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Merry Xmas wallpapers is a beautiful free mobile wallpapercollection from internet .

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com.voyagelogics.tasbeehcounter 3.3 APK
Tasbeeh Counter is a digital counting application for your Androidsmartphone. This application should be used for praying and makingyourself closer to Allah SWT. As use like a Tasbeeh Counterapplication helps you to count your Zikir which is being done.Tasbeeh Counter App Features: a) Tasbeeh Counter: Zikre countingdigitally. b) Asma Ul Husna: 99 Names of Allah with reference. c)Zikre: Select Zikre from Zikre list and modify Zikre list. d) ZikreHistory: See last saved Zikre with Tasbeeh Count. e) Prayer Time:Set and find prayer time according to location. f) Number of Rakat:Rakat number according to prayer time. g) Four Quls: Read Qulsevery day for protecting from shirk, the mischief of createdthings, envy, magic and the whisperings of the shaitaan. h) AyatulKursi: Recitation of Ayatul Kursi on behalf of those who havepassed away gives light (Noor) in their graves. Learn Ayatul Kursiso that you can say it before leaving your home. Recite it oncebefore leaving, The Almighty will send down a group of Angels toprotect you. Reciting it two times, 2 groups of angels are sentdown.
com.voyagelogics.tajmahal 1.7 APK
Taj Mahal Really great monument...symbol of Love. One of the sevenwonders of the world,We are find some different angle amazingpicture of Taj Mahal from internet,just for loveable person.
Birds 2.0 APK
Birds wallpaper from internet for nature lover...
com.voyagelogics.cherryblossom 2.6 APK
Cherry Flower free wallpaper from internet.Image save and set imageon the device
Garden-Decor 1.1 APK
Creative Garden decoration near to nature...from internet
Flash and Disco Lights 2.0 APK
Torch and Disco Light is the ultimate party app and a flashLED,.The app has 16 disco lights modesLED Light - Uses your phone'sflash. Note that some devices don't have a camera led. In this casethe led Torch option will be disabled.
com.voyagelogics.rose 1.6 APK
Rose is a nice and beautiful flower.We are find some nice image andset wallpaper in your device.
Drawing - Room 1.1 APK
Beautiful and creative decorative drawing room images.See andselect for your dream decoration for drawing room.All images takenfrom from internet