1.4 / June 4, 2017
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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a real flashlight with manydifferent designs and colors. The Mega Flashlight is very brightand quick with you no longer stand in the dark. Various buttondesigns, lights, background colors and colored flashlights you canchoose. Light on the Mega Flashlight in your own design or flashingby holding down the SOS button.- sound on and vibrate the buttonselectable- light is on when app starts function - SOS flashingbutton- many background colors, torches, buttons and lightsselectableMega Flashlight Tool transforms your device into a verybright and fast flashlight!

App Information Mega Flashlight Tool

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    Mega Flashlight Tool
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    June 4, 2017
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    Android 1.6 and up
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The LED laser pointer is simulated in your display and your LEDflashlight will turn on or flashes, if you like. You can selectdozens colored laser pointers, laser rays, buttons, turn signalbuttons, backgrounds and you can add or remove many additional LEDsettings. If you shake your device, then Laser and LED turns on andoff, which you can disable. You can use the laser pointer as awidget by activating the start light function, then you just needto click on App Icon and instantly your LED light and laser pointeris very fast on. Matching on and off sounds and laser sound, youcan select or deselect. Design your own colored laser pointer andadjust the flashlight settings according to your needs. Easy to useand a nice laser pointer flashlight for your smartphone and tablet.The colored laser pointer is simulated only the display, not inyour LED camera light. Instead, your LED has very bright light anda flashing lights modus against darkness.
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Laser fight with double laser sword like a real Jedi knight of thegalactic wars and LED Flashlight against the darkness of theGalaxy! Your display will simulate a double laser sword and yourLED will light up when you click on the buttons or shake yourphone. Matching laser sword sounds are played and double lasersword simulations are simulated like a true Jedi fighter. Customizeyour double laser sword according to your favorite colors, designsand light settings if you click on the gear button. Many colors ofthe laser beam, sword, buttons and background are available to theselection you can free choose. The LED light is very bright orflashing, depending on which button you press to turn on yourdouble laser sword and flashlight or flasher. Your LED emits onlylight, no LED laser, it simulates a galactic double laser sword inyour phone and tablet.
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Water bubble balance is an app that colorful designed to indicatewhether a surface is horizontal or vertical. You can choose manytypes of bubbles, water and background colors. Water bubble leveluses accelerometer sensor to help you test any object for plumb andlevel. Easy to use bubble leveler equipped with many functions:- 7water and bubble colors- 8 background colors- 8 text colors- Soundon bubble centered position selectable- X and Y Calibration can besaved- you can reset the saved X and Y Calibration- only X, only Yor XY together can be selected
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Laser Sword Flashlight simulated vibration, light and sound effectsfor reality and lights on your LED Flash. Play with your coloredlightsaber like a true Jedi warrior and lights on with theflashlight against the darkness of the universe, if you have a LEDlaser sword in your phone or tablet.- lots of color lasers, swords,stars, buttons, lights and backgrounds make for himself- sound andvibration like a real lighstaber be activated- use like aflashlight widget with start light function by app launch- shake toswitch the LED light with sound effects like a fantasy laser swordbattle- very fast, bright and long lasting LED flashlight- flashermode integrated to the flashlight - great galactic simulatedLightsabersThis is not a true laser of LED light, only a LaserSword Simulation!
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Choose different colors and buttons to switch the fast flashlightbutton on and off. The flashlight app is very bright and fast,perfect against the darkness. Easy to use, long lasting LED lightand a beautiful flashlight app for your device equipped with manyfunctions: 21 flashlight buttons selectable, 7 SOS alarm flashingbuttons, 18 background colors, LED light starts by app launch,flashlight on and off sound and button vibration selectable. Lightup with easy and fast LED Flashlight button!