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Description: This is best Islamic Android screen locker app, itcontains holy place Medina Munawara on the main screen. It simplyunlocks by when the user drags down the zip. Best design and easyUI will provide comfort to use and wonderful feel while operationyour phone.The screen lock also has facility to display incomingcalls and messages.Feature: - Beautiful HD Graphics- Option toEnable/Disable sound and Medina Munawara Screen Locker.- ShowBattery status, date and time display- No High Battery Consumption- Easy to use free for everyone- Download and install the MedinaScreen Locker on your device.- Tap to run this application - Checkthe enable zipper lock before use.

App Information Medina Screen Locker

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Namaz e Janaza 1.0 APK
Namaz e Janaza is a basic and very useful application to guide youhow to offer funeral prayer‏. This Application guides you acomplete procedure in English and Urdu feature that how to offerNamaz e Janaza (Funeral Prayer) for both man and woman (Adult andChild). You can read the entire book with Flip view ability.Salatul Janazah is Fardi Kafayah, it means that if one person praysthe prayer then all the others are free of the responsibility. Ifall the muslims receives the news but did not pray none of them aresinners. Features: 1. HD Format images 2. User Friendly 3.Description in English 4. Description in Urdu 5. “Namaz-e-Janaza katariqa” with dallail in urdu 6. “Ghaibana Namaz e Janaza ka masala”in Urdu 7. Funeral Pray for Adult Male and Female 8. Funeral Prayfor Male and Female child 9. “Masjid main Namaz e Janaza Parhnay kamasala” in Urdu 10. 12 Ahkam of Janazah in English 11. You don’tneed internet to read this application Best android Namaze janazaapp-s 2015. Feel free to contact us for an ads free version. Thisapp should help you INSHAA ALLAH. Remember me in your Duaa’s.
Fish Dive 1.0 APK
Fish Dive adventure is a story based game in which you will have tocomplete different missions. The user have to keep the fish aliveduring the whole game play. The game environment is designed in anaquarium known as the sea. You have to defend / save your fish fromdifferent undersea enemies. You also have to be careful from thesudden shark attacks. It is an endless game play with fun at everymeter. If the fish dies during the game play you can use the assetsto keep your fish alive and continue the mission. There are manyobstacles that can end your adventure so keep away from differentkilling undersea animals and you also have to careful from thesubmarine bombs. There are many interesting missions to play withwhich you can complete in one or multiple dives like collecting 500coins in dive. You can use the collected coins for buying differentassets so collect as many coins as you can.There are several itemsto buy likeYou can buy a better fish.You can buy life lines.You canbuy the boost function.You can buy the shield to defend your fishfrom the sharks.There are different items to choose from that youcan buy with the coins you shall collect during your adventure.GameControl:You just need to tap the screen in order to swim upwards.The fish goes downwards when not tapping.The game is very simpleand fun to play.Just give it a try and let us about the gameplayWeawait your precious feedback for improvements.
Zombie Target Shooting 1.0 APK
Zombie Target Shooting is one of the free zombie killing gameswhich involves John, a member of a high profile killer squad, allset to be a zombie killer in a city. His main armor is a zombieassault sniper. He realizes that every zombie hunter has died fromthe dead zombie in the city. He realizes the only way ahead is tokill zombies in this zombie defense.Death stares at him in a zombie world war. Blood will be shed ashe finds himself on the frontier of a zombie defense. In ZombieTarget Shooting game you will be involved in a zombie kill withyour assault sniper. This won’t be a walk in the park for John, ashe has only one thing in his mind, the death of the zombie killersquad due to the zombies. Time to take revenge, crush and kill allzombies. They are your only enemy in this zombie killer game!!Key Features of Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D-6 dead zombie defense levels.-Zombie world war environment.- Waves of dead zombies to kill.-Unlimited Ammo to kill zombies.-Smooth zombie assault sniper action.-Optimized Graphics
Color Psychologist 1.0 APK
Description: Different colors have different effects on our dailylife according to their shade and appearance. It is human nature tochoose the most charming and lovely colors for their personality.This app gives a quick and brief idea about color psychology thatwhat it is and what effects it has on our daily lives. The appexplains the effects of warm colors and the effects of cool colors.The colors in the app include various major colors. Like Yellowcolor makes babies cry. Different restaurants are colored in red asit stimulates the appetite. The app interface is very simple andeasy to use. The user just needs to select the color which he/shewould like to inquire about and the app will display the propertiesof that color accordingly. The Color Psychology app can be verybeneficial for daily life uses by adopting the required coloraccording to the situation/occasion/event/friends get together orselecting a car color smartly. Whether it is a casual party orbusiness seminar or any other function. The user can also use thisapp for selecting best color for their dress depending upon theirpersonality as the colors are representation of personality andcharacter. Some user might know about this fact that there are somecolors are used for treating different diseases.We await yourprecious feedback for improvements.
Islamic Ring Tones 1.0 APK
Islamic Ring Tones is an application that has a number of Islamicringtones which a user can use them for setting any particular toneor sound as their ringtone or they can use any Islamic sound orringtone as a notification tone. The Islamic ringtone hascollection of different Arabic praises that are meant for Al MightyALLAH and HIS prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The app also containsdifferent Adhan sounds which can be set as an alarm for differentprayers. The app interface is very simple and easy to use. The apphas a collection of different Islamic supplications, invocations,prayers and Islamic tones. The user can also share any sound orringtone with their family, friends and colleagues via Bluetooth,Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Gmail and other social programsthat are installed onto your devices.Features:The user can set anysound as their ringtone.The user can set any sound as anotification tone.The user can set any sound as their alarm tone.
Basketball Flicking 1.0 APK
Basketball flicking is a very simple and addictive game. Theobjective is to flick the ball to the basket and score a goal. Thegame is very easy to play with as you only have to simply flick theball to the basket. You simply need to swipe your finger on thescreen to shoot the ball. In a single play you have 10 shots, theuser has to make sure you score a goal in every shot or you willlose the chances of playing. If you miss a shot then you will loseone chance and if you will score a goal you will get one extra shotto play. As the game moves on and the score increases up to a limitthe bonus points are added to your scores accordingly. The best wayto play is to get familiar with the range of the basket so playtill you like and enjoy the game. Gameplay Features: • Score a goalby shooting the ball to basket with flicking your finger on thescreen. • Get bonus points • Beautiful background music • Get extrashots on every goal. Share this game with family and friends andcompare your scores with each other.
Countries Information 1.0 APK
Description:This is offline and useful app on countries informationof the world. It contains basic information about differentcountries of the world according to their continents. This app surfpopulation, area, flag image, country code, languages, coat of armsand more other information fast and easy.For every countryfollowing information that you can find:- Continent- Capital-Official Language- Currency- Population- Area- Country Code- Flagimage- Location in the map- Current President Name- NationalAnimal- National Sport- National Bird- Colors- Coat of Arms- Motto-National Tree- National Fruit
Sniper Military Attack 1.0 APK
Sniper Military Attack game gives you opportunity to feel proud bysaving your city from a group of military convoy attack. Commandoyou have your companion with you that is Sniper with you. Aim andshoot. It’s a challenge to all of your military commando sniperskills. Check your shooting skills by killing enemies before theyreach a safe point where they attack on you. Hold your breath andsilent the guns of enemies. Aim proper then shoot else sniper willtake some seconds on reloading which in turn will give enemies achance to settle down to a safe point and attack on you.How toPlay:- Swipe the aiming point to the enemy.- Tap zoom to take acloser look at enemy.- Press Fire to kill.- Kill the enemy beforeenemy attack.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lightingand amazing environment of City.- Real Animal movement and killingeffects.- Excellent Sniper Effect. - Bullet effects.- SuperbBuilding position to attack on enemy.- User friendly GUI andcontrols.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.- Good qualitysound effects.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!