1.0 / July 1, 2017
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Don't let them bite you!Do you like to try strong feelings? Thisgame will give you a feeling of thrill and reduce your stress.Youwill have to put your finger in the monster's mouth and not knowwhen it will bite your hand. You will have to wait for the monsterto bite and you have to quickly pull out.Game functions:+ How toplay the game?+ Game screen.+ Training screen.+ Share game.+ Watchvideo to get the multiplier of bite.If you have any idea ofdiscussion please make the rating and review for this game.Thanksfor watch and have fun with game!

App Information Mimo Bite

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    Mimo Bite
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    July 1, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    PE Studio
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Alan Walker Lyrics 1.1 APK
PE Studio
Are you a big fan of Alan Walker? Me too! You want to looking forall his songs? Do you want to sing with him?? Is he really crazyand lovely? And this is a great app that brings together all thesongs that Alan Walker has released in public.With this applicationyou will always be updated with the latest songs for you to enjoyincluding all the lyrics and watching videos of Alan Walker at anytime.One thing above all is that the application is completely freeon all Android smartphones or tablets.🎵 Easy learning English withAlan Walker singer. Why not?🎵 Simple to use:✓ The application liststhe entire song on an album detail screen. Songs: Alone, Faded,Tired, Sing Me To Sleep, Spectre, Millionaire (Alan Walker Remix),Force, Ignite, Back to Beautiful, Move Your Body, After theAfterparty, That's What I Like, Issues, Celebrate, ...🎵 Niceinterface and good compatibility:✓ The application is designed witha cute interface for you are fans of Alan Walker✓ Compatible withalmost all Android phones or tablets.🎵 FREE 100%:✓ It does notrequire you to register for use in any form🎵 Watch:✓ You just tapthe Play button and watch high quality video and can both listen toand sing along to the lyrics corresponding to the video beingwatched..🎵 Update song:✓ The song will be updated daily for you.Sowhat are you waiting for, download the app now to enjoy and singwith Alan Walker now.If you have any comments, please rate theproduct or send a message to pestudio0502@gmail.com to improve ourproducts for you.Thank you for your interest and use! Having fun!
FDownloader 2.5 APK
PE Studio
Did you lose your time to download your files on the internet?Now!We will help you save your time to download any files withhigh-peed download. It's easy! Just only try and feel our internetdownload manager with the FDownloader Applicatoin.Functions:-Download with multi-threads per file.- Download multi-files attime.- Download setting.- Quickly open file by file type filter.-Quickly management download files, filter download file.-Notification download processing.- Download all file types: apk,doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, avi, mp3, mp4, pdf, png, jpg...-Auto capture URL link from web page.- Download video from Allwebsite URL- Customize your download folder.- Automatic resumedownload when network or WIFI is turned on.- QA Code Scanner to getlink by QA Code or Bar-code.* How to use FDownloader to downloadyour files?Step 1. Tap the link on your browser and chooseFDownloader app.Step 2. Tab to Start button to begin download afile.Step 3. After your files are finished, you can see your filein the Finished tab.* How to download the video from URL?Step 1:Copy the any URL from your browser.Step 2: Open the FDownloader appand click the Add(+) button to copy link to download a file.Step 3:Paste the URL into the link and modify your download filename.Step4: Click the Start button to download a file.* How to download andinstall Application?Just easy, you can go to the PlayStore andsearch with one of keyword bellow: Fdownloader, Internet DownloadManager, Video Download, Fast Download Manager, Music Downloader,or Downloader then you can see my app to install.Don't forget giveme any ideas or feedback to improve the FDownloader app to betterin the future.Thank you very much!
TV Cast Video - Cast web video to TV 1.5 APK
PE Studio
TV Cast Video - Cast All videos from Android devices to TV orProjector. Cast Videos from Web Online to TV. Make your TV tobecome the cinema.Nowadays have smart Android devices with bigscreen size that support for many videos multimedia entertainment.But sometime you need to watch your favorite videos on the very bigscreen like a TV or Projector device. And so on, the scientist haveshowed many evidences that you shouldn't watch video or play gamelong time on smart phone that it not good for your eyes. To avoidthat we should think we should watch video on TV with TV Cast Videoapplication to cast your video to TV to comfortable for yourlife.Our functions have supported:- Search Video on every websiteand Show the link for your choose.- Cast Video link direct to TVwith high quality.- Queue Video Link to watch more.- Stop Castingif you want to stop watching.- Notification Video Casting and quickto access to video controls.- And more function will come soon infuture.How to use it?Step1: Search your video in search box.Step2:Click your video link to open the video on your website.Step3:Click into the "Choose Link To Cast" button to open the videolink.Step4: Click into the Cast Icon to cast video to TV or yourProjector.*Note: Don't forget plugin your Chrome Cast device intoyour TV and open your TV with HDMI mode before use app.When you useTV Cast Video application if you have any ideas, issue or problem.Please let review or comment we will try to support soon aspossible.Thank you very much!
Calendar 1.1 APK
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You are in busy with your planning orschedules! I can help you now.Making everything to a smart calendar. This is an application veryuseful for your business:- It's help you remind everything in everyday with very easystep.- You can share to your friend what's are you doing today.- Send your invitation to your friend with easy share.- And more...Let's try and feel now!
Pe Lockscreen 1.0 APK
PE Studio
Hi everybody,Do you have ever wanted your phone will change the lockscreenstyle?My app will make it for you.There are The Features:+ You can try and discover with many types of lock screen. Youwillenjoin with the perfect lock screen type.+ Support set new style pin password for lock security.+ Lock screen with football player.+ The beautiful car on lock screen.+ Support customize your unlock icon.+ Support customize your wallpaper.+ Support remove notifications when you swipe the screen.+ Support display notifications such as email message, SMSmessageand so on in notification lock screen.+ Support to unlock by swipe.+ Play sound when unlock screen
Ego Dictionary 1.3 APK
PE Studio
Professional English Vietnamese dictionarywithmore than 200,000 words.English Vietnamese Dictionary is used Offline and Free.Support all version 4.0+, 5.0+, 6.0+.Support specialized dictionary.More than 50,000 Vietnamese English words.You can learn English word very easy with remind random yourwordand dictionary after open screen lock.Support for learning irregular words.Standard audio pronunciation with human voice.Search every word offline without connect internet.Support Quick search function with floating icon onhomescreen.
Video Downloader 1.6 APK
PE Studio
Did you watch the video and don't know how to save the video toSDCard?Now! We will help you save your time to download any videofiles with high-peed download. It's easy! Just only try and feelour internet download manager with the Video DownloaderApplication.Functions:- Download with multi-threads per file.-Download multi-files at time.- Download setting.- Quicklymanagement download files, filter download file.- Notificationdownload processing.- Download all video file types- Auto captureURL link from web page.- Download video from All website URL-Customize your download folder.- Automatic resume download whennetwork or WIFI is turned on.- QA Code Scanner to get link by QACode or Bar-code.* How to use Video Downloader to download yourfiles?Step 1. Tap the link on your browser and choose VideoDownloader application.Step 2. Tab to Start button to begindownload a file.Step 3. After your files are finished, you can seeyour file in the Finished tab.* How to download the video fromURL?Step 1: Copy the any URL from your browser.Step 2: Open theVideo Downloader application and click the Add(+) button to copylink to download a file.Step 3: Paste the URL into the link andmodify your download filename.Step 4: Click the Start button todownload a file.* How to download video from in-app browser?Step1:Search your video from in-app browser icon.Step2: After click playbutton on the video view and waiting for video ready.Step3: Clickthe download icon to start download. * How to download and installApplication?Just easy, you can go to the PlayStore and search withone of keyword bellow: Video Downloader, Internet Download Manager,Video Download, Fast Download Manager, Music Downloader, orDownloader then you can see my app to install.*Note: Some time sitehave advertising video so you should choose the right video thatyou need to download.Don't forget give me any ideas or feedback toimprove the Video Downloader application to better in thefuture.Thank you very much!
Sơn Tùng MT-P Lyrics - Top Hit 2.0 APK
PE Studio
Tổng hợp tất cả những bài hát Hit của Sơn Tùng MT-PBạn là một fanlớn của Sơn Tùng MT-P? Mình cũng là fan của anh Tùng đấy nhé! Bạnmuốn tìm kiếm tất cả các bài hát của anh ấy? Bạn muốn hát theo Anhấy? Anh ấy thật cuồng nhiệt phải không? Và đây là một ứng dụngtuyệt vời tổng hợp tất cả các bài hát mà Sơn Tùng đã ra mắt trướccông chúng. Với ứng dụng này bạn sẽ luôn luôn được cập nhật nhữngbài hát mới nhất cho bạn thưởng thức bao gồm toàn bộ lời nhạc vàxem video của Sơn Tùng bất cú lúc nào. Một điều trên tất cả là ứngdụng hoàn toàn miễn phí trên mọi thiết bị điện thoại thông minhAndroid hay Tablet.🎵 Đơn giản sử dung:✓ Ứng dụng liệt kê toàn bộbài hát trên một màn hình album. Các bài hát như: Lạc Trôi, Nơi NàyCó Anh, Chúng ta không thuộc về nhau, Em của ngày hôm qua, Cơn mưangang qua, Âm thầm bên em, Không phải dạng vừa đâu, Buông đôi taynhau ra, Như ngày hôm qua, Nắng ấm xa dần, Em đừng đi, Khuôn mặtđáng thương, Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về, Thái bình mồ hôi rơi, Anh sai rồi,Đừng về trễ, Làm người luôn yêu em, Tiến Lên Việt Nam Ơi, Bình YênNơi Đâu, Lệ Anh Vẫn Rơi, Em Đâu Đủ Tư Cách, Em Đang Đi Bên Ai Đó,Em Cứ Bước Nếu Vui, Sẽ Mãi Không Quên, Nơi đông đúc, Ừh ! Là ThếĐấy, Anh Không Muốn, Cứ Vội Vàng Đi, Không Như Lời Anh Hứa, StopTime, Sweet Street, ... và còn rất nhiều bài hát nữa.🎵 Giao diệnđẹp và tương thích tốt:✓ Ứng dụng được thiết kế với giao diện dễthương cho các bạn là fan của Sơn Tùng MT-P✓ Tương thích hầu hếttất cả các dòng điện thoại hay tablet của Android.🎵 Miễn phí 100%:✓Không yêu cầu bạn đăng ký để sử dụng với mọi hình thức🎵 Xem bàihát:✓ Bạn chỉ việc nhấn nút Play và xem video chất lượng cao và cóthể vừa nghe vừa hát theo lời bài hát tương ứng với video đangxem.🎵 Hát karaoke Online:✓ Bạn nhấn vào nút biểu tượng Karaoke đểmở bài nhạc nền karaoke. Từ đây bạn có thể hát với bạn bè của bạnnhé.🎵 Cập nhật bài hát:✓ Bài hát sẽ được cập nhật mới nhất hằngngày để phục vụ nhu cầu giải trí của các bạn.Vậy nên bạ còn chờ gìnữa, hãy download ứng dụng ngay để thưởng thức và hát với Sơn TùngMT-P ngay bây giờ.Nếu bạn có bất kỳ ý kiến đóng góp gì thì hãy đánhgiá bình chọn cho sản phẩm hoặc gửi thư về pestudio0502@gmail.comđể chúng tôi nâng cao sản phẩm phục vụ các bạn. Cảm ơn các bạn đãquan tâm và sử dụng! Nếu thấy ứng dụng hay vui lòng chia sẻ bạn bècùng giải trí nhé.Summing up all the songs of Son Tung Hit MT-PYouare a big fan of Son Tung MT-P? I also was a fan of Mr Tung jog!You want to search all of his songs? He wanted to sing along withyou? He's so crazy right? And this is a great app to aggregate allthe songs that Son Tung was released to the public.With this appyou will always be updated with the latest songs for you to enjoyinclude the entire lyrics of Son Tung and watch videos at any time.One thing above all completely free app on any device or smartphoneAndroid Tablet.🎵 simply use:✓ The application lists all the songson an album screen. Songs like: Lac Troi, where this Kingdom, we donot belong together, I yesterday, Rain across, Silently thechildren, not the form of medium where Buông hands apart, As Dayyesterday, Sunshine receding, I do not go, face pitiful, MaybeSomeone Will go, Pacific sweat, you're wrong, do not be late, dopeople always love you, Len Vietnam Oi, Binh Yen pain, Liying StillFalling, Where I qualified, I am walking beside someone, I JustStep If Please, I'll never forget, crowded place, Yeah! The Day is,he does not want, Just hurry, Not As your promise, Stop Time, SweetStreet, ... and many more songs.🎵 beautiful interface andcompatibility:✓ The application is designed with cute interface foryou are a fan of Son Tung MT-P✓ Compatible almost all phones ortablet Android.100% Free 🎵:✓ Do not require you to register for usewith all forms🎵 View song:✓ You just press Play and watchhigh-quality video and can both hear and sing along to the lyricscorresponding to the video watching.🎵 Karaoke Online:✓ Click on theicon button to open the background music Karaoke karaoke. From hereyou can sing with your friends offline.🎵 Update songs:✓ The songwill be the latest updated daily to serve the needs of yourentertainment.So what are we waiting contacts, download the app nowto enjoy and sing with Son Tung MT-P now.If you have any comments,please evaluate what voted for products or send correspondence toour pestudio0502@gmail.com advanced products to serve you.Thank youfor your interest and use! If you see an app or please shareentertainment with friends offline.