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Messenger - SMS Themes, MMS, Calls, Contacts, Audio/ Video ChatOnline, ImagesMessenger app makes communication easy with anyone.Android messenger in your device by using SMS message, MMS message,and much more. Best application for your text messaging, SMS andmultimedia messages(MMS). Keep connected with friends and family,send group texts, change themes, change settings separately inconversation and share your favorite pictures, videos, audio inmessages. Messenger provides complete set of communication toolsbuilt around the idea of always knowing who is calling or messagingyou. From messaging app you can directly call to anyone you want.Best feature for block or allow notification from your contact listis available.With this smart Caller ID and messaging app you willnever have to do more than click a button. Messenger gives you asmoother, better, faster, and cleaner Android communicationexperience to send text messages, pictures, recordings and muchmore.Messenger app has full functions such as messagingapplications of the system, in addition, the application alsooffers many additional functions such as sending messages withemoticon, MMS ...The high security mode, support various featuresthat the default application of the system does notprovides.Material design style, you can also change the backgroundcolor, theme color to suit your interests.CONNECT WITH EVERYONE,BLOCK SPAMMERS:Messenger provides block unwanted people via BlockSMS, MMS. Whether it’s a call or sms - you’re always in controlover the people you connect with.PROTECT YOUR CONTACTS:AdvancedBackup & sync makes it easy to backup your contacts, messages(sms) and call logs so you’ll never lose them again.MAKE IT YOUROWN:If your contacts are personal and are never shared with anyonethen customize and select which features to use.Key features: -Easy search: Search through contacts and conversation threads tofind exactly what you are looking for. - Purposeful design: Acolorful, intuitive design makes communicating faster and more fun.- More control: Block people you don’t want to hear from, andarchive messages. No interruptions when you don’t want them! -Express yourself: Send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or yourlocation. - Enhanced features: On supported carriers, you can sendmessages over Wi-Fi or your data network, see when friends haveread your message, and more. - Search: Search for numbers fromtexts, directly from the inbox- Save contacts: Save unknownincoming contacts with one click after each call- SMS: One click totext a contact after each call. No need to input number again.-Multi-format messaging: Send SMS, pictures and videos instantly-Voice messages: Record your voice and send it as an attachmentNote:Please test the app to make sure it can send and receive messages& MMS correctly before relying on it. Update messaging app fromdevice settings to Messenger app.Follow us onFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Messenger-Text-Message-SMS-App-342112379575003/Emailus: [email protected] you like this gives us five stars witha review

App Information Messenger - Text SMS, MMS, Voice Chat & Contacts

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    Messenger - Text SMS, MMS, Voice Chat & Contacts
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    September 8, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Art Lab
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Qibla Compass- Hijri Calendar 2.5.5 APK
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Don't miss any prayer with to right Qibla direction for upcomingRamadan 2018..!How to Use?- Set the location properly from apppreferences.- Click on calibrate button below to start compassproperly.- The needle with Qibla show the direction of Qiblaaccording to your current location. - Hold your deviceperpendicular with properly away from magnetic fields for precisemeasurements. - Automatically set to right direction regardless ofthe degree of rotation.Three in One Android App:-Qibla CompassFindQibla direction everywhere and anywhere. Get the free QiblaCompass- Hijri Calendar and preview the accurate direction oncompass dial. Instant qibla locator or tracker tool on playmarket.Hijri CalendarHijri calendar previews Islamic hijri datewith current date highlighed. Hijri calendar help in finding firstday of Ramadan for fasting and other important Islamic dates likeHajj, Zakat and Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Hijri Calendar orMuslim Calendar using Ummal-Qura calendar based on crescent phasecalculation.Prayer TimingsSalat timings show the details of allMuslim prayer timings with upcoming prayer remaining time.Set YourLocation Online/Offline1. Set your location method eitherOnline/GPS or Using manual or Offline from cities database having20,000 cities.2. To get the exact location please enable devicelocation settings. Turn on your Internet WiFi or use Mobile data toget the location.Hijri Islamic Calendar Widget.Get the latestwidget of Islamic calendar on your device screen. Select any of twowidget regarding screen size.Unique FeatureMaterial elegantdesignSmooth compass needle for accuracy.Multiple languagessupportUse your last known location to find the directionPleasefeel for any suggestionsIf any problem with compass please reportto email Email: [email protected]
File Explorer- File Manager: Browse & Share Data 3.5.0 APK
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File Explorer- File Manager is explorer, browser, sharer,lock/unlock, hide/show and device data management app. Controls allof your device stuff like pictures, videos, documents, apps andmuch more of your Android data. File Explorer- File Manager allowsyou many operations separately with files and folders. FileExplorer- File Manager is a full-featured files and folders managerthat helps to manage your android phone and files efficiently,effectively and share files. Manage your files safely andefficiently. Share and Send /Receive photos, videos, documents andother multimedia files. File Explorer- File Manager is a filebrowser app provides browsing and access as internal storage phoneSD Card data. To check zip/unzip files you need to just tap on it.File Explorer- File Manager share data easily using many optionsuch as Bluetooth and Emails. One can share files betweenBluetooth-ready devices and transferring files between Bluetoothdevices. Share data using a lot of sharing media options such asEmail, WiFi, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.. Follow the following privacypolicy about the app.http://artlabapps.blogspot.com/p/file-explorer.html------------------------------------ Following are the operationsof File Explorer- File Manager: File Manager: 1. Search files 2.Read/Write 3. Copy 4. Paste 5. Cut 6. Move 7. Compress zip 8.Delete 9. Rename 10. Show/Hide 11. Details 12. Share/Send FolderManager: 1. Search Folders or Directories 2. Select Multiples 3.Copy 4. Paste 5. Cut/Move 6. Delete 7. Rename 8. Compress zip 9.Show/Hide 10. Create folder 11. Show Details------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoywith thumbnails support for videos and pictures before play andopen it. Files with icons support are: Movie or videos, pictures,apk, torrent, documents, txt, pdf, HTML, XHTML, Zip, Tar, FTP andmore... Unique Features: • Materially Designed and Simple • EasyUser Interface • Supports Many Files • Zip, RAR and TAR Support •Multiple language Support • File sharing via Bluetooth E-mail andWi-Fi. • File in Simple List Format • Shows Thumbnails for Imagesand Videos • Support Home Option for Main Directory---------------------------------------------------------------------Write us your feedback on email: [email protected] Rate thisapp 5 stars and give a helpful review on Google Playstore
Pedometer- Step Counter & Weight Lose Coach 3.8.0 APK
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How i run? Get the Best Pedometer, Step Counter, Calories Burned& Weight Lose Tracker App of 2018 LOSE WEIGHT IN JUST 4 WEEKS Avery easy to use weight lose app for your weight losing. Track yourbody fitness easily. Get free pedometer and set your goal withsteps of your own chance. Pedometer will automatically counts yourtravel. Built-in freeware step counter tracks your steps all daylong. Once you push the Start button, all you have to do is holdyour smartphone is in your hand or as waistband, in your pocket,jacket, armband or in your purse as you always do and start walk.Wherever you go, application measure travel and time of the walk.Follow the following privacy policy because app uses permissions.http://artlabapps.blogspot.com/p/pedometer-step-counter-weight-lose-coach.htmlSET DAILY WALKING GOALS 1. Set sensitivity, steps length, weightand exercise for accuracy. 2. Set your daily steps goals you wantto achieve or reset old. 3. Touch the graph to highlightinformation data for a specific time or date. 4. Touch on thenumber of steps, burned calories, distance, walking time, or speedto display its graph. DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY STEPS TRACKER 1.View your daily, weekly and monthly walking or running records,calories burned, distance covered and pace speed. 2. View yourdaily walking steps records history of day, last 7 days, and thismonth and last month information. 3. You can also view theserecords on beautiful graphs for easy healt tracking. 4. You canalso set your healthy habits for achieving goals FITNESS REVOLUTIONPedometer is ideal health fitness tracker. Let’s be honest! It’sthe best step tracker and Fitness Monitors app on the planet! Alsomotivates you for Wellness to walk more and collect more steps. Howuseful and convenient it is! POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS More steps andlonger walking distance the more calories burned, too! Startincreasing your walking distance. Let this app track your steps andbe the counter of each mile or kilometer you walk. Take step andrepeat. Stay fit and your body will reward you! IMPORTANT POINTS ⚠If you use cleaning tools, add our app to the "ignore" list so thatthe step counter doesn't get shut down. ⚠ Everyone is different, sobe sure to adjust the step counter sensitivity if needed. ⚠ Usuallysteps tracker will drain your battery...not here! ACTIVE FITNESSCOACH: CUSTOMIZE INFORMATION 1. Notifies a motivating voice to tellyou pace, precise distance of your workouts, and steps informationon voice. 2. Track and set what to tell on timely updates from“Settings”. CUSTOMIZE NOTIFICATIONS 1. You can enable/disablenotifications settings BMI Finder BMI, a calculation that estimateshow much body fat a person has based on his or her weight andheight. BMI can help doctors identify people who are overweight andat risk of developing medical problems like high cholesterol, highblood pressure, and diabetes. WHY THIS APP ⚠ The easiest to usemilermeter pedometer for any phone ⚠ Push notifications with lessbattery consumption ⚠ Count steps and calories Offline ⚠Professional interface in the app to count walking steps ⚠ Trainingand fitness log-- including analysis ⚠ Pedometer app work in thebackground to conserve battery life Pedometer step tracker will bethe counter of each mile, kilometer and steps. UPCOMING UPDATESHeart rate monitor Energy drink gps location tagger map and runningroutes diet plans Sync with others 30-Day abs challenge fitnessseries 14 days weight lose challenge training, abs workout, proteintracking fat burning workout for women bodybuilders activity Email:[email protected] Give us reviews & rate 5 stars on PlayMarket.
Top Real Guns Sounds Studio 2018 1.0.8 APK
Art Lab
♡ Enjoy Your Gunshots Enthusiasm Download free extensive bestcollection of real top gun sounds studio for Android and othersmartphones. Tap the trigger and listen to the stunning weapongunshots sounds. Top Real Guns Sounds Studio provides you real gunshot sounds effects of a lot of different weapons. All guns arereal with its own real free sound. All the important controls arelocated within a finger’s reach. Some of the guns and firearmcollection are inspiration from shooting games, academy guns,modern warfare, cod weapon games and market. Top Real Guns SoundsStudio have large collection of real gunshot sound of differentweapons. Top Real Guns Sounds Studio contains almost 60+ authenticweapon gunshot sounds. Everyone enjoys collection of sound who isinterested and enthusiast of different real guns. One of the bestrealistic sound with fully equip firearm like sound board for yourphone or tablet. Each weapon has a brief description. Enjoy withunlimited amount of auto ammo. Do you want to play humor war gamewith your friends or scare someone? Then Top Real Guns SoundsStudio collection of gun sound effects library is for you. Allweapons are safe and no gun is locked. SINGLE and AUTO GunshotsJust click on favorite guns to play single shot and on holdingenjoy auto sounds of firearms. Guns Categories List :- HandgunsJTL-E500, Baretta-92, Kel Tec-PMR30 , M9-CO2 , M1911 , Ruger-SR9 ,Taurus-PT92 , Webley-Premier, CZ-75 , Desert Eagle,Baretta-Cheetah, Browning-High, Glock-19, AMT-Hard Baller. MachinePistols Baretta-92, Ingram , UZI MMI , 23-Submachine Gun ,Astra-900 , Z84. Machine Guns Dillon-Aero M134D-H, FN-MINIMI(R) ,MG-43 , Vickers-Berthier-MK1-Light Machine Gun , BF4-M60E4 ,Browning-M2 Heavy Machine Gun, Heckler & Koch MG4, L86A1-LSW,RPD. Shotguns Browning Auto-5, Franchi-Space12 ,Remmington-887-Nitro , Benelli-M2 , Benelli-Shotgun ,Wenchester-Model-1912, Winchester-M87. Assault Rifle M-16 A4 ,STEYR-AUG , Stoner-63ACR , AK-47 , AR-15 ,nColt-LE901 , FN-SCARL ,HK-47 , M-16 A4 , STEYR-AUG , Stoner-63, ACP-GLOCK-17, AK-74,DS-ARMS-FN, M-14, L1A1-SLR, AKM-47, Enfield-L85, MK-14. SniperRifles Barrett-XM109, Delije-Sever-1989, Dragunov, L96-A1, M2010,STEYR-HS, U.S Army-M110. Launcher Guns Bazooka-M20, Carl-Gustov-M3,LAW-79, M-41, M-79 Grenade Launcher, M136-AT4. Pistols Arsenal-AF1, Colt Anaconda , Glock-17, Kel-Tec Pistol, Revolver Magnum.357,XDM-.45. Features: • Easy to use • Materially Designed • RealisticSound Effects • Full Interaction and Control • Authentic Weapons •Need no reload. • Library are in mp3 format. • All Guns are Freeand Unlocked. • Guns sounds and Guns information. Use of Top RealGuns Sounds Studio • Click one of your favorite guns category. •Select and tap a gun that shows the 3D real gun. • Click on the 3Dgun and listen up its real sound. • Click on information button toshow its information regarding its history and rating. • Ratingprovides details in stars like caliber, muzzle velocity, effectivetop gun range, nearby shooting range, rate of fire, accuracy anddamages. • Every category contains its own related guns with theirname given by the manufacturer. Top Real Guns Sounds Studio giveyou to play anytime with loaded guns having a lot of bullets in itfor upcoming celebrations. Practically make you gun master andhelps to note how guns and ammo sound when you shoot. If you enjoythis app...! Then rate this 5 stars and give your reviews, feedbackand suggestions to Improve this fun game. Coming up with moreweapons..!!
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro 1.0.1 APK
Art Lab
Enjoy torch LED flashlight with no ads at all..!!!Brightest LEDFlashlight Pro is the best instantly brightest and tiny flashlightever. Shine the dazzling flashlight app free with camera LED lightat its maximum. Enjoy a happy new year 2017 gift!!. Enjoy yourparties and food within the light glare and illuminations.Brightest LED Flashlight Pro is quick and easy flashlight app witha power button that allows you to control (LED torch, SOS,screenbrightness with maximum illuminations). Brightest LED FlashlightPro gives you all the functionalities regarding your device cameratool. Specially designed flashlight for Samsung Galaxy series,Samsung S series, Samsung J series, Huawie Ascend g700 and manymore devices.Always available when you need- the most optimized andreliable flashlight tool designed to save your battery life whilerunning. You should try it as- LED Torch Brightest LED FlashlightPro becomes LED torch when you need it. Tap the Power On/Off buttonfor full illumination of your device cam light. Animated FlashlightEnjoy this application as your torch and many more with screenanimations. !!!More Settings!!! 1. SOS Light When you try it insome emergency or use as indicator blinking light tap SOS button,this directly starts blinking as SOS light tool. 2. BatterySaverYou should make it as best ever battery saver flashlight toolaccording to make it Power On as holding device's screen and PowerOff on releasing it for battery saving.3. Screen BrightnessMakeyour device screen fully shines and bright. Even enjoy the flavorof flashlight on your screen if your device doesn't support cameraor flash light.4. Auto ModeSelect your best and favorite mode asauto mode for future preference.5. ThemesEnjoy this unique featureof Brightest LED Flashlight Pro. Select best themes of differentcolor varieties for your own choice. FEATURES• Easily Power On/OffScreen• Button Color Changes Using Power On• Power On/Power Offsound effects• Beautiful Animation provided• SOS, ScreenBrightness, Auto Modes• Beautiful Themes Available • Clean andRealistic Design• Brightest flashlight for tablet devicesCommon orEmergency Use of This App:-:)))))))))))))))))))))))))- FindImportant Stuff in the Dark - Book Reading at Night - Use as TorchBattery For Light Your Way When Outdoor Camping and Hiking- Turn OnSOS As Indicator To Visible Someone at Night - Light Your RoomDuring a Power Outage - Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets - UseIt As Emergency Light !!!Coming up with flashlight widget on yourscreen!!!****If You Like This App Please Rate This App 5Stars****Help us on your feedback to make it more lovelyEmail:[email protected] Us on:https://www.facebook.com/Art-Lab-Flashlight-767666110049393/
Super-Bright,LED Flashlight,Torch LED Light 1.0.4 APK
Art Lab
Download Ads Free Version. Click on thishttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.artlab.ledflashlightlink and enjoy..!If you are walking on road, going outdoor andgoing to home in dark- don't worry of dark! because this flashlight app brighten up your way using on Android devices which worksas LED Street Light.Super Brightest LED Flashlight is the bestinstant brightest LED light. Free tiny animating and themeflashlight ever. Shine the dazzling light free with camera LEDlight at its maximum. Enjoy free flash as a new year 2017 gift!!.Enjoy your parties and food within the light glare andilluminations. Super Brightest LED Flashlight is quick free themesand easy flashlight with a power button that allows you to control(LED torch, SOS,screen brightness with maximum illuminations).Super Brightest LED Flashlight gives you all the functionalitiesregarding your device camera tool. Specially designed flashlightfor Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung S series, Samsung J series,Huawie Ascend g700 and many more devices.Always available when youneed- the most optimized and reliable flashlight tool designed tosave your battery life while running. Always works when screen isoff. You should try it as-➤ LED Torch Super Brightest LEDFlashlight becomes LED torch when you need it. Tap the Power On/Offbutton for full illumination of your device cam light. ➤ AnimatedFlashlight Enjoy this application as your torch and many more withscreen animations. !!!More Settings!!! 1. SOS Light When you try itin some emergency or use as indicator blinking light tap SOSbutton, this directly starts blinking as SOS light tool. 2. BatterySaverYou should make it as best ever battery saver flashlight toolaccording to make it Power On as holding device's screen and PowerOff on releasing it for battery saving.3. Screen BrightnessMakeyour device screen fully shines and bright. Even enjoy the flavorof flashlight on your screen if your device doesn't support cameraor flash light.4. Auto ModeSelect your best and favorite mode asauto mode for future preference.5. ThemesEnjoy this unique featureof Super Brightest LED Flashlight. Select best themes of differentcolor varieties for your own choice. FEATURES• Easily Power On/OffScreen• Button Color Changes Using Power On• Power On/Power Offsound effects• Beautiful Animation provided• SOS, ScreenBrightness, Auto Modes• Beautiful Themes Available • Clean andRealistic Design• Brightest flashlight for tablet devicesCommon orEmergency Use of This App:-:)))))))))))))))))))))))))➤ FindImportant Stuff in the Dark ➤ Book Reading at Night ➤ Use as TorchBattery For Light Your Way When Outdoor Camping and Hiking➤ Turn OnSOS As Indicator To Visible Someone at Night ➤ Light Your RoomDuring a Power Outage ➤ Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets ➤ UseIt As Emergency Light Coming up with flash light widget on yourscreen!!!Like this app? Please rate our appHelp us on your feedbackto make it more lovelyGive us your feedback on Email:[email protected] Us on:https://www.facebook.com/Art-Lab-Flashlight-767666110049393/
BizCal- Business Calendar, Meeting Task Scheduler 1.0.1 APK
Art Lab
BizCal is complete calendar app for your life goals in every part.It is useful in business or personal and even much more. Don’t missany of your important tasks on time. BizCal is work like customcalendar. Personalized calendar as you select your task on selecteddate with your own choice, either home, business or more categoriestask. BizCal is very helpful for meeting task schedules. You canset a meeting task and BizCal will notify you on timeline. BizCalslogan is “my calendar” enjoys it.Calendar handles appointmentseasy. Easy synchronize office and personal events all in oneplace.Make business calendar as your own calendar now. It is alsoto-do list and task manager app.Calendar Template• Daily Calendar:Overview to all events of the day• Weekly Calendar: Overview onwhole week all 24/7• Months Calendar: Overview to all events inselected Month• Agenda Calendar: Overview to all events of days•Smooth Scroll: Flip for more months with more tasksFeatures• Addnew multi-category tasks• Graphical with presentation colored dotson days• Edit or delete for month, week, agenda and day view• Easyswapping between timeline bars and event titles in month view•Scroll- and month calendar view (1-31 days)• Month, agenda, day andevent view• Make tasks for birthdays• Event planner and taskmanagement• Event history, title & location in task list•Delete, move or copy multiple events at one screen• Colored tasklists• Easy and convenient tasks managementReminders and ScheduleAlerts▪ Advance events reminder. Use as customizable notificationseither notify or alarm▪ Use business calendar as appointmentmanager personalizes your office planner and work schedule so thatdo not miss your any appointments.New Updates 48+ Multi-languageLocalization Supported as Following:- Arabic, Azerbaijan, Chinese,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish,French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic,Indonesian Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Slovak,Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. Coming up with more languagesupportNext update:+Color-coded year view+Tap on selected day ofinterest in month view to open them for new, edit or deletetasks.+Sync with Google and online calendarsPlease rate and commentand share it to your friends.
To do list, Reminders & Planner Calendar 1.0.3 APK
Art Lab
✔✔ Aim of To-Do List, Task List"Simplicity is the key"Anorganizational tool. A collaboration platform. A scheduling tool.An event organizer. A workflow manager. A business manager or tool.An event coordinator.Provides a central hub for you to store yourtasks in an organized manner, so you don't have to keep it in yourmind.Some daily task list practices-✓ You want to buy something? ✓Want meet with boss on time? ✓ Want to watch new releasing movieson date? ✓ Want to celebrate birthday ceremony of yours or friends?✓ Want to not forget any of your important task?... Here is thesolution...!!! Unique To do list, Reminders & PlannerCalendarInitiative tasks swiping to mark to-do's as complete –Moveyourself organized and enjoy every minute of it.Life PlannerTo dolist, Reminders & Planner Calendar is a checklist, a notepad,task list, a board for sticky notes, a daily planner, and overallthe simplest and most useful productivity tool you will ever have.Best of all – it’s free for use!Life OrganizerOrganize your to-do,swith powerful attributes such as – Project or Task Title, StartDate, Due Date, Alarm Notification on Date/Time, Swipe Remove andClick to Edit functionalities. Alerts on TimeSuper feature to showalert notification on the status bar to active your mind for to do.Click on reminder notification to make it repeat or make it acompleted task.Colored ChecklistTo do list, Reminders & PlannerCalendar is use to remind you for shopping at the grocery store,upcoming movie checklist, important meetings, family parties andgathering parties like birthday, marriage etc. Rules FollowedTo dolist, Reminders & Planner Calendar is built with proven GTD“Getting Things Done”. With intuitive and powerful features thathelp you organize, visualize and prioritize your to-dos, keepingyourself on task and focused on what’s most important iseasier.Organizer✓ To do list, Reminders & Planner Calendarorganize conveniently all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearlytasks on the track. ✓ Just simply add your task and save it. Setreminders to remind it on the exact time and date. ✓ To do list,Reminders & Planner Calendar reminder shows notifications ondevice screen.✓ App provides help to arrange your daily tasks. ✓Just simply swipe left or right to remove the task on completion ornon important. ✓ Click on task to update its text, date, time andreminder of your own choice.✓ Long press any of task to drag up ordown and sort it out according your own choice.✓ Also undo easilyif you delete a task by mistakeUNIQUE FEATURES:To do list providethe following unique features-✓ Minimalistic interface.✓ Clickablelist for update task✓ Simple and Easy✓ Simply material designed✓Swap or drag to remove tasks✓ Drag Up/Down to sort tasks✓ Colorfulthemes with night modeUse Checklist as collaboration app and makeit easier for you.Coming update- To do list screen widgetTranslatedTo Given Multi languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani,Bangla, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish,French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Spanish,Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian. Coming up with morelocalizationsFeel free and write us suggestions on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Art-Lab-Flashlight-767666110049393/Email:[email protected] this app 5 star with reviews