1.3 / August 22, 2016
(3.6/5) (342)


You are a sniper shooter, so shoot thedangerous enemies and clear the mission. That's very tough task foryou. Accept the challenge and clear the areas from enemies. You canchange your weapons. When enemy attack on you then your health bar/life bar gradually decrease. Save your health and shoot the enemiescarefully. Multiple levels available, first level is unlock andother levels are locked. Clear first level and then you can survivefor next interesting levels. Play and enjoy this game.

How to play:
- fire button is on right bottom corner of the screen
- You can change your guns
- you can jump with jump button

- Fps
- Enemies
- Multi levels
- Easy to play
- Good graphics

What,s New in this version
-new excellent envoirnment added
-Latest FPS shooting control added
-Latest Guns added
-new challenges for you
-more level added
-Graphics more improved

App Information Military enemy shooter

  • App Name
    Military enemy shooter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    August 22, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Coding Squares
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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4x4 Offroad PradoEnjoy Real Prado Driving and drift Prado in city,desert andforest.Let's get ready to simulate your driving. A real adventure beginswhen you're sitting on a driving seat of your luxury Prado andready to drive. This 4x4 prado offroad is a crazy prado simulatorgame. So tap speed and simulate offroading adventure. A little bitlike prado luxury car parking games. Go on a prado parkingadventure free games. 4x4 Prado Offroad gives you a realchallenging driving experience with a variety of playing modes withextreme crazy landmarks and highly modified cruise experience. Showyour car stunts with Off Road prado drive simulator. Let's downloadthis free game today and get ready for an endless 4x4 Prado OffRoaddriving adventure 2017. Let people know how prado free car stuntsare made. Complete all the impossible tracks in this 4x4 pradooffroad 6x6 prado game. New 4x4 Prado OffRoad also gives you achance to sim your driving by modified your car color and other carfeatures according to you. Go on the offroad jeep driving withmountain prado and weding prado, SUV prado, highway prado, hillclimb prado, extreme prado dubai prado. Let's modify your own Pradoand get ready for a real driving fun with loads of free drivingmodes and furious driving adventures. This 4x4 prado offroad is thebest car driving game and real fun with offroad prado free.Offroad Desert Drive:Let's get ready for a real adventure of desert safari and flydesert dirt with your 4x4 prado Offroad vehicle. Take your crazyprado offroad jeep out for extreme fun nd adventure. Driving aPrado in an Offroad desert can bring an extreme fun for you. Youhave your real prado simulator games free and this app is realprado game free . And now you are having a chance to have fun ofthis crazy prado simulator. So let's get this 4x4 prado offroadexperience today and drive your 4x4 Prado on a dunes of sand witheither free mode or level mode. In free mode you'll get a chance todrive freely and explore desert with your Offroad driving. While inlevels you've multiple level to play. In every level drive Prado tocollect checkpoints and unlock new level to drive. Avoid to getharm your 4x4 car games from the high sand dunes and other busheswhile driving. Best of the prado games is here now. Gain a realdune bashing adventure with extreme desert safari experience bydriving your monster car in desert games.Offroad City Drive:This also icludes the city games mode. In city mode you'll get achance to free drive in a city around loads of traffic cars tosimulating Offroad drive. Offroad city drive also give you a chanceto drive either freely or with levels. In level free games driveyour mission is to drive and collect all the checkpoints by drivingaround a high traffic city. Play your prodo city games simulation.Avoid to hit your 4x4 high speed car with traffic. Launching yourcar is really fun in this 4x4 prado offroad game. Show yourordinary driving skills when you drive free in a city and proveyourself as a driver games free of elite cars. This is really atough game and going to give you a tough competition.Offroad Forest Drive:Offroad forest drive has never been easy. One can experience a realdanger when driving in forest and can be hunt from the furiousanimals of jungle. Drive your mountain prado everywhere. Have asave of 4x4 Offroad jungle drive free games. Have fun of this newtop game and also of the luxurious car driving. Offroad forestdrive free game also give you a chance to sim your drivingexperience with free driving mode or by collecting all thecheckpoints in level mode. So get ready for a real thrill of drivewith Offroad forest adventure.4x4 Offroad Prado Features: 4x4 luxury Prado to drive Variety of controlling modes Loads of driving modes Multiple environments Highly tuned 4x4 car Modification option available Checkpoints Collection Location map Adventurous drive Offroading experience Endless Journey
Bus Driving Simulator 2016 1.0.3 APK
Bus Driving Simulator 2016 is the newsimulation game offering a chance to drive real bus in a cityenvironment. Realistic roads, vehicles, bus interior feel you likereal driving experience. Different buses are available to choosefrom. You need to pick passengers and drop them on their respectivedestinations.This game is the best driving training for you in a fun way. It’stime to fasten your seat belt and drive the bus through the cityand complete all the routes.Game Features:- 10 fantastic levels- Realistic city environment with 3D graphics- Different Buses to Choose- Time limit- Passengers transportHow to Play?Use buttons to accelerate and stop the bus. Use left and rightbuttons to control movement. Follow the map to reach on the finaldestination.
Firefighter Hero City Rescue 1.0.7 APK
Get ready to experience a thrill of realfirefighting simulation. Being a American firefighter truck driveryour duty is to drive a big firetruck and reach at the point offire. Now extinguish a burning vehicle firetruck with a limitedwater tank and in a limited time. Map is giving to guide a drivertowards fire. Start driving heavy duty Firefighter truck today andextinguish all burning equipment in a limited time. Firefighterhero city rescue is a unique game play with a variety stunts andloads of missions. Most addictive game with big firetruck inambulance emergency car driving 3D. Ultimate fireman to go onfirefighter truck road trip with your favorite truck parkingsimulator. In this American Firefighter Rescue 2017 game you areenjoy the entrusting missions. Drive fast to car accident spot inmulti-story parking plaza, park your fireman rescue truck and usefire hose to put out blaze. Conquer hazardous fire all around Miamicity in American Firefighter Rescue 2017 game. Take position afirefighter hero city savior and ride 911 rescue truck. You have tobe a skilled driver to reach at effected side and get rid of apeople in a limited time. In level 1 there is a burning helicopter,all you have to do is to reach at effected place and extinguishfire with a limited water tank. In next level you have cars,restaurants, steak house, automobile station, parks, school, andmany other places to extinguish. So keep your professional skillsinto a show of fire man and proved yourself as an skilled driver bydriving a 4x4 real rescue truck. This American FireFighter Rescue2017 game you are free to install and enjoy the 3d environment andbeautiful amazing hd graphics.FireFighter hero city rescue is a free game play especially forsimulation and racing lovers. If you are a lover of street racingthen Firefighter hero city rescue is a best game for you. AmericanFireFighter Rescue 2017 is full of city traffic. Avoid your truckto crash in city traffic and to hit with other ambulance drivers.Drive American FireFighter Rescue 2017 safe and help people toextinguish fire and become a real fireman. Reached our destinationon limited time otherwise failed your level then again start thesame level.Firefighter hero city rescue is a unique game play witha variety stunts and loads of missions. You have to be an skilleddriver to reach at effected side and get rid of a people in alimited time. In level 1 there is a burning helicopter, all youhave to do is to reach at effected place and extinguish fire with alimited water tank. In next level you have cars, restaurants, steakhouse, automobile station, parks, school, and many other places toextinguish. So keep your professional skills into a shoe of fireman and proved your self as an skilled driver by driving a 4x4 realrescue truckFire fighter hero city rescue is a free game play specially forsimulation and racing lovers. If you are a lover of street racingthen Fire fighter hero city rescue is a best game for you. Firefighter hero city rescue is full of city traffic. Avoid your truckto crash in city traffic and to hit with other drivers. Drive safeand help people to extinguish fire and become a real fireman.Features of American FireFighter Rescue 2017:1. FireFighter hero city rescue has a real simulation ofdriving.2. 3D game plays with loads of missions and limited time.3. Excellent graphics with stunning sound effects.4. Excellent simulation of driving fire fighter truck to sim adriving experience.
Army Cargo Truck Driving 1.1.4 APK
Army Cargo Truck DrivingLet's start heavy engine, drive real army truck, feel the power ofheavy engine in army base camp and park truck in a parking area.This is the best army car cargo truck free game. Army base camp isfull of military vehicles army tanks and there huts are all aroundyou. Car cargo army truck game is extreme fun in army games. Avoidto hit and drive save this Army Cargo Truck Driving. Army truck carcargo game is way too much adventurous. Load army truck with jeepand then park truck to its dedicated destination. This Army CargoTruck Driving is the truck simulator cargo free game in realisticenvironment army games. Go on your euro truck simulator race. Enjoythe army truck drive transport in army games.Drive truck in army base is one of the most realistic 3d game. Youhave your roadrunner simulator racer army games. Let's download ournew army truck parking simulation game on your android device andenjoy a thrill of extreme parking army games. This is one of thebest truck 3D games road runner. Army truck simulation is a freegame which not only gives you a feel of car parking but alsosimulate cargo drive. Yes you have to cargo army vehicles loaded in4x4 truck. The best army truck 3D games 2017 is here. If you are alover of heavy vehicles game and army games, real driving games,city driving game, car parking games or best racing game then youmust download this free simulation army truck 3d game. Get doubleyour experience of driving a army truck with free real speed truckon your android device. Army transport truck 3D games are oneaddictive piece of game. Driving an army truck has never been easy.You have to be a skilled driver to complete all levels andregarding missions. This Army Cargo Truck Driving free game playgives you loads of stunts to sim your drive. Driving a heavy loadedtruck is extreme task in army base camp. you'll get a chance tosimulate 4x4 truck drive and to complete all challenges.Features:Army Cargo Truck DrivingAmazing 3D graphics.Heavy truck with a real drive.Free game play.Challenging drive.Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.Parking in army base camp.Excellent dynamic position.Excellent sound effect.Multiple camera views.Clock is ticking so try to park on time.How to play:Army Cargo Truck DrivingForward and reverse button are on right bottom of screen.Brake is on centRight and lift are on left bottom of screen.
Army Archer Training Shooter 1.3 APK
Have you craze to check your target skills?you can target different target points and improve your targetskills. You are army commando and try to improve your target skillsfor a dangerous mission. Different targets are available fordifferent distance. you can gain maximum scores if you hit yourtarget accurately. if you are archer master then must try yourarchery skills. This multi level game is very interesting for allusers. In first level some target points. Hit target pointsaccurately and qualify for next level. In second level hit somebottles and some target points and gain maximum scores. Instructionare also available. Play this challenging game and enjoy.How to play:- set your aim or target through touch on your device screen- Hit the target through hit button that's available on the rightbottom corner of the screen- Zoom button available for focus on target points that are onspecific distance- Hit on target and get scoreFeatures:- Archer with horse- Target points- Bottles- Good graphics- Easy to play- User friendly
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Have you craze of skating on snow ? In thisgame you are a skate man and skating on snow jungle environment.Save from different types of hurdles and dangerous animals(wolf& bear). A number of ramps in the way, when you skate on rampthen camera view change for a few time. Tilt your device and playfor long time this endless game. Collect coins and cover maximumdistance for maximum scores. If you collide with any hurdle thenyour health decrease gradually and if you collide with anydangerous animal then your life is end and game is over. Play thisskating free game and enjoy.How to play:- Tilt your device for left right movement- Collect coins- Cover maximum distance for maximum scoresFeatures:- Bears- wolf- Skating character- Coins- Easy to play- Good graphics- User friendly
4x4 Range Rover 1.0.7 APK
4x4 Range RoverGet ready for real adventure of racing with 4x4 Real Land RoverSimulator drive.A real fun of offroading begin when you have real 4x4 range roverto drive. So let's get ready for a real adventure of racing withreal landrover simulator and begin your journey by driving in grandcity, Snowy mountain and desert road. Get a fun of extreme landrover drifting and become a real offroad legend with your skilledgmc driving free games. Let's simulate driving with offroad rangerover 4x4 and become a real traffic racer new game with city drive.A city drive give you a real feel of racing in car among trafficgames free. So let's drive your 4x4 range rover around high trafficcity and drive with high speed by add booster in your gmc turboengine to drag a landrover on extreme traffic track. Drift your carto move fast and avoid to stuck 4x4 range rover among traffic. Playwith free mode to simulate 4x4 offroad range rover driving skillsand prove yourself as a real traffic legend. While in level modeavoid to hit with traffic truck and other car find your track anddrive 4x4 range rover to collect checkpoint. Desert drive is a realsimulator of offroading game. People love to play sand dunes gamesdue to that we provided this extreme rover game for you. This 4x4rover game will give you real fun of rover games and other pradooffroad games.Drive your real offroad rover simulator in desert and avoid tostuck your tyre with a dunes of offroad desert. Offroad desert freewill become a real game challenge when you've other traffic racerand offroad coach drivers. So let's drive safely and avoid to hityour crazy landrover 4x4 with other coach and bus driver. Collectcheckpoints in a given time and drag your 4x4 range rover in desertgames free. Snowy drive can bring a real challenge. Avoid to slideover the road and become a real legend with your crazy driving.Drive your turbo 4x4 range rover asa high velocity car and ruinedall the traffic rules with your 4x4 driving skills. Be ready todrive your 4x4 rover and go through hilly areas. This offroad suvdrive will be an amazing and best for you that you have never feltbefore.Get a real challenge of driving with landrover crazy driving andforget all other simulating games. Enjoy extreme landrover driftingand forget all drag racing and racing in car games. Get a realaddiction of offroading and find your feet in a shoe of offroadrover games legend. This offroad rover game will provide you manyfeatures. You would have played a lot of rover games but this rangerover game is unique in its game play. This range rover parking simgame is best for you to feel the real drive of 4x4 offroad rangerover.Also Drive Your 4x4 Range Rover on Bakra eid special day and enjoyEid.ul.Azha with friends and family by ride and Drifting your LandRover. In this extreme suv game, we will give you real game playenvironment. We will provide you tilt screen option to enjoy yourdriving with 4x4 offroad prado extreme suv. You can have many more4x4 police prado games in play store but this rover game is goinghigh compared with them is its outstanding environment. Accept therover challenge and become a driver of 6x6 prado. Download 4x4prado driver 3d from play store and start your journey in offroadways. You will be provided with 4wd and backward buttons on thescreen, use them to drive your offroad racing vehicle. Most ofgames being played in the world are race 4x4 category and this gamehas all in it which is necessary for racing games. Offroad racingis also included in this suv offroad 4x4 hill driving 3d game. Comeand join this 4x4 racing in its real sense.4x4 Range Rover Features: Simulation of real offroad driving Extreme landrover snow drifting Offroad range rover 4x4 adventure 4x4 rangerover extreme driving Simulation of real snow drifting Incredible control and real 3d graphics Limited time to collect checkpoints Advance control of 4x4 Range Rover
City Truck Drive 2016 1.0.1 APK
City Truck Simulator 2016 is the latest 3Dsimulation game which gives you a chance to become a real trucker.You have a variety of trucks with different loads to choose.Transport daily usage goods, oil tanker and logs in multiplecities. Keep eye on the fuel indicator and refill it when required.Follow the arrow at the top of the truck to complete thelevel.Enjoy truck driving in realistic city environment. You have greatchance to become a driver by playing this android game.Game Features• 3 Unique and Big Trucks• Different loads including Container, logs and Oil Tanker• Artificial intelligence for Traffic• Fuel Stations• Exciting City Environment• Arrow for path indicationHow to Play?Use accelerator to start the engine and increase speed, breakbutton to stop and right/left button to control the truckmovement.Install city truck simulator 2016 now and enjoy unlimited fun ofdriving simulation.

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Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.