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Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and othersmartphones, with beautiful themes, fonts, wallpapers, ringtonesand everything you want. Fully customizable by you! Send 3000+ newemojis, stickers, GIFs & text messages via SMS messages.Sending funny text messages, SMS, MMS, GIFs and emoji messages. Apowerful SMS messages app to replace stock messages app! MessagesKey Features: • CUSTOMIZATION: Customize your preferred theme &bubble colors, conversation list’s wallpapers, size and style ofeach font, backgrounds, emojis, notification’s sound and etc. Ourapp is required for an entirely customized SMS & MMSapplication that offers you to send messages and texts. • FUNNYEMOJI: Get the New 2000+ Android, Twitter, LG, Samsung Emoji One& iOS style emojis.Choose your preferred emoji style andexpress yourself! • SEND ON TIME: Scheduled future SMS & MMS,Never forget to give your friend birthday blessing or otherimportant things need to send text messages • PRIVATE MESSAGE:Switch any conversation to private mode and hide it from theconversation list displayed. • LOCATION: Share your location inreal time instead of having to explain your position, send the mapof your meeting place directly to your friends • VOICE INPUT: Sendtext messages without having to use your keyboard • MMS SHARING :Share the photos and videos that you receive on social mediadirectly from our app • NIGHT MODE: Brand night mode to make iteasier on the eyes Messenger is a powerful texting replacement appthat makes talking to your friends quick, fun and easy! It is aseriously beautiful, next generation, SMS and MMS messenger that isfast, secure, and packed with all the features and customizationyou could need!

App Information Messages : Emoji Message,SMS & MMS,Text Messaging

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    Messages : Emoji Message,SMS & MMS,Text Messaging
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    October 28, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Lemon, Inc
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Notes : Colorful Notepad Note,To Do,Reminder,Memo 1.5.1 APK
Lemon, Inc
Chroma Note™ is a simple notepad app to take notes by color. Takesimple colorful notes to distinguish different types of notebook,simply open your notepad whenever you have notes to take down.Color notepad makes life simple with notebook at hand. Chroma Noteis as simple as a physical sticky colorful notebook, sticky noteswill remind you always about that task. But far more convenient andeasier to use. What does Chroma Note app do? 1. Organize notes bycolor. Create your own colored notebooks. 2. Quick notes: takenotes within seconds, our notepad app only aims to save you time.4. Simple to-do list for your daily check list. 5. Widget: A simplesticky notes memo app and widget for home screen. Make and scrollthrough your notes without having to open the Notepad app. 6.Offline: the notepad app works completely offline. No WIFI isneeded at all. 7. Reminder: it reminds you of things whennecessary. We only send notifications when needed. 8. Passwordprotection: protects your notes with pattern code. Why chooseChroma Notes? 1. Useful record     a. of importantpoints for future use     b. of where theinformation comes from. 2. Helps writing. 3. Helps ideas flow. 4.Helps you get started. 5. Helps understanding 6. Helps memory:    a. Summing things up briefly    b. Helps long-term memory How to take effective Chroma Notebook? 1.Be brief and clear - use underline and color 2. Be useful - cut outunnecessary info 3. Be eligible, but only for you - no one elseneed to read them 4. Should contain any useful names, dates,statistics that you need to use again. 5. Sticky notes can drag toanywhere on the screen Our Notebook app is optimized for Samsungand Motorola phones which will help you enjoy taking note - Chromanote is your best choice.
Notepad - Notes with Reminder, ToDo, Sticky notes 1.2.1 APK
Lemon, Inc
Notepad is a simple and lite weight app that allows you to captureand organize your notes. It gives you a quick and simple notepadediting experience when you write notes, notepad, to do list,checklist, shopping list, reminder, memo, and widget. You can alsoexport your notes to Google Drive or to external storage (SD card).Our simple Notepad application makes it easy to write notes atanytime & anywhere. *TAKE NOTES* - Add quick notes in differentways - Quickly and easily to create a new notes - Capture yourthoughts wherever you are - Quick notes from notification - Edityour notes into a checklist view *ORGANIZE NOTES* - Organize yournotes by color (color notebook) - Organize your notes withdifferent labels - Categories: Organize notes in categories andaccess them easily - Searching notes and checklists *REMINDERS* -Set reminder to your notes, no longer missing you important things- Pin notes as notifications *GROCERY LIST & SHOPPING LIST* -Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list at the grocerystore. (Quick and simple list maker) - Anticipates and notesthoughts for you and adds them to your to do list *CUSTOMIZE YOURNOTEBOOK* - Colorful notes & Checklists with default and customcolors *SEND YOUR NOTES AS IMAGE* - Sharing of notes with beautifulbackground - Export notes as image and share it with others orsocial networking site *HOME SCREEN WIDGET* - Sticky note memowidget & put your notes on your home screen - Add 2x2 or 4x4notes widgets to launcher - Simple, powerful & beautiful widgetto keep your notes always at hand *ONLINE BACKUP* - Backup &Restore your notes to Google Drive - Restore your memory withGoogle Account *NOTEBOOK IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE* - Be up-to-date withyour daily tasks. - Sketch down your creativity without any secondthought. - Effectively plan your travel, weddings, parties usingNotebook. - Use notebook as your daily journal. Our notes app hassimple use experience that allows you to quickly create and saveyour notes content. While supporting backup to the Google Drive.Take your notes at anytime & anywhere organize daily routinesin an easier way.
Reminder with Alarm, To Do List, Daily Reminder 1.0.8 APK
Lemon, Inc
Reminders is the easiest to use reminder app - it shows you exactlywhat you need to do, and nothing more. If you need to do somethingand you're worried that you may forget, just set a reminder, whentime comes, your tasks and plans will be pushed to your device,It's a best reminder app with alarm in the whole Google Play!★SUPPORTED REMINDERS★ We can helps you to remind - Daily TodoTasks, Meetings, Business Appointments, Taking Medication/Pills,Paying Bills, Important Calls, Birthdays, Anniversaries and manymore. ✔Deadlines – just create a reminder for each deadline andstay on track with your work ✔Meetings – Are you missing anyimportant meetings with your clients? Try this app which remindsyou the meeting schedule and prompt you whenever it is needed.✔Birthdays – It can be difficult to remember all the friends' andfamily's birthdays, but reminder can help you each time one of yourfriends is having a birthday. ✔Anniversaries – Never forgetupcoming important anniversaries. You can wish your friends andfamily on their important dates with our reminders. ✔Shopping list- You can now save money and keep everything on a shopping list ina smart device and take it with you wherever you go and never needto worry about forgetting anything. ✔Important Calls – Remind yourimportant things after a call with the possibility of repeat✔Taking Medication – you can add a medication, get reminders fortaking pills, and receive constant tracking of your health And somuch more ★Features★ • It's FREE • Material design • Voice toreminder support • Snooze tasks • Repeating / Recurring Tasks •Reminder with icon • Call reminder • Intuitive task/remindercreation • Ability to create the recurring or customtasks/reminders recurrence Arrange a schedule and organize your dayeffectively with Reminders
Calendar - Google Calendar 2018, Reminder, ToDos 1.1.10 APK
Lemon, Inc
"Easy Google Calendar is a free, professional and easy to useschedule planner to manage your business events and programs in asingle app.Easy Google Calendar can connect your Google Accountsand can be synchronized to automatically display events, programsand appointments on it .Easy Google Calendar contains all thefeatures that you could find in other apps in the stock, includingDay , Week, Month Views , variety modifies,and connection acrossdifferent accounts.Easy Google Calendar organises your agendaincredibly easily to increase performance and productivity.🌟Features: 📆 All-In-One view: Powerful and clean agendaviewsSchedule appointments and event by using our Easy Calendarthat offers the Day, Week, Month, Year , Agenda and List views.🎄Holidays and Festivals:Premium holiday, finance and lifestylecalendarDon’t forget Holidays and Festivals. Your days will becomemore special.🎂 Celebrate: Get birthdays from your contacts or addbirthdays calendar directly without contactsThere is alwayssomeone's birthday. Write down your friend’s birthday and send thema message, or buy gifts for them. ✈ Work and life balance: Scheduleyour appointments in different time zones)Easily manage your dailyto-dos, let alone the schedules that you need to keep track of yourschedule.📱 Android widget: Quickly review your day from yourhomescreen You can simply check everyday schedules even on yoursmartphone. 👥 Real time sync: Sync all your current calendars withGoogle CalendarYou can simply import schedules in default calendarof your phone by a single click. ⏰ Reminders: Alerts ring at theright time & momentSet up reminders with time and location toshow your events.🔔 Notifications: Remind you your events on thehomescreen when necessaryPush notifications simply when you addingthings on your calendar.😍 Colorful Emoji: Free emoji googlecalendarCreate events with emojiDownload Easy Google Calendar rightnow and start scheduling important events and appointments in thebest calendar app on Android!"
Diary 1.1.2 APK
Lemon, Inc
Have particular moments that you want to remember? Download thisdiary app and write down your feelings. Its PIN code protectionkeeps your secrets private to you. Rest reassured, your mom doesn'tknow your password. Your privacy is of utmost priority. The apparranges your diaries by week / month / year and you can searchdiaries by keywords. Key Features ● PIN lock. Create a password andall your secrets are completely safe and private to you. ● Arrangeall diaries by week / month / year. It gives you more perspectiveon what happened over time. ● Add images to your diary. You caneither take photos or choose from your library. It helps youremember the day more vividly. ● Search your diaries by keywords.Type any keyword and locate a particular diary easily and quickly.● Adjustable font size. Customize your diary with your favoritefont size to make writing and reading as easy as possible. It'sinteresting not boring to keep diaries. It's safe not insecure torecord happy times and sad moments. It makes you smile as yourecall those good old days.
Meds Tracker - Medication Reminder & Drug list 1.0.0 APK
Lemon, Inc
The safest and most authoritative Meds TrackerAPP of 2017. Medical research showed that nearly half of thepatients have improper medication use. Neither they are not takingmedication as prescribed at home, nor never picked up theirprescriptions at the pharmacy. Meds Tracker APP will help youremind to take the medication on time, and reasonable management ofdrug list.Are you taking lots of drug everyday?Are you bothered by forgetting having pills?Are you suffering from no effective medical tracking system to helpyou manage your drug list?Meds Tracker is perfect for those in charge of their own medschedule but need a reminder for dosages and the correct med totake.Be safe with prescriptions. Studies show improper medication useand tracking in the United States leads to:-- 50% of patients not taking medications as prescribed-- 125,000 deaths a year, one every 4 minutes-- 700,000 hospital visits a year-- 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at thepharmacy.That's why use Meds Tracker, the top-rated medicines manager andmedication reminder for those who need reminders to take meds,fertility drug, birth control, and other medicines.Key Features:-- Easy-to-use medication reminder-- Meds Tracker to track your medicines takes process-- Manage drug list, safely and effective-- Track other measurements-- Medication reminder app for all pills-- Provide 31 classification, More than 150 kinds of itemMeds Tracker is a secure app. Please contact us if you have anysecurity questions.
Reminder: Add Reminder, Alarm Clock, Themes, Todos 1.0.10 APK
Lemon, Inc
Reminder On Lock Screen is a free, easy to use professionalschedule planner. To-do lists, reminders and daily planner in oneapp. Our app is still great for the forgetful, it’ll easily helpmanage business events and programs. You can write down thingsquickly when you need to remember, because the creation andcompletion of tasks can be done on lock screen. There is no need toopen the app. Reminder On Lock Screen is the perfect pocketorganizer for busy bees. You can quickly add, prioritize andschedule your to-dos while you're on the go from the lock screen.It combines intelligent technology and beautiful design to empoweryou to create a simple daily planner. Organize your day withchecklist and prioritize the most important tasks or chores youneed to get done, every day. Reminder On Lock Screen comes withpretty themes, wallpapers and easy-to-use features: Main screenSchedule your tasks directly on the calendar Edit or Modify YourEvents Easily view your evert and to-do list for the day, week, ormonth Choose Your Favorite Calendar picture Natural voice inputApply GTD principles to your daily life Set Week Starts: Monday /Sunday Setup items with recurring due dates to remind you each andevery time Set due date and display remaining period option Managetask with a swipe (to mark as Done or remove) Classify your tasksand todos with list maker and folders Categories tasks withcolor-codes Lock screen Quick Launcher Manage task with a swipe (tomark as Done or remove) Natural voice input Security lock options(PIN / pattern) Beautiful themes options Reminder Locker is free todownload and use. Anytime, Anywhere, You can scheduling your dayjust on the lock screen. It’s a simple and intelligent calendartask that makes it easy to plan your day. Download Calendar andstart scheduling important events and appointments on the bestcalendar app available for Android!
To-Do List: Reminder, Task 1.0.0 APK
Lemon, Inc
This is not just a todo list, it’s also a notebook, a dailyplanner, a life organizer, a smart task list app for everyday use.It’s designed to keep you on top of your todo list and agenda, helpyou plan ahead and never miss another deadline. Add, complete, andre-schedule tasks and reminders in mere seconds, you’ll get thingsdone and stay organized. Key Features:- Free: Completely free todownload and use - Easy to use: a checklist which you can swipe tomark todo's as complete, everything is within seconds - Reminder:setting a reminder ensures you never forget important deadlinesever again - Intelligent tasks management: keep track of yourimportant deadlines with due dates, start/end dates, and recurringdue dates. - Offline mode: manage your tasks from anywhere, evenoffline - Night mode: organize your notes and memos with no problemin the dark - Customized repeating reminders: you can customizeyour 2do list, set reminder, you can even set repeat for tasks thatneed to be done regularly. Choose repeat like daily, weekly,monthly, or on a specific day. - Delightful note taking experience:it take notes like a professional notepad- Minimalist userinterface: simple, elegant, user friendly - Built for Android:taken advantage of Android’s most innovative features A simple andefficient task management app. With To-do List, you can:make agrocery list for weekly shopping,keep track of your most importantprojects, set up a reminder to pay your bill or send a birthdaygift,note down your personal notes and goals, list 2dos you need towork on,or just simply capture what's on your mind.To-do List ishere to help you make the most of your time.