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Prepare yourself for the epic battle of your life with this MobileSpecial Strike game. The condition of earth in this Mobile SpecialStrike game is in chaos and it is up to you the people from Mobilehero strike base to save the day in your pre-equipped tank. Youwill side along Mobile hero strike base to defeat the evil Specialforces of group 2. Special forces of group 2 is the enemy in thisgame and they need to be destroyed. If they get to fully controlthe world, you will lose and mankind will be destroyed. Specialforces of group 2 will not rest until we the people of Mobile herostrike lose. Mobile Special Strike special features :- Fun and eastto play gameplay- Battle background to get the full experience - Nointernet requiredThis Mobile Special Strike game is suitable toeveryone to play regardless of age and gender. All you need is thepassion to strike on the battle field to defeat the special forcesof group 2 and defend your base which is the Mobile hero strike.You will get to become the hero who saves the day once you defeatthe special forces of group 2Mobile Special Strike gameplay :-Guide the tank in the game- Use your fingers as it is touchscreen-Do not hit the wall because if you do then it’s game overDownloadthis Mobile Special Strike game now and share it with your friendsand family. Give it a 5 stars rating in the store to boost it up.Mobile Special Strike will keep you on the edge of your seat as itis a very challenging yet easy game. You will not regret beingapart of the mobile hero base team.##DOWNLOAD NOW AND START YOURMISSION##

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    Mobile Special Strike
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    December 8, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Dream Games Studios
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-Collect as many points before the War machines arrive in the Worldof Tanks
- War Tank Machines WILL get to be the hero and save theland from the War Machines.##DOWNLOAD NOW AND START YOUR MISSION INSAVING THE LAND FROM CHAOS###
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Enter a World of Toy fun Blast. Join the forceful army of toys inthis tap to blast game. You must help the toy tap to earn pointsand defeat the evil force of doing nothing. With this Toy to Blastgame, you will get to enter a new virtual world of toys. In thisgame you have to save toy by tap form the evil blast. Blast is theevil master in the game that you have to go through. Toy is notsafe with blast being around. You have to help toy by blast theevil Blast in the game. Tap the Blast to destroy him. Toy will befree once tap the blast is successfully defeated.Toy Tap BlastFeatures:● Stunning graphics and Easy to play Toy Gameplay 
● Twodifferent toy shaped blast that has to be matched
● Colorful toybackground blast
● Upgrade your skills by playing this Toy TapBlast multiple times
● Secret Reward in the end of this Toy TapBlast game
● Easy and fun to play but challenging to master 
● FREEFOR ALLJoin the fun leaderboards, challenge your friends and playthis Toy Tap Blast together!Toy Tap Blast gameplay :- Match two Toyto defeat Blast- After matching the two toys Tap the Blast and youwill earn points- This Toy Tap Blast is ultimately new in themarket- Will get you on the edge of your seat as you play Toy inBlastDownload the game for free, join us and rate us 5 stars toencourage us improve the game continuously.
Toy Tap Blast can beplayed by everybody who loves toys and blasting things in themaking. 
We will update and improve this Toy Tap Blast free gameconstantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the star combat wars experience. 
Download now ToyTap Blast and be the first group of players to enjoy this game.