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The Periodic Table of Element; an arrangement of 118chemicalelement by Mendeleev that has spun our kids throughgenerations.Metals, non metals, atoms, molecules halogen, noblegas, stuff likethat has quizzed the kids for a long time. What’s agroup? What’s aperiod? What’s a symbol? What’s an atom? No matterhow much youmemorize them, kids still get confused. The position ofeachelement in the periodic table of element is based on theatomicnumber of that element but you can’t just go on memorizeeachelement’s atomic number, can you? No sir, you can’t. This iswhyUET Game Studio has come up with a fun and amazing way for youtolearn and memorize the Me ndeleev Periodic Table of 118chemicalelement. The MENDELEEV PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENT is aninnovativeway to learn the position of element in each group andperiod. In amatter of days you will be able to expertly point outthe symboland the position of any element. This revolutionary quizlike gameis designed as such that you can quickly identify theelementalsymbol for the respective atomic element. Then you canpoint outthe position of the elemental symbol that you are beingshown, downright to the correct group and period position of thatelementalsymbol. The Mendeleev Periodic Table of 118 chemicalelement ismade easy by MENDELEEV PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENT. Thegame goeslike this; you will be shown an elemental symbol of anatom. It canbe metal or non metal, noble gas or halogen and can befrom any ofthe group or period in the Mendeleev Periodic Table of118 chemicalelement. Then you have to quickly select the elementalsymbol ofthe atom from the given Mendeleev Periodic Table of 118chemicalelement. The faster you select the atomic symbol the higheryouwill score. As the game progresses, it will speed up and youwillhave lesser time to select the atomic elemental symbol fromtheMendeleev Periodic Table of 118 chemical element. Failure to dosowill result in GAME OVER. The higher your score will be, themoreyour learning of the element, their atomic symbol, positionintheir respective group and period.Hurry up and Install this gametoquickly learn and memorize the Mendeleev Periodic Table of118chemical element and prepare for your quiz and stuff. If thisgamewas as science-y as we thought it would be, then please If youlikeour games please click on the button "More by this developer"andplease guys give us your feedback by rating and reviewingourgames.We appreciate user's queries and interests throughourFacebook and Twitter accounts.Forcontact:Website:http://www.uetgamestudio.kics.edu.pk/Facebook:https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/UET_Game_StudioEmail:uetgs@kics.edu.pk

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    Mendeleev Periodic Table of Element
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    April 16, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    UET Game Studio
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    UET Game Studio, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
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Teach your kids addition, subtraction and other math concepts in aninteractive learning game! Avoid obstacles and overcome dangers bysolving exciting math puzzles. Play and learn, learn and play.Add,subtract, multiply and divide. Follow the story of Frog, and watchyour kid master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.Learn math as Frog journeys through rivers and seas, and battlesfor survival through danger and life threatening challenges,escaping crocodiles, eating bees and fighting with fire. Solve thepuzzle to jump, swim and battle the obstacles in your path.By thetime your child has completed the first few levels, he'll be on theway to become a math genius, all the time playing and enjoyinghimself. It follows the mode of survival of the fittest. Only thosewho are good at maths will be able to survive the puzzles. The gamehas three modes, easy, medium and hard to make sure the child keepslearning and challenging himself in maths problems. Your kid mightbe the next math genius! frog math is the new kind of math!Crossthe River: A challenging level in which you have to avoid thedanger of crocodiles to ensure frog's survivalRace the Crocs: Athrilling level. Survival challenge. Did you know crocodiles loveeating frog? Prevent crocodile eating frog in this level. Solve thepuzzle before the crocodiles catch up with frog and save himHippoJump: You wouldn't want to wake a sleeping hippo, would you? Giveyour answer before the boat crashes into hippo to save frog and hisfriendLunch Time: Frog needs to eat to survive. Select the bee heshould eat. Beware, wrong bees means danger, serious danger. JungleFire: Frog needs to get home but there is a fire in his path.Jungle fire is a thrilling level in which you must putout thejungle fire for grog. Choose the correct answer to put out thefire. Embrace the challenge and save frog. Put an end to crocodileeating frog.The game targets young children who are just steppinginto the field of maths and wish to become mathematics heroes.Download now to start your child's journey to becoming a mathgenius! who's the math hero? your child could be the math hero.your child WILL be the math hero after playing Math Puzzle: Savethe Frog.Like us on Facebook:https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/Follow us on twitter formore updates! https://twitter.com/UET_Game_Studio
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Lemon Citrus Rush: Fruit Collecting Game!Collect citrus and fruits,and have fun playing this addictive endless speed challenge a crushgame. Match the citrus types with coming in line citrus fruits.Flow of citrus line gets speedy with time, so do not panic and tryto use knife to slice the fruit like a ninja and crush it. Fruitbasket contains different types of citrus such as lemon, orange,lime, grapefruit etc. Select the respective basket in regards withincoming citrus deluxe edition and fruit images.Do you like to playpuzzle games with speed challenge? Get ready for Citrus Ninja!Collect food for a crush game rainy days. Match the lemon, orange,lime, grapefruit etc. baskets and earn unlimited coins and unlockinfinite features of the slicing games.Citrus ninja fruit puzzleand matching food is designed for fruit crush and speed challengelovers. Citrus Ninja is absolutely free.Invite your friends to topthe leaderboard and share your high score on Facebook orTwitter.Gameplay:--Tap to select the respective basket--Usepower-ups to meet the speedy challenges--Get high scores to unlockthe power-upsLemon Citrus Rush: Fruit Collecting GameFeatures:---Stunningly amazing graphics!---Interesting music tunesand sound effects!---Achievements!---Leaderboard!---Invite friendsonline and get extra bonus points.Did you like this game? If so,then you would absolutely love this insanity driven wildlifeexperience too:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.edu.kics.uetgs.wildlife3DIfyou like our games please click on the button "More by thisdeveloper" and please guys give us your feedback by rating andreviewing our games.For contact:Website:http://www.uetgamestudio.kics.edu.pk/Facebook:https://web.facebook.com/uetgamestudio/Twitter:https://twitter.com/UET_Game_StudioEmail: uetgs@kics.edu.pk