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ღ Discover the mystery behind the magicmirrorwith the help of the best photo editing software! Become apart ofcreative photography and join the latest image editingtrends –reflections and mirrors! Reflections in mirrors lookamazing! So,find out how mirrors work and turn your pictures intoreflectivephotography art using the best photo editor for Android™currentlyavailable on the market! Edit photos in a creative waythanks tothis easy-to-use “photo collage maker”! Free download✿Mirror Image– Photo Effects ✿ and create cool double images,stunning “photoreflections” or cute “mirror images”! Produceamazing opticalillusions using “mirror effects”, transparencyeffects or waterreflection effects!

✿Mirror Image – Photo Effects ✿

ღ A wide selection of funny effects for pictures!
ღ Choose the best resolution for your beautifulpicturecollages!
ღ More than 20 filters for pictures, color effects and framesforpictures!
ღ Add cute embellishments to pictures – a collection ofcutestickers for pictures, deco stamps, stickers in kawaii styleandtext on picture options!
ღ Touch to move the picture to adjust the mirror imageeffect!
ღ Save your reflection image to gallery or set is asawallpaper!
ღ Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
ღ Get the best mirror effect photo app completely FREE!

ღ Turn on your “mirror camera” and start taking pictureslikenever before! Select your favorite picture and apply cool“mirrorphoto” effects to create fantastic reflective photomontagesthatwill dazzle everyone! It only takes a few clicks toproducebeautiful mirror pictures with the help of this cool “twincamera”app that you can share on Instagram or Facebook! Once yourmirrorcollage is ready, you can decorate it with tons of cutegirlystickers for pictures, kawaii stickers or deco stamps!Addglitters, animations, fancy texts or other effects to yourpicturesfor free! Place your cute photo collage into a girly frame;enhanceit with cool insta filters or effects for pictures andmuchmore!

ღ Start your magical picture art journey right away! Enterthismagic mirror photo booth and create many left-right,up-down,horizontal and vertical reflection of images. Unlock thisamazingcollection of photo effects and create beautiful reflectionphotosthat will leave everyone speechless using our cute mirrorselfiecamera app! Blend two photos together in many differentcreativeways with this multi photo camera! Girls, if you enjoypouting andtaking “mirror selfies”, you will adore this virtualmirrorreflection app with double photo effects! Free download✿MirrorImage – Photo Effects ✿ and retouch photos with a cool clonetooland other amazing image cloning options! So, wait no longerandstart experimenting with our camera effects which arecompletelyfree of charge!

ღ Bring the magic of reflection photography to yourpictures!Crazy photo mirror image app lets you create awesomereflectionpictures in four different directions - left, right, upand down!Clone yourself in your pictures and apply mirror effectsto any ofthe images from your phone gallery! With this funny photomontagemaker, learn how to mirror an image in no time! You can alsomakebeautiful mirror grids, picture collages and montages and sharethefunny pictures created with our image editor with friendsandfamily. Free download ✿Mirror Image – Photo Effects ✿ andproducestriking visual illusions, double exposure images, twinpictures orreflection images!

ღ Awaken your inner artist and create fantastic clonepictures!Start experimenting with our special effects and multiplyyour pic!You don't need a double photo frame if you want to get aperfectmirror effect! Just install this mirror photo editor andpick thosereflection effects for pictures that will duplicate yourpic in asecond! Free download ✿Mirror Image – Photo Effects ✿ andcreatestunning images using this reflection camera!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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    Mirror Image – Photo Effects
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    August 2, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Weird Funny Apps
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    500 - 1,000
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Biceps And Triceps Pic Editor 1.0 APK
✭ Do you dream about having a “perfectbody”with strong and toned up arms? If you want to have amazing“armmuscles”, then we have the perfect application for you. It’sour✭Biceps And Triceps Pic Editor ✭ - new app for Android™, whereyoucan get great “biceps and triceps” and “strong arms” like arealbodybuilder. It’s very easy – just like other editing apps,youonly have to load your pic, apply one of the pic stickers, makeanadjustment or two, and the next thing you know, you havesuperbody!  You’ll quickly improve biceps, triceps, forearmandstrength, so there is no need to visit gym to do forearmcurls,tricep extension or close grip bench press. With the help ofourcool “photo editor” you will increase your muscular massbyapplying pic sticker that matches your skin color, adjusting ittoyour arm and creating amazing photo montages. Then you canshareyour incredible body transformation on allsocialnetworks. Your friends will be impressed with your brandnewtoned body!  So, get our new “photo montage” app forfree!Download it today and get ready to make your dream come true!✔ Create attractive strong arms with realistic“photostickers”;✔ You will find many stickers in our free image gallery that youcaneasily attach to your arm;✔ It’s very easy-to-use - just upload some pictures fromyoursmartphone and start photo editing with our ✭Biceps And TricepsPicEditor ✭ ;✔ Apply photo stickers to your upper body by rotating, resizingandmoving them;✔ Personalize your pics - put some text on pictures and makeaperfect magazine cover;✔ Share your photo montage with your friends on Facebook,Instagramor Twitter!✭ You don't have to go to a gym and create a workout plan togetripped & “toned arms”! We have an easy way for you!Youcan lose fat, build arm, chest andshoulder muscleand look like a famous body builder, all with✭Biceps And TricepsPic Editor ✭ free app. Choose your favoritephoto sticker designand use numerous editing tools to increase yourmuscle mass and getcolossal arms. If you like playing interestingdress up andmakeover games, you will enjoy decorating your bodywith thesegreat muscle stickers. This app is suitable for both menand womenof any ages. So, go on and try it out! Enjoy all the photofun andget a gym body right now!✭ Get ready to tone up your flabby arms with ✭Biceps And TricepsPicEditor ✭ - the best app to help you lose fat and build biggerandstronger arms. Upload your photo and this photo effect editorwilltransform your muscles in an instant. This cool bodybuildermaker ishere to help you show everyone how good-looking you are.If you area fan of bodybuilding, bicep workouts, bicep curls,lying tricepextension and other upper body exercises, get ourphoto editor forfree! The question how to get well-defined armswill never botheryou again, because with this app you can have aperfect body withouthundreds of exercises. ✭ It’s time to start a complete body transformation!Download✭Biceps And Triceps Pic Editor ✭ today, enter the world offitnessand gain maximum muscle without moving a finger! It willshow youhow to edit photos like a pro! Strengthen and grow yourarms withessential bicep, tricep, and forearm stickers that you canadd toyour pics and get a tight and toned body fast!  You canalsouse this photo montage maker to change your friends' imagesandmake them look like some famous bodybuilders. This app is agreatopportunity for a fantastic photo prank that can make yourday. So,download it now and enjoy!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Face Swap Photo Editor 1.3s APK
👱🏾 Do you wonder how you would look like on images with swappedfaces? Would you appear fat, funny or maybe scary? If so, you caneasily find it out, with this amazing “photo editor” and do thistrick on your own pics! Our 👦 Face Swap Photo Editor 👦 app forAndroid™ is all you need! With this face changer you can switchyour face with a face of your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend,family member or your cute pet. You can even “change faces” withsome celebrity which you like and create a great “photo montage”!The possibilities are endless! Just download our “face swapping”app, select an old image from your gallery or take a new selfie andthen do a “face replace”. It’s very easy and both kids and adultscan use it! When your face replace is done, you can add some funnypic effects and photo stickers with hats, glasses, wigs or somecute flowers and hearts. Resize the photo to make the best fit andthat’s it - you’re done! Set your funny montage as a wallpaperbackground, use as a profile picture on any social media or simplysend it to your bffs.  Easy to use, with realistic results,our “face swap” generator is the best app for you! 🆒 🆕 🆓 ✔ Swap your face with a face of other people or animal using ourmagical “face changer photo editor”;✔ Transform to any new face ina second;✔ Easy-to-use photo face changer with realistic results –just take a photo with your camera or select an image from yourphone gallery;✔ Do face adjustments: scale, rotate, resize orremove pictures;✔ For better and fine results use straight headpose photos;✔ Make face bomb effect - many people with the sameface;✔ Add plenty of cool photo effects and funny stickers likehearts, hats, sunglasses or flowers;✔ Personalize your pics withtext in different fonts, colors and sizes;✔ Replace face in photowith our 👦🏽 Face Swap Photo Editor 👦 and save your photos ingallery;✔ Share your photo prank with your friends on all socialmedia. 🆒 🆕 🆓👱🏾Isn't it interesting to mix faces into each other andcreate a brand new face?! Yes, it will be an amazing experience!You will be creating hilarious faces that never exited by changingthe eyes, nose and lips or even the color of your skin. Just chosea face and apply it to your face. Download this 👦 Face Swap PhotoEditor 👦 and enjoy great photo prank! Share your funniestmasterpieces with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or any other popular social networks! Show your animal lookby replacing the face of your pet with yours. That can be a greatjoke!👱 If you’re thinking of making a big change, then, with our“face off” app, your look will be completely different!This faceswaper is a great opportunity to change your look and become anexpert in fun photo editing! Find an ideal face for you! These picmanipulations offer you a great fun! So, don't hesitate and startcreating fabulous photo montages. With some other face, nobody willrecognize you, neither the person whose face youtook. Download our swap face app and enjoy the photomanipulation for free with this 👦 Face Swap Photo Editor 👦🏽 amazingflip faces app! 👱 Replace face in photo! Swap faces with thiscool photo face swap app and keep yourself occupied forhours! Once you start using the pic editing app, you'll notquit at all! Transform a face into a new one in a second! Make yourpet look like you, your brother like a woman, or a friend like somepopular tv star! It’s very easy-to-use app so your kids canuse it too. Don't waste your time anymore - go try our 👦 Face SwapPhoto Editor 👦 - one of the best face swap online for free!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Crazy in Love Photo Blender 1.6s APK
♥ Are you in love? And do you want to show to your sweetheart howyou feel, but you don’t know how? Don’t worry! We have a greatsolution for you! Celebrate your love and create “crazy in love”romantic images with the help of our amazing new “photoblender”! It’s a great “photo merge” app where you can usepics with your boyfriend or girlfriend and add camera effects and“romantic photo frames” to create love photo collages. If youare searching for a cute photo decorator, try our new “photoeditor” and have a lots of fun! Download our ❃ Crazy in Love PhotoBlender ❃ and enjoy creating amazing mixed pictures by overlayingtwo images on each other. Select two pictures of you and yoursweetheart, adjust the transparency effect and morph pictureswhenever you want! Don't forget to add super cute picture framesmade of beautiful love patterns and frame shapes to decorate yourphoto even more.  Make a transparent picture and thenblend multiple photos into one amazing “photo blend collage”.Spread happiness, show everybody that you are crazy in love withsomeone by using cute red hearts and other love photo effects andframes on your favorite romantic pics! Download this picdecorator for free and let the fun begin!♥ It’s one of the bestphoto editing apps;♥ Perform image blending with transparency andmirror effect and different blender effects by using this “romanticphoto” app;♥ Take a photo with your sweetheart or select an imagefrom your phone gallery;♥ Merge two photos together;♥ Add cutephoto frames to decorate your lovebirds “photo montage”;♥ Makesweet image montage with simple touch gestures: crop, resize,rotate and drag pics with the best image editor app;♥ Save yourtrue love pictures to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet;♥Combining two pictures has never been easier then now with our ❃Crazy in Love Photo Blender ❃, try it out and share your love photowith your friends on all social media.♥ If you are a hopelesslyromantic person, this is the best app for you! This photo joinerturns picture blending into a unique and fun experience. Combineyour pics to create pretty overlapping photos with the images ofyour boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a simple but powerful appwhich blends two of your photos into a single one. With photoblender you can create an amazing romantic poster of you and yourspecial one and then share it on social networks. Check out ourbrand new ❃ Crazy in Love Photo Blender ❃, download it and enjoythe photo manipulation for free with this picture montage maker! ♥Don't wait for Valentine's day to give your boyfriend or girlfrienda cute gift! Get ❃ Crazy in Love Photo Blender ❃ and with this loveedition app you can make a perfect present for your loved one andsay I love you in the most creative way! Use this editor tocreate incredible expressions of love which will dazzle everybody.Blend two pictures together, add sweet picture frames and createoutstanding pics which will keep your precious memories fromfading. Download our photo mixer now and breathe new life intoyour romantic pics! ♥ Blend your photos in a very romantic way andcreate a sweet love poster of your couple images by blending twolove photos into one! Download free ❃ Crazy in Love Photo Blender ❃right away! Apply effect, select your favorite filter and yourphoto montage is done!  Save your pieces of art ingallery and use them as a romantic cover picture orwallpaper. Do not wait any more, download this trending app,make cute blend and enjoy the art of photo montage with your lovefotos!
Fake Six Pack Abs Photo Editor 1.1 APK
✭ Are you dreaming of Hercules body? This cool bodybuilder photomaker is here to help you achieve it! If you want to have a“perfect body” with amazing “six packs”, then this is the bestapplication for you! Now you can build a V-taper and make yourabs pop, and the best part is – you will do it without anysacrifices, pain and frustration. All you need to get rid of yourbelly fat is our cool “photo editor” pro! It’s new app for Android™where you can get great “abdominal muscles” and body like a realbodybuilder! But how – you may ask yourself?! Well, it’s very easy– just like other editing apps, you only have to upload yourpicture, apply one of the six pack stickers, make some adjustments,and the next thing you know - you have super abs! Pick one photosticker that matches your skin color, adjust it to your belly andmake amazing “photo montage”!  Get our ✭ Fake Six Pack AbsPhoto Editor ✭ for free, create your awesome makeover and shareyour cool photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any othersocial network. This camera montage editor is a must have thisseason! If you don’t believe, try it out and see for yourself!Download it today and enjoy your photo editing experience! ✔ Createcool handsome body with realistic six pack “photo stickers”; ✔In our free image gallery you will find many six pack stickers thatyou can easily attach to your belly;✔ It’s very easy to use - justupload some pictures from your smartphone and start easy photoediting with our ✭Fake Six Pack Abs Photo Editor ✭ ;✔ Apply absphoto stickers to your body by rotating, resizing and moving them;✔Personalize your pics - put some text on pictures and make aperfect magazine cover;✔ Share your photo montage with your friendson Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!✭ Don’t you want to get a sixpack? Sure you do! But it takes dedication, time and patience.Don’t worry! We have an easy way for you! You can losefat, build muscle and look like a famous body builder, allwith ✭Fake Six Pack Abs Photo Editor ✭ free app. If you likeplaying funny makeover games, you will enjoy decorating your bodywith these great six pack stickers. So, go on and try it out! Thisamazing abs machine app is the best way for you to have athleticbody! Don’t hesitate to browse our six pack gallery and to choosethe best one to suit your skin! Enter our new fun photo booth andunleash your inner artist! Get a “gym body” and perfect abs rightnow with this fabulous photo editor tool!✭ Now is the perfect timeto start a complete body transformation! If you are not satisfiedwith your body shape, but you want to look gorgeous on your summerholiday photos, don´t despair! Today is your lucky day,because we have an easy way for you! Enter the world of fitness andgain abs without moving a finger! Download ✭Fake Six Pack Abs PhotoEditor ✭ and it will show you how to edit photos like a pro! Youcan also use this photo montage maker to change your friends'images and make them look like some famous bodybuilders. So, thisapp is a great opportunity for a fantastic photo prank that canmake your day. Download it now and enjoy! Get ready for hot summerdays! ✭ If you are a fan of fitness, bodybuilding or workingout in a gym, get our six pack photo editor for free! The question“how to get a six pack” will never bother you again! With this✭Fake Six Pack Abs Photo Editor ✭ app you can have a perfect bodywithout hundreds of push ups. So fake it until you make it and youwill become popular overnight! Get your body back on track! Thismagical body photo lab is everything you’ve ever wished for!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Animal Face Photo Montage 1.v2 APK
❃ Would you like to be a cute puppy, crazy frog, fluffy cat or wildwolf? Why not? Everything is possible! Now you can morph your faceinto an animal because one of the best “face swap” apps forAndroid™ is finally here! This is a great “photo editing app” whereyou can choose animal “face in hole” from our big collection andturn your pics into a cat, dog, fox, wolf, monkey, tiger or anyother animal “photo montage”. Just download our ❃Animal Face PhotoMontage ❃ and let your imagination run wild! Turn your picturesinto morphed animal photos by combining heads with blended animalheads and create awesome pictures. Make your funny images moreinteresting with our animal “face editor”, apply amazing photoediting effects, add a couple of lovely stamps and stickers forphotos and experience the easy photo manipulation. All youhave to do is to simply add an image from your device or take a newone with your phone’s camera and adjust it to the desired animalphoto frame. Resize the photograph to make the best fit and you’redone! Discover a whole new world of photo editing with a super fun“animal face” maker. This animal face replace app provides you withdifferent animal heads that will make you laugh out loud! So,go and get it! Transform yourself right now and make the best photopranks! ✔ One of the best photo editing apps;✔ Check out anamazing collection of funny animal templates like lion, monkey,fox, tiger, pig, cat, dog head and many more;✔ Take a photo withyour camera or select an image from your phone gallery;✔ Applyanimal faces to photo by rotating, resizing and moving them;✔ Addcool photo effects and funny stickers of animal heads to yourpics;✔ Personalize your pics and put text on pictures;✔ Morph yourface into an animal with our ❃Animal Face Photo Montage ❃ and saveyour photos in gallery;✔ Share your photo prank with your friendson all social media.❃ What’s your spirit animal? Find out today!Become a monkey, cat or pig! Check out our brand new funny“face off” and you’ll find a wide variety of cute animal templatesthat you can use to make great photo montage. You can become adangerous wolf sneaking in the forest, big gorilla in the jungle,or any other animal you want. Be a part of an endless fun with this❃Animal Face Photo Montage ❃. Modify a picture of your friend - adda dog face to his head and share it on social networks to have funfor days. Use a tiger “face blender” and unleash a wild beastinside you. Download our app and enjoy the photo manipulationfor free with this cool head changer! Don't hesitate, get it rightnow and enjoy photo prank!❃ Get a new animal mask for your face andget in touch with your wild side thanks to this ❃ Animal Face PhotoMontage ❃ amazing app for face morphing! This amazing photomontage is suitable for boys and girls and people of all ages. Itis guaranteed that it will make you feel better and brighten upyour day. So, give yourself a fantastic virtual makeover using ouramazing animal face maker and discover what animal is hidden inyour personality. If you want to cheer up your friends, this shoulddo the trick! ❃ Ready to have fun with one of the best funswap apps? Embrace your inner animal spirit and make yourselfunrecognizable with ❃ Animal Face Photo Montage ❃. Apply face morpheffect, select your favorite photo filter and your photo montage isdone! With this powerful photomix app, you can create some of moststunning animal faces to entertain your family and friends. Do notwait any longer and download this trending app for photomanipulation and you’ll never be bored!*Android™ is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Nether Portal Keyboard 1.0.2 APK
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Animal Face – Photo Filters 1.3a APK
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