1.04 / April 1, 2016
(4.5/5) (23)


Mini Metal is a 3D fast paced shooter whereyoucustomize and control your own battle tank! Face off in anarenaagainst wave after wave of unique enemies, destroying themwith yourpowerful weapons! Collect coins and badges, and use themtopurchase, unlock and upgrade new weapons and vehicles! Obtainrareand powerful powerups and special weapons, and crush yourenemies inyour unstoppable metal machine!

Brought to you by Luandun Games Pte. Ltd.

Features :
- Exciting, fast paced tank battles!
- Battle enemies in 3 spectacular arenas!
- Unique abilities for each tank!
- 20+ different types of enemies to face!
- Endless combinations of randomly generated levels that gettougherthe further you go!
- Choose and customize your own vehicle!
- Unlock and upgrade different powerful weapons!
- Achievements to be won!

App Information Mini Metal - Shooter Game

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