1.0 / November 5, 2013
(4.8/5) (5)


Make pairs as quick as you can and submityourbest score to the global scoreboard!

- Real playing cards, for a 'classic look'.
- Two playing modes: Half deck and full deck.
- Global scoreboard: Submit your best time.
- Use back button to return to the main menu.


App Information Memory Classic

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Super Chaos XY Pad 1.03 APK
Inspired by Korg's Kaoss pad, this app allowsyou to add effects to white noise or microphone input. Effectsinclude Band Pass, Ring Modulation, Delay and a Comb Filter, whichcan be routed to the x, y or x+y coordinates. The screen lights upto show the average power output. Check out the video clip of usingthis app with a guitar. This app can easily be used as a liveinstrument!Have fun, and please give positive feedback if you like this:)Keywords: Kaoss Pad, XY Pad, Effects Pad, Band Pass, RingModulation, Delay, Comb Filter, Audio Synthesis, MusicProduction
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Pesten! is de Nederlandse app die je moethebben! Meer dan 100.000 spelers gingen jou voor! Speel hetkaartspel pesten online of tegen de computer. Leuk voor tussendoorof onderweg. Bevat een uitgebreide uitleg van de spelregels.Veel plezier!Bullying! Dutch is theapp you must have! More than 100,000 players went for you! Play thecard game online bullying or against the computer. Great for asnack or on the go. Contains a detailed explanation of therules.Have fun!
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Create your own retro sounds and tweek theparameters as you play. Choose from sine, saw or square waves.Annother key feature is the keyboard, which a scale can be appliedto. This way you'll never have to play a false note!Powered by Pure Data (sound synthesis) and Libgdx (graphics)
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This application will allow you to easily makesmall sprite animations on the go. Anyone who loves retro gameswill enjoy creating and animating custom sprites.Tools: Pencil, brush, bucket fill, rectangle, eyedropperFuctions: Add, delete, copy, paste, flip, undo, redoColors: 128 colors from the atari palette, custom color selector,transparencyNavigatingPinch the screen to zoom in or out and use two fingers to move thecanvas.PanelsShow or hide a panel by choosing one the View menu. You can alsomove panels aroundby dragging them from the topFile SavingThe images are saved in the Sprite Maker folder on your SD card.When you save a project,a .png file is created containing each of the frames in a row. Youcan also choose to createan animated .gif, although these can't always be played in theAndroid gallery.FeedBackPlease e-mail me any questions or suggestions.DisclaimerAlthough this application has been succesfully tested on variousdevices, I can'tguarentee it will run perfectly on every phone.
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Play crazy 8's online or against thecomputer.This game is an adaption of the #1 dutch version of crazy8's.Have fun!
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Create professional drum beats with BeatMakerII. Apply effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor,bitcrusher), attack, decay, volumes, grooves. Great to work outanidea on the go! This app is a must-have if you likedesktopsoftware like Fruity Loops. Have fun and be creative!This is the free version of Beat Maker II which does notallowyou to export wave files, or record samples from themicrophone.Please download the full version for these features. Thefreeversion contains advertising on startup.Features:- Effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor,bitcrusher)- Attack / Decay (with grapical representation)- Volume control for each note- Swing- Song mode (play patterns in a sequence)- Apply grooves- Load any wave file from your phone- 9 patterns- Auto save- Perfect timing- Copy / paste patternsKeywords: Beat maker, drum machine, drum loops,sequencer,sampler, daw, modulation, delay, reverb, bit crusherIf you have any comments or questions, please send ane-mail.
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Galgje! is een van de leukste galgjespelletjesmet veel woorden, meerdere categorieën en leukeanimaties. Kies uitDieren, Beroepen, Voedsel, Steden en 5000+populaire woorden. Uploadje score naar een globale scorelijst.Volledig gratis en vanNederlandse makelij. 50.000+ spelers gingenu voor!Hangman! is one ofthemost fun hangman game with a lot of words, multiple categoriesandfun animations. Choose from Animals, Occupations, Food, Cities5000+ popular words. Upload your score to the global high scorelist.Completely free and Dutch origin. 50,000 + players wentforyou!
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Jumpy Frog is a fun 3D game with asimpleobjective: Jump as far as possible without landing in thewater.Some objects are challenging, others will help you. After afewgames you will have figured it out. Spend the coins you collectinthe upgrades screen to achieve an even higher score. Inviteyourfriends to play. Have fun!This app uses Google Play Services for leaderboards.Built using LibGdx 1.0.