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Are you ready to train your memory with one simple exercise. Justremember the numbers in the correct order. It is always good topractice memory and concentration. It is better when you haveremembering problems, quickly distracted and unable to concentrate.This is a great game to exercise your memory ! It will also testyour visual memory. We at GAVapps aim to provide our users withgreat apps and keep them playing our games thus maintaining areliable app developement brand. Feel free to visit our website andour social media pages: Website - http://www.gavapps.com/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/gavapps/ YouTube -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrjB9lTdvCGzKHDf9aZSNQ

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    Memory Brain Excercise
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    December 25, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    GAV Apps
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Mancala & Oware & Awale 2.1.1 APK
GAV Apps
Get the best Mancala game for free. Test your skills against afriend or try our 128 levels where you will meet powerfulopponents. Mancala is a very old game that was played in Africa incountries like Syria, Lebanon or Egypt. This game was mentionedfirst in 6th and 7th century AD and all that players needed wassome seeds and a wooden Mancala board. Although it is an ancientgame it required intelligence, attention and vision. This boardgame is also known in different countries or regions with othernames like: Woro, Awele (Awale), Oware (Owari), Kboo, Kbo, Ayo,Ayoayo, Kale, Aghi, Bantumi. In America you could find it under thename of Mandink and in Kenya or other countries from Africa asEndoidoi. But by far the most common other names are Kalah andOware (Owari). And also maybe Awele (Awale) or Ayo and even Wari.All this are names from Africa so the origin of this game must beAfrica. It was brought in USA under the name of Kalah and acommercial version became popular in the 1940s. in the West Africaand the Caribbean you could find the name Oware (Owari). Both Kalahand Oware (Owari) represent this board game but maybe with somechanges. It is said that Kalah or Oware (Owari) are not a Mancalagame but are part of the Mancala family board games. Your objectiveis simple: get more gems ( gold ) than your opponent. So if youcollect more gems ( gold ) in your mancala at the end of the gameyou are the winner. But sometimes is not that simple. There aresome rules and strategy that can help you or destroy you. Eachplayer have 6 cups (or different number of cups). Initially each ofthe cups has the same number of pieces of gold (there is the optionwhere you can have a variable number of pieces of gold) and theopponents will take turns. On each turn you must select one of yourcups that contain gems in it and redistribute it's gems clockwiseto the next cups. If the last gem that you redistribute lands onyour mancala you receive another turn. If the last gem that youredistribute lands on an empty cup from your side you "steal" allthe gems from your opponent side. The game ends when you or youropponent have/has no pieces of gold in the cups from your or hisside. You can play this board game against a friend or against thecomputer. You can change the number of gems in each cup (2,3,4 or 5or variable), the number of places for gems available in the cupsand 4 type of difficulty for the computer. Some graphical changesare also possible like the colors of the gems. You also can play ina time limited per round and also change the first one to start(you or the computer). Don't forget to play the quest of this boardgame. 4 seasons available with 32 levels each. The computer willbecame stronger as you manage to move forward. He will play moreaggressive or more defensive. The number of pieces of gold willchange and other interesting things that will make this quest verynice. The second season is time limited so for each turn you willhave a limit amount of time to do your move. If you don't make themove you will lose your turn. It gets really complicated at the endwhen you will only have 3 seconds for your turn. The third seasonis with a variable number of gems in each cup so the classicstrategy and moves could not be used here. The fourth season iswhere everything is changed. The numbers of cups, the number ofcups holders or gems. This is the most difficult season. Pleasesend feedback for improvements and bug fixing to improve this boardgame. This game is playable on all resolutions and we recommend iton any devices. Have fun!
The Mouse Labyrinth 2.9 APK
GAV Apps
Help your hungry mouse to find the cheese in the Labyrinth. Enterteleport doors or unlock gates, avoid traps and ghosts or slide onice floor.Test your skills in 240 levels over 4 seasons (classic,ice, fog, ghosts), more to come.This is an ad-supported game.Toplay this game you have to move the mouse inside a labyrinth andfind a cheese. The location of the cheese is given in the mapavailable at the starting of the level or when you pause the game.Touch the screen to tell the mouse where it should go. If a path tothat location is visible the mouse will follow it.There are 7 typesof one way teleport doors. These means that you cannot came back tothe old position so be careful not to get yourself trap as not allthe teleport doors are usefully. If you find a lock door that meansthat you need a key to open it. Search the labyrinth for that key.It must have the same color. Once you find a key you will have itfor the entire level and you can open all the lock doors with thatcolor. A map of the maze will pop up when you press the pausebutton where you can see your location (the yellow part) and thecheese (the green part). Here you will not see: lock doors,different items like keys and hourglasses or teleportdoors.Hourglasses will expand your time to finish the level. Also adanger in the maze is a trap as it will open if go past it. So youcan't go back and if you were on a wrong way your pet will be lostin the maze. You can see a trap like a small square in the groundand as soon as you're pet goes past it will rise and close thelabyrinth in that way.Ice Season have a new future: ice floor wherethe mouse act differently. It slides until it finds a wall or anormal floor so it will be harder to find the food. All the otherstuff will also be here (hourglasses, teleportation, locked doors,and traps). Here you can find a new token: ice break. You can useit only when you are on ice and will stop the sliding in a fewsteps.In Fog Season every maze is covered with fog. So you willdiscover the labyrinth on your way to the cheese. Also the map whenyou pause the game will be covered with fog. You can find tokensthat will help you on your way. You can find the light token thatwill discover an area around the mouse. Or the radar token whereyou can see a map of the maze with all the elements inside liketeleport doors, keys, unlock doors, ice floor, the cheese. And alsothe fog transformer token. This will allow you to transform intofog and go through wall or locked doors or traps. You must besitting in front of a wall and then press the token from the leftpart and your pet will go through that wall. In Ghost season thereare 4 types of ghost that will make the road more difficult. Grayghost moves in one direction and have the same speed as you. Brownghost also moves in one direction but they are much faster thanyour pet. Dark Gray Ghost moves randomly with the same speed asyour mouse. Cat Ghost moves in one direction but the cat will startchasing you if you come too close. The Cat Ghost changes colorsfrom black to red once the cat smells you. There are 3 new tokens(Slow, Sleep and Repel) that can help you with the cat and otherghosts.This game is playable on all resolutions but we recommendthe devices with a resolution of 800x480 or higher.
Peg Marble Solitaire 1.3.0 APK
GAV Apps
Get the classical game Peg Marble Solitaire adaptation by GavApps.This is an old board game with some interesting features that adddifferent difficulties. Will require imagination, intelligence andpatience to solve it. The solitaire puzzle known also as Solo Nobleis for one player and it involves moving the pegs around the table.The scope is to remain with only one peg on the board. You can movea peg in four direction: up, down, left and right over an adjacentpeg into an empty hole. Peg Marble Solitaire or Patience have 4season with 36 levels each. The first season contains only classiclevels. The standard English and french versions are alsoavailable. The second season will introduce the directional pegsthat will allow a peg to move in only some directions. There willbe pegs that can move only in one direction (up, down, left orright) and pegs that can move in two directions (left-right andup-down). The third season is about transformation. The red pegsare fixed and cannot be moved. You must go over with another peg toremove it from the board. Other pegs can be move a limited numberof times before it becomes fixed. Also there are slots on the boardthat transform any arriving piece into a red piece. The last seasonis called colors because there are two types of color marbles: blueand green. All blue marbles can be removed only with other marbleswith the same color and all green marbles the same. Rainbow marblesare the most powerful marbles on the puzzle. Can jump over anymarble and that it includes also the red and the green marble.There are other interesting features in this puzzle game likeshield marble. You have to jump two times over it to manage toremove it. Don't worry with patience you can find a solution foreach level. All the levels in this Solo Noble are hand-made withdifferent difficulties and interesting stuff. This puzzle game is avery old game with different names in different regions. It is alsoknown as: Solo Noble, Patience or Brainvita in India. It is apuzzle game used by noble families for over 400 years. The SoloNoble game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV in the yearof 1687. There are two classic board tables: the English versionand the french version. In both Solo Noble versions the table isfilled with pegs except for the central hole. The Peg Solitaire isalso available on TV devices. Please send feedback for improvementsand bug fixing to improve this board game. This solitaire game isplayable on all resolutions and we recommend it on any devices.Have fun!
Math for Kids 2.0.6 APK
GAV Apps
Math for kids is a great game where you can test your intelligence.This is a logic game where some knowledge about mathematics andalgebra are required. Also you can train your brain and increase IQplaying and trying to solve each level. This game was created forchildren of all ages but it is interesting and fun for everyone.The game is simple. You will have some objects (balls, animals,fruits, etc.) descending from the heaviest to the lightest. Therewill be some rules to help you find this order. This is where yourbrain will be required. The rules are of two types: the first oneis based on a comparison. Some objects are smaller or equal orgreater than other objects. The second one is an equality. A listof objects will be equal to a quantity. This game is not timedepended. There will be a maximum number of moves to solve eachlevel. There are seven seasons available. Each season have adifferent degree of difficulty of math equations. Your brain willlove all of them. The first season is where you have to order someballs based on your knowledge of logics and mathematics. Nothing todo with reality so the tennis ball will not be always lighter thanthe basketball ball. There are six types of balls: soccer ball,basketball ball, tennis ball, football ball, pool ball and volleyball. Each of these balls can be heavier than the other balls. Theseason with balls is great for kids to test their intelligence andsome math skills. The second season is about fruits. Same type ofmath equations. Here it starts to get complicated. Kids with greatIQ level can solve these exercises. You will have to order thesetypes of fruits: apple, kiwi, grapes, orange, strawberry or melon.Each one of these fruits could be heavier than another one. Theequations with fruits are of type: equal, greater than or smallerthan. So it will be only equations with comparison between fruits.In the third season you must arrange vegetables. These are greatexercises for everybody. Maybe too complicated for kids orchildren. But the vegetables season could really test your IQ andtrain your brain. The equations with vegetables are getting verycomplicated. There are of course six types of vegetables: tomato,onion, broccoli, capsicum, eggplant, and pumpkin. And also theweights of these vegetables are not as in real life. This isimportant so kids or children do not misunderstand the logic andmathematics behind this. The fourth season is with animals. This isnice for children of all ages. The kids will for sure love it. Nicegraphics with animals are available as in all the other seasons.Great to test the skills in mathematics of your kids, theirintelligence and IQ. In this exercises there are six types ofanimals: elephants, hippopotamus, pigs, owls, penguins, zebras.Here you will have a type of scale where a quantity is available.So other math skills are required. So from these exercises you canfind out a value that is the weight of the animals. With thisweight you can than order the animals and finish the level. Forthis you need some basics of mathematics and algebra. It is likeyou gave three equations with three variables. Or five equationswith five variables and so on. The fifth season is with gems. Alsohere it will appear some weights that are a constant value that youhave to use in your equations. The sixth season is also withanimals and the only difference is that all values are with highnumbers. So the calculation is somehow more difficult. The seventhseason is with fishes. Here you will have divisions. So train yourbrain in seven seasons with 25 levels each. Graphics are nice andfun and children will love it. Test your IQ and get 3 stars on eachlevel. Please send feedbacks for improvements and bug fixing toimprove this board game. This game is playable on all resolutionsand we recommend it on any devices. Have fun!
Untangle Space 2.1.3 APK
GAV Apps
Get the best Untangle game for free. Untangle the connections ofthe planets through the galaxy. Ten seasons available and 360levels. This is a classic untangle game with different difficultiesand challenges and very addictive. The goal is to move the planetsthrough the universe so the connections between them do notoverlap. There are 10 galaxies to entangle(seasons) available rightnow with 36 levels each. But we will add new galaxies so theuniverse will became bigger and bigger. All levels are timedependent but there is an option to untangle without time limit.You can move a planet by touching it and drag it in other locationin space. Be careful not all planets can be moved and also not toposition one planet to close to another. Both will became redbecause 2 objects can't be at the same time in the same location inspace in universe. The first galaxy is a standard one. The onlyidea is to not have connections of the tangled planets thatoverlap. So untangle everything is tangled. As you go around thegalaxy the levels will be more difficult (more tangled planets andlinks between them). In the second galaxy there will be some newstuff like fixed stars and holes. This will add a new complexity tothe puzzle game. The fixed stars can’t be moved from their locationin space. So you have to move all the other stars around them toentangle the puzzle. Also the holes in the universe are specificplaces where a star should be (any star) from that puzzle. Thethird galaxy have very difficult puzzles because the connectionsbetween stars will became more or more transparent until it becomesinvisible. That does not mean that this links don't exist. Therewill only be visible the links that overlap so you know where isthe problem. In the fourth galaxy everything is moving. The tangledplanets will spin continuously make in it difficult to entanglethem. The fifth solar system will introduce the blue and light bluetangled asteroid adding new difficulties to the puzzle and hard toentangle. The blue asteroid can be moved only once. After you moveit the asteroid will became a fixed asteroid. The light blueasteroid can be moved twice. After the first move it will transforminto a blue asteroid and behave like it. In the sixth solar systemthe connection between 2 planets could be fixed so when you moveone planet you will move also all the planets that have fixedconnection with that planet. The space between this planets willremain the same. The seven solar system have a black hole in thecentre of it. The black hole will attract the planets making themto move in a spiral way. The planets will move continuously to thecentre of the galaxy. In the eight solar system the puzzle willhave the green planets. This star can be moved but if all of itsconnections are clear than this star will became a fix star. Thelast two galaxies have interesting puzzles. Things gets complicatedonce again in space. In each puzzle you will have to destroy aplanet or a connection to finish the level. Other interesting stuffis available. Please send feedbacks for improvements and bugfixing. This game is playable on all resolutions and we recommendedit on any devices. Have fun!
Math for School 1.1.5 APK
GAV Apps
Math for School is an educational game where you can test yourskills in mathematics. This game was created for elementary, middleor high school kids but it is interesting and fun for everyone. Themain purpose of the game is to challenge your brain and test yourknowledge in mathematics and logic. The objective is simple: youhave different math exercises to solve. An exercise contains one tofour equations. Some numbers or operators are missing from theequation and they need to be filled in. Solving the equationdepends on what you fill in the missing places. A math exercise istime dependent; also there is a fixed number of moves. These twoare variable, depending on the difficulty of each equation. Thereis an option to remove the timeout and move limit. This option isavailable in order to help kids understand better the mechanism ofmathematics. There are seven seasons available with more than 100math exercises each. Also there is a quick test mode where you cansolve 10 math exercises and receive a grade. The entire testingprocess is presented in a fun and interactive way that all kidswill enjoy. The first three or four seasons are at a elementaryschool level. But all kids could try solving the exercises. Thenext seasons target middle school children. Some math problems aremore difficult, therefore more suitable for high school kids. Thiseducational game is recommended for kids of all ages, as it has avariety of exercises, from easy to hard. By educational we meanfocused on increasing children's skills in mathematics, developingtheir ability to solve exercises by using their brain and logic.Also in solving all the math traps you can play with numbers andoperators that are practically brain food and therefore keeps youhooked on math. The following type of equations are available forelementary school kids: comparation, addition or subtraction ofnumbers between 0 and 10; or equations with numbers between 10 and20 and some go up to 100. Also for elementary school there are mathproblems with multiplication or division of numbers between 0 and10 or numbers bigger that go up to 100. Take each math exercise andgo through different difficulties with bigger numbers and morerequired variables. For middle school children we prepared mathproblems like: union, intersection or inclusion of sets of numbers,pow, roots or fractions. Other educational exercises involvesolving systems of equations, negative numbers or decimal numbers.Train your brain and get 3 stars on each equation. The quick testmode is very fun and it is available only after you finish 50% ofthe current season. There are 10 exercises and you have to pressthe next button whenever you think that the equation is done. Becareful, once you go to the next exercise you cannot go back! Youwill have a total time to solve all the equations and a number ofmoves for each exercise. This is nice for children because at theend of the test a grade is calculated. By solving all the mathproblems kids will never have problems at school anymore. Childrenwill enjoy solving this game because math is fun. There are over700 exercises to solve and more will be added. Also we will updatethe game with more complex mathematics. Graphics are nice and funand kids will love it. The purpose of this game is educational andwe made it free. But we will use ads to help maintain and develop.Please send feedback for improvements and bug fixing. This game isplayable on all resolutions and we recommend it on any devices.Have fun!
Tap the Numbers 2.0.5 APK
GAV Apps
Try to touch numbers, letters, Roman numbers or Greek letters inthe correct order. It is a very funny game that will improves yourconcentration. The rule is very simple. You have to order numbersfrom 1 to 25 or 1 to 100 or order letters from a to z. Just respondquick and try to beat your best time. Roman letters or Greekletters are options to be played. So it is not only how quick youtap or your speed or reflexes. Some general knowledge will for surehelp. This will improves your peripheral vision and observationskills. You have also the option to select the size of the table.Bigger tables will be more difficult. Enjoy the game!
Crack the Safe 1.1.4 APK
GAV Apps
Are you a skilled thief? Get this game for free and crack all kindsof locks and safes. Different modes to test your abilities with allkind of challenges. There are 100 hand made types of safe withdifferent difficulties and challenges that are here to be cracked.Also there are 4 endless modes that you can try: kids mode, simple,difficulties, adrenaline. So here is all about concentration andspeed. There is a small ball that will always move clockwise. Alsothere is a green zone where the you need to touch the screen whenthe ball gets there. In this way the lock is cracked. There aredifferent types of locks made specifically to stop any thief to popthem. Some locks needs to be pop not only once but can get to even10 times. Some other locks have the unlock green zone smaller so itis harder to pop them. Different other difficulties are present ineach safe that you will try to unlock. Direction change will changethe direction of the ball. So pay attention if you want to unlockthe safe. Nitrogen will increase the speed of the ball. Thenitrogen is added to the current speed so you can find in a safemore than one nitrogen and the speed could get very big and hard topop the safe. The break will decrease the speed. It is the oppositeof the nitrogen. Random nitrogen gives the ball a random speed fromtime to time. This makes it very hard to anticipate when the ballgets to the green area. Invisibility will give a transparency tothe ball. To more invisibility object you take the more invisibleyou became. If the ball is invisible you have to anticipate themovement of the ball. If the safe have a magnet object this willattract the ball and the green zone one to the other. So it makesharder to unlock. If the lock have an hidden object this will hidethe green zone so again you have to anticipate the place where youhave to tap the screen. Some locks will have the fake balls object.This will create some balls around the current ball. You have toremember the position so you know where to tap to break the lock.Teleport object will teleport the ball to another location on thelock. Some of the difficulties are sum up. That means that the ballcan have the nitrogen and magnet together bun the break object willcancel the nitrogen. Don't forget to try the hand made levels. Eachlock is prepared to test your concentration and reflexes. Also theendless mode present different difficulties makes it hard to get tothe green zone. So unlock as many safe as you can. Use your skillsand break all of the difficulties: the direction changer, thenitrogen, the break, the random nitrogen, invisibility, the magnet,the hidden and the teleport. Please send feedback for improvementsand bug fixing to improve this board game. This game is playable onall resolutions and we recommended it on any devices. Have fun!