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Hello, meals are the most beautiful when theall family is at the table, relatives meet and talk about whathappened in their lives lately. It is very nice when you go to thegrandparents, and your grandmother prepares many delicious meals.We have a lot of respect for a recipe that grandma was cookingfrequently, namely Bean salad. It is a wonderful salad and youthrough this cooking games will help us to prepare it. It's asimple recipe so you will not have problems, all you have to do isto pay attention to all instructions.

1) In a bowl add all the ingredients that must be on the table,they are: red beans, black beans, chopped tomatoes, corn andcucumbers. Mix well with a spoon;
2) Now over the composition of the above you have to add: salt,white wine, two tablespoons of oil, granulated garlic, red paprika,red pepper, thyme, basil, half a glass of red wine and tomatojuice;
3) Flips salad on a platter;
4) The salad is ready, place the plate on the table and you canstart eating.

Thank you for preparing this salad with us, you can returnwhenever you want through this kids game.
Have fun and good appetite!

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