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Miami city is left to rot in hell of gangcrimes and street fights based on vendetta. Gangs from San Andreashave took control of the city causing a new crime wave of killings,stealing and ruling the city. You are just out of the Miami centralprison and have joined your gang. Now you have to roam around thecity streets driving super sports cars and fighting with gangsruling in the city. Wait for the orders from boss and pick missionsto eliminate the criminal gangs from the city. You are assignedtasks to kill the enemies, pick up packages from one place anddelivering it to your bosses, stealing cars and escaping policebefore they kill you because gangs from Chicago have them in theirpockets and also the Russian mafia gangs are after you forassassinating their leader on the streets.
Miami City Crime Simulator 3D is a game based on real crimesimulation where you are given tasks and money on their completionto buy the weapons from the stores. Its a complete mission basedcrime simulator where you kill enemies, escape the police beforeyou get busted. Become the Godfather of the Miami city and survivethe gang war between Russian mafia with Gangs of Chicago. Becomethe most wanted in the city and kill the people involved in crimes.You are provided deadly weapons including baseball bat, pistol,assault rifle and a short gun with full ammunition to kill thecrooked policemen and gang members.
You can destroy cars by hitting them or firing at them but policeis waiting for you so they will start chasing you and you will haveto escape the police men. Snatch bikes and drive them on the roaddoing stunts and hitting other vehicles. Blast the cars by hittingthem or firing at them.
Miami City Crime Simulator 3D Features:
- Best crime simulator with lots of missions in realistic cityenvironment
- Awesome 3D Graphics with cool animations
- Realistic deadly weapons including pistol, assault rifle,baseball bat, and short gun
- Unlimited firing ammunition
- Many cool super cars to steal and drive around the city
- Optimized best free game for even small devices or tablets
- Many real person animation including fighting running walking andfiring the weapons
- Lots of interesting criminal missions, car theft missions,package delivery and police escape missions
- Many cool effects including shooting, raining, carexplosion
- Real sounds of cars, bikes and firing guns

App Information Miami City Crime Simulator 3D

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    Miami City Crime Simulator 3D
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    January 5, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Best Free Games.
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    BEST FREE GAMES FZE P.O Box: 38267 Dubai, RAK UAE
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