. - Relieves cough To discovermore benefits of honey, download our app! We have created a veryinteresting app for you in which you can discover uses of honeythat you had never imagined. There is nothing healthier thanrecovering your health with the products that nature gives us.Let's take advantage of these great treasures! If you like the appvalue us, your opinion helps us improve!
The best country music 2.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Are you a lover of country music? We have created the applicationwith the best selection of country music. If you like this musicalgenre this is your app! Subgeneros: - bluegrass - alternativecountry - contemporary country - country folk - country gospel -country blues - country pop - country rock - country tonk - outhlawcountry - traditional country Do not think about it, this is thebest option to listen to country music for free. You will have onyour mobile a wide variety of famous artists of this musical genre.Enjoy good moments listening to an unprecedented selection ofcountry music. You can listen to current and classic hits, the bestsongs. Download our app and enjoy it for free. You can save thevideos that you like the most to see them again when you want. Fromthe menu you can select the language in which you want to see theapp. If you like this musical genre, do not hesitate. Take yourguitar and learn western traditional music with us. We have themost popular hits and songs. If you want to have always availablethese melodies download it and carry this app on your mobile. Goahead and listen to your favorite artists with this fantasticapplication of country songs. Enjoy it ! Sing and dance with us! Ifyou like the app value us, your opinion is very important to us. Weare creating the most interesting applications for you and for thatwe want you to value us, so we can know what you think and we cancontinue to improve. Thank you !
Crochet: Learn to make Amigurumi 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Do you know how to make amigurumis? You want to learn ? Youhavediscovered the best app to learn how to make Amigurumis stepbystep! A few years ago, we heard the word crochet and thoughtaboutour grandmothers. They made a thousand crochet things:cloths,bedspreads, cushion covers,. . . They were even capable ofweavinga mobile phone case. . . Now the fashion crochet, theamigurumihave achieved that more and more young people want tolearn thistechnique and make beautiful animals with a needle andthread.Learning to make amigurumi is very simple. There aremillions andmillions of tutorials that teach how to make amigurumisstep bystep. We have created an app in which you can find a widevarietyof videos so you can learn quickly and easily how to maketheseadorable little figures. Learn how to make Amigurumi crochetandcrochet with the simplest and entertaining tutorials to makeyouryarn or wool amigurumis. Ideally, the fabric should be tightsothat the filling is not severe and loose enough so thattheamigurumi is soft and still maintains its characteristic softtoyshape. The first thing you will need is a needle to knit. Makesurethe needle is not too thick, so the point will be tighter soyoucan not see the filling of your figure. You will need yarn toweave(the most recommended to make amigurumis is the acrylic yarn,itdoes not fray and the dolls are left with a lot of body andtight)and also a capotera needle or wool to sew them. You will alsoneedstuffing to make the body of the dolls. Once you have allthematerials, you can start your own adventure and knit yourownamigurumis. In our apps you have the best tutorials to do it!
The Best Remedies for the Cold 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
You have a cold ? Do not you want to take medicine?Nasalcongestion, cough, runny nose, headache or throat pain,malaise ...typical cold symptoms? We like the natural, and forthis, we havecreated an application to teach you the best naturalremedies tocombat the symptoms of the cold. Homemade remedies madefromnatural products so you end up with your cold in thehealthiestway. We explain some of them: - Honey and lemon. Thiscombinationis one of the most effective in relieving cold symptoms.Add to thejuice of half a lemon a small spoonful of honey in aglass of warmwater. Your throat will soften and you will noticethat it comfortsyour body. - Eucalyptus vapors. To relieve nasalco-management,boil some eucalyptus leaves in a pot of water. Whenthe waterboils, turn off the fire and breathe in the vapors, beingcarefulnot to burn yourself. - Water with salt . In a glass of warmwatermix the tip of a small bicarbonate cucahara and the sameamount ofsalt. Mix everything and apply a few drops in eachnostril. It willhelp you to decongest the nose. - Onion Cut anonion in half andput it on your bedside table. It is a veryeffective remedy to calmthe cough. Download our app and you cancontinue discovering themost effective tricks to combat all thosesymptoms that althoughthey are not serious make our life moredifficult. If you like theapp we appreciate that you value uspositively, our intention is tocreate the most interestingapplications for you absolutely free.
Homeopathy to take care of your health 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Do you know what homeopathy is? And what is it for? We havecreatedan app to tell you! It is a method to prevent, cure orrelievediseases through homeopathic medicines. Throughhomeopathy,diseases such as flu, cough, diarrhea, migraine,allergy, asthma,anxiety, throat infections, urinary tract,constipation, can beprevented and treated. . . The goal ofhomeopathy is to help thepatient find the natural balance that hasbeen lost in his body.Homeopathic medicines do not containcontraindications, which iswhy they are recommended for allpatients (including children andpregnant women). Homeopathicmedicines are made by dilutions inalcohol or water. Homeopathictreatments are individualized, notonly take into account thesymptoms that characterize the diseasebut also the particular onesthat each patient presents. If youwant to discover how this methodworks download the app totallyfree and start discovering thiswonderful method. The app is veryeasy to use, from its menu you canselect the videos and choosewhich videos you have already seen,which ones you have yet to see,even those that have entered newones. It is available in severallanguages: English, Spanish,Portuguese, French, Hindi, Indonesianand Japanese. You can choosethe one you want. You will be able toshare the videos on yourfavorite social networks so your familyand friends can discover andlearn about this new technique. Try itfor free and tell us what youthink about your valuation.
Yoga classes at home 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Do you like yoga? Do you know the benefits it brings to yourbody?If you want to practice yoga but do not have time to go to thegym,this is your app! Doing yoga at home will help you achievephysicaland spiritual well-being. The first thing you will have toget is amat. The ground is very hard to practice yoga on him. Inadditionto doing some postures you can slip. You must get a mat topracticeit. It is advisable that you measure between 4 and 6 mmthick andthat it is large enough to do the exercises comfortably.Importantthat it is non-stick. Currently doing yoga at home isfashionableand there are some reasons why most people practice yogaat home: -For convenience. At home you do not have a strictschedule to do itand also have all the space you need. - You savemoney . - You gaintime. - You can choose the environment topractice it. If you wantlight, darkness, perfume, music, silence,.. . - You can sharemoments with your partner or your children.Share with your partnerspecial moments that join you more. For thelittle ones in thehouse, practicing yoga from children will helpthem to learn thepostures well. With Yoga classes at home you canpractice yoga forbeginners, to sleep well, to lose weight, torelieve back pain, torelax,. . . Download the app and discover thebest videos topractice yoga from home. You'll feel better ! If youlike theapplication, rate us, your opinion is very important to us.We arecreating interesting apps for you and your opinion helpsusimprove.
Guide to learn first aid 1.0.0 APK
healthy apps
Have you ever thought about the importance of knowing firstaid?Imagine that you are in an accident and you have to helptheinjured while the health services are coming. Would you know howtoact? We are aware of the importance of knowing about firstaid.Know how to act before injuries, injuries,. . . It can savelives!We have created an app in which we inform you how to do it,so thatyou always have at your disposal the best guide of freefirst aid.Download it for free on your mobile. When we are thefirst personto reach the wounded, we must follow a series ofguidelines. Therapidity with which the patient receives attentionAdequate isparamount. It depends on the damage, survival orconsequences thatmay suffer. Before acting we must: - Calm down.This way we can actquickly and effectively. - Evaluate thesituation. Ensure that bothwe and the injured are out of danger. -Evaluate the injured. Wewill check if you are conscious andbreathe. - Check vital signs. -If the person does not breathe, weshould do rescue breathing. - Ifthe person has suffered a cardiacarrest we must practicecardiopulmonary resuscitation. With thesesimple steps you can savea person's life. But, do not forget thatto practice them you haveto know how to do them well. Download theapp and learn first aidtotally free. If you like the app, rate us,your opinion is veryimportant to us.