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Get ready to battle the war againstcrime.Terrorist squad trying to put down the nation with their evilplansnow it is the time to move you on. So you have been hired onthisstealth operation, you have to save the nation formalevolenceplans before making an escape in this ultimate war withsnipershooting, multiple guns and trained skills. You are a welltrainedmilitary soldier, a trained shooter, a deadly sniper and arealcommander against the enemies. You have been a part of armyforcesfor a long time now.

In this you have to escape the terrorist traps and survive onthisimpossible army mission because you are only one hope ofthenation. Show no mercy on those who hit back against you inthisbattle. You have to kill all the enemies to use of your specialwartraining skills which you have learned at the specialcommandotraining school. You are alone and it is important for youthat youhave to an eagle eye on your enemies and their evil plansthey havekidnap the workers and many of them are forced to work forthem. Soyou have to save them and finishes the enemies which is noteasy,on your little mistake can be finish the life of kidnappedworksand also your life. Now it is time to equip you with Sniperrifle,an assault gun and shotguns and kill all the enemies.

This is a really thrilling and full of action moderncommandooperation game. In this game there are multiple actionchallenginglevels. In this amazing commando war 3d graphicenvironment make arealistic effect on the mind of the player andcan see and feel theaction of real war. You have to complete theevery mission tounlock next level. You have to be showing yourcommando leadershipskills and kill them all, otherwise will youlose your energy andmission will be failed. You have differentvarieties of weapon inthis real army commando game as well.


Challenging mission
Different varieties of deadly weapons
3D stunning and High quality graphic
Fabulous sound effects
Real war environment

App Information Modern Commando War Operation

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    Modern Commando War Operation
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    March 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Engaging Games Studio
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    100 - 500
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**Game Tips: Do you want to enjoyjumpingexperience, test your judgment and imagination inexcitingenvironment. Pick coins while jumping, so you update tochoosecharacter with better jumps **––––––––––––––––––––––––––––To start off the game you can begin with simple characterwithlimited jumping and maneuvering skills. No worries!!!! Withsimplecharacter you are asked to jump over relatively easyjumps.Meanwhile, you can collect coins to upgrade your characterwhichwill help jump over with easy as the difficult jumpingtasksarrive.Environment is purposely made dark, to make you feel yourmysteriousimaginationREAL GRAVITY EXPERIENCEWhile jumping you experience the gravity as natural.SIMPLE GAME PLAYSimple game play to keep you focus on your mind skills only.DECENT EFFECTSMinimal but aesthetic sounds cape were includedSo chill playing this mind testing game!!!!
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