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NRPS is the student teacher portal . teacher can send homeworkandnotifcation to student. student can also view message andhomework.* Homework Show *Attandance Show * Holiday and Event list* Fees *View Profile
Xpert Admin | Retail Business Management App 1.13 APK
Xpert ERP is a complete software solution for little andmedium-size retailers which will assist them with managing theirsingle stores as well as numerous chains/outlets. The fundamentalgoal of this Retail the executives programming is to help a retailbusiness accelerate its buy productively to expand itsprofitability. Xpert Admin App is structured by MMI Softwares Pvt.Ltd. Xpert Admin App gives data pretty much all statics and basicsof adornments business, with the assistance of this application youcan request your very own similarly application that runs yourbusiness the executive's framework. After getting a complete briefabout this App, the Client can customize the demanding applicationaccording to their Statics & Management requirements. Our teamwill give you Customer support and designers will make sure todeliver your Application with 100% perfection. This Application canbe synchronized with your Retail Business software(Xpert ERP), Withthis app, you can connect with your business by:- 1. Check yourStock & Inventory 2. Find out the outstanding, outstandingsslip 3. Live or Manual fed Gold/Silver Rates 4. Fetch your LedgerReport 5. Get the trial Balance data
Oilex App | Petrol Pump Management App 1.13 APK
An Exclusive Software for Petrol Pumps integrated with MobileAppOilex Petrol Pump Mobile App is based on Indian guidelinesofpetroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industriesoperations.This App can directly be synchronized with your OilexERP (petrolpump software). It also describes data qualitymanagement andassurance practices to provide guidance for users.With the help ofthis App, you can view daily feedings, checkledger, trial balance,outstandings. It is the most comprehensiveapp for petrol pumpbilling management, petrol pump inventorymanagement and overallmanagement of petrol pumps. What is OilexERP? Oilex helps intaking care of multiple verticals of a petrolpump business. Youcan manage back-office work seamlessly with its‘easy billing’, and‘customer management’ modules. Its itemmanagement tool lets youcheck the customer’s financial history andaccordingly set thecredit limit for him or her. Moreover, thisPetrol Pump AccountingSoftware ensures security by providing theaccess rights feature,it’s integrated with Mobile App to checkdaily status. You are ableto give role-based access to youremployees The benefits ofAssociated client of MMI Softwares are:-1. Check Ledger withComplete Client information 2. View DailyAccounting 3.Outstandings client-wise 4. Check Sale/Purchasefeedings After youdid a successful Demo of this App. You willregister yourself toOilex ERP. Our team will give you completeCustomer support andmake sure our service with 100% satisfaction.
MS Memorial Academy 1.37 APK
School App for student and teacher.
Jewel Konnect App | Jewellery Metal Price Featured 2.2.52 APK
Jewel Konnect is useful for the Customer, Retail Jewellers,Wholesale Jeweller. This app will provide information or knowledgeabout Jewellery Metal Rates, Events, News, City-wise Associationand our Executive Support. Customers can view the metal rate intheir city and listed members can put their Badla rates to displaythe sale price of the metal. Jewel Konnect Application can besynchronized with your jewellery software(Jwelly ERP), you canupdate metal rates from application to your jewellery software.When you sign-in with your registered mobile number(which providedfor Jwelly ERP) you can get many more benefits regards to yourextra service. The benefits of Associated client of MMI Softwaresare:- 1. Can Do Complain 2. Check complaint history 3. Check theirsoftware/Mobile App AMCs. 4. The payment option is available Afteryou did a successful Demo of this App. You will register yourselfto Jewel Konnect. Our team will give you complete Customer supportand make sure our service with 100% satisfaction.