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Playing by ear is something every musician have to master. This apphelps you to learn to recognize small melodies that makes sensemusically. This is the best melodic dictation app on the market!-Learn to recognize common intervals through melodies.- Learn torecognize common patterns.- 30 LevelsIf you need help with melodicdictation, this is the app for you!

App Information MiReDo Ear Training

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    MiReDo Ear Training
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    August 1, 2016
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Finnmark, Norge Sisuveien 20 9515 Alta
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  • 1.2 (3) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2017 /3/2
    Requires Android: Android 4.4+ (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Size: 23.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: 307d107f704d0ad5d97b1702a3f8a89fd9c65734
    APK Signature: 06f08404f4d0809fab2eef37efc1719176c8455a

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ChordProg Ear Trainer 5.0.8 APK
Are you a music student or maybe a happy amateur? Maybe you’redreaming of being a musician? Or you want to create music? Maybeyou want to be able to figure out to play the tunes buzzing aroundin your head. Or pick up a song you heard on the radio? ChordProgEar Trainer takes a fresh approach to ear training. Develop youraural skills with real music snippets. Have you ever wondered whatit would be like to listen to a song, recognize each chord by ear,then play them? We are not talking about absolute pitch butrelative pitch. This app takes a functional ear training approachto ear training. This is a practice tool that will help you passthat college/conservatory exam in no time. Practice to recognizechord progression in the context of real music. ChordProg EarTrainer is a call and response harmonic dictation app for theintermediate to advanced musician. Each audio clip is played backfor you as many times as you like. You can even strip away all themelodies and only hear the chord progression in 1st inversion ifyou feel like you’re just guessing blindly at any given point Thereare around 400 unique audio clips and more to come. Hours and hoursof chord practice with real music. This app have one short falling.It do not do a good job of teaching the concepts of functionalharmony(yet). This app is a solo endeavor and I would love to spendmore time developing this project. But doing it all on my own meansthat some thing aren’t prioritized. This app is great if Youunderstand concepts like Key center, scales roman numerals, chordprogressions and modes.(A more complete introduction to chords arecoming) Personally I don’t believe that you can develop perfectpitch. So this app tries to do its best to help you learn tounderstand the function of a chord in the context of a key. Ex. AG-major chord in c major have a dominant function. The same G-majorchord in G-major have a tonic function. The “G major” chord have adifferent feel depending on what key we are playing in. It is this“feel” that this app tries to drill in by practicing recognizingchords with real music clips. What does a dominant seven chord feellike? After hearing dozens of different examples I feel confidentthat your intuitive musical understanding will sky rocket. In theapp each chord is represented by a button. It is your job to clickthe buttons corresponding to the chords of the audio clip that areplayed for you. This app uses roman numeral notation for eachbutton. But if you want you can transpose the chord buttons to anykey and even show the guesses in another key. So if you guess thechord progression C – F – G. You could (if you wanted to) show yourguesses as G – C – D and practice transposing like that. Learn torecognize the chord by how they relate to the other chords in thecurrent context (key). It probably sounds more complex than it isso you shouldn’t feel intimidated. Learning to recognize chords ina relative manner is a skill any music student should have and itsaves you so much time down the line. Music theory is important.This app explores the chord part of the music theory puzzle. And Ithink that your musical apparition will skyrocket when you learn topick the harmony of the songs you hear apart in your head. Beingable to this will help you become a better musician. You’re musicdictation skills will most likely improve because you willhopefully see how the melody relates to the harmony beneath. I’vedone my best to help your chord practice become as enjoyable aspossible so if you like the app please leave a review. Every goodreview helps me out so INCREDIBLE much and I love to hear frompeople using my app. It also motivates me to create more audioexamples for you to practice with! I absolutely love reading thereviews 😊 If you have any suggestions to improve the app, find bugsor something is just horrible wrong? I would love to hear from you.Contact me through Facebook or support@chordfunc.com
MiReDo Ear Training 1.2 APK
Playing by ear is something every musician have to master. This apphelps you to learn to recognize small melodies that makes sensemusically. This is the best melodic dictation app on the market!-Learn to recognize common intervals through melodies.- Learn torecognize common patterns.- 30 LevelsIf you need help with melodicdictation, this is the app for you!
Interval Trainer 1.0.1 APK
Training your ear as a musician is very important. This little appfocus on intervals. If you like this app, give me a rating andreview to let me know if I should expand this app!Training your earas a musician is a very important person. This little app focus onintervals.If you like this app, give me a rating and review to letme know if I should expand this app!
Sight Reading Trainer 1.0.1 APK
Struggling with sight reading? Sight Reading Trainer is a simplebut very helpful tool that helps you to learn to recognize notesfaster.Learning to read prima vista have never been easier!
Tilbudslisten Ukens Mattilbud! 2.0.2 APK
Tilbudslisten er en smartere handleliste. Dufår kundeavisene fra alle de største norske matvarekjedene rett ilommen. Du kan filtrere ut kategorier eller søk opp varer frakundeavisene.Du kan opprette handlelister som kan deles. Alle annonsene ikundeavisene kan legges i handlelisten med ett enkelt tastetrykk.Handlelisten kan også deles på tvers av alle platformer viawebversjonen av appen tilbudslisten.net.Deling er super enkelt og ett klikk er alt som skal til.Tilbudslisten gir deg mattilbudene rett i lomma.Offer List is a smartershopping list. You get customer newspapers from all the majorNorwegian supermarket chains right in your pocket. You can filterout categories or search up items from customer newspapers.You can create shopping lists that can be shared. All ads in tradepapers can be added to the list with a single keypress. Shoppinglist can also be shared across all platforms via the web version ofthe app tilbudslisten.net.Sharing is super simple and one click is all it takes.Offer List offers alot in your pocket.
DaCapo Ear Trainer - Music theory for beginners! 1.0 APK
DaCapo ear trainer is a ear training app that tries to teach youmusic theory from scratch!- This is a brand new app and there aregoing to be some bugs! I´ll be working like crazy to get rid of themajor one as fast as possible and i´ll be pushing out updates inthe coming week as they get fixed :) So please be considerate ofthat when leaving a review :)Hopefully someday this will be theonly ear trainer you will ever need! Its still in its infancy butnew exercises and more lessons and quizzes will be added overtime!Exercises to practise:- Sight reading for absolute beginners!-Interval recognition!- Chord recognition!- Relative melodicdictation!Lookup tables for:- Chords- Scales- More is comming!
Easy Work Planner - Timesheet 0.55 APK
Track your worktime with this free app. - Make custom shifttypes-Smart time plotter- Clean UI- Ad free- Predefine pay for unsociablehours.- Unlimited employers and worktypes
Drunken Sailor - Drinking game🍺🍹 0.0.7 APK
Drunken sailor includes games like "truth or dare", "never haveIever" and "Spin The Bottle"! If you like drinking games thenyou'llprobably enjoy this game! Insert the names of all the playersandpress play! This is the perfect drinking game to get thepartystarted... Get the shot glasses ready and fill up your cup,time toplay "Drunken Sailor!" Warning! This is not the game forpeople whoare easily offended, and it's probably not a game youwant to playwith your family! If you're easily offended you shouldprobably NOTdownload this app! You have been warned! !!Disclaimer!!You can atany point stop drinking and any actions you do whiledrunk is yourown responsibility! If you don't feel like doing anyof the actionson the cards your free to back out at any time.Please drinkresponsibly and please DONT drink and drive!