1.2 / January 2, 2013
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Mega Task is the to do list app thatisdesigned for managing everything you do. It help you toorganizeyour life in a simple and elegant way.

- Create, edit, delete task and group by today, weekandmonth.
- Automatic repeating tasks by time.
- Reminder alarms with custom setting.
- Search task by name.
- Statistic detail to do, complete and missing task in chart.
- Log information all task.

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Mega Task 1.2 APK
Mega Task is the to do list app thatisdesigned for managing everything you do. It help you toorganizeyour life in a simple and elegant way.Features:- Create, edit, delete task and group by today, weekandmonth.- Automatic repeating tasks by time.- Reminder alarms with custom setting.- Search task by name.- Statistic detail to do, complete and missing task in chart.- Log information all task.
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