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The Path Toward our Future Dashboard tracks Michigan’s comeback,lets citizens hold state government accountable for results, andshows what state government is doing to improve the lives ofcitizens in the areas of economic, health, education,infrastructure, and government.

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MiPage 4.0.1 APK
MiPage is a free application that serves as your real-time link toall things Michigan. Tell us your favorite places in Michigan andwe’ll give you the latest news and events for those locations. Usethe map to find a State office or a great campground. Browse themobile ready applications to get information about job openings orfind out where to vote. Or use the Search feature to findinformation you need and save it as a Favoriteresource.Features:News - Receive the latest announcements andalerts from across the state and in your home town.Events – Checkout the events coming up for your city or a city you’ll bevisiting.Apps - Mobile-ready applications that connect you withresources such as job openings, voter information and finding yourunclaimed property.Map - Find amenities at a nearby state park,locate a state office or view upcoming events.Search - Search theMiPage application to find the information you need includingtraffic, hunting, fishing and more.Favorites – Save the News,Events, Apps you want to come back to often.Preferences – Set yourpreferred location(s) and use them to filter the News andEvents.Locations - Find amenities at a nearby state park, locate astate office or view upcoming events.Login – Create a MILoginaccount to take your locations and favorites with you on anydevice.
Mi Drive 1.1.4 APK
Use this handy Mi Drive app to check real-timeroad and traffic information about Michigan (M), Interstate (I) andUS routes across the state before getting behind the wheel. It'sbrought to you by the Michigan Department of Transportation(MDOT).With Mi Drive, you can:Scroll and zoom an interactive mapSee real-time traffic camera views and changeable message signs onmajor routesClick on traffic incident and construction icons for moreinformationCheck real-time, color-coded speeds on major routesZoom into any area of the map, using either your current locationor selected cities and zip codesFind rest areas and Welcome Centers across MichiganLocate MDOT carpool lotsCheck out mapped active or planned construction by route number orcountyLocate airports and roadside parks across the stateSee Upper Peninsula road camera viewsTurn layers on and off to personalize your view. Your settings willbe remembered.Select views of major travel corridors (I-94, I-75, I-196 and 8others)Report potholes on Michigan (M), Interstate (I) and US routesLink to National Weather Service forecasts by city name or zipcodeQuestions? Please send comments, questions or suggestions toMDOT-Mobile-Apps@michigan.gov
Mi Airports Directory 1.2.3 APK
The Michigan Aeronautics Commission and Michigan Department ofTransportation are pleased to provide the Michigan AirportDirectory for use on your mobile device. With this mobileapplication you can click on the interactive map and icons to viewdirectory pages or browse the table of contents to find contact andairport information. You can even utilize the search function toquickly find directory pages by associated city, airport name, orairport identifier. This application does not require a dataconnection allowing you to use all of the application functionseven in airplane mode! Our mission is to develop and preserve asafe, high quality state-wide air transportation system and we hopethis mobile application will support this mission by providing auseful and efficient resource to pilots and aviation enthusiastsseeking information about licensed airports in Michigan's airtransportation system.
MiEconomy 1.2.1 APK
The MiEconomy app provides you with the key labor market andeconomic metrics necessary to stay informed on the Michiganeconomy. Using sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.Census Bureau, and Bureau of Economic Analysis, this app providessame-day updates for 44 metrics including the unemployment rate,payroll jobs, and gross domestic product. The app is a product ofthe State of Michigan, DTMB Bureau of Labor Market Information andStrategic Initiatives, and Michigan Department of Treasury. KeyFeatures · Interactive Visualizations · Critical Summaries for AllMetrics · Notification of Metric Updates · Same-Day Data Updates ·Links to Source Data
MI Prepares 1.0.8 APK
The Michigan Prepares Emergency Plan app is a free, easy-to-usetool that can help you and your family create a basic emergencyplan in a few quick steps.FEATURESCONTACTSWe rely on our phones fora lot, but emergencies are unpredictable. Import valuable contactsfrom your phone directly into a plan so you and your family haveaccess to those numbers, even if the power goes out, or your phoneis lost or damaged. MEETING PLACESSelect emergency family meetingplaces so everyone knows how to find each other if returning homeisn’t an option during a disaster. EMAIL EXPORTSend a PDF of yourcompleted plan to yourself and your household members to print andstore in a safe place so you have access to your importantinformation no matter what happens. RESOURCESBasic supplychecklists, Michigan-specific hazard fact sheets, and importantlinks to stay connected and informed are included in the app andprintable plan.
WIC Connect 3.0.0 APK
The Michigan WIC Mobile App will give WIC participants theopportunity to view upcoming appointments, view food benefits thathave been issued to them in the clinic, scan UPCs while shopping atthe store to see if the UPC is a WIC Approved item or not, andprovide information on locations of WIC Stores and WIC Clinicsacross the State of Michigan and also Update your contactinformation with WIC. The goal of the Michigan WIC Mobile App is togive participants all the information they need at their fingertipsto make their shopping experience fun and easy
My Water Tests 1.0.0 APK
My Water Tests gives access to information that residents of Flintmay find useful, including, but not limited to:· Filter ReplacementNotifications · Water Test Results · POD / Help Center Locations ·Community Outreach and Education (CORE) Program updatesPersonalized notifications and test results based on user profile(last date of filter replacement, home address, etc)
OK2SAY 2.0.1 APK
OK2SAY is a confidential reporting system specifically designed tohelp students or anyone report potential harm or criminal activitydirected at school students, school employees, andschools.  Anyone that knows about a student safety threatcan submit a tip to OK2Say program operators by phone, textmessage, email, mobile app, or via the OK2SAY website.