1.0 / October 3, 2015
(2.2/5) (4)


Minesweeper Classic Offline

App Information Minesweeper Classic (offline)

  • App Name
    Minesweeper Classic (offline)
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 3, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Night owl 1.0 APK
Night owl can help you prevent from the harmofstrong light at night.Some devices lowest brightness are stillhighso we can make it lower by creating a mask on screen.
Minesweeper Classic (offline) 1.0 APK
Minesweeper Classic Offline
SMS Scheduler 1.0 APK
SMS Scheduler is a simple tool forautomaticsms messages sending with chosen frequency.Have you ever forgotten about sending your mother happybirthdaywishes ? Has your love one ever wanted to break up with youafternot getting any sweet nothings on your anniversary ? Have youeverhoped for tightening up relations with your business partnersbysending them Christmas wishes? Now you can do it in advanceandjust don't trouble with it anymore.
Debt Manager 1.0 APK
Lending money to your friends can getmessy.You can lose track and have disputes over it, or forgetaltogether.With Repay you can keep track of everything you've lentthem, andwhat they've lent you too using a simple, fast system tostore anIOU in your device so you never forget. There's no need tomake anyaccounts or give any bank account information, it's just asimplerecord you keep to make sure you're never out ofpocket.Lending money toyourfriends can get messy. You can lose track and have Disputesoverit, or forget altogether. You can keep track Repay Witheverythingyou've Lent added of, and what they've Lent you too usinga simple,fast system to store an IOU in your device than you neverforget.There's no need to make any accounts or give any bankaccountinformation, it's just a simple record to make sure you keepyou'renever out of pocket.
System Monitor Pro 1.0 APK
SystemMonitorPro is ideal to find out thedevice CPU and memory resources state in real time.It has 2 main options:It can record on a CSV file the read values for a later usageand process on a spreadsheet program.The app can run in the background. Then, the second option isspecially interesting since, in the background, AnotherMonitorconsumes little resources and can monitor and record the CPU andmemory values that other applications are using in theforeground.The app can be closed, and the recording of values can bestarted from the buttons shown in the system bar.In order to get the CPU usage the app does not make use of theTop command from Linux but instead it parses the /proc/stat fileand work out the calculatios with the user and system time.
Decode scanner 1.1 APK
This application is a standalonebarcodescanner.This includes features like :Choose the format to decodeGet the text or number values in the barcodeGet url in the barcodeGet the author and title of bookBrowse history