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Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7 is the best mind booster puzzlevariation game available in the era of live brainstorming games.Sudoku 2016 is all about logical problems & endlessbrainteasers so it will definitely help you to learn and improveyour skills in all vintage diagonal sudoku king puzzles.This newmind booster sudoku live 2016 has the awesome top quality gameplay,vintage graphics and easy interface that makes you never need apaper puzzle again! Sudoku king genius is a logical problems basednumber placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid withdigits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3sub-grids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. Keep track ofyour time while solving each diagonal problem. Beat your ownrecord. Bring your friends & family and beat them to be theultimate brainstorming puzzle king.Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7live board game has a easy hint system, it'll teach you all theskills you need to solve the brainstorming puzzle with every steps,and the instructions are very easy to understand, also with helpfulanimations and colorful visual effects. The fill in notes featureof this type of vintage games will not tell you the answer to thesudoku variation, but it will help you to understand why aparticular move is. In the easy mode it'll be with you whetheryou're completely new to this game, or the way to the expert inlogical problems.Free download the new Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7on your android device. The best mind booster logical problems of2016 in one vintage diagonal sudoku live puzzle!!!You will neverneed any other brainstorming number puzzle Games!!!Because thisparticular Sudoku king Genius game have provided you With more than1000 puzzles!!!Special Features of Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7:•Five different mind booster difficulty levels : Easy, Medium, hard,extreme and nightmare.• First time launch hints.• Fill in notesfeature.• Over 1000 of logical problems to solve.• Auto save yourgame - Avoid missing your progress.• Unlimited Undo/Redo.• Vintageinterface and input system.• Cell first and digit first inputsystem.• Support play by eliminating value.• Diagonal logicalvariation checking.• Anytime restart feature for all mind booster2016 puzzle games.Want a classic brainstorming teaser game? Playthis. This standard diagonal board puzzle 2016 offer you the bestlogical problem games. This particular sudoku puzzle has thedesired variation in its gameplay unlike other old games. We triedto do something new other then same old trivia tricks. You willfind yourself highly addicted to this new advanced board game.Finish all the puzzles, be the genius sudoku king.If you like theMini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7 live puzzle variation game please takea moment to rate it. Your honest reviews help us making better apps& games.

App Information Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7

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    Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7
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    July 15, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    CritterMap Software LLC
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Red Lava Analog Watch Face APK
The Red Lava Analog Watch Face is a luminous stylish watch thatglows with its elegant design. From the Pacific Ring of Fire, comesa simple tic toc watch with a warm, soft glow that reminds you ofdark summer nights gathered around an active lava flow to keepwarm. Decorate your mobile phone screen with an awesome interactiveclock face. If you like a cool smartwatch face on your phone wallthat tells you the exact time, date & also work as a pedometerthen you will be definitely amazed by this awesome luminous watchapp. Download the amazing Red Lava Analog Watch Face on google playstore at 0.99USD only. Once installed, check Android Wear app onyour phone to find the Analog Stylish Clock and choose "Red Lava".Or long click on your watch to choose it from there. So simple touse, you may not need this description. You probably know all thisinformation from looking at the picture already. Get it today &enjoy the analog tic toc watch. With amazing photo-realistic HDquality, Analog Clock Face will make your eyes glare. Our stylishwatch app will transform your phone into envy-making item withAnalog Smartwatch and Live Pedometer within the Luminous ClockCollection. Features of Red Lava Analog Watch Face: *RoundSmartwatch Face for watches like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R*Square Interactive Clock Face for those like the Gear Live, LG G,Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus Zenwatch *Warm, soft red glow of lava onthe perimeter of each Luminous Clock *Day of Week *Day of Month*The Analog Clock Face shows the battery charge as a percentage *Atlow power, this specific Analog Smartwatch enters the Ambient modefor extended battery life Time This interactive clock face forAndroid Wear does what you've come to expect your analog smartwatchto do: tell time. This is done with an analog tic toc watch likethose you have seen on the wall and may have learned to read ingrade school. It has an hour, a minute hand, and when in activemode, shows a second hand that ticks. Day This smartwatch facegives you the day of the month. Not just the day of the month, butalso the day of the week in convenient three letter format. Notstopping there, it tells you which day just ended and which one iscoming next. So hurry up & download this awesome interactiveclock face now. Battery Want to know how the battery of yourAndroid Wear Smartwatch is holding up without additional clicks?See the battery gauge right on the interactive clock face,including both a percentage and a circle for emphasis. Moreimportant than knowing your battery life is conserving your batterylife. For this reason, the stylish luminous clock shows a simplerview in ambient mode, which your tic toc watch is in most of thetime you are not looking at it. This gives you the greatest chanceof getting a full day or more of battery life from your Red LavaAnalog Watch Face. To install on newer watches, look for Playstoreon the watch and find the link that says "Apps From My Phone". Whenlooking for an analog clock face with a red accent color, look nofurther. If you don't have an Android Wear Watch, move along.Otherwise, get this stylish tic toc watch and bask in its glowtoday.
Sunrise Sunset Watch Face 1.6 APK
This Watch Face for Android Wear allows you to see the sunrise andsunset times for the day,as well as twilight periods. You can seeat a glance the daylight you have left and when to expect thesunrise or sunset. Sunlight Watch Face is meant for an Android wearsmartwatch such as Asus ZenWatch, LG G, Sony Smartwatch 3, Moto360, Samsung Gear Live. To choose the new Watch Faces, choose it inthe Wear app on your phone, or Long Click on the watch face on thewatch. You should see "Sunrise Sunset" as one of the choices.Please allow some time after downloading for it to show up there.It is not intended for those that are not Android Wear watches,such as Gear 2 or Gear S or Pebble. It does not have any widget forphone or tablet, but a similar watch, Sunlight Watch Face andWidget, does. The daylight clock shown is calculated based on yourrough location, current time, and a great deal of math. No need forconstant retrieval from the internet or sunset calendar. Think ofit as a sunrise and sunset calculator in graphical form. Thefollowing information is shown on the watch:-The time in analogformat-The time in digital format-The Day of the week-The Date-Abattery symbol showing the battery life left on your watch. Colorhighlights around the edge of the dial illustrate the solar day. Itincludes: -The daylight hours highlighted in light blue-CivilTwilight Period - yellow preceding sunrise and orange followingsunset-Nautical Twilight Period - dark blue before or after CivilTwilight-Astronomical Twilight - shown in purple. -Nighttime hours-shown as dark. There are three common subcategories of twilight,represented on the sunrise sunset clock (summarized fromWikipedia):Civil Twilight is a time when the sun is below thehorizon, but there is generally enough light to carry out outdooractivities without artificial light. The brightest stars becomevisible as this ends. In Nautical Twilight, the horizon isindistinct, and general outlines of land features can be seen, Itis considered to end when navigation by the horizon at sea is nolonger possible. Astronomical Twilight may appear to be fully dark.Point sources of light such as stars are easily observable at itsbeginning, but dimmer sources, like distant galaxies, are onlyvisible as it ends. Now that your Android Wear watch tells yousunrise and sunset times, you can use that information to supportyour outdoor activities. Use it to determine hunting times, fishingtimes, hiking times, or photography times. Any activity whichrelies on a certain amount of sunlight should be enhanced.Recommended for Landscape photography. Use to find the time of agreat sunset or the time of a great sunrise. Take pictures orsimply enjoy the rising or setting of the sun. Watch the sunset orsunrise. The watch face has an alternate face for dim/ambient modeto save battery life. This is a 12 hour clock face depictingsunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.Before noon, itwill be a sunrise calculator, and after noon, a sunsetcalculator.Get this Sunrise Sunset Watch Face for Android Weartoday!
Digital LED Watch Face 1.5 APK
Digital Watch face with a customizable color LED look. Supportssquare Android Wear watches such as the Gear Live, Asus Zenwatch,Sony Smartwatch 3, or LG G.Support round Android Wear watches suchas the LG G R, Moto 360, or LG Urbane.Configuration options areavailable on the Android Wear app on the phone.Features•Timeincluding Hour and Minute•Date inluding Month,Day, and Year•Secondsshown in interactive mode•Battery indicator•Phone BatteryIndicator•Daily Step Counter•Round Screen Support•Square ScreenSupportConfiguration•20 colors available•Choose outline mode orsolid, ie Color on Black or Black on Color• Choose title of watch,anything from "Waterproof LED" to "Not the AppleWatch"Configuration is done through. LED stands for light emittingdiode, and has been popular for years as the style for clock radiosand other numerical timepieces. A digital watch is often preferredfor information at a glance. Get this Digital LED Watch Face forAndroid Wear today.
Sundial Solar Clock- Analemma 3.6 APK
The sunlight & lunar phase calendar is a schedule calculatorapp for sun or moon seeker people. It’s a day night watch thatindicates the next summer or winter solstice, the exact sunrise& sunset times of the day, moonrise & moonset times andtwilight periods. You can see at a glance how much sunlight timeyou have left and check out the solar lunar phase calendar. Its avaluable sunshine watch for a professional photographer becausethis particular sun moon calculator can indicate the golden hourfor photography.Download the Sundial Solar Clock- Analemma intoyour android wear or as a widget for your android device &calculate when dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk occurs, depending onlocation and time of year. The solar calendar feature in this appcomputes astronomical times as well as physical and ephemeris datafor the sun and the moon in real-time.Sundial Solar Clock- Analemmais meant for an Android wear smartwatch such as Asus ZenWatch, LGG, Sony Smartwatch 3, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live. It is notintended for those that are not Android Wear watches, such as Gear2 or Gear S or Pebble. This sunlight & lunar phase calendar appmonitoring your day night schedule can also work on a Androiddevice without a watch.The following information is shown on theSundial Solar Clock- Analemma:-Sunrise or sun schedule - yellowdot-Sunset schedule - red dot. -The lunar phase schedule.-Twilighttimes: times of varying degrees of sunlight before sunrise or aftersunset.-Ephemeris data on summer and winter solstice. -This sunmoon seeker calculator provides great deal of function involvingcalculation of Golden Hour.Details about the sun-The sunshine watchindicates the dawn, first appearance of light in the sky beforesunrise today. It marks at what time does the Sunrise starts andends for the day. It keeps track of morning Golden Hour also knowas the Magic Hour, its the best time to take Photographs in themorning, a period shortly after sunrise and before sunset. Thesunlight calendar & calculator provides you the exact ephemerisdata time at which the sunset starts and ends no matter what its ahot summer or cold winter day or an regular solstice.Details aboutthe moon-This sun moon schedule plus calculator app is not justabout daylight & sunshine at all. Its a day night watch, so itkeeps a pretty good tab on lunar schedule also. This app is of agreat value for moon seeker individuals who loves the lunar beauty.You can track moonrise and moonset and moonphase time with thissunlight & lunar phase calendar.Details about twilighthours-There are three common subcategories of twilight, representedon our solar lunar phase calendar (summarized from Wikipedia):CivilTwilight is a time when the sun is below the horizon, but ephimerisdata shows there is enough day light to carry out outdooractivities.In Nautical Twilight, the horizon is indistinct, andgeneral outlines of land features can be seen.Astronomical Twilightis also indicated by our sunshine day night watch. It may appear tobe fully dark like at night. Point sources of light such as starsare easily observable at its beginning.Details about summer &winter solstice(according to Wikipedia)-A solstice is anastronomical event that occurs twice each year (in June andDecember) as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursionrelative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. Oursunshine solar calendar watch indicates both summer & wintersolstice timely.Sundial Solar Clock- Analemma is recommended forGolden Hour photography & Lunar Schedule for Moon SeekerSociety-Use the sun moon schedule plus calculator app to find theexact time of golden hour or ephimeris data of the moon. Takepictures or simply enjoy the beauty of moonlight if you are a truenatural beauty seeker.If you like the Sundial Solar Clock- Analemmaandroid wear sunlight calendar then please take time to rate it.
Material Analog Watch Face 1.2 APK
Simple, Material Design themed analog watch face with choice ofcolorsThis is an analog watch face with a choice of colors for theminute and hour hand. Look at the position of these hands to findthe time of day.You can choose the color of the hands for this analog watch faceusing the config from the Android Wear App.Besides the hands, this contains bubbles to showinformation.The left bubble contains a symbol for the current weather. Theright bubble contains the expected temperature in degrees.In addition, two bubbles show the percentage of battery life forthe watch and the connected phone.The goal of Material Design, according to Google, is "Create avisual language that synthesizes classic principles of good designwith the innovation and possibility of technology and science."The benefit of the design is a simple, clean, flat look that issoft and pleasing to the eye.To save battery life, the watch will go into ambient mode at theproper time, using a simpler, darker design.Get this material, analog watch face for Android Wear today!
Air Hockey Penguin:Frozen Bird 1.7 APK
Award winning frozen ice Air Hockey game with penguins, arcade gameaction and quick fun!Play on tablet or phone by yourself or against the person next toyou.Recommended by AppGoVideo.com.Its always ice age in Antarctica where flappy penguins playfrozen ice games among the snow and rocks. On ice and air, thesepenguins run, glide, and race for the puck. If you like to seepenguins racing, flying, or gliding, try this penguins game.Featuring graphics talent from Donna Marie L. Magadia!These frozen birds can be flappy birds, floppy birds, or clumsybirds. It all depends on how you play.-Includes three air hockey games:-Penguins play on frozen Antarctica ice with winter snow and rocks.Cute and fun for kids of any ice age.-Neon Glow: hockey in the dark with high speed glow effects. Newoutfits look like Tron birds.-Classic board: for a hockey game on deluxe hardwood.-Feel the air hockey action: Integrated with Immersion TactileEffects-Sound effects and arcade game style music.-Gameplay based on realistic physics-Sparks, snow, glow, and other particle effects-1 Player gameplay against the AI Penguin or mallet.-2 Player gameplay against someone on the same tablet or phone.You don't need an air hockey table. Play air hockey on tabletfree. Play air hockey free on your phone for the ultimate inportable play. Optimized for Intel processors as well, for a speedyair hockey tablet. Play at home or at a penguin diner.Winner of awards at Intel Codefest and AnDevCon.These penguins are not affiliated with the Pittsburg hockey teamor any other team from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League.Air Hockey Penguins can be fun in the frozen winter, the iceage, or any time of year. You don't have to get your own table orgo to an arcade for the ultimate frozen Air Hockey game. Playnow!