1.0.0 / February 18, 2017
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Designed-with-Theme-Creator-for-Xperia, We present something thatis out of the naked eye, a green nature theme for your relaxationneeds. Made with simplicity and cleanliness in mind. This XperiaTheme is compatible with Android Kitkat (4.4.4) up to AndroidNougat (7.0).Themed Assets- Xperia Home- Navigation and StatusBars- UI Controls- Icon Backplates- Lockscreen Analog Clock(Android 6.0 and Above only)Notes- We no longer skin the side appdrawer, BUT, in exchange for this, you can have the benefits of ouricon packs! Just download and install the Xperia Home version10.2.A.1.12 (More info on our website)- Due to a recent change inJapan Consumption Tax (JCT), we can't afford to sell our paidthemes in Japan, we are really sorry about this- More XperiaThemes? Check out other creations!- Suggestions? Problems? Feelfree to visit our Website or Contact Us

App Information Micro Blossom Theme

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    Micro Blossom Theme
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    February 18, 2017
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Feast your eyes on this special Black and Gold Theme for XperiaDevices running Android KitKat (4.4.4) up to Lollipop (5.1.1).Created with accents of Gold to express a Luxurious yet Simple Lookfor your Xperia Device!Themed Assets:- Xperia Home- UI Controls-Navigation and Status Bars- Phonebook- MessagingVersion 2:- XperiaKeyboard- Icon Mask- Z5 Series readyNotes:- If you are wonderingwhy the sent conversation bubble is gray (Instead of black, whichis way better), it is because of the Bug of Android Lollipopversion 5.1.1 (Xperia Firmwares)- Got any suggestions for ourfuture themes? Or do you want some minor changes? Feel free toVisit our website!
Synonym Blue Theme 1.0 APK
A Blue Xperia Theme based on word similarities, whats on one sideis also on the other side, just flip it.This Blue Theme iscompatible for Xperia running Kitkat (4.4.4) up to Lollipop(5.1.1). No root required, Just download this Blue Theme and youare good to go.Themed Assets- Xperia Home- UI Controls- Navigationand Status Bars- Phonebook- MessagingNotes- I'd love to change thecolor of the message bubbles on the conversation app,unfortunately, Sony has some bugs on Android (5.1.1), So I justchanged the design of it.- Sony is a bit weird on implementingcolors and nine patch images, that is why the open folder is notthat heavily customized.- Wallpaper (Home / Lockscreen) made byJCHRISTIANR (Flickr)- If you have some problems, or you want tosuggest some changes, feel free to visit our Website or Contact Us
Stealth Green Theme 1.0 APK
This Black Green Xperia Theme is compatible for android Kitkat(4.4.4) up to android Lollipop (5.1.1). This Black Green Theme isthe free version of the "Stealth Black Theme" (Also from StinkDees)which has Green Visible accents compared to the Stealth Black whichhas visibly nothing on the screen (not all though). If you want avery plain, as in a plain black theme (Which is also good forbattery saver users), Download our "Stealth Black" theme.ThemedAssets:- Xperia home- UI Controls- Navigation and Status Bars-Contacts- MessagingNotes:- Is this a cool green theme? Try ourother paid themes and support the developer. More downloads, moreawesome themes to come! (and more possibility of free great themestoo!)- I know that you want the folder header to be black, butunfortunately, that will cause some problems on android Lollipop(5.1.1)- Suggestions and new ideas are welcome, please do visit ourwebsite for more info
Diverse Purple Theme 1.1 APK
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Linear Yellow Theme 1.0 APK
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Skirmish Game Theme 1.0 APK
----------- IMPORTANT! -----------The graphics present in thistheme are own made (Except the ones from Stock Sony Theme). Theyare designed so that they will appear very similar to the controlsfound on the game made by SupercellThis theme for Xperia Device isa custom made theme. It is based on the game "Clash of Clans", butwith a cleaner approach. With similar colors like Green, Orange,Red, and Blue, this theme will certainly get the attention of acertified Clash of Clans addict! This Xperia Theme is compatiblefor Android Kitkat (4.4.4) up to Android Lollipop (5.1.1). NO ROOTREQUIRED! Just download this awesome theme and you are good togo!Themed Assets:- Xperia home- UI Controls- Navigation and StatusBarsNotes:- Is this a cool game theme? Try our other paid themesand support the developer. More downloads, more awesome themes tocome! (and more possibility of free great themes too!)- There mightbe a premium version (More customized application assets/controls)coming soon- Suggestions and new ideas are welcome, please do visitour website for more info
Linear Black Theme 2.0 APK
A Black Xperia Theme which shows what simplicity can be whenDesigned in a different way, especially with simple lines. This isBlack Xperia Theme is compatible to Android Kitkat 4.4.4 up toAndroid Lollipop 5.1.1 (Optimized for 5.0.1)Themed Assets- XperiaHome- UI Controls- Navigation and Status Bars- Phonebook-MessagingNotes- Please bear with us on Android 5.1, Sony has somebugs with the sent message bubble- Suggestions? Problems? MoreXperia Themes? Feel free to visit our Website or Contact Us
White Aviar Free Theme 1.0 APK
Enjoy this White Theme for your Xperia Device! (For Kitkat 4.4.4 upto Lollipop 5.1)Themed assets:- Xperia Home- Navigation and Statusbars- UI ControlsNotes:- This is a re-upload of White Aviar Themefrom StinkDees (Changed app title due to Copyright/Impersonationproblems)- A Premium version (Paid, Different Look) is coming soon,If you want to support the developer, please do try it :)- Due to arecent change in Japan Consumption Tax (JCT), we can't afford tosell our paid themes in Japan, we are really sorry about this- Forbug reporting, please visit our website- Home/Lockscreen Wallpapermade by JCHRISTIANR (search him on Flickr)