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It’s time to give the baby bump to the pregnant mermaid becauseshe’s about to become mermaid mommy!Play the ER Emergency surgerygame where the pregnant mermaid is about to give birth to mermaidbaby so operate now!Play the ER Emergency simulator of the pregnantmommy and do the surgery by starting with the pregnant mermaidcheckup in the doctor salon. Take her to the ER Surgery room andcheck the condition of the baby. The beautiful mermaid Ariel isexpecting her little mermaid baby and she needs full care as thisis the cesarean birth of the mermaid baby in the baby doctor salon.Prepare your surgery squad and start the bubble bump and the babyshower. Take her to the maternity room and give birth to themermaid baby by doing the surgery simulator. She was in a hurry andrushed to your maternity hospital so admit the pregnant mermaid andoperate now in the pregnancy kids game. Mermaid Pregnancy SurgeryER Emergency Game Features: • Exciting and adventurous pregnantmermaid surgery levels. • A different Clinic and surgery squad fora check up. • Check the heartbeat of the pregnant mommy with astethoscope. • Use surgical tools to give birth by cesarean birthin the baby doctor salon game. • Take the pregnant mommy to thematernity hospital for the baby birth surgery. • Do the check upand start the cesarean birth to operate now! How to Play MermaidPregnancy Surgery ER Emergency:• Press the play button and selectif you want a twin baby or single baby birth.• Select the check uptool. • Drag the stethoscope to check the heartbeat of the mermaidmom. • Check the temperature of the pregnant mermaid if itsperfect• Then drag the BP apparatus and check the blood pressure.•Take the blood test in the baby shower games.• Check the bloodsugar of the mermaid girls If its ready for the ER surgery. Thesurgery squad is ready to operate now! Give a mermaid kiss to themermaid baby after the cesarean birth in baby shower games. ABOUTTIK TOKTik Tok is a top-notch Google Play Developer known forproviding high-quality graphics and features, specialized in kidsgames. Tik Tok proudly produces innovative games loved by parentsand kids that help them enhance their learning skills and encouragethem to bring out their creativity and give the boost to theirimagination while they enjoy! We would love to hear from you! Wantto have a look at more of our games? ORAny Queries, Comments orSuggestions? Feel free to Visit us at:www.tiktokgames.net

App Information Mermaid Pregnancy Surgery ER Emergency

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    Mermaid Pregnancy Surgery ER Emergency
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    February 6, 2018
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    Tik Tok
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It is tough and difficult to for mommy after her triplet baby newborn childbirth. Mommy just gave birth to triplet baby after herpregnancy surgery at the hospital. It will be really hard for mommyto handle the baby care alone so you have to help her out in takingcare of her triplet baby and babysit them with her.Triplet babymeans three babies, all new born, that too after a recentchildbirth. This means it is really hard on mommy to give properbaby care now alone. Daddy is not here right now so he can’t helpmommy with triplet baby new born childbirth baby care. Now it is upto you to relieve mommy from childbirth stress. Give mommy a breakfrom her new born childbirth baby care routine and see how it worksto take care of babies through baby games. This way you can turnthe content of the game from baby to also mom care because in a waywhen you do baby care you also do mom care since you’re shoulderingher troubles. Now that you have taken over as the babysitter atbaby care day care there are things you need to do for mommy andbaby hospital nursery care game. The most important step is toprovide the baby with food on time because food is the essential ofevery human being and a baby will cry if he doesn’t get food ontime. Since the baby is little there’s not much he can eat. Thereare a lot of options to choose from. The food items in the gameinclude;- baby food- cereal - juice- fruits - vegetables- donutsAllfood items are made to fit the triplet baby diet and tendency toeat their baby food. Baby food is essential because baby foodcontains all the compressed nutrients that we can’t give to babiesin its raw form since it is solid and the triplet can’t chew on it.So make sure to give triplet baby their baby food. Baby food isessential. In your triplet baby nursery day care baby carebabysitting course, the next step is cleaning which means bathingthe triplet baby. IT is bath time!! First of all the baby diaperneeds to be changed so that the triplet baby can be ready for theirshower time. Give them a shower in a row. The bath tub sceneincludes;- shampoo - soap - then towelling - whilst the tripletbaby play with toys. After the cleaning bathing it’s time forpampering in which the triplet baby need to be dressed up for agood night. This includes; - putting on new diaper - baby powder-give them either a pacifier or a feeder - then put on dressing Youcan get toys for the triplet baby by using game coins you will earnthrough different activities in the game. And lastly, is thesleeping time. Set the triplet baby is their bed, give them theirpacifier, cover them in a blanket and turn the lights off. Thatconcludes your baby care of the day. Thank you for helping mommy inher process of every day baby care. She is really happy to have ahelping hand in her triplet baby, baby care routine. You can joinin again any time for more baby care to help the mommy as much asyou want!! ***GAME FEATURES***Multiple mommy and triplet baby, babycare characters Different and fun baby care activities Feeding,cleaning, caring, playing and sleeping day care baby careactivitiesFun and exciting features and game play Cute soundeffects to please the triplet baby and the babysitter
Mommy Maternity Doctor ER Surgery Emergency 1.1.2 APK
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The mommy is feeling sick and its time to do the emergency surgeryof the pregnant mommy. She has come to your surgery clinic for theexamination of the baby birth operation. You have to do her checkup in your hospital as you are known as the best surgeon in thetown for the baby surgeon. So start the ER surgery in the babydoctor salon by checking the pulse of pregnant mommy and checkingfor her Bp.Mommy Maternity Doctor ER Surgery Emergency is achildbirth game where you will treat the pregnant mommy in thematernity room. Follow the instructions in the labor room tocomplete the caesarean operation. The pregnant mom is waiting forthe surgeon simulator in the baby doctor game so start theemergency surgery before it is late. Follow the instructionsquickly and do the surgery with your surgery squad.After the checkup of the pregnant mommy, mark an area where you will start the ERsurgery in the ER emergency and cut the babybelly with a cuttingtool from the surgery toolkit. Do the ultrasound of the pragnantmommy belly and check the condition of the baby. Mommy MaternityDoctor ER Surgery Emergency Game Features- Exciting and adventurouspregnant mermaid surgery levels.- A different Clinic and surgerysquad for a check up.- Check the heartbeat of the pregnant mommywith a stethoscope. - Use surgical tools to give birth by cesareanbirth in the baby doctor salon game. - Take the pregnant mommy tothe maternity hospital for the baby birth surgery. - Do the checkup and start the cesarean birth to operate now!How To Play MommyMaternity Doctor ER Surgery Emergency- Press the play button andselect your baby to be born.- Pick one of the check up tool fromthe tool kit. - Drag the stethoscope to check the heartbeat of themermaid mom in baby doctor salon. - Check the temperature of thepregnant mermaid if its perfect Then, - Drag the BP apparatus andcheck the blood pressure.- Take the blood test in the baby showergames.- Check the blood sugar of the mermaid girls If its ready forthe ER surgery. - Then start the caesarean surgery of the pregnantmom in the labor room- And the baby is born! ABOUT TIK TOKTik Tokis a top-notch Google Play Developer known for providinghigh-quality graphics and features, specialized in kids games. TikTok proudly produces innovative games loved by parents and kidsthat help them enhance their learning skills and encourage them tobring out their creativity and give the boost to their imaginationwhile they enjoy! We would love to hear from you! Want to have alook at more of our games? ORAny Queries, Comments or Suggestions?Feel free to Visit us at:www.tiktokgames.net
Pregnant Princess Baby Birth Games 1.2.1 APK
Tik Tok
Pregnant Princess is nine month of pregnancy and ready to babybirth. Majesty family is out of city and it is up to you to managethe whole pregnancy surgery process in this maternity surgerysimulator games.There is two royal princesses in this maternitysurgery simulator games, these princess are pregnant and from youhelp as a maternity nurse these pregnant moms have babies. Takecare of pregnant princess in her own castle and give her somerespect and love. When the Princess will give baby birth in labor,call on emergency number to get doctor hospital address and get heron emergency ambulance and take to doctor hospital and help withthe baby birth delivery.Now it is turn to show your surgeryabilities while helping give baby birth in labor. But first checkthe blood pressure and then take ultrasound and check what the sexof baby is. If the Sex of baby is male then it is little prince andif the sex of the baby is female then it is little princess ormaybe we get both as a twins baby. And also king love crazy twinsbaby.Pregnant Princess is not able to give normal delivery we haveto go caesarean operation. Now prepared Operation Theater in thissurgery operation games. Also prepared surgical instrument foremergency surgery operation for pregnant mommy. After the caesareanoperation take out the baby from the mommy tummy and do other stuffto finish this surgery in the surgery simulator games. And afterthe playing you definitely like this pregnant surgery simulatorgames.The game is not end after the emergency surgery operation,you have to take care of the new born twins babies. You have toclean them and take care them also. This is best game for pregnantmommy baby care games. **** Game Feature****• Pregnant Surgerysimulator for Pregnant Princess• Childbirth in Extreme Condition •Baby Birth Simulator • Emergency Cesarean birth surgeon• Take careof new born babyAbout Tik Tok Tik Tok are specialize in kid’s gameson mobile platform. Tik Tok aim to provide innovative &educational game to our kids. We help them to learn the basic lifeskills and good habits through our games. For more info pleasevisit us at www.tiktokgames.net
Secret Mermaid Baby Mommy Pregnant Surgery 1.0 APK
Tik Tok
Legend has it that deep under the sea exist mermaids, human likefish living a very human life under the sea. People are veryinterested in discovering them under the sea. Just like every otherhuman thing they do, they also can get pregnant like a human lady.Join this secret story of a pregnant mermaid on a journey to herbaby story in the human world. This secret story game requires youto save a pregnant mermaid mom who needs immediate emergencysurgery. This is how the secret story goes:The poor mermaid wasjust having some fun underwater having her coming to be mermaidbaby see the life on the sea level to make for a baby story. Amidstthat fun come cruel human fish merchants who are hunting for fishand they capture the fish along with pregnant mermaid mom in thenet as well. The pregnant mermaid gets trapped in the boat and lefton the beach. But she is in so much pain, she screams, “Please helpme! I have to go to the hospital” which means it’s time for herbaby story to come to life, now conduct the pregnancy surgery. Youhave to come and rescue her and then become the surgery doctorgynecologist and provide the pained mermaid maternity emergencysurgery in her secret story.** The climax of the secret storyis:When the mermaid comes on the beach shore her tail willautomatically change into legs after applying a magic liquid on thetail. Then put pregnant mermaid on a steamer so she feels a bitrelieved, wipe the steamer sweat after that and clean the face ofthe expecting mermaid mom. Make her warm and comfortable and callthe emergency surgery hospital ambulance!! **How To Play Next is tomake all possible checkups before the maternity pregnancy surgery.Take the expecting pregnant mermaid mom temperature to see if she’ssick. Then check her blood pressure and give her blood injection.And the third test is to check sugar level at the maternityemergency surgery clinic. Next mermaid mom mermaid baby pregnancysurgery step is to provide expecting mermaid with oxygen so giveher an oxygen mask for relaxation and living so she can tell hersecret story. Next step is checking ultrasound to find the genderof mermaid baby before proceeding to the emergency pregnant mermaidsurgery to make for the baby story.Finally, check and calm mermaidmom heartbeat before providing pregnant mom pregnancy surgeryoperation anesthesia in surgery games. Gather your surgicalinstruments before beginning surgery. Then with the surgicalinstruments cut the mermaid mom baby bump and operate pregnancysurgery to get mermaid baby boy or girl. When the mermaid baby isout of the baby bump, cut his umbilical cord and provide themermaid baby injection, cleaning and wrapping baby care.This is howthis pregnant mermaid secret story and baby story takeslife!!***Features of Pregnant mermaid baby mommy surgery***• Storybased mermaid pregnancy surgery baby mommy simulation • Fullprocedure rescue and pregnancy surgery simulation • Pregnantmermaid mom and mermaid baby characters • Hospital emergencysurgery clinic setting • Hospital surgical instruments like:Thermometer  Blood and sugar testing injections  Stethoscope Ultrasound machine  Oxygen masks  Anesthesia injections• Fun andengaging sound effects. • Mermaid simulation graphics • Secretstory and baby story situational setting
My Newborn Baby Kitten Games 1.1.3 APK
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MEOW MEOW !!!! Pregnant mommy cats games for kids are available onstore. Your job is to pet care these pregnant mommy cats andprepare them for FLUFFY KITTEN baby birth in this cat games forkids.After the Fluffy kitten baby Birth you have to pet care forboth mommy cats and baby cat. These virtual pet are exist invirtual world where you have to pet care virtually so no worriesfor parents. Now Pet mommy cat first need to be makeover in petsalon. In pet salon there is makeup section, Pet Dress up sectionand last one is pet food section. Now go to pet vet clinic whereyou have to check mommy cat from the pet vet doctor to see how thefluffy kitten baby are doing. In the pet vet clinic you can givethe mommy cats an ultrasound, check their blood pressure and themuch more! This cat games for girls is full of activitiesWhen theadorable & cute baby kittens are born, you can help my petmommy cat to take care these fluffy Kitten babies which are newbornbaby! Feed your baby kitten, change diapers, play with babies andgive them a nice bath in pet salon. You can also dress up theselittle kitten with cute items, shoes and clothes, and show your catlove with these pregnant mommy with responsibility.FEATURE• 4 Catmommy with Lovely animation• Mommy Cats brief checkup & healthcare• 8 Different and Unique levels in game• pregnant Mommy Catsdress up• Funny sound effect • Fluffy Kitten Baby care unit• PetBaby dress up• Unique & interactive game play• Colorful andbeautiful HD illustrationsThe best ever & cutest little kittygames with pet story. Download now this cat games for girls andboys especially little one kids.About Tik Tok Tik Tok arespecialize in kid’s games on mobile platform. Tik Tok aim toprovide innovative & educational game to our kids. We help themto learn the basic life skills and good habits through our games.For more info please visit us at www.tiktokgames.net
Newborn baby Love - Mommy Care 1.1.4 APK
Tik Tok
This game offers kids a great experience of the newborn baby careand pregnant mommy care. You’re in charge of crazy nursery andmaternity ward. Learn how to become experience babysitter in thishappy baby care games. OMG Your mommy is about having a baby now itis your responsibility to take care of pregnant mommy and aftersurgery operation your little baby boy, baby girl or Twin baby isborn take care your baby like a good babysitter, Give bath to babyin baby shower section, help him to feed up in food court and go tobaby dress up section and try new and unique baby outfits to makebaby happy and healthy.Feature:• 8 Different Activities in game• 4lovely mommy with cute animation• Mommy checkup & health care•Mommy dress up• Baby care unit• Baby dress up• Funny andinteractive sound effect • interactive game play• vivid colors andbeautiful HD illustrations• simple and smooth game play About TikTok Tik Tok are specialize in kid’s games on mobile platform. TikTok aim to provide innovative & educational game to our kids.We help them to learn the basic life skills and good habits throughour games. For more info please visit us at www.tiktokgames.net
Heart Surgery: ER Doctor Surgeon Simulator Games 1.1.3 APK
Tik Tok
Do you ever wanted to be a doctor and dothesurgery simulator? Its time to make your dreams come true andplayoperation games in your own surgery clinic!A surgery simulator games that makes you a doctor and lets youdothe ER surgery of the heart. Operations game for kids gameswithfun and adventure. Be a surgeon simulator and do the operationofthe old people, young girls and man free hearts game.Open your own surgery clinic treat the patients waiting for youinyour surgery clinic!Check the blood circulation of the patient’s heart in ERemergency.Select a favorite scene for yourself and see what youwant to dofrom the options of variety of scenes. Take the patientto the ERemergency and check-up, check the patients Angina pain inthecardiology hospital.If you want to repair the vein of the patient, check the bloodflowof the artery and veins blood circulation. A kids game ofclinicgames and do the free hearts game. Be the rea surgeonsimulator anddo the heart surgery by opening heart with real doctortools. Movethe artery and veins aside and bones in thesurgerysimulator.Move the patient to the heart lab in ER emergency. Start thesurgerysimulator in the operations game. Clean the germs from thearteryand veins of the old man, girl or boy in the ER Surgery. Thepatientgets treated in the free hearts game. The surgeon simulatorclosesthe heart by unplugging the veins and shocks anddrips.Select the Heart Repair scene in the operation games do theheartsurgery in the ER. Free hearts games for kids to make themheartsurgeon simulator in their little world. Keep checking thearteryand veins of the patient and their blood flow and bloodcirculationin the clinic games.You can also do the heart replacement in your ER emergencysurgeryclinic. Follow the previous steps by giving shocks to thepatientthen check the blood circulation of the patient in the freeheartsgame. Open the body of the patients with the tools and thentakeout the previous heart which is not working during the ERsurgerysimulator.Unlock other scenes of the games playing mini games in theheartsurgery game. The two mini games are full of fun andexcitinggames. Target games for kids where you are required toachieve thetarget and unlock the next scene in the clinicgames.HEART SURGERY: ER DOCTOR SURGEON SIMULATOR GAMES FEATURES• 6 DIFFERENT SCENES AND 6 DIFFERENT OPERATIONS GAME.• A CHICE TO SELECT YOUR PATIENT.• PLAY MINI GAMES IN THE SURGERY SIMULATOR GAMES.• ANGINA PAIN CHECK UP• HEART SURGERY FEATURES• HEART REPLACEMENT FEATURE.• 3D HEART SURGEON SIMULATOR• SURGERY SIMULATOR TOOLS.HOW TO PLAY HEART SURGERY: ER DOCTOR SURGEON SIMULATOR• SELECT THE PATIENT OF YOUR CHOICE.• GIVE THEM A SHOCK• START THE SURGERY AS THE SURGEON SIMULATOR.• MARK THE AREA OF THE SURGERY SIMULATOR WITH THE MARKER.• CUT WHERE THE MARK IS AND CLEAN THE BLOOD DURINGTHESURGERY.• USE THE DOCTOR TOOL SIMULATOR TO OPEN THE SKIN.• MOVE THE ARTERY AND VEINS AND BONES A SIDE.• START THE SURGERY SIMULATOR IN THE OPERATION GAMES.• CHECK THE ANGINA PAIN• THEN REPAIR THE HEART OR REPAIR THE VIEN• YOU CAN ALSO REPLACE THE HEART WITH A NEW ONE BY REMOVING THEOLDONE.FOR THE MINI GAMES:• PLAY THE MINI GAME BY HITTING THE TARGET AS SOON AS POSSIBLEBUTDO NOT HIT THE BOMB!• ACHIEVE THE TARGET BEFORE YOOU RUN OUT OF TIME!• WIN THE MINI GAME AND UNLOCK THE NEXT SCENE!ABOUT TIK TOKTik tok is a top notch Google Play Developer known forprovidinghigh quality graphics and features, specialized in kidsgames. Tiktok proudly produces innovative games loved by parentsand kidsthat help them enhance their learning skills and encouragethem tobring out their creativity and give boost to theirimaginationwhile they enjoy!We would love to hear from you! Want to have a look at more ofourgames?ORAny Queries, Comments or Suggestions? Feel free to Visitusat:www.tiktokgames.net
Donut Bakery Shop - Kids Food Maker Games 1.1.6 APK
Tik Tok
Donut Bakery Shop is a fun free kids game forgirls and kids of all ages. Now you can have your own donut bakerywhere you can cook delicious donuts, bake cupcakes and yummycookies in your sweet bakery shop!In the world of restaurant games, Donut Bakery Shop is a fun-filleddonut game where you can be a crazy chef, create your own sweetrecipes and make desserts in your sweet bakery. This yummy donutgame is a free kids game for girls where you can become a donutmaker and beat the cooking fever by frying, frosting and icing ondifferent flavors and types of donuts.Now you can follow your dream of becoming a crazy chef by creatinginnovative icings and frostings for different types ofdonuts.LET THE WORLD SEE YOUR CREATIVITY!Serve your clients with the most delicious donuts, shakes andcupcakes in town and collect money before they leave. Fun freegames for kids will bring the crazy chef in you. Cook donuts andbake cookies and cupcakes with your favorite icing on top. A sweetbakery where you can practice your donut maker skills and playcrazy chef games that will evoke your cooking fever in the toprated free kids game for girls.The best cooking game on the Store which can enhance your cookingand baking skills and foster your sweet tooth in this deliciousdonut cooking games. In this awesomely delicious donut game yourdessert hungry clients will be able to select their favorite itemfrom your sweet bakery.The new donut shop in the world of crazy chef games that is notonly free kids games for girls but it can teach you how to masteryour cooking and baking skill by following a step by step procedureof preparing, whipping and beating the batter of the doughnuts.Then setting a moderate temperature for the oil to fry thedoughnuts. Selecting a shape of the doughnuts. Get a chance todecorate your donuts with frostings in your own sweet bakery. ThenServe and collect money in the fun free games for kids.Restaurant games that does not only offer donut maker features butalso help you learn baking cupcakes and cookies with the excitingdelicious recipes. The cooking game that also fulfill your wish tobake yummy cupcakes and cookies without taking anyone’s help in thefree kids games for girls. Once your cookies or delicious cupcakesare ready you can pack them in a box and serve it to the hungryclients.GAME FEATURES* Make doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, shakes and coffee withdifferent exciting recipes.* Free kids games for girls that teaches time management whilecooking.* Make delicious donuts in the sweet bakery.* Add your favorite toppings and frostings to make deliciousdoughnuts.* Try different shapes of doughnuts in the donut bakery.* Fry doughnuts in the sweet bakery from restaurant games.* Earn money in fun free games for kids and become a rich crazychef!* Use a fancy billing machine to collect payments in my ownbakery* Play the crazy chef games and beat your cooking fever now!HOW TO PLAY?* Set the items on the shelf of your bakery.* Select what you wish to serve from the items on screen of thedonut games.* Prepare the dough to make delicious donuts, cupcakes and yummycookies.* Make coffee in the coffee machine and ice cream shakes of yourown choice.* Decorate delicious desserts with your favorite icing.* Serve yummy donuts in my own bakery.* Collect money in free kids games for girls.ENJOY WORKING AT YOUR OWN SWEET BAKERY AND MAKE DELICIOUSDONUT.ABOUT TIK TOKTik tok is a top notch Games Developer known for providing highquality graphics and features, specialized in kids games . Tik tokproudly produces innovative games loved by parents and kids thathelp them enhance their learning skills and encourage them to bringout their creativity and give boost to their imagination while theyenjoy!We would love to hear from you! Want to have a look at more of ourgames?ORAny Queries, Comments or Suggestions? Feel free to Visit usat:www.tiktokgames.net