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Download best first person shooting game and enjoy modern commandogame, which is full of action and fun.Modern commando combat hasthe following game features• 3D Game Play Experience• RealisticGame Environment• Ravishing Sound Effects• Stunning fighting &shooting effects• Multiple Game Play Mode• Multiple Weapons• WeaponAuto Lock Feature• Easy & Smooth Player controls• And muchmoreIf you like modern commando combat shooting game, please sharewith your friends and support us. Please share your feedback, whichwill help us to produce better action games.

App Information Modern Commando Combat 3D

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    Modern Commando Combat 3D
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    September 19, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    DD 126/3, Street 9, Lane 1 Gulshan Dadan, Rawalpindi
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Modern Commando Combat 3D 1.4 APK
Download best first person shooting game and enjoy modern commandogame, which is full of action and fun.Modern commando combat hasthe following game features• 3D Game Play Experience• RealisticGame Environment• Ravishing Sound Effects• Stunning fighting &shooting effects• Multiple Game Play Mode• Multiple Weapons• WeaponAuto Lock Feature• Easy & Smooth Player controls• And muchmoreIf you like modern commando combat shooting game, please sharewith your friends and support us. Please share your feedback, whichwill help us to produce better action games.
Super Smasher: Crystal Smashing 1.6.2 APK
Travel through multiple dimensions and break the different glasshurdles in Super Smasher game. It only requires the extremeconcentration and focus to avoid getting hit by the glass,otherwise consequences will be faced. Watch the speed and glasshurdles on the way in multiple shapes, throw the ball to break theglass on the way and pass through it.The Super Smasher game issimple and easy to play and best for spending the bore time withthe device. With no controls and moving in forward direction withthe gradually increasing speed and hurdles, just throw the ballscarefully to avoid getting hit by hurdles and to make the maximumscores in the Super Smasher exciting glass smashing game.GameFeatures:⁃ 3D Game Play⁃ Infinite Gameplay⁃ Stunning Graphics andEnvironments⁃ Realistic Glass Breaking Effects
Duck Hunting 3D - Diver Ducks 1.3.5 APK
Have you got what is takes to be a World Class Diver Duck Hunter ofthe season? Do you posses the patience, accurate timing and theperfect aiming to hunt down the water fowls to become the ultimateDuck Hunter of the Diver Ducks in the Duck Hunting 3D: Diver Ducksreal duck hunting game? In the reality based duck hunting game,hunt the ducks from the passing by diver ducks flock by using theaccurate timing and aiming skills. With no limit of time, hunt thespecific number of ducks with the limited ammo to complete thewaves of the location. With beautiful river side environment alongwith multiple locations, hunt the ducks to prove your self as theWorld Champion of the Duck Hunting for the Hunting Open Season of2016.Attract the passing by ducks flock with the duck whistle, andon proper time hit the flock to hunt the maximum ducks in a singleshot fired from the hunting rifle.In Duck Hunting 3D: Diver Ducksexperience the real duck hunting with the real shooting effect,using the duck calling strategies used by the real professionalhunters to attract the water fowls for hunting. Hunt the ducks andlet your pet dog grab them for you from the water to get reward.Earn coins by hunting to unlock more powerful hunting gun. Huntfrom the multiple locations at the river side. With the beautifuleffects and animations used in the game experience the real huntingof the water fowls at the river side.Main features of the gameare:• Beautiful game graphics and sounds• Real Shooting Effects•Beautiful Real River Side Environment• Multiple Hunting Location•Multiple Duck Shooting Weapon• Ducks Flock Calling strategy usingthe Duck Calls• And much more surprises and exciting featuresWiththe lovely graphics and reality based duck shooter game, take yourtime and hunt the maximum ducks in the minimum shots, to prove yourself as the Best Duck Hunter of the Open Season 2017.Loved the gameshare with others to join you in the duck shooter and experiencethe real water fowls hunting in the Duck Shooter 3D: Diver Ducksgame. Provide us with your valuable feedback and suggestion to helpus improve our game.
Wild Hunter: Classic Deer Hunt 1.0.2 APK
Wild Hunter - Classic Deer Hunt 3D game provides the most addictivesniper hunting experience to the hunting lovers. Enjoy andExperience the Real Deer Hunting in the Simple Sniper Shooting gamein the beautiful game environments. Prove yourself as an UltimateDeer Hunter by Hunting the Stags in the stunning 3D real forest andhunting valley environments. Hunt the Stags in the two differentexotic environments with completely different game play in WildHunter – Classic Deer Hunt game. Hunt the Deer on Time in theForest Location to test your hunting skills and reflexes and toearn maximum coins and scores in the game. Hunting Valley give thehunters the opportunity to prove them as a great hunter by huntingthe maximum stags in the valley without shooting any other animalto score the highest in the game and to dominate the gameleaderboard by competing the hunters from all around the world. Besharp, Precise and Quick before the time Runs out in both thelocations.Make high score by shooting stags. Aim and Take theaccurate shot at the Bucks with the Hunting Sniper. Avoid the shotmiss which will alert the surrounding animals and deer in theenvironment. With the ever incrementing game score board, play thehunting seasons to reach the top of the score leaderboard and totake your sniper hunting skills to new height. Game features ofWild Hunter: Classic Deer Hunt are:• Beautiful Forest & HuntingValley Environments• Enjoy the Deer Hunting with Time Challenge•Simple, Easy & Smooth Game Controls• Multiple Hunting Weapons•Eye Catching & Colorful Game Graphics• Relaxing Game sounds•And much More …..Like the game and share with others. Let us knowyour suggestions to improve the game. Enjoy Hunting….!!!
Car Dodge 2D 1.0.1 APK
Trust your driving skill….??? Trustyourdriving sense…??? Prove your skills and senses by staying onthetracks for long by making the highest scores and by setting uptherecord for others players in the game.Car Dodge 2D is a Simple Fun & Exciting game for theplayersto show their driving skills and demonstrate their senses bymakingthe highest scores and new records.In the game player have to control car and avoid thecaraccidents for as long as possible by changing the lanes orroadtrack and avoiding the cars moving in the opposite direction.Carrealistic movements on the track provide a new level experiencetothe players with the simple background music. On completingasingle lap, score is awarded to the player and the ratio ofthescores increase as the number of cars on the tracksincreases.Player can collect coins in the game play to resume thegame fromthe exact point by giving up the specific number of coinsafter thegame over. Multiple gifts are also given to the playerwith manysurprises like double coins, double scores value, carimmunity fromaccident, double chance on accident and much more inthe gameplay.So now its time to prove your skills of car controlling andtoshow how much sharp senses you have by making the highest scoresinthe game and to make new records.How to Play:Car Dodge 2D fun and simple game to play with singlecarcontrols.- Control the car and avoid crashing into the opponent carbychanging the lane on time.- Single tap on the screen to change the car lane.- Collect coins to resume the game on accident by usingthecoins.- Complete the laps to make the scores.- Collect gift packs with multiple rewards awarded for thesinglegame play.Game Features:- Beautiful Game Graphics- Multiple Gameplay Environments- Simple & Easy Gameplay with GraduallyIncreasingDifficulty- Multiple Color Player Cars for selection- Collect Coins to Play for Longer- Collect Gift Packs with multiple Rewards- Attractive Game Play Sounds- Realistic Car Movements- Game Leaderboard- And Much More….Like the game share it with others. Let us know yourpreciousthoughts about the game, give us the feedback to improvemore.
Duck Hunting 2D: Adventure 1.3 APK
Grab your gun, sharpen your senses and let’s head to the forest. Beaccurate and fast before the ducks fly away. Develop a steady hand,line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfectshots of the ducks in the addictive 2D game. Let’s yourhunting skills do the work, dominate all the hunters of the worldand become the best duck hunter of the season in the epic andexciting duck hunting 2D game.Duck Hunting 2D: Adventure comes withtwo completely different playing modes. Classic mode containsmultiple waves to play. The catch is a limited time for hunting acertain amount of ducks to qualify for the next challenge. Get 3stars by hunting down all ducks as quick as possible and become thebest duck hunter. Hunting other birds will cause the immediate gamefailure. Championship mode is an infinity mode and will remind youthe legendary duck hunting game. Enjoy the whole new epic duckhunting experience with a lot of great enhancements and blast ofnew features.Get the extra life to stay in the championship byshooting OSTRICH in the game to achieve high scores in the game.The game difficulty increases with the level increase in thechampionship mode. Upgrade your shot-gun to quick and accuratehunting and dominate the leaderboard of duck Hunters in bothCLASSIC MODE and CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.Duck hunting 2D: Adventure hasthe following features:• Epic Game Graphics & 2D Game Play•Multiple Game Controls Options – Tap to Shoot & Gun Controller•Multiple Game Modes• Beautiful Game Play Backgrounds• EntertainingSounds• Multiple Game Scores LeaderboardDo you like Duck Hunting2D: Adventure with multiple and interesting modes? Share it withothers. All our games are shaped up with your feedback and pleasesend your suggestion to make it a better and entertaining game.
Bouncing Ball 2D 1.0 APK
The Bouncing Ball 2D is simpleFun,Entertaining and Addictive game to pass the boring and freetimeeasily with fun and enjoyment. In the Bouncing Ball 2D gamecontrolthe ball movement with the single tap and collects themaximumcoins in the game to make the highest scores. Avoid themovingarrows while bouncing up and down for collecting the coins tosetup the new highest scores record in the Bouncing Ball 2D fungame.Use your skills, sharp senses and extreme concentrationtocollect the large number of coins in the game to make thehighestscores record. Achieve the unbeatable highest scores in thesimple2D fun Bouncing Ball 2D game and dominate the leaderboard ofthegame.Got hit by the arrow near to making the new game record, thennoneed for the disappointment with the Bouncing Ball 2D gameresumeoption on game over, using multiple game continue optionsmake thenew highest scores or to break someone’s record.Game Features- 2D Simple Gameplay- Beautiful Graphics- Resume on Game Over with Multiple Options- Cheerful Sounds- LeaderboardLike the game, share with other. Provide us with yourfeedbackand suggestions to improve our games. Help us spread theword.
Kids ABC Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0 APK
Its learning time for the kids with KidsABCJigsaw Puzzle fun game. Now the learning for the Kids,Preschoolersand Toddlers has become easier then ever with excitingbrainsharpening training. Let the kids learn about alphabets,counting,flowers, vegetables, fruits and other basic learningthings withexciting simple jigsaw puzzle gameKids ABC Jigsaw Puzzle contain learning images in the formofjigsaws for the kids. All the Alphabets, Numbers and Shapesetc.are included in the form of jigsaw. Combining both Learning andFunwill result as the good outcome for the kids.The Kids ABC Jigsaw Puzzle works on the simple drag anddropprinciple with the simplest and easy controls. The kids havetopick up the piece and drop it to the appropriate place. Therearethree levels of difficulty in the game which can be changedfromthe setting tab. The difficulty level increases the pieces ofthejigsaw.Game Features:The application is developed for the good learning of the mostofthe basic things with fun, the following learning materialisprovided for the kids in the application.• - Alphabets with respective examples and pronunciation• - Numbers with respective examples and pronunciation• - Names of Shapes and their images• - Animals with their name & voices• - Names of Fruits and Vegetables and their images.• - Names of Planets with their images• - Names of Flowers with their imagesWant others to have their children learn with fun andenjoyment,then help us spread the word, share the exciting learninggame forthe kids with other, and lets us know your valuablesuggestions andfeedback.