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Meteor Strike 2 is a free action game which increases a score,avoiding a falling object. Although it was coming and going in theprevious work, moving forward intently this time is a target. Ifthe right half of a screen is touched, it will go to the right, andif a left half is touched, it will go to the left. It will becomegame over if it hits the falling meteorite even once. Unless ameteorite is hit, a game continues. Time restriction does notoccur, either. The number of difficulty of meteorites which becomesdifficult also increases, and it will just be in a curtain-of-firestate, so that it moves forward.

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    Meteor Strike 2
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    May 12, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    〒604-8151 京都市中京区橋弁慶町222 京都いのべーしょんオフィス nekosuko
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[Game outline]Defense RPG is the simulation RPG which repulses the monster whichstrengthens a country with the system of a turn system strategysimulation game, and is called Evil Beast with the combat system ofRPG of a turn system.A unit is composed and raised from nine occupations, it defendsby strengthening a rampart, the income is raised in strengtheningof the country by internal affairs, and the more powerful equipmentfor a unit is purchased by dealings.All Evil Beast periodically attacked to a castle are the bosscharacter classes, and are 30 or more kinds.Evil Beast more powerful as it repulses, of course attacks.In order to repulse, a unit must be raised and 100 or more kinds ofitems and 60 or more kinds of skills must be utilized.Evil Beast cannot be won only by advancing the turn.For what is the gold which enters when the income and Evil Beast ofevery turn are repulsed used?The timing to which Evil Beast attacks whether a rampart isstrengthened for whether it uses in order to increase an incomemore, or a unit is strengthened must be chosen at its owndiscretion, and a country must be strengthened.Moreover, taking advantage of a unit's characteristic, it isnecessary to perform sortie retreat and to oppose strategically ina battle.can bear how far Evil Beast attacked obstinately, or the attack ofEvil Beast continues how far -- the fate of the Gendum country --you -- it is order.[How to play]A country is strengthened with a main screen.If a turn is advanced with an advance button, gold will increase bythe income of every turn.Since Evil Beast will attack if the turn is advanced, pleaserepulse.An easy tutorial can be seen if it starts with a new game.[About advance mode]In an advance mode, it is the mode which usually added thefollowing change to the mode.- The physical strength of Evil Beast is strengthened for awhile.- It will become game over if repulse of Evil Beast goes wrong 3times continuously.- If it succeeds in repulse of Evil Beast, the material item forconverting arms and a protector can be obtained.- The arms and protector which are possessed from the warehouse ofa dealings screen are convertible.[About bug report]When a bug etc. are discovered, it will be saved if you can connectwith the way of the bulletin board (BBS) installed in a nekosukosite (http://nekosuko.jp).It corresponds as promptly as possible.
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To build a facility on the site to develop the city, and thentraining to make the team in the guild. All today beast come toregularly raid in the boss character class, it will become more andmore powerful.Misfortune in order to fight off the beast, to fosterteam, we must take advantage of more than 400 items and more than80 kinds of skills.Only proceed with the turn does not win the evilbeast. The construction of the necessary facilities, we muststrengthen our equipment or increase the revenue.Or raise theeconomic power by using the financial resources of the city, or tostrengthen the team, how to strengthen the outer wall, we muststrengthen the town when the opportunity comes to come to raidtoday beast.In addition, taking advantage of the characteristics ofthe team is to exterminate the evil beast, carried out sortieretreat, there is a need to continue to competestrategically.Relentlessly attack or withstand up to where the evilbeast come to, or subsequent to the Where is the attack of the evilbeast, the fate of the city is up to you.[How to Play]- First ofall dwelling in the city, let's increase the revenue built market,the farm.· Let's prepare for the evil beast to make the team in theguild.- To buy equipment and items in the store let's strengthenthe team.- Let's raise the level of the team in training camp.Let'sget the rare item from the gate and went out to explore thedungeon.- Let's strengthen the equipment with a jewel in theequipment in the studio.Item When the growing number or make awarehouse, let's sell things that do not need in the store.- Let'sbuild a lookout in order to know the attack of the beast today.-Also have beast misfortune with a weakness.Team a well sortie,let's against the evil beast allowed to retreat.
Meteor Strike 2 1.0.1 APK
Meteor Strike 2 is a free action game which increases a score,avoiding a falling object. Although it was coming and going in theprevious work, moving forward intently this time is a target. Ifthe right half of a screen is touched, it will go to the right, andif a left half is touched, it will go to the left. It will becomegame over if it hits the falling meteorite even once. Unless ameteorite is hit, a game continues. Time restriction does notoccur, either. The number of difficulty of meteorites which becomesdifficult also increases, and it will just be in a curtain-of-firestate, so that it moves forward.
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The artillery barrage action game by which a screen touches andscatters bombs* The monsters are swept away by a bomb.* When it's apinch, You'll come through by 3 kinds of special bomb.* The bomb isstrengthened at a shop.[The game outline] The action game fromwhich a lot of monsters are turned away using a bomb.The explosiverange is also small and only at most 5 bombs are made, but thebeginning can increase the maximum number of the bomb which can beinstalled, expand explosive range and increase the kind of specialbombs at a shop I wave every.Even when the game is over the levelof the bomb is inherited.[Story]Peaceful country "Jendum". Manycraftsmen were working and were aiming at further development everyday in a town.But there is a big problem with Jendum. That'sexistence of the huge wildlife which is called the "Evil Beast" whoattacks people and wastes a town.Craftsmen in the town organized aguild and dispatched a search team to look for the cause from whicha bad luck brute emerges.[About bug report] When finding the bugs,when you can contact the one of the bulletin board installed(BBS)in a nekosuko site (http://nekosuko.jp) , it's saved. Itcorresponds as quickly as possible.
"THE THING" exist in the maze. Please destroy "THE THING".Totouching "THE THING" is GAME OVER."THE THING" are moving in themaze."THE THING" will not be visible.The distance between "THETHING" will know at the speed of sound.You can shoot 3 times.Itwill be reloaded after a few seconds.It is finished stage when all"THE THING" are destroyed in the maze.How many stage you can finish?[Material]BGM Sougetsuon(http://www.sougetsu-on.net/)SEKoukaonlabo(http://soundeffect-lab.info/)SEMaoudamashi(http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/)
Tactics RPG – Craftsman hero battle 1.6.3 APK
●Equip your hero and join the 3D Dungeon RPG mobile game world!● •Tactics RPG is a role-playing game that you can enjoy fun andcompletely free of charge. Let's adventure fields and dungeons withroguelike turn system. The fighting hero is not a warrior but acraftsman. There are no tools such as swords to fight, pleaseexterminate monsters with craftsmanship techniques and tools. Acraftsman hero can train with a combination of three statuses andover 40 avilibrium. (You can also make a team with your enemies ona side.) Quickly explore the dungeons and solve the dungeon'sgimmick's mystery! • Upgrade brings fun of craftmen's fighting.Equipment can be combined within a weight limit of 100 items ormore. Equipment can be upgraded to a more powerful one, so pleasefind a combination of the most powerful features and equipment.Heroes can be raised freely. The pattern is infinite. ・Easy battlewith auto function. 3D Dungeon's easy-to-read Auto Map function.Easy to play with automatic battle. But if you rely too much onautomatic battle, you may cut it. Practice full-scale Tactics RPGthrough strategy and hero training! • You can enjoy hack and slashgames on smartphones. Tactics RPG can change the position of thebutton, so it will be easy to operate. [how to play] • Once youhave the equipment in town, go to the dungeons and fight againstmonsters. Please earn money and gain experience. • In the dungeon,open up treasure boxes and get valuable items. • After you makemoney, you can master your desired abilities by the craftsmen'sguild. Heroes will be able to win even in the new dungeon. • Heroescan upgrade blacksmith tools with jem. Let's aim for the goal ofthe game with adventure to every place of the dungeon map. • Let'sbattle to where the boss character is, while solving the mystery. ·Let's strengthen the hero's equipment and make a strategy. Andplease enjoy your own RPG! [Story] A town in the country of peace"Gendam". Many craftsmen are improving their skills day by daybecause of the development of the city. But the city had bigproblems. It is the existence of monsters that attack people anddevastate the city. The number of monsters increases day by day andthe damage is increasing. So, an apprentice of a craftsman hasdecided to go out to find out why monsters are increasing. [ReleaseMemorial Item] In commemoration of the release, a limited number ofrare items "Kids Hammer" are gifted for a limited time. Let's get atreasure box in the city so do not miss it! 【Game Outline】 Title:Tactics RPG – Craftsman hero battle Category: role playing game(free) Genre: craftsman's adventure strategy RPG
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◆ Dungeon RPG ◆ There is no billing app. Download and just playOnce you have installed. ◆ It will increase the fellow ◆ Bacteriaencountered in the dungeon can be a companion. You can evenstronger bacteria blended with bacteria. Let's make the strongestteam. ◆ Turn-based battle. Auto-battle function also ◆ We mustfight the hostile bacteria! It is high battle of strategy due toturn-based battle. Also possible to continue to all attacks in theauto battle function. ◆ Auto mapping function ◆ With auto mappingfunction. Search to Let's fill in the map. ◆ Strengthen theequipment ◆ Equipment can be equipped only hero. You have fallen inthe dungeon, you may get by defeating the bacteria. You can alsobuy from the peddler that can be wandering around in the dungeon.And, equipment will be able to add special features to improve withthe oligosaccharide. Luck soon is what function is attached.[Material] BGM SOGETSU-ON(http://www.sougetsu-on.net/)SE SOUNDEFFECT-LABO(http://soundeffect-lab.info/) SE POCKETSOUNED(http://pocket-se.info/)