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Are you an admirer of minimalist homes? Well, if inspirationalminimalist interiors is what you are in search for, this post isguaranteed to give you the best ideas currently available outthere! We put together a list with some of the most elegantprojects presented so far, each of them characterized by simpledecors and functionality. Often defined as reducing an object intoits basic necessities, minimalism is also a term that characterizesa popular modern architecture and design current.Most of theminimalist homes presented in this post are located in beautifulnatural settings; some of the projects open up to their environmentwith the help of massive windows, offering unobstructed views. Theoverall interior arrangements let out an impression of soberness,yet in some examples this feeling is diminished by some well chosendetails. Small vividly-colored decorative objects or the presenceof wood are just some of the ways you can add cheerfulness to aminimalist modern home. Enjoy the photos and if any of themtriggers the need for more, just click the link below and it willtake you to the original post. Enjoy!Clutter is one of the greatestsources of stress in a home space. Adopting a minimalist approachwill not only bring order to your home, it will give it astreamlined and organized appeal. Though you may need to first gothrough your home to purge items that you don't use or wantanymore, the result is a stress-less home environment. "Conceal asmuch stuff as you can behind cabinets, or in a series of tastefulboxes or baskets.Lots of colors and designs can appear busy andeven give the feel that your walls and furniture are a cacophonyrather than comfortable living space. Choose a single color orcolor theme to bring minimalist harmony to your home. "If you havea monochromatic space and are using one dominant color on all keypieces of furniture, it's important to alter textures within thecolor for contrast and interest,". "If you have more than onecolor, stick to your color story and don't vary from it. Repeat itthroughout the space to tie everything together for a cohesive,consistent palette.""Balance is very important to pay attention toin minimalist design," explains Moreau. "Arrange pillows, artworkor lamps in flanking pairs or asymmetrically to one side." Thiswill make a big difference in how you perceive the space if theplacement of items builds off each group through balance orjuxtaposition. If this concept is hard to grasp, consult aninterior designer or do an Internet search for "minimalist homedecorating" or "minimalism" for specific decorating ideas.Love yoursofa? Make it the center of attention in your living room. "Alwayshave a focal point, such as a centrally placed piece of furniture,from which every other element radiates out," Moreau says. Tofollow the minimalist principle, the interior designer recommendsthinking of your room as a grid and being aware of the vertical andhorizontal lines you are introducing within it with furniture,objects, art, color, etc. "The understated control of this elementcan be very powerful."

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