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1. Easy tap game for anyone, anytime, anywhere! : Are you reallygood at playing tap games? Then let's start! : Once you getstarted, you will love this game!!2. It's awesome! SpectacularFantasy Clicker RPG game! : Gather up your heros! And defeatmonsters with them! : Various growth system! : Learn new skills asyou progress through stages! : Get artifacts with rebirth! It makesyour heroes strong! 3.Find hidden heroes stories! : Collect memoryshards from monsters! : Memory shards will show your Hero's lostmemories! : Tap!Tap!Tap! You can get your Hero's hidden stories!

App Information Memorize: Shadow memory

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    Memorize: Shadow memory
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    December 21, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Super Planet
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히어로메이커 with NAVER WEBTOON 1.3.12 APK
Super Planet
>> 히메 출시 1주년!!<< 유저님들의 사랑에 늘 감사드려요~♥복귀 유저님의 심장, 쿵하게 할자신있습니다. 컴백호옴~~웹툰 속 매력 폭발 그 캐릭터! 게임 속 영웅으로 폼나게등장!_________________________________________________________________________"세날땅을 침범한 죄, 죽음으로 묻겠다! 대규모 업데이트 챕터6 OPEN"신규 챕터6와 Lv.80확장 그리고 세력 평판개편!4성 영웅부터 금화까지 역대급 대규모 업데이트 이벤트 보상 혜택!!세날왕국 VS 아난제국. 웹툰 속 전쟁이 지금게임 속에서..."출석만 하면 4성 영웅 겟겟!"출석만 했는데 4성 영웅을 준다니요??!! 무조건 4성 영웅데려가세요!! "신규유저! 웰컴 이벤트!!"5캐 패키지 접속하면 100% 증정!!초고속 폭풍 렙업 이벤트! 레벨 이하모든 유저에게 경험치 2배! 폭풍 성장!!"10년 연재 웹툰이 살아 움직이는 횡스크롤 액션 RPG!!"회색탑! 푸른탑!피의 길드까지!! 웹툰의 세계관이 내 손안에!!리스토,루이얀,산쵸팍과 함께 얼음마녀의 부활을 막아라!세날 왕가의 유일한후계자, 리스토가 진정한 영웅으로 성장해 가는 대서사시!성기사학교에 입학하면서 달라지는 리스토의 운명. 웹툰 원작스토리에 비하인드 스토리까지!"아런의 심장에 이 화살을 박을 때까지 난 죽지 않는다. "깊고 깊은 던전으로 들어갈 수록더욱 강력해지는 몬스터들!!모일수록 더 강력해지는 버블 스킬.방어형/공격형/마법형 조건으로 생성된 스킬버블을 터뜨리며스피디한 전투 진행!강력한 3-스택 기본 스킬과 각 영웅들만의 고유스킬까지! 스킬을 모아 보스를 저지하라."목숨을 걸고임무를 수행하셔야 할 것입니다."대결 하라! PVP 컨텐츠! 매주 예선전과 결선전이 열리는 투기장에서 성국의 최강기사임을 증명하라! 토너먼트 형식의 최강의 검! 마을, 성, 왕국, 대륙으로 이어지는 4개의 리그를 걸쳐 대륙 최강의검에 도전하라!최대 200 wave를 돌파하는 무한던전!다양한 영웅의 조합으로 한계에 도전해서 탑을 올라가라! 영웅의탑!"수십년간 이날만을 위해 비기를 만들었다!!"단 한 사람의 영웅을 키워내기 위한 끊임없는 인내와 훈련! 그리고강력하게 만들어줄 장비!승급, 훈련, 기사단, 길드 시스템! 그리고 내 손으로 만든 장비 제작과 경매장까지!하나 더!최강의 영웅으로 성장시키기 위한 필수 코스, 운명 공동체와 연합하라!동료들을 모아 함께 성장하는 각성 영웅 시스템!당신의영웅을 각성 영웅으로 성장시키는 여정에 뛰어들 준비가 되었나?1 : 1 고객문의:cs.heromaker@gmail.com게임 공식카페:http://cafe.naver.com/heromakerforever----개발자 연락처:+82260089224<< >> Princess launched the firstanniversary! Deuryeoyo always appreciate the love of nimdeuluser ~ ♥Return the user's heart, you can make your own Kung.Comeback hoom ~~Real Madrid appeal in an explosion that character!Pomnage appeared as the hero in thegame!_________________________________________________________________________"Involvingthe senal the land of sin, death mutgetda! Large updated chapters 6OPEN"New chapters 6 and Lv.80 expansion and reorganization offorces reputation!From 4-star to hero-grade gold ever major updateevent rewards!Senal Kingdom VS Annan Empire. Real Madrid in the waris now in the game ..."If you only attend four-star getget hero!"Iattended only give 4 stars Manzanillo hero ?? !! Please takeunconditional four-star hero!"New User! Welcome event! "5 Thepackage cache up 100% gift!High-speed repeop storm event!Experience level more than twice to all users! Storm growing!"RealMadrid '10 series is animated side-scrolling action RPG !!"Graytop! Blue Tower! Blood from the guild! Real Madrid in the hands ofthe world!Leasing Sat, Rui Yan, Prevent a resurgence of witch icewith Sancho Park!Senal sole heir of the royal family, epic leaseSat growing up as a true hero!Lease discuss the fate varies withadmission to the Paladin school. Real Madrid to the original storybehind the scenes!"I will not die until the night of the arrow intothe heart of ahreon. "The go deep into the deep dungeons of thebecome more powerful monsters!Skills become more powerful the morethe bubble mode.It scored a skill bubbling with defensive /offensive / mabeophyeong conditions continue speedy battle!Powerful3-up stack of only basic skills and unique skills for each hero! Begathered Jersey boss skills."Risking their lives you will have toperform the mission."Be showdown! PVP content! Every arena in thefinal qualifying round held transition Prove that the UltimateKnight seongguk!Strongest Sword Tournament type! Town, castle,kingdom, across four continents Challenge League leading to thestrongest of the continent sword!Infinite Dungeons topped up to 200wave!To challenge the limits of a combination of different heroesand go up the tower! Top of the hero!"It made only the day Biggiefor decades!"Only one of the endless patience and discipline notintended to raise a hero! And it will make a strongequipment!Promotion, training, knights, guild system! And toauction equipment production and made my hands!one more! Requiredcourses for growing the strongest of heroes, let Union and the fateof the community!Awakening the hero growing systems that gathertogether colleagues!Did you prepared to jump into the journey ofgrowing your hero to awaken the hero?1: 1 Customer contact:cs.heromaker@gmail.comOfficial Game Cafe:http://cafe.naver.com/heromakerforever
Videogame Guardians 2.1.8 APK
Super Planet
★ Heart Blowing BIG Update [Demon World] ★ Finally.. Guardians gotNew Pets!? Cute appearance with Amazing Buff, World's cutest Powerup project begins! [POINTS to Note] ●When Demon Egg hatches, Demonresembling the Guardians is born! ●Demon buffs the Guardian itresembles! ●Demon can grow up to 5 Stars..! When it reaches 5Stars, its appearance evolves too! ●At 5 Stars, Demon accuqires[Demon Only Skill].. This is SUPEERR power..! ●Demon contents Open!Get new Demon Eggs & DNA pieces to raise Demons! ●Clear stageswith your own Strategy! Complete the missions for more rewards! ●Donot miss the various rewards and awesome presents!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★BIG~!! UPDATE [Guardian's Creed: Gray Flag]★ ▶Salty StrategicBattle on the Pirate Ship! ▶Strategically Organize Your Own PirateCrew! Only Stronger Pirate can Loot Bigger Treasures!! ▶Travel theWorld Map where Enemies Grow Stronger, Defeat the 20 Enemies Maxand become Pirate King!! ▶Don't Fear the Defeat, You can RiseAgain!! Pirate's Sail towards the Gold Never Stops!! "Discover allthe Sunken Treasures, Set a Sail to Become Pirate King!!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Have you ever imagined? There might be someone in the video gameswho prepares all fun stuff?” Right! That’s our Secret Agents!Guardians of the Video Game! Prepare all the necessities forgameplay by yourself! We Want You! Are you ready to become aGuardian ?!! Let's see who can escort our Hero to the furtheststage! ■ Fun Features 1. Automatic combat system! Idle RPG~! - 24/7full-time workers, always working even when you are logged out2.Defeat your enemies!! GLOBAL PVP! - PVP World Series~ Test yourskills by competing against users from around the world! 3.Real-time blockbuster Boss Raid! Bring it on! Boss!!! - Gather allthe parties! We are taking down the boss together! Let’s go,guys~!! 4. Let's climb the Pyramid! - The higher you go , thegreater the rewards you will get! Can't stop climbing! 5. The wayto become stronger; clear stages! - Obtain powerful items,including Armors and Dragon Sword. 6. We are now recruiting newmembers! -Recruit! Train! Promote!! Get stronger LIMITLESS !7.Immortal Hero - If the Hero is at risk , our best friend the“Carrier Pigeon” will rescue and bring him 2 stages back. 8. Hiddenclassic game parodies - Nostalgic retro classic games are hiddenall over the place~!
Memorize: Shadow memory 1.3.9 APK
Super Planet
1. Easy tap game for anyone, anytime, anywhere! : Are you reallygood at playing tap games? Then let's start! : Once you getstarted, you will love this game!!2. It's awesome! SpectacularFantasy Clicker RPG game! : Gather up your heros! And defeatmonsters with them! : Various growth system! : Learn new skills asyou progress through stages! : Get artifacts with rebirth! It makesyour heroes strong! 3.Find hidden heroes stories! : Collect memoryshards from monsters! : Memory shards will show your Hero's lostmemories! : Tap!Tap!Tap! You can get your Hero's hidden stories!
Evil Hunter Tycoon - Nonstop Fighting & Building 1.307 APK
Super Planet
◆ NEW Update : Guild Raid ◆ The Molar has finally appeared! Gatherall of your strength with your Guild members and defeat the Boss tosave Humanity. ■ The Dark Lord's Molar has finally appeared! Watchout for the rage of a powerful boss monster from another dimension,“The Molar”! ■ Gather all of the players' strength and attack:Guild Reinforcements! Massive Boss Raid with all the Guild members,gather the strength of users from all around the world and fight!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Defend and protect the village. Hunt the monsters and rebuild thevillage for the human race. Gather other humans and train them tobe fighters and hunters. Are you into pixel idle games? Then you’vefound the right game! With your strategic and adventurous mind, youcan lead the human race to defeat the Dark Lord. You will earn morepower and capacity with reincarnation and nonstop fighting. Thestory goes like this. A long, long time ago... The Dark Lord tookcontrol over everything on earth and attempted to destroy allliving creatures. The lucky humans who survived escaped theclutches of the Dark Lord and went into hiding. Much time went by.Then one day... The humans who were hiding in the darkness grewtired of running and hiding. Some began to refuse to succumb tothis evil. And so, a flicker of hope came into being. One by one,the humans assembled to rebuild their destroyed town. ▶▶▶ BIGUPDATE ◀◀◀ “Hunters from around the world, it's time to strikeback. Let's go to the Dark Lord's Castle!" [New Content: "TheDarkness' Front Yard "] Through a mysterious portal that suddenlyappeared, feel the energy of the Dark Lord! Adventurous hunters whowant to fight for the future of Humanity, See you at the fiercebattle of the Dark Lord's Castle! ■ Find the Portal to the DarkLord's Castle! Gather the pieces of the new scroll leading to theCastle's portal! ■ Dominate the enemy in 10 minutes, at the risk ofbeing dominated if you fail! All the monsters in the Dark Lord'sCastle, from the butler and the maid to the other soldiers, havebecome more powerful! ■ To fight with the Dark Lord, you must bestronger! Have more powerful hunters by finding the 25 runes!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Dark Lord has brought destruction to the world, and destroyedeverything... Survivors' desperate survival game begins now!"▶Mission 1: Rebuild the destroyed town ▶Mission 2: Raise strongHunters to fight Monsters! ■ Become a Town Chief!! Handleeverything starting from Town construction to craft, sale, andtraining Hunters! Tip. Build facilities where Hunters can stay anduse: [Infirmary], [Restaurant], [Tavern], [Inn], [Blacksmith],[Weapon Shop] etc. ■ Gather Top Tank Hunters, and protect the town!Hunters who visit town have 4 different Classes. Their Class andTier are random! You can invite Top Tier Hunters with items too!Tip. Hunter's characteristics are also random! Make sure you checkyour Hunter's characteristic! ■Strong Hunters grow Town strong. Usefacilities of town to raise Hunters!! -[Bounty Hut] Give Huntersquest to hunt monsters! Extra Exp AND items~! -[Academy] TownChief's Academy opened! Teach Hunters skill and secret technique!■[Enhancement Forge] -Forge and modify Hunter's equipment!!■[Training Ground] -Level up Hunters quickly by training! Becomestronger by reincarnation~! ■[Sanctuary of Resurrection] - Growinfinitely by endless reincarnation!! Learn special traits to makeyour Hunters more special~!! ■ Various contents outside of Town! GoHunters! -[Dungeon] Travel dungeons for rare materials andtreasures~!!! -Blow a horn!! Summon [Field Boss] and defeat it!-[Pvp] Battle other town's Hunters! Become the last one standing!!The fate of humanity is in your hands!!
Luna: Dragon of Kelpy Mountain 1.8.0 APK
Super Planet
■ Idle RPG about Dragon hunting adventure of ‘Knightess Luna’ Atthe edge of Stonia continent, there lives a legendary dragon in theKelpy Mountain. Luna goes on an adventure to hunt down the dragon.Learn various skills, summon new mercenaries, craft legendaryweapons, explore mysterious world and defeat unique monsters. Enjoythe game with Knightess Luna. ■ Various combination of partysystem, monsters with unique ability, and dynamic battle! -Hundredsof monsters, with different tactics, will try to stop Luna’sjourney. -Luna becomes stronger with better weapons, armors,accessories, skills and Lumina’s Berries. -Summon more than 50mercenaries, manage the party for the victory. ■ More than 400equipment, 50 mercenaries, and 60 companion monsters. Get more than400 types of items, equip them to be stronger Equip weapons,shields, rings, and armors to customize Luna’s look. More than 50mercenaries, each has their own unique skill and special ability.Using various combination of mercenaries to apply differenttactics. You can also befriend with monsters Luna met during theadventure, and fight with them.
열렙전사 with NAVER WEBTOON 1.2.6 APK
Super Planet
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------■BIG 업데이트■ 드디어, 루시드 어드벤쳐 세계의 중심이 열리다!! 앞에선 빛과 정의를 수호하는 기가제국의 추악한뒷면!! 그리고 드러나는 제로와 악몽의 힘...!! - 신규 맵 기가제국 '수성', '수성 미궁'. '수성 초원' 오픈!- 새로운 메인/서브 퀘스트 추가! - 설마 지금 만렙이라고 나.태.해.지.셨.나.요.? 최고 레벨 제한 상향! -화려한 기가 도시 뒤엔 으슥한 뒷골목이?! 과연 무엇이 있을까요..! ▶열전들이여 복귀하라! 빠방한 보상과 함께 컴백~!1) 접속만 해도, 열전들을 위한 선물이 기다려요! 지금 바로 커몽~! 2) 루시드 어드벤쳐 속 다양한 컨텐츠들을정복하면 경험치 물약(대)이! -> 두가지 미션을 모두 클리어하면 5성 확정권이!!!!! 자세한 이벤트 내용은열렙전사 공식카페에서 확인해보세요! ▶빅빅빅 업데이트와 함께 즐기는 초스페샬 꿀잼 이벤트-! :https://cafe.naver.com/lucidadventure 열전들에게 부디 전투의 신이 함께하기를..!! 플레이고고~!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★100만명의 기대작!! 열렙전사 with NAVER WEBTOON 드.디.어.출.시★ 출시한정!! 초고속 열렙을 위한S급 프리미엄 선물! 최고등급 영웅 아르메스를 가질 유일한 기회! 하트히터가 울고 갈 푸짐한 보상은 물론, 사전예약100만돌파 특별 선물까지?! 지금 바로 득템하고 랭커의 꽃길 걷쟈! ※ 지금 공카에서 폭풍렙업 지원할 빵빵한 보상이벤트가 기다려요! (https://cafe.naver.com/lucidadventure)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------초대작! 인기 네이버 웹툰이 오픈월드 RPG로 돌아왔다!!! 원작에서는 볼 수 없었던 “열렙전사” 웹툰 속 흥미진진한세계관을 목격하라! 원작 10000% 싱크, 상상초월 대형 판타지 세계를 좌,우로 쉽고 자유롭게 이동하는 횡스크롤RPG로 즐겨라! 루시드 어드벤쳐 랭킹 1위, “최강자”의 전설을 펼쳐보자! ◆ RPG는 퀘스트가 제맛이지! 하트히터에게S급 퀘스트를 받고 “최강 히어로”의 자리를 내 것으로! 영 to 광! 요피랜드 국왕 요피가 의뢰하는 퀘스트도있다는데…!?!? 스릴만점 다채로운 퀘스트를 할 수록 레벨업, 만렙의 길로! 강력해진 내 능력이 실감난다! ◆ 원작그대로! 개성 넘치는 직업과 스킬 액션! 검사, 마법사, 저격수...식객!? 소라의 에고소드, 아르메스의 산타마리아 등원작의 특색 있는 직업과 스킬까지 똭! 살렸다! 세밀한 부분까지 웹툰 내용을 살린 캐릭터들과 함께 하는 전투를 지금 바로경험해 보자! ◆100여명이 모인 열렙전사 올스타즈!!! 웹툰 RPG라면, 주인공이 아닌 캐릭터들까지 싹 다 나오는건기!본! 스쳐지나간 캐릭터들까지 오픈월드RPG에 총집합했다!! 멋진 일러스트 뿐만 아니라, 귀여운 SD히어로즈가상시대기중! ◆랭커들의 필수템! “강한 장비”를 얻기 위한 3STEP STEP1 채집: 광대한 필드와 전장 곳곳에 있는재료와 아이템을 찾아라! STEP2 제작: 나만의 장비를 만들자! 장비의 능력치는 랜덤! 만들 때마다 설렌다! STEP3경매: 직접 만든 무기를 자랑할 수 있는 절호의 기회! 인기폭발 경매마스타~♬ ◆루시드 어드벤쳐를 꾸며나갈 일곱 개의매력 콘텐츠들! ① 투기장: 웹툰 속 장면이 현실로! 1대1 대결로 더욱 강한 전사가 되어보자! ② 하늘정원: 높이오를수록 어려운만큼 더욱더 큰 보상! 점점 강력해지는 나를 실감하라!! ③ 월드보스: 필드 어딘가에 뜬금없이 랜덤으로나타나는 보스를 잡아라!처치하라! ④ 레이드보스: 멀티 협동 콘텐츠! 다 같이 공격, 강력한 보스를 무너뜨려라! ⑤연구: 파티원들의 능력치를 연구를 통해 상승시키자!업그레이드! ⑥ 길드: 랭커들은 다 최강 클랜 소속!? 기가연합,풀뿌리길드, 어떤 길드로 들어갈래!? ---- 개발자 연락처 : +82260089224---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ BIG Update ■Finally, the center of Lucid Adventure's world opens !! The uglyside of the Giga Empire that protects light and justice from thefront! And the power of zero and nightmares revealed ... !! -NewMaps Giga Empire 'Mercury', 'Mercury Labyrinth'. 'Aqueous Meadow'Open! -New main / sub quests added! -You're manep right now. Higherlevel limit upward! -Crushed alleys behind the colorful gig city!What is it ?! ▶ Return to the heat! Comeback with every reward! 1)Just connect, a gift for the eagerly wait! COMMON right now! 2)Conquer various content in Lucid Adventures! -> Clear bothmissions to get 5 stars !!      For moreinformation on the event, check out our official cafe! ▶ SuperSpecial Honey Jam Event-Enjoy with Big Big Big Update! :https://cafe.naver.com/lucidadventure The gods of battle be withyou in the heat .. !! Go go ~ !!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ 1 million expectedwork! Hotep Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON D.D. Limited release !!S-grade premium gift for ultra-fast heat level! The only chance tohave the highest grade hero Armes! Hearthitter's heartwarmingrewards and special gift exceeding 1 million advance reservations!Get right now and walk the Lanca Flower Path! ※ I'm waiting for ahuge reward event to support Storm Rep Up in Gongka!   (https://cafe.naver.com/lucidadventure)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Super work! PopularNaver Webtoon is back with Open World RPG !!! Witness the excitingworldview in the "Leopre Warrior" webtoon, which was not found inthe original! 10000% original sync, beyond the imagination to movethe large fantasy world left and right easily and freely Enjoy inside-scrolling RPG! Let's unfold the legend of the Lucid Adventureranking first place, "the strongest"! ◆ RPG is a quest tastes good!Receive the S-class quest from Heart Heater and take the place ofthe "strongest hero"! Spirit to mania! There is also a questrequested by King Yopi Land. !?!? Thrilling colorful quests as youlevel up, the road of Manreb! I realize how powerful my power is! ◆original as it is! Unique job and skill action! Swordsman, wizard,sniper ... gourmet !? You can also find unique vocational skillsand skills such as Sora's Ego Sword and Armes' Santa Maria! Saved!Let's experience the battle with the characters who made thedetails of the webtoon right now! ◆ 100 people allied Warrior AllStars !!! If you're a webtoon RPG, it's hard to see characters thataren't the main character! Even the passing characters have beencollected in the Open World RPG !! Not only wonderful illustration,but cute SD heroes are always waiting! ◆ Made of rankers! 3STEP toget “strong equipment” STEP1 Gathering: Find ingredients and itemsin vast fields and throughout the battlefield! STEP2 Production:Make Your Own Equipment! Equipment stats are random! Every time Imake it! STEP3 Auction: A great chance to show off your weapon!Popular explosion auction master ~ ♬ ◆ 7 attractive contents todecorate Lucid Adventure! ① Arena: The scene in the webtoon is areality! Let's become a stronger warrior in a one-on-one battle! ②Sky Garden: The higher you climb, the bigger the reward! Realize megetting stronger !! ③ World Boss: Catch a boss that appearsrandomly anywhere in the field! ④ Raid Boss: Multiplayercooperative content! Attack together, destroy powerful bosses! ⑤Study: Let's raise the ability of party members through research! ⑥Guild: Rankers all belong to the strongest clan !? Giga Union,Grassroots Guild, which guild do you want to join?
그린스킨: 던전 마스터 1.2.8 APK
Super Planet
“그린스킨_당신이 마주한 미지의 세계 이곳 그린스킨의 대륙에서 위대한 탐험가를 기다리고 있습니다.” [HOT 출시 기념]이렇게 풍성해도 되나.. 싶은 풍족한 출시 이벤트 진행中! ▶지금 신규 대장님께 드리는 특별한 선물 ◀ - 투표로 뽑힌인기 1위! 5성 영웅 메브~♥ - 5성 영웅 선택권 1장 / 4성 영웅 모집권 1장 / 100,000 골드 / 다이아1,000개 공식 커뮤니티에서 더 다양한 이벤트도 함께 해요~ ^ㅁ^ (https://cafe.naver.com/greenskingame )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------몬스터와 함정을 이겨내고 던전 탐험에 성공할 위대한 탐험가, 당신인가요? 클랜의 운명을 건 당신의 용감한 도전에, 힘과지혜와 명예가 함께하길…!! # 로그라이크_실패하면 모든 것을 잃게 됩니다. “심장이 나대는 그 단어,로/그/라/이/크... 긴장의 끈을 놓지 마세요!” 그린스킨은 1인칭 던전탐험 로그라이크 장르로, 던전에 입장하면전후좌우로 자유롭게 한 칸씩 탐험할 수 있습니다. 던전 속은 빛나는 보물이 가득할 수도, 혹은 위험이 도사리고 있을 수도있으니 긴장하세요. # 전략_나만의 던전 탐험 공략 포인트 “용기있게 도전하는 당신에게 힘과 지혜를…!!” 효과적인 던전공략을 위해서는 현명한 전략이 필요하죠. 그린스킨에서는 4명의 동료와 함께 던전 탐험을 떠날 수 있습니다. 다양한종족으로 구성된 전투 영웅뿐만 아니라 목적지 탐색, 보물상자 발견, 함정감지 등의 스킬을 가진 비전투 영웅까지, 이번던전탐험에 꼭 필요한 클랜을 구성해 던전을 공략해보세요! # 수많은 장비 아이템_전설 무기의 ‘주인의식’ 퀘스트 “나를주인으로 인정하지 않는다고? 무기의 “진짜 주인”이 되어라!” 그린스킨의 던전에는 일반~전설등급까지 3000여종이 넘는수많은 장비 아이템이 숨겨져 있습니다. 그 중 특히, ‘전설’ 등급의 장비 아이템은 슈퍼핫 of 핫템!! 전설 등급의아이템은 각각의 아이템마다 ‘주인의식 퀘스트’를 가지고 있습니다. 장비의 “진짜 주인”이 되어, 개방되는 강력한 능력을감당할 자신 있나요? # 히로인 호감도(평판) 시스템_ ‘행운의 여신’ “나와 함께 할래요? 당신의 행운의 여신이되어줄게요.” 당신은 탐험 중 다양한 히로인을 만나게 됩니다. 어떤 히로인을 선택해서 퀘스트를 수행할지, 또 누구에게보물을 선물해 호감도를 높일지 결정해주세요. 선택한 히로인의 호감도가 오르면 다양한 축복을 받을 수 있고 이는 던전탐험의 중요한 열쇠가 되기도 해요. ---- 개발자 연락처 : +82260089224 "Green Skin _ Theunknown world you face I am waiting for a great explorer here onthe continent of Green Skin. " [HOT Release Commemorative] It ispossible to enrich it, but there is a rich release event inprogress! ▶ A special present for the new captain ◀ - Top picked byvoting! 5 Sexy Heroes Meg ~ ♥ - 5 Heroes of Heroes Choice 1/4Heroes of Heroes Recruitment 1 / 100,000 Gold / Diamond 1,000 Wealso have more events in the official community ~ ^ ㅁ ^(https://cafe.naver.com/greenskingame)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a great explorer to overcomemonsters and pitfalls and succeed in dungeon exploration? With yourbrave challenges in the fate of the clan, with strength, wisdom andhonor ... !! # Log-likes _ If you fail, you will lose everything.  "The word that the heart bears, ro / he / l / y / c ...Do not let the strap of tension be!" The Green Skin is a firstperson dungeon exploration log genre. When you enter the dungeon,you can freely explore one space at a time. The dungeon may be fullof brilliant treasures, or you may be at risk. # Strategy_MyDungeon Exploration Capture Points   "You have thestrength and wisdom to challenge you courageously ... !! " You needa smart strategy for an effective dungeon. In Green Skins you cango dungeon expedition with 4 colleagues. Unlike non-combat heroeswho have a variety of tribal heroes, but also have skills innavigating destinations, discovering treasure chests, and detectingtraps, build a clan that is essential for exploring this dungeon! #Numerous equipment items _ Quest for 'mastermind' of legendaryweapons   "Do not you recognize me as the master? Becomea "real master" of weapons! " The dungeon of Green Skin has hiddenover 3000 items of equipment from general to legendary. Especially,'Legend' grade equipment item is super hot of Hattem! Legendaryitems have 'owner consciousness quest' for each item. Are youconfident of being a "real master" of equipment and capable ofopening up your powerful ability? # Heroine favorability(reputation) system _ 'Lucky Goddess'   "Will you joinme? I'll be your lucky Goddess. " You will encounter a variety ofheroines during the expedition. Decide which heroine to choose toperform your quest, and who will bring treasure to you to increaseyour liking. As your heroine's appeal rises, you can receivevarious blessings, which is an important key to your dungeonexploration.
Green Skin: Dungeon Master 1.2.1 APK
Super Planet
"Mysterious World of Roguelike. The World of Green Skin is waitingfor the great adventurer. One who can defeat the monsters andovercome the dungeons, is that you?" # Roguelike_Stay Alert! Startfrom the beginning whenever you fail! All items are random! Dungeonmight be full of treasures, all full of monsters and traps! So stayalert! # Clan_Wish Power and Wisdom for you! Organize your ownparty to start an adventure to the dungeon. Not only hero to fightthe monsters, but also hero specialized in detecting are needed! #Equipment_Be the "Real Master" of Legendary weapon! Among equipmentfrom Common to Legendary grade, only Legendary equipment hasmysterious hidden abilities. However, only by fulfilling the"Ownership" quest, it can be released! # Heroine Favorability_Iwill be your Goddess Achieve favorability of various heroinesduring the adventure! Do their favor and take their blessing to bestronger in dungeon! # Endless Labyrinth_Hidden dungeon that no onehas ever returned. Defeat the monsters in the labyrinth, claim yourtreasures from the dungeon! Don't be scared to challenge, you haveinfinitely many chance to enter! # Blood Dominion_Furious fightbetween clans to rule the territory! Organize your clan to attackthe new territory to make it yours. Failed to defense will lose theregion, yet you have another chance to fight back! Clan's fate ison your hand, wish all the power and wisdom for you...!