1.0 / February 22, 2013
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It is a simple memo pad by an audioinput.

App Information Memo by voice

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    Memo by voice
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    February 22, 2013
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
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    100 - 500
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My memorization card 1.19.17 APK
It can use for memorizing short texts, such asa word.With a version [1.6.0],It created so that it could do instead of a memorizationcard.Let's add an easy word and problem and test every day.All should be able to memorize by repeating.He can do his best! -It could be made to carry out e-mail transmission of the data sothat it could use, even if it carried out model conversion of thedata.It may be good also for data exchange with a friend.* The item of the same name as the already registered item cannotbe taken in.* Create the item for trials and carry out the recommendation ofwhether its own terminal can perform transmission and taking in andtrying.* version [1.17.1]I came to be able to take in the CSV data which made data with aPC.You save it in "Download" folder of the phone, and please startapplication.** file namedata_of_problem.csv** DetailsA:item name , B:problem , C:answer , D:check , E:memo , F-K:0 ,L:sort number==============================item :must 30 charctorproblem :must 100 charactoranswer :must 100 charactorcheck :0 or 1 (1 = check on)memo :under 100 charactorsort number : Inport dataA B C D E F G H I J K L1 French good morning Bonjour 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 French thanks C'est très gentil de votre part. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 013 French await Bonne nuit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-- Attention --# When you store CSV which you input, please store an encoding formin "Unicode(UTF-8)".# Extension is [.csv]. -> It is not ".xlsx" and ".xls".# Please back up the data of the learning by heart card beforeworking.I'm sorry, but the person who doesn't know the meaning prefersthe one which doesn't do problem making by a PC.It can't be secured, so self-responsibility, please.
地理(ちり) 2.3.5 APK
選択できる問題は8種類です。・世界の国旗・世界の首都・日本の都道府県・日本の県庁所在地・日本の特産品・地図記号・連想クイズ・地形クイズProblem that can beselected is eight.& Flags of the world· Capital of the world· Prefectures of Japan· Prefectural capital of Japan-Specialty of JapanMap symbol-Associative quiz-Terrain quiz
RGB value 1.1.2 APK
For developer
True Caller & Who's Calling Me 1.5 APK
> Tired of getting calls from unknownnumber? then this app is for you. If you want to find from wherethat person is calling, you can use this app to find from whichstate and also telecom operator and mobile number belongs to. Itwould be easier for you to know the location of the person who iscalling you.> You can track any Mobile number and view the location on Map.You can also view the list of your Contacts and call logs withlocation and operator name. It will show state location only.> This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker displays callerlocation of every incoming & outgoing calls over call screen.By that you can know that who is calling and the operator name ofthe caller. Very easy to use and graphical based userinterface.> This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker also provides thecaller location and also having the options to find ISD and STDCodes and it will show you the caller track information in calllogs also. It is an amazing app to find caller location with allother details. This application helps you to find callers locationwith amazing user interface.> It has the option to block the calls from unwanted numbersand you can also block all calls while you are running busy. Youcan view the call logs and contacts. This application, True Caller: Caller Blocker will show Caller Location and Operator name. Thisapp helps to track caller location easily. You can activate anddeactivate incoming caller location and outgoing caller locationoffline track services.Features:✔ Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer.✔ Enable/disable speaking caller name.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents of theSMS.✔ Change repeat mode announcements.✔ Choosing delay time between announcements.✔ Turn off Announce while silent option is available.✔ Custom Ringtones settings.✔ Custom Volume Settings.✔ Caller Name Announcer is completely free download.Disclaimer:This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker will show the callerlocation place means it will show state location only.Best Caller Location In Map Cellphones Or Mobile Number MapLocation Find Numbers Location Location Of Mobile Number LocationTracker By Number Locator Mob Locator Mobile Mobile Number MobileNumber Tracker Mobile Tracker India Mobille Number Locater MobuleNumber Locater Number Number Locator Number Tracker Pakistan TraceLocationIndentificador De Numeros Caller Smart Caller Id IdentificationCaller Identifier Private Number Identifier Phone Calls Caller IdBlocker Reveal Unknown And Private Numbers Truecaller Phone NumberId Unblock Unknown Or Private Phone Numbers For FreeIndian Caller Info Colls Information Free Directory AssistanceCaller Info Caller Information AppsMobile Caller Location Tracker Call Tracker With Location CallerLocation Incoming Call Location Finder Callers Location Free App ToTrack Location Of Cell Caller Call Tracker And Caller Location InUsa Call Tracker And Caller Location Mobile Caller Locator CallerLocation Trace Caller Location TrackerPencari Lokasi No Handphone Mexico Area Codes Incoming CallLocation Track Incoming Call Location Area Code Lookup And MobileTraceMobile Number And Phone Locator Geographical Location Of PhoneCalls Numbar Loction Locaton Of A Mobile NoPhone Number Map Locations Number Cell Number Location TraceTelephone Number Locator Free Phone Number Locator Phone NumberTrackerLocator Tracker By Number Number Tracker And Location BangladeshCaller Location And Name Rastreo De Llamadas Incoming Call LocationWith City Name Number Tracker And Location Call Id And LocationRastreador De Celulares Por El NumeroCall Tracer
N times before 2.1.2 APK
It is a game which answers the answer beforethe number of times of specifying.In the case of 3 times before example1+1=2 <- memory2+2=4 <- memory3+3=6 <- memory4+4= #2 <-The answer 3 times before and the answer of 4+4 ismemorized.5+5=#4 <-The answer 3 times before and the answer of 5+5 ismemorized.There is a random choice 1-7 times ago.They are the gymnastics of the head.
My memos 1.3 APK
It is an easy memo.It can divide and record on a category.An input can also be performed in voice.
Hit and Blow [Moo] 2.5.4 APK
It is a game that applies the hidden number offour digits.The number of the correct answer of four digits is requested basedon the answer at each input.
Gymnastics of head(col and fig 1.3.0 APK
It is a game which memorizes a figure, acolor, and a background color and applies the position.Let's train the head.