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Game develop memory and attention, which canbeplayed in offline mode without registration for free. Mini Gamesonthe development of attention, memory and thinking are ideal forbothpreschool children and adults.

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Chess 3.0 APK
Chess is a two-player strategy board gameplayed on a chessboard, a square checkered gameboard with 64squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of theworld's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwideat home, in clubs, online, by correspondence, and intournaments.
Durak 1.0 APK
The game of Durak appeared in the 19th centuryin Russia. This is one of the few card games, in which it ispossible to develop a clear plan of action. The richness andvariety of different combinations, Durak leaves far behind theCheckers, and to some extent comparable to chess. Strategy gamebased on memorization of cards, probability theory, andpsychology.
GrantWood Test 3.0 APK
It's a learning game that will teach you howto distinguish from Rembrandt, Rubens. Presented more than 15schools of painting (from the Northern Renaissance, to Cubism).Large number of artists. On each answer you are given not more than10 seconds. For each wrong answer, you lose points. Become the bestand amaze your friends!
Ugolki 1.1 APK
The task of the game - to move their piecesinto the opposite corner, before your opponent to build in yourcorner. Moves are made, one by one. Movement is possible along thehorizontals and verticals in all directions. In one move, move nomore than one checker.
Checkers 3.0 APK
We all know this game - classic checkers.Thegame has a simple and intuitive interface. Excellent graphics.Thisgame is not for those who give up without a fight, but forthehard-nosed and persistent people.
15 000 анекдотов! 1.0 APK
Самые смешные анекдоты не дадут вам скучать!Море смеха и удовольствия ждут вас. У нас есть анекдоты на любойвкус - вы будете смеяться до слез. Про Вовочку, Чапаева и Штирлица.Самые свежие и очень смешные! :)The funniest jokes willnot let you get bored! Sea of ​​laughter and fun await you. We havejokes for everyone - you will laugh to tears. About Vovochka,Chapaev and Stirlitz. The most recent and very funny! :)
Bubble Mover 1.0 APK
The game «Bubble Mover» need to reducethenumber of bubbles to their complete disappearance. To dothis,click on groups of two or more balls of the same color. Thegamewill be over, when on the field there will be no ball, orwhenthere will be more opportunities to continue.
UFO - Pixel Arcade 1.0 APK
In the result of the revolution 2258 yearinRussia, the Communists took power. They decide to revive theSovietUnion. After 50 years on Earth we have only one country -theSoviet Union. Suddenly, on the Earth is invaded by aliens forthepurpose of colonization. Comrade! You must defend theheadquartersof!