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Run and jump your way through endless amount of floors and deadlyup& down moving obstacles at random positions at randomtime!Collect Stars to increase the score faster. Be aRunner.Challenging for your speed and sharpness of mind. Cross roadtoreach another road. Be-aware of hurdles and curve roadwhilecrossing road. 
Original classic bounce with real physics.This isa game where you skate along a path and avoid object byjumpingover them. Willing to go the extra mile to reach theirgoal.
Roll,jump and bounce through many exciting levels fullofadventure.
Make your way through tricky traps and overcomeallhurdles.
Avoid movable doors, jump over platforms andescalators,dodge spikes, and climb over stairs! Tap and Jump abovetheincoming geometry obstacles. 
Try your lucky colored balls toJump.Endless Game play: Be a Runner. Run as much as you can. Passtheobstacles. Collect the Stars. Features: Colorful Floors.RandomSwitching between floors. Speed of player increasesautomaticallyat a constant rate. Different types of up and downmovingobstacles. Level of difficulty increases with time as thespeedincreases. Keyword:switchfloors,jumping,run,endless,roll,bounce,obstacle,jump,Challenge,Tap

App Information Mini Stage Ball

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    Mini Stage Ball
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    August 18, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game's Emperor
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    80, Prabhukrupa Society, Nr.Laxmannagar Pungam Surat
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Let the bottle flip from one table to the next! Do it as manytimesin a row as you can! This is the best Water bottle flipchallengeapp ever. Enjoy this addictive and simple game with realphysics.Match the higher score and compete worldwide with anotherplayersto crown the global leader board! You can unlock a lot ofnewbottles and trails to make them cooler. Customize your bottlestocomplete the daily missions that will make this game funnierthanever! Meet the second bottle flip challenge! Flip the waterbottlein the air and land it upright.
Become the master of flipagain! Inthis game, you have to make the bottle flip from one standtoanother stand. Tap on the screen to make it flip. You will havetobalance it on the stands. Watch out for the falling standsthatwill unbalance the bottle. Keep moving forward and save itfromfalling off. 
As you move further in your path, you will havetoface new challenges. Don’t lose control. You can even selectamongother bottles. Unlock them with the points. How to Play: -Normaltarget : Calculate the angle and strength, and then slidescreen toflip bottle. - Moving target : Be attention to speed ofmovementtargets and then flip bottle at the correct time. ★ NEWManydifferent drink bottle to choose! ★ NEW sounds! ★ NEWStunninggraphics! ★ Realistic physics! ★ Perform amazing flip trickshots!★ Share your personal record with your friends!
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Monkey Jump Run is one of the best jungle runningadventuregame.Jungle Monkey Jump is very hungry. So he is findingfood inthe jungle. But There are many crises in the jungle likesavage,spider, fountain, bouncing flowers and so on.The jungle issodanger. Please help monkey running out of the jungle andcollectmore Apple.Jungle Monkey Run Features:• Great photograph andlovelymonkey• Simple control just running and jumping monkey•Collectfruits like bananas• Cute graphics and sound effects•Precisionjumping game mechanicsJump your way to the top of thejungle inMonkey Jump. Jump from platform to platform collectingbananas andavoiding enemies as you jump your way to the top. Junglemonkeyrun!!! is a simple and really adventurous run game withgoodgraphics and sound effects. Our little monkey runs and escapesfromits cruel circus master to reach its parents in the jungle.Helpthe monkey to run through jungle without be caught by itsoldmaster in circus. Just click the screen to make our littlemonkeyto jump all obstacles and run to its parents in jungle. Thisjunglemonkey run is one of the best adventure game with bestgraphics andcontrolandmusic.Keyword:monkey,jump,jumping,challenge,run,game,high,banana,fruit,Climbing,Adventure
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Tree Ball is a game in which you have to cleverly avoidtreebranches. It’s an ideal solution if you don’t have time toplaylong and time consuming strategic games and you just want tohavesome fun with an enjoyable arcade one.This game is veryinterestingand amazing game with full of Enjoyment. Two ball runparallel whenyou touch change track only one touch. you should playtwo gameparallel and ball save from Obstacles.New cool worlds. Run,roll,jump and bounce to move through the challenging world fullofpuzzles to solve.Roll the Ball , Jump and Bounce throughmultipleexciting levels full of Adventure , make your way throughtrickytraps and be the boss .Features :• Endless Game.• Easy toPlay•Nice sound and graphics • Simple gameplay, just tap and tap.•Highresolution Gameplay.• Single player arcade mode.• Fullyofflinegame• Good time pass game• high graphics game• Game soundon/offare easyTree ball is the best game for child and adults. youcanconcentrate your mind with this game. because two samegameparallel in this game. and save from obstacles on the trackofball.Download this game and enjoy with thisgame.Keyword:Obstacles,tree,ball,skid,Adventurer,rolling,roll,racing,Quest,JumpBall
Knife Rush 1.0 APK
This game children can learn while having fun.
Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slashtheenemy and unlock new knives. Knife and flip are the two thingsyouneed to keep in your mind if you wanna beat others highscoreswithout loosing flip knifes by hitting other swords.Becareful tonot hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions,targetcarefully and become the knife master! Build a collection ofcoldsteel arms, master dozens of levels and show impressive ninjaknifethrowing skills.Knife Hit on ball this game is very amazingandgreat for all people, Time your actions, target carefullyandbecome the knife master! Do you want to avoid knives likeaprofessional? It is possible in this amazing knife game!Improveyour skills and reaction just using your mobile device.GreatKnifeRusher Features:
- One finger control- Great graphics, design-Easyto play, to understand- Great physics to perform - Multi ModeGameEasy,Medium, hardIf you have never played an idleapplicationbefore, the balls that are idle in the actual game maylookslightly smaller. The goal is simply to remove the colorfulballfrom the game board. or you can buy a knife thatautomaticallybounces between balls and slowly cuts the ballwithoutintervention.You should knife hit on ball when ball inmotioncondition. Excellent animation and effects make the game evenmorecolorful and exciting!
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Emoji Hurtle is Very Best And amazing With more fun and Manynewchallenges. One of the best new game of 2018 and one of themostpopular adventure mobile game. • Easy to play, just tapthescreen!. • Unlimited Game Without Level..!! • Super Fun!. • Thisisa trendy game with simple flat graphics design • Game requiresyouto be focused and pay attention to speed of upcoming walls • Ifyoujump too early, you may likely lose the game • Smooth andclearanimation. • Realistic sounds • Incredibly simple controls. •Supergame experience. This Game is Also known as Trap jump emoji.Tap onscreen and save your emoji from walls. It is d Platform Game&very Interesting. It's the best game for Let's Play gaming!Gameplay is very simple, but difficult to pass! Dynamic music,swayyour speed and passion. Emoji Hurtle will take you to the worldofextraordinary Emoji adventure. Easy to master but it becomesmoreaddictive and engaging as you go ahead. Keyword:emoji,hurtle,wall,endlesss,trap,jump,games,game,dead,line,rush,arcade,JumpTrap,dash,tripAdventure
Aircraft War Wings 1.1 APK
Come and feel the power of modern Airplane in air dogfight! Youarethe air traffic controller in command trying to land allairplanessafely on their own runway. Touch an airplane and guide itto thecorrect runway on your airfield. Features : • Top quality2Dgraphics! • Varied and powerful weapons for your aircrafts&jet! • Realistic modern warplanes in real history! •Beautifulenvironments! • Smooth and simple aircraft control system!• Easyto learn hard to master! • Extreme dog fight action in airwarsimulator. • Fulfill air defense responsibility by flyingfighterjet and military helicopter. • Utilize best fighter pilotskills tosave plane • Amazing HD graphics & sound effects. Manapowerful machine gun in an anti-aircraft mission to destroyallenemy combat aircraft as they approach your air strip. AircraftWarWings game allows fighting in the sky. Aircraft War Wings gameis avery fast fighter plane game with nice Sound and music isveryattractive, HD graphics. Aircraft War Wings for everyone.Excellentgraphics effect in the game the Aircraft War Wings gamedesignedand animation is very beautiful Aircraft War Wings Game.AircraftWar Wings game is also known as Galaxy Fighter, Sky War,Air forcegames, Sky Force Reloaded game, Air force surgical Strikegame.
Soldier Fighter 1.0 APK
Super soldier fighter game bring back memories of old schoolarcadegames with numerous adventure. World of this game containswelldesigned levels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay,nicegraphics and soothing music and sounds.Get ready for gettinginto areal action gun combat game to explore your super actioncommandoskills in the modern world. Get your weapons ready for theultimateaction game. Super soldier fighter combines the adrenalineofplatform-style games with the action of 2d shooters.Expertonmartial arts, you are a warrior and you work alone... You arethebest Fighter! That's your creed! And that is the reason why nowthearmy is searching for you: You were a valuable asset withhighlyconfidential information and the soldiers will not let you gosoeasily. They do not want to risk that you share the intel withthepress or with third countries...Be careful though, the rebelsgotsome serious new equipment. Engage into amazing tank battles oringround-to-air tank-helicopter combats. There is a lot ofshootingto be done with the new vehicles and enemies.A popularclassic gameMetal Soldiers:- Beautiful high-resolution graphics-Similarcharacter- Lots of enemies to fight.- Classic weapondesigns.- Easyand intuitive controls with on-screen retrocontroller- Destroyablebricks, blocks and moving platform- Hiddenbonus levels with lotsof classic and modern coins- Classic retroplatform game style-Awesome gameplay similar to retro classicgame.You may find manysparkling gold coins on the road. Do not missthem but collectthem. Once you have gathered 100 coins, you mayexchange them forlife.If You Like This Awesome Game " Super SoldierFighter " JustSupport Us By Rating
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