1.39 / December 9, 2019
(4.7/5) (40,351)


AWAKEN, MY MASTER! -- The call of beautiful servants from anotherworld Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of humanhistory, and you are finally awakened, master! Over 100 beautifulservants who are reincarnated from the DNA of great figures inhistory have gathered together with courage and hope. Now, pleaselead your servants to re-open the Time Gate to crusade againstLucifer and save Mirage Memorial! In the meantime, your bond withthe servants is officially formed... [50 vs. 50 World War on OneGlobal Server] Challenge opponents from all parts of the globe onyour adventure, lead your alliance to win 50 vs. 50 massive globalfights, collect the best servants, and become the champion playerof the world! Communicate and play with players from around theworld in a social system with high degree of freedom! [InteractClosely with 100+ Servants in a Live 2D System] Command over 100beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and westernheroes! The cute and lovely girl "Gabriel", the domineering lady"Hammurabi", the young and active maiden "Athena"... Collect andtrain them for big surprises! Every servant is finely portrayed andgiven unique character settings and stats! [Unique "Merc System"]Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win!In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in over 300different lineups! You can craft exclusive weapons for yourservants, and deploy them tactically and freely to win! [BackyardDating] Each master in Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard,where he can trigger private stories, interact closely with theservants, or invite them to a cafe or a spa. Master, now it is timeto start your happy life by going on over 101 adventures of love.[Top Japanese Cast] Super Cast for the servants. A GreatPerformance for Voice Lovers! Hades CV:Hanazawa Kana Edward TeachCV:Sakura Ayane Susanowo CV:Kugimiya Rie Isabella CV:Kayano Ai SethCV:Yuuki Aoi Facebook fans page:https://www.facebook.com/MirageMemorialGlobal Contact us:customer_service@efun.com

App Information Mirage Memorial Global

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    Mirage Memorial Global
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  • Updated
    December 9, 2019
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    Address:Flat/Rm.1 3/F ASSUN PACIFIC CENTRE NO.41 TSUN YIP STREET KWUN TONG KL Hong Kong Email:hkefun@gmail.com
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Mirage Memorial Global Version History

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  • 1.39 (39) - Latest Version

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Mirage Memorial Global 1.39 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named 'main.39.com.gp.seyw.global.obb' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.
Dinasti Naga 4.2.2 APK
Permainan Strategi Samkok SLG terbaik ABAD ini, Tantang bataskemampuanmu dan satukan dunia! Permainan strategi Card Game samkokterbaik didunia! Permainan Agresif, kecantikan para selir tiadatanding, kuasailah dunia dan rasakan pengalaman terbaru yang belumpernah ada! Top 1 Strategi: Bosan dengan game samkok yang gitu-gituaja? Sistem strategi terbaik + Selir cantik + Fitur chat terbaikabad ini, jawabannya hanya ada di Dinasti Naga. Top 1 Grafik:Grafik dengan kualitas gambar terbaik dan tampak nyata! Bahkanuntuk melukis seorang GuanYu dengan muka merah dan kumis yang luarbiasa membutuhkan waktu 1 tahun dan dilukis oleh 50 orang maestroseni!! Top 1 Musik: Bosan dengan suara orang berperang yang hanya“Hiya, Ciat, Wa, Wush!!”? Jawabannya ada di ! Disini suara merdupara wanita cantik akan selalu menemanimu untuk berjuang menyatukandunia loh! Top 1 Sistem: HP lemot saat main game? Tenang saja, gameini menggunakan sistem permainan termutakhir di abad ini, gak pakailemot! Hp apapun bisa memainkannya! Top 1 Sistematis: Bosen dengansistem permainan “yang bayar yang kuat”? NO NO NO ....disini kamuakan merasakan keseimbangan, kamu juga bisa kompetitif tanpa harusmengeluarkan sepeserpun!!! Keunikan dari : 1. Pengalaman komunikasiyang paling praktis, bisa chat pakai suara. 2. Sistem game terbarupaling canggih, yang belum pernah ada sebelumnya. 3. Persainganyang sangat epik dan seru dengan jutaan pemain lainnya Dilengkapidengan Fitur PvP paling Modern abad ini: PvP 1Vs1: Perkuat Formasikalian dan tantang Raja-raja terkuat lainnya! Ambil Tahta SUPREMASIABADI!! PvP 3Vs3: Bermain bersama pasti lebih Asyik~ Ayo ajak Temanbermain bersama dan jadilah Tim Terkuat!!! Game Strategi Perangyang sangat seru dengan sistem PVP terbaru dan pertama kali ada didunia. Lebih dari ribuan Jendral terkenal dan tidak lupa diwarnaiunsur Indonesia lho! Satu-satunya game yang tidak boleh dilewatkan!Serbu..! Serbu..!! Serbu..!!! Pantang Mundur Hubungi kami:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efundinastinaga Wikia:http://id.dinasti-naga.wikia.com/wiki/Dinasti_Naga_Wikia Email:dinastinaga@gmail.com Strategy games Samkok SLG's best ABAD,Challenge your limits and unite the world! Game Card Game samkokbest strategy in the world! Aggressive game, the concubines ofunparalleled beauty, mastering the world and experience the latestthat has never existed! Top 1 Strategy: Tired of the game samkokare so-so wrote? The best strategy system + beautiful + Concubinebest chat feature of this century, the answer is only in Nagadynasty. Top Chart 1: Graphics with the best image quality andlooks real! Even to paint a GUANYU with a red face and a mustacheextraordinary takes 1 year and 50 the maestro painted by art !! Top1 Music: Bored with sounds of war are simply "Hiya, CIAT, Wa, Wush!!"? The answer is in! Here the sweet sound of beautiful women willalways be with you to strive to unite the world loh! Top 1 System:HP slow when playing games? Relax, this game uses the latest gamesystem in this century, not disposable slow! Hp anything can play!Top 1 Systematic: I'm bored with the game system "that pay strong"?NO NO NO .... here you will feel the balance, you also can becompetitive without having to spend a penny !!! Reviews Theuniqueness of: 1. Experience the most practical communication, canuse voice chat. 2. The most advanced system is the latest game,which has never existed before. 3. Competition is very epic andexciting with millions of other players Reviews Equipped with themost modern PvP feature of this century: PvP 1Vs1: Strengthen yourformation and challenge other powerful kings! Take Throne SUPREMACYABADI !! 3vs3 PvP: Playing together is definitely more Fun ~ Let'sinvite friends to play together and be the Strongest Team !!!Strategy War Game is a very exciting with the latest PVP system andthe first in the world. More than thousands and do not forget thefamous General colored elements of Indonesia know! The only gamenot to be missed! Attack ..! Attack .. !! Attack .. !!! PersistentContact us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efundinastinagaWikia: http://id.dinasti-naga.wikia.com/wiki/Dinasti_Naga_WikiaEmail: dinastinaga@gmail.com
Legendary-5v5 MOBA game 1.0.60 APK
1. New main interface2. Add Player Clan system3. Open Ladder4. More new heroes and skins5.Optimizing other functionsThe best MOBA game in 2017. One minute to become legendary!“First Blood, GANK, Penta Kill, ACE… …”Yes! Legendary is the most popular MOBA game in 2016. Play 5v5battles with the global players. Just one minute, you can becomethe legendary in the game. Do not hesitate to show off yourstrategies and manipulation! GANG UP!! Gather your friends to playtogether! Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select. TheGroup Battle is on! What are you waiting for? Come and get theFirst Blood![Game Feature]-5v5 battles10 Man Battles, 5v5 real-time battles against millions of otherplayers! Strategically defeat your enemies on all new interactivemaps!-One minute to become legendary.It’s so easy to play and will not take you a lot of time. You canbe the legendary within one minute. Eight minutes, you can finishthe game.-GANG UP. Fight with your friends.You can gather your friends in a team to fight against otherplayers. Where are your bros? Bring them in!-Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select.Mechs, Ancient defenders, Legend heroes… … There are so manygorgeous heroes’ skins are waiting for you-Not just PVP, but also PVE.There are also many combat modes for you to fight. It will never beboring![Contact Us]Offical Website:legendary.efunen.comOffical Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EfunLegendary/Customer Service:customer_service04@efun.comGM Wechat ID:efunyxry
Bomb Me 2.0.3 APK
★New version and new sever are coming. Comewith us!!!★★There's no doubt that playing such a nice game on summer holidayis very fantastic!★★Come and join Ranking match for iPhone5!!!★Who's ready to pass through the Fairy tale trail (witch, princess,King, Frog prince and Snow White… )?Have you ever wanted to play DDTank on your smart phone? Join us inBomb Me!Girls love this game. Show off your shooting skills and make girlsgo crazy!New version coming! Why not join us to have fun and enjoy some coolstuff at a great discount for one crazy day?What people are saying:It is an amazing game; It is the best shooting game that I haveever played. I love it! I got very nice, addictive and thrillingexperience.It is no doubt a very good time pass. One of the best game and oneof my favorite time pass. RF.I love this game!!! It's amazing!!!Bomb Me and my phone are like peas and carrots. They're delicioustogether.Features:★Amazing-looking and special attack with terrific graphic andeffect.★Over 1000 types of sweet weapons.★Play and date with beauties and get married.★Easy and fun to play and the graphic is very amazing.★Recommended by over 100 casual game sites.HOW TO PLAY:1. Tap on the screen and drag to aim your shoot, and release toshoot.2. Tap right-bottom button to set the power and release toshoot.3. Gear yourself up in the shop.Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews:http://www.facebook.com/vsplaybmhttps://twitter.com/BombmeMeFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us bybusiness@efun.com
Hero Dream 3.2.0 APK
PLAY FOR FREE! NO.1 HOT & HIT GAME! Beready to join the fantasy world in Hero Dream! There are gorgeousscenes and various special effects of the battle! Card collection,fantastic hero evolve ways, competition or cooperation withmassively multiplayer, all this factors make the game easy tolearn, but difficult to master! More fun, more surprise! Couldn’twait any more? Let’s explore this mysterious land now!Players' Comments:★ "What an easy to play but not easy to reject game!"★ "Hero Dream is so interesting and lots of unknown things. It’salso made me "I never feel lonely in Hero Dream. Tens of thousandsof players are online at the same time!"THE NEW VERSION FEATURES:★New function: "Combo Skill". Combo heroes will activate comboskill during the battle. More than100 different Combo Skill!★New function: "Cross Server Guild Mine". Conquer the Crystal Minein Demon Battleground to collect Guild Resource.★New function: "Destiny Shop". No more Destiny Spin and just buywhat you want in Destiny Shop!★ New Function: “Jewelry Combination”. Jewelry can be upgraded toSuper Jewelry Card★New System: "Goal System". 7 Days Goals! Complete all the goalsand get a powerful 5-Star Hero.★New Heroes with awesome skill!★ Optimize functions. Unlock 2 Warehouse Slot each Level.FEATURES★ More than 140 heroes★ Rich and engrossing story line★ Interactive communication★ PLAY FOR FREE, vast rewards to claim★ Highly strategic collocation of the heroes.★ Dynamic skeletal animation system makes the battle more vivid andrealNone of any games would be able to challenge this game! As astrategic card game, Hero Dream is full of surprises andchallenges!Not everything is about power, Hero Dream requires quick wit andcareful planning. What you accomplish will only be limited by yourdesire and determination! Come and show your wisdom and courage.You are the super hero in the Hero Dream!Already a fan of Hero Dream? Like us on Facebook for the latestnews: https://www.facebook.com/vsplayhdFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us bybusiness@efun.com
媚姬Online-跨服争霸 2.0.0 APK
❤❤ 最具人气的策略RPG手游巨献--《媚姬Online》火辣上线 ❤❤【想体验独特妖姬系统带给你的欲火焚身吗?想坐拥江山傲视三国吗?谁说鱼与熊掌不可兼得?!《媚姬Online》就让你江山美人皆可掌握!你还等什么?!】★马上就带着属于你的七大美人清凉上阵,一起度过热情似火的时光★-------------------------------------------------------------------------------一个动作即可带您回到烽火四起的乱世三国,天香国色任您摆布,英雄豪杰上阵征讨八方!更多丰富多彩活动详情,敬请关注《媚姬Online》游戏官方粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/efunmj ●众多三国名将供您组合,打造属于您的最强队伍! ● 妖姬入得厨房出得厅堂,共赴战场助您一战成名! ●经典战役任务等您征讨,群雄争夺只为万世流芳! ● 华丽战斗技能闪耀夺目,再现沙场硝云弹雨景象! ●丰厚战役宝藏随手可得,武装上阵成为盛世霸主! 【游戏特色】 ○ 武将系统:三国武将齐聚于此向您俯首称臣,调兵遣将统领群雄独霸江山! ○妖姬系统:美人后宫与您共枕同眠,燃点欲望之火,战场共同决战挡路敌寇! ○技能系统:特效技能炫丽呈现金戈铁马激战场景,主动招数威风凛凛,天赋技能如虎添翼! ○养成系统:猛将养成令武将潜能激发,妖姬培育共同扫荡战场! ○ 专属系统:名将传记开启各项神兵利器奇珍异宝丰富武将玩法提高战斗力! ○图腾系统:点亮星宿图腾武将属性得以全面发挥,战斗力更上一层楼! ○风林火山:疾如风,徐如林,侵掠如火,不动如山。资源调配考您神机谋略赢尽天下战役! ○军团系统:佣兵天下,称霸群雄。集结兄弟,凝聚力量。以贡献论功行赏,群策群力得转生秘宝! ○邀请系统:独乐乐不如众乐乐,Facebook共邀好友煮酒论英雄赢取丰厚奖励! ★☆结合排位策略、武将培养、三国剧情于一身的RPG玩法,名将专属神兵利器开启无限潜能,天赋技能扭转乾坤,星宿图腾属性提升让您打造一支只属于您的超群队伍!☆★----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------☞征战沙场如有疑问,请通过Facebook官方粉丝页给我们留言。妖艳媚姬将常伴您左右,为您解决燃眉之急哦!欢迎加入《媚姬Online》充满艳遇的战场! Facebook粉丝团:https://www.facebook.com/efunmjYou Tube视频: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUMbIpQDdMU如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:business@efun.com ❤❤ most popular strategy RPGtour Juxian hand - on the hot line ❤❤ "Mei Ji Online" [Enchantresswant to experience the unique system brings you horny it? Threesitting disdain country want it? Who can not have both fish andbear's paw? ! "Mei Ji Online" Empress and the Warriors Jieke letyou master! What are you waiting for? ! ] ★ belong to youimmediately took seven beauty cool battle, solicitous of time spenttogether ★ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An action can take you back to thechaos of the Three flames everywhere, you are at the mercy of anyFantasy national colors, heroes battle crusade Plus! More colorfulevent details, so stay tuned, "Mei Ji Online" game official fanpage: https: //www.facebook.com/efunmj ● many three star for yourportfolio, create your strongest team! ● Enchantress into thekitchen out of the hall, ride a famous battle battlefield to helpyou! ● classic battle tasks your crusade, warlords compete only forthe Greatest Story Ever Told! ● gorgeous fighting skills glitz,reproduce battlefield scene nitrate cloud hail of bullets! ● hugecampaign treasure readily available, armed battle to become Primeoverlord! [Game Features] ○ generals system : the three generalsgathered here you vanquish their plans to dominate the country toguide the pack! ○ Enchantress System : Sleeping beauty temple withyou fellows, lighted the fire of desire, common battlefield battleinvaders out of the way! ○ skill system : special effects dazzlingpresentation skills armored cavalry battle scene, the initiativetricks majestic, natural skills become more! ○ develop a system :Reggie order to develop the potential of excited generals,Enchantress foster joint raids battlefield! ○ proprietary systems :famous biography rich treasures open the magic weapon to improvethe combat effectiveness of the generals play! ○ totem system :illuminated totem stars generals property to give full play,fighting a higher level! ○ Furinkazan : lightning-fast wind, XuRulin, invaders fire, do not move a mountain. God machineprovisioning test your strategy to win the battle to make theworld! ○ Legion system : mercenary world, dominate the pack.Assembled brothers, gathering strength. To contribute reward, teamwork was reincarnated Mibao! ○ Invitation System : Better Togetheralone, Facebook friends were invited to cooking wine Heroes winhuge rewards! ★ ☆ combined qualifying strategy, generals culture,the story in one of the three RPG gameplay, exclusive famous magicweapon that open up infinite potential, natural skills to turnthings around, the stars totem property promotion allows you tocreate a superior only part of your team! ☆ ★---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☞ swords if in doubt, please the officialFacebook fan page to our message. Mei Ji sexy will oftenaccompanied by your side, to solve your urgent needs Oh! Welcome to"Mei Ji Online" full Aventure battlefield! Facebook fans: https://www.facebook.com/efunmj You Tube Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUMbIpQDdMU If business cooperationintention, welcome to email us: business@efun.com
Ancient Fear 1.9.2 APK
The peak of RPG in 2015 comes to you!With fantastic 3D frames, Ancient Greek mythology will be shown inyour eyes. You will be totally shocked by the new magic world whichis with carefree operation system and amazing battle.〓〓〓One finger to control perfectly 〓〓〓Slide to dodge easilyMove with releasing skills〓〓〓Guardian Fights With You〓〓〓To be Athena, Zeus or Goddess of the Dawn? It’s your choice.Diverse guardians and buff as you like.〓〓〓The normal equipment can be the most powerful〓〓〓The instance gives your equipment and make it stronger.You can obtain additional attribution after collecting set.〓〓〓Group Battle, Exclusive Instance, PVP〓〓〓One on One battle, group of monsters can be beat down easily.Exclusive instance of team and alliance, gather your friends andFight.PVP qualifier, Guardian will fight together.〓〓〓Fashion And Skill As You Like〓〓〓Diverse skills and serial attack as you want.Special fashion system to create exclusive constellation set※※※Warriors! Set foot on the journey to save the world with yourcomrades!※※※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunaf
Fairy Legends 1.10.05 APK
◆◇Top the Korean Mobile Game Rank List◇◆Classical love ARPG, 2015 Grand English Version is officiallyreleased!Features:◆Particular Bidirectional Skill Tree System—Four professions andeight sides of growth◆Hundreds of realistic magic scene: From glacier to volcano,fantastic scene with super strong sense of immersion leads you toexperience extreme magic.◆Heart-shaking stereo: Different scene matches with different styleBGM. Put on your headset, or miss the surround melody.◆All kinds of Map with powerful Boss: Volume Maps + Legendary Boss.Extreme PVE to challenge your own limit◆Multiplayer In-Progress Battle: 100VS100 without any pressure!Multiplayer In-Progress Battle. Never stop fighting!◆Amazing Tower Defense Fight: Monsters come wave after wave.Survive for 100 waves and you will be the real man!◆Fresh across Server PK: Invincibility in your server already?Fight cross server with other stronger to become the finalKing!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【Profession introduction 】▼Knight Weapons: sword Defense system: with the highest HP and defense capability Fury series: strong attack output, become invincible equipped withcrit▼Ranger: Weapon: fist Defend series: control the field in a short-distance war, providethe powerful BUFF help. Assassination series: broke out in a short-distance war, has theoutstanding personal abilities.▼Master Weapons: sickle Elemental series: Remote outbreak, groups Terminator Evil series: use voodoo curse to torture the enemy to death▼God messenger Weapons: short stick Divine series: a center providing cure and supply for a team Arcane series: emphasis on destruction, can control the fieldremotely-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Large-scale magic MMORPG mobile game, sweeping around Asia, hasthe most beautiful scene and super cool PK system! HD Particle FlowTechnology presents the wonderful frames to challenge your visuallimit. Colorful Mount, Novel Map, Fierce Battle Fight and ArdentTeam War are waiting for you! Particular Bidirectional Skill TreeSystem, Four Professions, Eight Sides of Growth, Different Activeand Passive Skill Formation help you to forge your own king! Stopthinking! Action right now!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/413574668818709Customer Service E-mail: customer_service03@efun.comIf having any business cooperation purpose, please feel free tocontact us via: business@efun.com
天龙八部3D-Efun金庸正版授权手游 1.336.0.1 APK
《天龙八部3D》全新亮相!降龙十八掌称霸武林,决战雁门关,激战辽兵重温经典剧情。青衫磊落险峰行,凌波微步月华明。胡汉恩仇多少事,千杯男儿战豪英。武林中风云涌动,大理皇室子弟段誉偷逃出游,奇遇稀世武功;丐帮副帮主离奇死亡引出乔峰身世之谜。大敌当前,谁来终止这场中原浩劫!游戏亮点:【场景】雪景苏州:唯美主城带你领略苏杭美景【职业】四大职业:少林、天山、逍遥、大理,门派技能经典复现,全民武侠走江湖【副本】七大副本:聚贤庄、燕子坞、珍珑棋局等,勾人回忆的游戏副本场景【轻功】轻功技能:让您体验踏雪无痕,飞檐走壁抽奖和元宝商城获得,30级可使用【坐骑】神雕麒麟,呆萌熊猫,带你日行千里栖霞彩凤坐骑(VIP)、凤凰伙伴福袋:可在元宝商城购买【经验】经验上限:修正为根据开服时间计算后进服的英雄们可以奋起直追咯【许愿】许愿池:许下愿望,在首充界面每天领取元宝大奖【结婚】结婚:告别单身,来一场拟真婚礼畅享武侠情缘戒指传送:想TA,使用后可立即见到亲爱的TA【挂机】挂机功能解放双手,配合挂机设置,轻松游戏挂机技能选择:可在设置界面勾选挂机时使用的技能【改名】人物、帮会、师门改名书:元宝商城购买,冷却时间很长哦【禅让】帮主自动禅让:帮主长时间未上线将自动禅让帮主【抽奖】抽奖:各种丰厚奖励,还有永久赤炎麒麟坐骑哦赶快快加入《天龙八部3D》,热血缤纷的全新武侠江湖正在等你闯荡!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/efuntlbb游戏官网:http://tlbb.efunen.com/客服邮箱:Efuntlbb_CS@efun.com"Dragon3D" new appearance! Beating dragon 18 palms dominate the martialarts, Yanmenguan battle, fighting Liaobing revisit the classicstory.Qingshanleiluo Xianfeng line, Lingboweibu Yuet Wah Ming.HuHanen matter how much hatred, war-ho British man thousandcups.Storm surge martial arts, Dali Duan evaded the royal childrentravel, adventure rare martial arts; beggars Deputy main fact leadsto the mystery of the mysterious death of Qiao Feng lifeexperience. Enemy at the Gates, who is going to end thiscatastrophe Central Plains!Game highlights:[Scene] Snow Suzhou:beautiful main city takes you through the beauty of Suzhou andHangzhou[Professional] four occupations: Shaolin, Tianshan, Happy,Dali, martial art skills to reproduce the classic, universalmartial arts mountebank[Copy] seven copies: Juxian village,swallows dock, Jane Long chess game and so on, hook people'smemories copy of the game scene[] Dodge dodge skills: allows you toexperience Taxuewuhen FeiyanzoubiDraw and store ingot obtained, 30may be used[Horse] Shendiao unicorn, adorable panda stay with youtraveling thousands of milesQixia phoenix mounts (VIP), Phoenixpartners each child: ingot can be purchased at the mall[Experience]experience limit: a revised calculation based on open servicetimeBackward clothes heroes can catch up slightly[Wishing] TreviFountain: make a wish, in the first charge interface to receivegold awards day[Married] Married: bachelor, to enjoy an immersivewedding love martial artsRing transfer: to TA, after use can beseen immediately Dear TA[Hook] hook function hands free, with thehook set, relaxed gameHang selection skills: Skills that can beused when setting the hook interface check[Renamed] character,gang, door division was renamed the book: ingot mall to buy, ohvery long cooling time[Demise] Automatic main fact demise: mainfact is not on-line time will automatically main fact demise[] Drawlottery: a variety of rich rewards, as well as permanent redinflammation unicorn horse ohQuickly join the "Dragon 3D", colorfulnew blood martial arts arena battles are waiting for you!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/efuntlbbThe game's official website: http://tlbb.efunen.com/Customer Service Email: Efuntlbb_CS@efun.com