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Have you ever seen a finger committingsuicide?How about a sunbathing finger or a "Mario Bros" finger?

★★★ The craziest application of all application Stores! ★★★

Find personalized little fingers with the imaginationofMister-Finger apps members!

You should try this app at least once in a lifetime! Yourfriendswill love it! When did you last see so many featurescrammed in sucha crazy application? This is truly unheard of!

✓ Browse all community pictures
✓ Vote and comment on each image
✓ Add friends and easily find their fingers (?!)
✓ Search by category or keyword.
✓ This is a Waluu App of the Waluu.com network :)

★ Become a true artist ★
By personalizing your finger at will! Choose your favoritecharacterfrom history, cartoon, TV series, movies, books, etc.

★ Manual Art ★
Art (from Latin Ars, artis "skill, craft, technical knowledge") isahuman activity, the product of such activity or the idea thatwehave thereof, consisting in arranging various elementstointentionally impact our senses, emotions andintellect.Definitions of this concept vary widely with time andplace, andnone of them has been universally accepted. Thus, toMarcel Mauss,"a work of art, by definition, is an object recognizedas such by agroup."

This explains why artistic products and practices, orrathercollections of these objects, can be classified differentlyacrosscultures, authors and institutions. Since the lateeighteenthcentury to the present day, art mainly includes productsof "finearts" such as sculpture, painting, music, dance and poetry(andliterature), to which are frequently added cooking, cinema,print,theater, photography, comics, TV, and digital art.Artclassification is thus not universal and except for the 7thart(cinema), which has been particularly successful, anunanimousclassification seems impossible or irrelevant.

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Jokes & Humor: Jookees 6.0.1 APK
Find more than 1000 daily jokes submitted by the largest communityof American jokers! No kidding! Vote for the best jokes and commenton them: it is social network for jokers!★★★ 1st Ever Social Jokes Application ★★★You'll love this app even if you can't stand jokes!✓ Browse all community jokes✓ Vote and comment on every joke✓ Add friends and easily find their jokes✓ Search by category or keyword.✓ This is a Waluu App of the Waluu.com network :)★ Sample joke ★"When I was little, I hated going to cousins´ weddings ​​becausemy aunts and grandparents came up to me, slapped me on the back andtold me:- You're next, boy!One day they stopped because I did likewise at funerals."“Why does a Time Magazine survey state only 85% of Americansthink global warming is happening?The other 15 percent work for theoil industry!”"A teacher asks his students:- If I say "I'm beautiful," what is the verb tense?A student answers:- Surely the past!""The advantage of Facebook is that you don't feel like an idiotwhen talking to a wall."★ Categories ★✓ Animals: Your jokes about pets, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters,etc.✓ Blondes : Jokes about blondes although brunettes and redheads areallowed ;)✓ The height of...: The height of the height is not havingone!✓ Empty joke: Absurd, incomprehensible, stupid or crazy, void jokesare sometimes the best.✓ Riddles: Question, Forum, Discussion, Riddle chat.✓ Children: Baby, infant, teen and young teenager, jokes aboutchildren just for fun!✓ Women: Jokes about daughters, sisters, lovers, mother orgrandmother but also young ladies, cousins, and friends; in short,womenfolk in all its beauty! Chicks are great!✓ Funny story: It is preferable for a freaky joke app and to have alaugh with your family✓ Physician and Doctor: Funny story from the world of medicine(sexy jokes or ass or sex-related are allowed in accordance withour terms of use and are moderated for non-compliance)✓ Geek: Geek jokes because they know how to be sexy and funny attimes!✓ Celebrity: Jokes about celebrities; Stars of reality shows butalso singers, actors and actresses.✓ Miscellaneous: Facts, buzz, best of bloopers and parodies! Jokeon computers, public servant, worker, etc.✓ ReligionShare your jokes on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!★ Definition ★✓ Humor: In the broadest sense, humor is a form of mockery"which seeks to highlight the comic, ridiculous, absurd or unusualnature of certain aspects of reality."It is a language, but also a means of expression. Humor can beused for different purposes and can be educational or militant. Itsform, more than its definition, is understood differently dependingon culture, region and perspective to the extent that, somethingconsidered humor by some, may be perceived by others as a wickedmockery or insult.Humor allows humans to take some distance from reality, "laughto keep itself from crying." More somber, Nietzsche said "Humansuffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter", which approachescynicism.✓ Joke: A joke is staged as a story or a riddle, usually quiteshort, which triggers laughter. Laugher, however, may not betriggered at all for low-quality jokes. Wordplay and puns areconsidered jokes.
Dieu a dit APK
Retrouvez des phrases commençant par "Dieu a dit" votez et envoyezles vôtres facilement !"Dieu a dit a Eva que Tony la trompait et pourtant Eva croyaitconnaitre Tony Parker""Dieu a dit à Thierry Henry : "Gagne la coupe du monde", etThierry en rit.""Dieu à dit à Hélène d'aller en forêt sans boussole et HélèneSégara !""Dieu a dit à Carla de bronzer et depuis Carla Bruni""Dieu a dit à Katy de mourir et Katy Perry""Dieu a dit à Ingrid de faire l'imbécile à l'école et depuiselle est Betancourt""Dieu a dit à Hugo de travailler et depuis Hugo Boss"* Parcourez toutes les dieuadit de la communauté* Votez et commentez sur chaque dieuadit* Ajoutez des amis* Recherchez par catégories ou par mots clés.* Cette application est une Waluu Apps du réseau Waluu.com :)= Définition Dieu =Être éternel, créateur de l'univers. Un dieu, des dieux : divinitémythique, mythologique du paganisme.Dans les religions monothéistes, Dieu est une entité suprême,unique, immatérielle, transcendante, créatrice unique de toutechose et d'une perfection absolue. Ces religions lui attribuent lescaractères d'infini, d'omniscience, d'éternité, de toute-puissanceet de démiurgie.Considéré comme un nom propre dans la langue française, le nom «Dieu » avec une majuscule désigne alors « un être suprême,transcendant, unique et universel, créateur et auteur de touteschoses, principe de salut pour l'humanité qui se révèle dans ledéroulement de l'histoire ».Findsentences beginning with "God said" Vote and send yours easily!"God has told Eva that Tony cheated yet know Tony Parker Evathought""God told Thierry Henry:" Win the World Cup, "Thierry andlaughed.""God told Helen to go in the forest without a compass and HeleneSegara""God told Carla tan and since Carla Bruni""God told Katy died and Katy Perry""God told Ingrid fooling around at school and since it isBetancourt""God told Hugo to work and since Hugo Boss"* Browse all dieuadit community* Vote and comment on each dieuadit* Add friends* Browse by categories or keywords.* This application is a Waluu Apps Waluu.com the network :)= God = DefinitionBeing eternal, creator of the universe. God, gods: mythical deity,mythological paganism.In monotheistic religions, God is one supreme entity,immaterial, transcendent, unique creator of all things and ofabsolute perfection. These religions attribute to him the infinitecharacters, omniscience, eternity, omnipotence and demiurge.Regarded as a proper name in the French language, the name "God"with a capital then is "a unique and universal supreme being,transcendent, creator and author of all things, the principle ofsalvation for humanity which is revealed in the course of history."
Waluu : Dating and Humor 6.0.1 APK
The Waluu application is a new mobile socialnetwork that brings relaxation, humor and dating together through agreat community and amazing features designed to find and chat withnew people!★★★ Over 50 concepts in 1 ★★★Change the Waluu topic by clicking on the small arrow at the top ofthe application. Every time you do so, the app offers you a totallydifferent concept and community!★ List of available topics ★Waluu contains some many amazing topics that will make you keepthis app forever! Here is partial list of Waluu topics:✓ Jookees: Share jokes and meet other jokers✓ Live Dating: Seduce, pick up, comment, and like people youhave never met!✓ DailyMee: Share a picture of yourself every day✓ Imagello: Exchange pictures with friends✓ Poeemms: Share poems, slam, and even your own lyrics.Everything is possible here!✓ Quotes: Discover the most beautiful quotes, proverbs andsayings of the community✓ Twituu: A Twitter-like app to exchange 140-char messages✓ JoliFood: Take pictures of your meals and vote and comment toselect the best dish or dessert of the day.✓ PiicPets: Pet pictures (cat, dog, hamster, horse, rabbit,etc.).✓ LiveMeteo: Exchange of messages and sky pictures betweenmembers via smartphone.✓ CityLive: Exchange of text and images around your city's news(strike, event, concert, portray the atmosphere at the localswimming pool, at the beach, on vacation in the mountains or by thesea, in your county and state, etc.).★ Registration ★While registration is OPTIONAL, there are many features onlyavailable to registered users. For example:✓ Adding contributions✓ Voting and commenting on each contribution✓ Adding friends✓ Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, SMS / MMS and email★ How does Waluu work? ★Waluu revolves around "Twituu", a chat application to send140-character messages to everybody or only to certain people.To contact a member, place "@" before his/her username.Example: Contact Waluu's moderator (username "Admin") by writinga message as follows: "Hello @Admin, how can I ...”You can vote on each contribution. The goal is to receive enoughvotes to join the "Top 24" and "Top Week" and thus become a poweruser!Note: Attention to spelling, Waluu is not written Wallu, Walou,Wallou or even Waloo
Blonde Jokes 6.0.1 APK
Find thousands of blonde jokes! Vote, comment and share all blondejokes on Facebook and Twitter. Use the app to send your own jokes!★★★ The best blonde jokes app by the community! ★★★✓ "What does a blonde do in the movie theater? Looks for theremote."✓ "Why do blondes refuse to read the British Encyclopedia?Because they'd rather watch the movie when it comes out."✓ "What does a blonde do if she finds 10$ on the ground? Shestrips naked and starts to dance!"✓ "Why do blondes cut up their plaid clothing before washing?Because the label indicates 'Wash colors separately!' "✓ "Why are blondes satisfied with finishing one jigsaw puzzle in1 year? Because the box reads 3 to 6 years! "✓ "A girl talks to her pregnant blonde friend:- Are you really pregnant? But where did you have your head?- Against the door! "✓ "A blonde meets in the street one of her brunette friends, whojust had a child:- Hello Mrs. Smith.- Ah! Hi Melissa.- How is your little one?- He's alright, he's been walking for 3 months now.- Wow! He must be far away then!"✓ "A brunette says to a blonde:- I would not like to be in your head- Really? Why?- I can't stand empty spaces! "✓ "What does a blonde girl do to turn off the light? She closesher eyes!"✓ "What is the smallest prison in the world?The brain of a blonde because it holds a single cell"✓ "A blonde visits her doctor and says:- I have mental diarrhea.- How so?- Well, I only have crappy ideas."✓ "A blonde enters a shop and asks:- Do you have glasses?- For the sun?- No, no, for me! "✓ "What should you do if a blonde throws a grenade at you?Remove the pin and throw it back to her! "✓ "How does a blonde make a copy of her keys?Answer: She photocopies them"★ Features ★✓ Browse all community jokes✓ Share them on Facebook, Twitter and email✓ Vote and comment on each joke✓ Add friends and easily find their jokes✓ This is a Waluu app of the Waluu.com network :)Jokes, gags, but also tips and hoaxes on blondes. This is a freeand humorous game to post blonde jokes!Most common categories of funny and short blonde jokes in thisapplication that can be used for better organization (becauseblondes are sometimes bizarre, crazy and very special):✓ Jokes about blonde fashion accessories✓ Jokes about blonde footwear✓ Jokes about blonde delusions: marriage, love, sex,boyfriends✓ Jokes about Belgian blondes with red locksWrite a quick, awkward and blundering joke about blondes (andthrow in some brunettes and redheads jokes as well, why not?).★ Quotes about humor ★"A brunette is nothing but an unpretentious blonde.""Either brunette or blonde? Do we really have to choose?"Enjoyment is the world's god.""Humor is a way of living.""Chance is a master humorist.""Humor is the optimistic's adrenaline.""Humor is love, irony is contempt.""Humor is like coffee: The darker the better.""When a light appears in the eyes of a blonde is that you lightup her ear.""I dreamed of another world, where the earth would be round, themoon would be blonde, and life would be fruitful.""With a bit of psychology and without vulgarity, one can explaineverything to our precious blonde heads!""The woman have a passion for calculation: she divides her ageby two, double the price of her dresses, triple the salary of herhusband and add five years to the age of her best friend."
Live Dating: Single? APK
Meet new singles with Live Dating!Place ads describing your ideal girl, boy, woman or man to suityour preferences. Be original and creative! Answer different ads ina good and collaborative mood.★ Find singles near you! ★And if the love of your life is just around the corner? Giveyourself a chance to meet him or her...Great stories start every day on Waluu Live Dating!Sign up for an account and chat to get to know othermembers:✓ Free✓ Easy and fast registration✓ Browse all community messages✓ Share them on Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS✓ Vote and comment on all of them✓ Add friends and easily find their messages✓ This is a Waluu App of the Waluu.com network :)✓ For everybody: Straight, Gay, Lesbian.You can also view everyone's profile (unlike Facebook!).★ Local & Regional ★Live Dating is becoming the new local and regional datingphenomenon via mobile. Supported by the applications network"Waluu", you can be confident that all user profiles correspond toreal people!In a few clicks, you can contact and meet dozens of singlesonline all over USA : New York, Los Angeles, California, Illinois,Chicago, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Washington...Most popular categories used in this application that can beused for better organization:✓ Senior adult ad✓ Young ad✓ Cougar ad✓ Girl ad✓ Man / guy ad✓ Woman ad✓ Single ad✓ Cougar ad✓ Serious ad✓ European ad✓ Latin ad✓ Asian ad✓ Black ad✓ Short adventure ad✓ Flirting, sexy ad✓ Comic ad✓ Geek, nerd ad★ Definition ★Wikipedia's definition of different groups of people likely touse the service:Cougar: Means women, usually over 40 years, attending or seekingyounger men, typically at least eight years younger than them.Numerous cougars go out with men 18 or 20 years their junior. Thesemen are usually called toy boys or Cubs. These are single,independent women who keep in good shape. They prefer seducing thanbeing seduced (alone or with others, occasionally) and love to stayin control (though they may derive some pleasure from beingseduced).★ Search ★Search by physical criteria! Example:"Blonde, brown, cute, pretty, nice, natural, serious, charming,red, blonde, brown, green eyes, blue eyes, Asian, brunette, funny,amusing, Latin, mature, webcam"Find singles with the same religion that you: Christian(Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox), Muslim, Buddhist, etc.Here is the tag cloud that best describes thisapplication:Dating, man, region, guy, meet, chat, flirt, pick up, seduction,affinities, meeting in North America, date USA, guys dating, girlsdating, relationship dating, singles, free dating, ads with profilepictures (avatar), couple, adventures
Chroniques APK
Racontez votre vies dans des petiteschroniques quotidiennes. La communauté des chroniqueurs comprenddéjà plusieurs milliers de membres qui ont partagées leur histoiresquotidiennes ! Profitez-en pour rencontrer des personnes etdiscuter avec elles par message privé.Fonctionnalités :* Parcourez toutes les photos de la communauté* Partagez-les sur Facebook et Twitter* Votez et commentez sur chaque contribution* Ajoutez des amis et retrouvez facilement leurs images* Recherchez par catégories et mots clés* Faites des rencontres et dialoguer par message privé !Voici les catégories les plus utilisées au sein de cetteapplication pouvant être utilisées pour une meilleureorganisation:* Vie quotidienne : racontez votre vie au jour le jour* Ecole : racontez votre vie à l’école, en cours, les profs, lesamis, les galères...* Passe-temps : racontez ce qu’il se passe dans vos passe-tempsfavoris.* Vie sentimentale : racontez vos histoires de coeur, vos coup defoudre* Dialogue : reliez ici les dialogues entre vous et vos amis etreflétant votre personnalité* Famille : racontez vos histoires de famille, le petit frère et lagrande soeur, vos parents et l’incompréhension générationnelle quien découle parfois.== Définitions ==* Chronique : texte décrivant de façon régulière la vie d’unindividus, c’est frasque, son actualité. Il s’agit ici d’un journalintime public.* Histoire : c’est à la fois l’étude des faits, des événementsdu passé et, par synecdoque, leur ensemble. L'histoire est unrécit, elle est la construction d'une image du passé par des hommeset des femmes (les historiens et historiennes) qui tentent dedécrire, d'expliquer ou de faire revivre des temps révolus. Cerécit historique n'est pas construit par intuition intellectuelle,mais à partir de sources. L'histoire s'attache avec ces sources àreconstruire plusieurs pans du passé.== Exemple de Chronique==“Chapitre 3, Qui va gagner.....Mais, un jour ce petit jeu est allé beaucoup plus loin que tout ceque j'aurai imaginer puisqu'un matin, j'ouvre mon facebook et jevois un message, c'était lui....!!! :0Il me dit que si il réussit à ne pas me vanner sur 5 photos, jedoit lui payer un grec...... [Je ne pariais jamais, mais la, j'aifait une exception parce que pour moi, j'étais gagnante même enperdant....xD]Du coup, je lui répond direct en lui disant "c'est parti, préparetoi à payer...." xP Et je lui dit à ce soir parce que je devaitsortir.Le soir, je rentre enfin chez moi et je cours allumer mon ordi[ihihih, j'étais presser de commencer.....^_^].Je me connecte et je la, je vois 14 notif....!! 0_o [Il à pas perdude temps xD]. Je clique et je regard, il y avait que descommentaires trop mimi, on ne m'avait jamais dit tu es magnifique14 fois d'affilié.... XDDu coups, je le taquine, je commente ses photos pour qu'il craque,c'était trop marrant....! :)2h30 après, le jeu continue encore et la...... Il oubli etcommence à me vanner [Alala, qu'il est con..... XD]Du coups, je fonce lui envoyer " Tu as perdu, débile !!!!!!!"xPIl me dit putain le seum et il me donne son num pour qu'on trouveune date.... [J'étais tellement contente que mon sourire ne pouvaispas quitter mon visage] =DJe lui envoi un sms de suite et il me dit que demain il m'inviteau grec si je peux, je lui dit oui [C'était évident!! :P] et oncontinue à discuter. Puis il me dit d'arrêter de faire vibrer sonphone parce que je l'empêche de dormir, alors je lui dit désolé,bonne nuit, bisou et à DEMAIN :$..Je sautille comme un enfant qui à gagné des tonnes de bonbons et jevais au dodo, mais IMPOSSIBLE DE DORMIR.... :0Enfin, le jour se lève. C'était le jour J.Je sort de mon lit et pas de chance je...... :-/# Demain, la suite Bisou@Bambolinaa”Tell your lives in smallchronic daily. Community columnists already has thousands ofmembers who have shared their stories everyday! Take theopportunity to meet people and talk with them via private message.Features:* Browse all photos from the community* Share them on Facebook and Twitter* Vote and comment on each contribution* Add friends and easily find their images* Search by category and keywords* Meet new people and chat via private message!Here are the categories most commonly used in this applicationcan be used for a better organization:* Daily Life: tell your life day to day* School: tell your life in school, courses, teachers, friends,galleys ...* Hobbies: tell what's going on in your favorite pastime.* Life sentimental heart tell your stories, your thunderbolt* Dialogue: Connect here the dialogue between you and your friendsand reflect your personality* Family: tell your stories of family, brother and sister, yourparents and generational misunderstanding resulting sometimes.Definitions == ==* Chronic: text describing the regular life of a people, it isprank, news. This is a public diary.* History: it is both the study of facts, events of the past andby synecdoche, as a whole. The story is a story, it is theconstruction of an image of the past by men and women (historiansand historians) that attempt to describe, explain, or to relivebygone days. This historical narrative is not built by intellectualintuition, but from sources. The story focuses with these sourcesto reconstruct the past several sections.Chronicle == Example =="Chapter 3 Who will win .....But one day this little game went far beyond anything I haveimagined since morning, I open my facebook and I see a message thatwas it ....! : 0He told me that if he succeeds in not to winnow out of 5 pictures,I must pay him a Greek ...... [I was betting ever, but I made anexception for me because I was winning even in losing ....xD]So, I replied directly, saying "let's go, get ready to pay ...." xPAnd I said to him tonight because I was out.That evening, I finally returned home and I turn over mycomputer [ihihih, I press start ..... ^ _ ^].I log in and I, I see .... notif 14! 0_o [He wasted no time in xD].I click and I look, there were comments that too cute, no one hadever said you're beautiful affiliate 14 times .... XDOf blows, I tease, I commented that he cracked his photos, it wastoo funny ....! :)2:30 later, the game continues and ...... He begins to forget meand winnowing [Alala, it is con ..... XD]The shots, I rush to send "You lost, stupid!!" xPHe told me the fucking seum and he gives me his num found for adate .... [I was so happy that my smile could not leave my face] =DI sent him a text message away and he told me that tomorrow heinvites me to the Greek if I could, I told him yes [It was obvious!: P] and we continue to discuss. Then he told me to stop the phoneto vibrate because I can not sleep, so I told him sorry, goodnightkiss and TOMORROW: $ ..I hops like a child who won tons of candy and go to sleep, butIMPOSSIBLE TO SLEEP .... : 0Finally, the day breaks. It was the day J.I out of my bed and I out of luck ...... :-/# Tomorrow, after Kiss@ Bambolinaa "
Quotes: Sayings & Quote APK
Collection of quotes and sayings sent by appusers! Share your favorite quote, rate and comment on quotes sharedby members of the Waluu community.★★★ First social application on Quotes ★★★You will love this social app exclusively focused on quotes.More than 200,000 members worldwide have already joined us! Enjoythe wisdom of Chinese proverbs, poetic Indian quotes and deepBuddhist philosophy, not to mention your own creations!✓ Browse all community quotes✓ Share them on Facebook and Twitter✓ Vote and comment on each quote and saying✓ Add friends and easily find their quotes✓ Search by quote category or keyword★ Quote Categories ★Quote categories:✓ Saying / Sayings : Quote / Quotes✓ Love quote, life quote, friendship, and passion quotes✓ Motivational quote and quote of the day✓ Entrepreneur and personal development guru quote✓ Happiness quotes✓ Rhyming phrases, poems, poetry and slam✓ Speaking (related speech /discourse)✓ Chinese proverb, American proverb, African proverb, Spanishproverb, Italian proverb, Japanese proverb, Mexican proverb,Canadian proverb, French proverb etc.★ The best quotes from the application ★"Remind yourself that it’s ok not to be perfect.""Yesterday and tomorrow do not exist. So live your lifetoday.""Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.""Don’t wait for perfect moment take the moment and make itperfect.""Don’t judge me by my PAST. I’m not in the past anymore. Acceptme for who I am because this is me TODAY.""I don’t go crazy. I am crazy. I just go normal from time totime.""Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but youknow they’re always there.""LEARN from yesterday. LIVE for today. HOPE for tomorrow.""If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. if youcan’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving." - Dr.Martin Luther King JR."One day you’ll love me, the way I loved you. One day you’llthink of me the way I thought of you. One day you’ll cry for me,the way I cried for you. One day you’ll want me, but I won’t wantyou.""Forget your past, whether simple or compound, and participatein your present so that your future can be more than perfect<33""We do not measure the love of a person by the desire to sleepwith her but by the pleasure of sleeping by her side.""Many people appear bright until they reveal their stupidity.This is so because the speed of light is greater than that ofsound.""Be the wife of one man, the princess of your father, the prideof your brother and the succession of your mother."★ Definition ★The word quote designates the action of quoting:✓ In Literature, quote refers to the reproduction of a shortextract from a prior speech or writing in a text or in some form oforal expression.✓ In the legal domain, quote is synonymous with "notification"or "meaning". Likewise, the right to brief quotation is anexception to copyright.✓ In the military domain, a quote is the honorable commendationof an exemplary act. In the US, according to the extent of theaction rewarded, an honorable commendation is given in the Armyorder; a minor action in a division or unit order.★ Sample quote ★"It is good to read books of quotations because quotations, asthey imprint in our memory, lead to good thoughts." - WinstonChurchill"Challenge Accepted!" - Barney Stinson"To build up high, you have to dig deep.""Finally, it is better to fight than to be afraid.""You laugh at me because I'm different but I laugh at youbecause you're all the same.""Just a little patience ... And all will go wrong.""10 liter of sweat are far better than 1 liter of blood.""We must take risks, we must always take risks. There is alsorisk in waiting.""It is not necessary to hope to undertake, nor to succeed topersevere."
Années 80-90 : Noostalgic 5.8.3 APK
Revivez le meilleure des années 80 / 90 en partageant les images devos vieux jouets, jeux, dessins animés, séries et films !* Parcourez toutes les images de nostalgie de lacommunauté* Partagez-les sur Facebook et Twitter* Votez et commentez sur chacune d'elles* Ajoutez des amis et retrouvez facilement leurs images denostalgies* Recherchez par catégories ou par mots clés.* Cette application est une Waluu Apps du réseau Waluu.com :)= Nostalgie =La nostalgie ou "mal du pays" : est un sentiment comprenant souventune mélancolie accompagnée d'un envoûtement par rapport à dessouvenirs souvent liés aux lieux de l'enfance qu'on évoque àtravers une jouissance qui est douloureuse. André Bolzinger aretracé l'histoire de ce concept créé en 1688 par Johannes Hofer,un médecin alsacien de 19 ans, qui lui consacra une thèsesecondaire à l'université de Bâli.La nostalgie est la formulation scientifique du "Heimweh", lemal du pays des mercenaires suisses, torturés par le souvenir de laHeimat. La plupart du temps, ce sentiment exprime le regret detemps passés, de lieux disparus, auxquels on associe a posteriorides sensations agréables. Ce manque est souvent provoqué par laperte ou le rappel d'un de ces éléments passés, les deux élémentsles plus fréquents étant l'éloignement spatial et le vieillissementqui représente un éloignement temporel. On a pu diagnostiquer dansla nostalgie sous toutes ses formes le regret de l'enfance.Relive thebest 80/90 sharing pictures of your old toys, games, cartoons,movies and series!* Browse all the images of nostalgia for the community* Share them on Facebook and Twitter* Vote and comment on each* Add friends and easily find their images of nostalgia* Search by category or by keyword.* This application is a network Waluu Apps Waluu.com :)= Nostalgia =Nostalgia or "homesickness" is a sentiment often including amelancholy accompanied by a spell over memories often linked toplaces of childhood is evoked through a jouissance that is painful.André Bolzinger traced the history of the concept created in 1688by Johannes Hofer, a doctor Alsatian 19, who dedicated a thesisschool at the University of Bali.Nostalgia is the scientific formulation of "Heimweh" homesickSwiss mercenaries and tortured by the memory of Heimat. Most of thetime, this feeling expresses regret past times, places disappeared,which is associated a posteriori pleasurable sensations. This lackis often caused by the loss or recall any of these passed, the twomost common being the spatial distance and aging represents atemporal distance. It has been diagnosed in the nostalgia in allits forms regret childhood.