1.0.1 / April 5, 2017
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*A free VR controller is availableatPaperStick.net.

*To run this game, you must have a gyroscope onyoursmartphone.

*Recommended specification: LG G3 or higher.

*You need a Google Cardboard to play this game.

*Privacy Policy : PaperStick.net

App Information Milky Dive VR for Cardboard

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Poppist VR for Cardboard 1.37 APK
Enjoy realistic VR game with a freecontroller.A free controller is available at PaperStick.net.*To run this game, you must have a gyroscope on yoursmartphone.*Recommended specification: LG G3 or higher.*Privacy Policy : PaperStick.net
Milky Dive VR for Cardboard 1.0.1 APK
*A free VR controller is availableatPaperStick.net.*To run this game, you must have a gyroscope onyoursmartphone.*Recommended specification: LG G3 or higher.*You need a Google Cardboard to play this game.*Privacy Policy : PaperStick.net
Balloon pop game -POPPIST- 1.1.6 APK
-Features-Game Poppist that you use your brain and hands intensely!Originative game allowing you to activate the sense ofbalance,agility, memory, judgment, cognitive ability, andconcentrationall.Queer balance and toxicity that it is easy at first andbecomesdifficult as you play better.-Game Story-In old times, there was a witch in a village, who made theliquidmedicine by catching the baby birds not to become old.People who realized the witch's evil deed by accident banishedherfrom the village permanently and she conceived therevengefulspirit and began making the bombs by putting the evilenergy in theballoon.As she was in the sky to which people couldn't reach, nobody inthevillage didn't block her.When the village was in the crisis, bravery birds who rushedamongthe balloon bombs appeared and although they know they couldbekilled if they were found by the witch or the bombs burst, theygotinto adventures without hesitation.Those birds were no other than the mother birds who appearedtorepay people's kindness.The witch couldn't make enough bombs because of the motherbirds'sacrifice and she was exhausted and captured by people in theendand a peace came to the village.The village people called those birds 'Poppist' later.-How to play the game-* Burst the balloon bombs before the witch completes them!* As the witch consumes the most power right before completingthebombs, you can gain the score over 10 times if you burst theredballoons.* The order that the balloon's color changes is sameasred-orange-yellow-green-blue-navy-purple-black.* Be careful that the witch sometimes makes the inferior bombsbymistake!* You can avoid the crisis by flying reversely while pressinganyposition of the screen.* Be the best Poppist in the world ranking.