2.1.7 / September 12, 2015
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The lovely mermaid would like to escape, but there are manyobstacles.Help the lovely mermaid by running and jumping, and avoidobstacles on the way.Keep adventure in the coral reef with thelovely mermaid swim to the your homebeware of dangers, and don'tget hit.Explore the world of sea wonders with the mermaid princess,meet fish, bubbles, legends and cute little sea animals .TheMermaid world is wonderful! Join the lovely Mermaid princess in hermarine advetures.DOWNLOAD NOW!Tap the screen to control and avoidobstacles.One of the best mermaid games around.✔ Cool graphics ✔Nice music and sound effects ✔ Awesome items ✔ Smooth & fuunygameplay ✔ Phone and Tablet support✔ Game for all ages✔ Game isfree, no purchase required.✔ No Violence, crude pictures in thegame (Suitable for kids and children)

App Information Mermaid Aqua Adventures

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    Mermaid Aqua Adventures
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    September 12, 2015
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    DevX Soft
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Do you want to ir remote control yourTelevision with your mobile, cell or tablet?Then Remote Control App Free is the application for you to prankyour friends.Remote Control App Free revolutionizes your entertainmentexperience at home by combining a Remote Control App Free and thediscovery of television content live or playback continues tocreate a simple to use application. This is the only UniversalRemote Control App Free and guide you need for your TV.Remote Control App Free is your quick remote control for any tv,all channels, works as a remote control for all tv.The prank operation is the same as the real TV remote controlpro.Prank & Enjoy the faces your friends make!!!This app is completely Free and it does not need external hardwareto remote control for cable box. Whether your kids have lost the TVremote control or you just want to turn up the game at the bar youcan always use your phone.Just right before one of your favourite TV serie or show is aboutto start, OR your favourite sports game is about to start, OR youwant to watch news and your TV remote control Prank is not withinyour reach.Remote Control App Free is an app to use your phone as a remotecontrol for your tv for any dish tv, it uses wifi remote controlfor tv technology to tv remote control from the palm of your handto prank friends quick remote control for any tv and cable box, andalso as a remote control for satellite receiver.Remote Control App Free is based on samsung remote control app fortv, an original software from samsung tv remote control division touniquely tv remote control app universal for dvd no wifi forandroid.Easy to download and to set up app so you can control your tv freetv remote that you can control the tv.Features of Remote Control App Free:> Remote control for all tv> User friendly interface.> Power on off button.> Volume control button.> Separate Buttons for number of channels.> Tv remote control app for hdmi> Mute Button to get you TV mute.> Wifi remote control for tvPrank your friends, control your TV with this simple Remote ControlApp Free====================-DISCLAIMER--Remote Control App Free is just for fun to remote control for tvprank, to scare your friends, it does not control TV oranything.It's a remote control prank to use your Android phone or androidtablet as a remote tv prank and as tv remote prank, it includesprank buttons, prank screen and many other prank things.But it's so good and very well designed to be considered best prankapps for free from all prank apps in Google Play, and you can addmany prank ideas to easily configure it as you please, it'ssuitable for kids as well prank apps free for kids.
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