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5 best mobile cloud storage apps formusic,photos and videos backup.

Cloud storage becomes big part of our mobile lives as wetravelfor work, fun, professional and personal stuff. We needaccess toall data but cannot carry all devices with us. So cloudstorage isnecessary. There are many free cloud storage servicestoday.Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Copy and Boxaregreat to hold data. But which is best for you? We review bestcloudstorage services to store all you stuff ranging from Music,Photosand Videos to any file.

1. Dropbox. Users get 2GB free cloud storage when sign up.Italso provides online storage solutions for Linux, Windows,Mac,Android and iOS platforms. Learn more about Dropbox, ratingreviewand verdict info.
2. Google Drive. This is best and most convenient forAndroiddevice. It offers 15GB free online storage. Learn more aboutGoogledrive, rating review and verdict information.
3. OneDrive (or SkyDrive). This allows users to manage andsharefiles on the go. It gives 15GB free storage once you sign up.Learnmore about OneDrive, rating review and verdict info.
4. Copy. Best feature of this cloud storage is you can splitthespace with people you share a folder with. You get 15GB ofstoragefree once you sign up. Learn more about copy, its ratingreview andverdict information.
5. Box. With Box app, you can create or edit a file and save itonyour account and later share it with others. You get 10GBfreestorage space with a maximum upload file size of 250MB.

All mentioned cloud storage apps were tested. Hope this apphelpsyou find best mobile cloud storage app to backup your stuff :Music,photos, videos, etc. Thank you

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