1.0 / September 15, 2017
(4.8/5) (33)


Metal Giants Tank Surviver is a action game, Survive as long as youcan against the powerful enemy attack.Features of "Metal GiantsTank Surviver" 1. Enemies can appear in differ units. 2. They canattack your tank with machine guns, helicopter and hand grenades.3. Your tank can be upgraded and can use multiple guns. 4. You cansurvive throughout the battle with right moves. This game is freefor all, and contain ads.

App Information Metal Giants Tank Surviver

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    Metal Giants Tank Surviver
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    September 15, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Metal Giants Tank Surviver is a action game, Survive as long as youcan against the powerful enemy attack.Features of "Metal GiantsTank Surviver" 1. Enemies can appear in differ units. 2. They canattack your tank with machine guns, helicopter and hand grenades.3. Your tank can be upgraded and can use multiple guns. 4. You cansurvive throughout the battle with right moves. This game is freefor all, and contain ads.
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Photo and Video Locker 1.0.0 APK
"Photo and Video Locker" is an application that hide yourprivatephotos and videos. It maintains your privacy and facilitateyou tohide your private photos and videos. This photo and andvideolocker is only accessible via a secret PIN code . Just set aPINcode and save your photos in a private place easily. Youcanrestore the Items and Share them as-well. This Photo lockerandVideo Vault is not only moved your photos to a secret locationonyour phone but are also hide them from any other apps. So ifanyonetry to find your hide photos they will be unable to findthembecause all photos and videos are saved on a secret place. Nowyoucan lock your sensitive photos in a private folder easily!Lockeraccessible only via a secret PIN. ■ Photo and Video Privacy.Thereare some images and videos that you don't want other to watchorsteel. This app can hide your private data ■ User friendly.VeryEasy to Use, You can Create new folders, and even can can shareorview the images within the app. ☆ Create New folder, Set aPINcode, Hide your photos easily. ☆ You can restore your hidephotosin mobile gallery easily . " THIS APPLICATION IS TOTALLY FREEANDSPORTED BY AD'S.