1.0 / March 15, 2017
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-Modern Frontline Misssion- feel the most exciting shootingexperience on mobile platforms.You are part of the elite sniperteam stationed in a secret combat area. Before the enemy kills you,break the blockade of terrorists. Armed yourself and fight forsurvival and fight in this dangerous area and the enemy. The enemywill always attack, and you have to do is destroy the enemy'sactions to protect the land behind you. The enemy's commando isvery crazy, and you need to calmly deal with the task.By completingthe task, and then buy a lot of good guns to win this war game. Andwin in all game levels. Destroy the enemy's army in this free FPSgame. These powerful and sophisticated weapons will make youfascinated, and the power of these guns are also very large, usethem to let your enemies fear it. Carrying the people and thecountry's honor to advance, no one can stop you. Let the enemy feelyour anger and endless warfare.Test your sniper technology, showyour strength in this modern war that makes you feel passionate.Act up, fight against the most powerful enemies to hone yourshooting skills, show your killer talent.-Modern FrontlineMisssion- feature- Very good shooting experience- a lot of powerfulweapons- Many 3D maps- completely free- really fighting experience-rich fighting sound and action

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    Modern Frontline Misssion
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    March 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    andy bush
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- US Sniper Survival is a great 3D FPS shooter game, the mostpowerful sniper comes!Stimulating the modern war, restore the realfront-line war scenes, to bring you different feelings of modernwar. Simple and easy to understand, quickly open the new experienceof gunfire. A variety of weapons to your selection, the enemy'slife in your hands, to do an invisible assassin on thebattlefield.Victory will be in your perfect operation to come. Richtask type, bid farewell to other games boring. Every bullet youshould receive an enemy's life. Ammunition and weapons should beused in the most appropriate place, you should take them tocomplete your task and defend the people.In the game you will be anelite sniper. Continue to complete the task of killing to protectyour country and people from terrorist attacks. This military gamecan make you feel passionate, breathe slowly, prepare your gun,kill every enemy you can see. This is the real sniper the drything. The most powerful sniper can fight against an army, and youcan do it. Now the battlefield of war is not an open field. If youwant to fight terrorism, prepare for a fatal battle. Aim and shoot!We are in good faithEnough to recommend this game to you. Do notwait, go download it.US Sniper Survival Features:- U3D engine tobring you a powerful 3D effect- easy to control- more weapons andtasks- and its true dubbing- completely free
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- Counter Terrorism Shoot- take you tothefront of the modern war to face the enemy crazy sniper andassaultsoldiers.This is a great FPS game. Do not show mercy on any enemiesstandingin front of you! Unlock all the weapons and maps, and winthe finalvictory of this war game. With advancedweapons to tear up the enemy's commando, kill the crazy enemyinfront of you.Can you finish the task? You have to do is to continue theattack,non-stop to kill the enemy. And the enemy has been fightingdown,can not relax, keep vigilant. This freeshoot game comes from a good team. To feel the game to bring youavery good experience.Your enemies will be crazy to fight back, you have to stopthem.Kill every enemy that appears in your field of vision, do notletthe enemy have a little hope of survival.Victory will belong to you.This game has a beautiful frame and is easy to control. Asacommando, you need a great courage to face countless crazyenemies.You have to destroy the enemy and finish thetask. You have to have all kinds of weapons to tear theenemy'sbody, all the best and moreAre in this game. Try it now!Game features:- exquisite pictures- Simple and flexible operation- Various weapons like AK47, M9 rifle- Real front line fighting scene- High quality 3D graphics- A shocking sound
Sniper Shooting War 1.0 APK
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- Sniper Shooting Wars - the most classic first person shooter gameon the line! Rich task, realistic task shooting, passionateshooting effects! Make you feel very straightforward!You are asniper soldier, as a separate commando into the enemy base, useyour sniper shot to kill the enemy's combatants. In this snipergame, you will feel like the enemy's blood can be splashed on yourbody, this will be the most real war game. You will feel the callof call and shoot all enemies. You have to go out in a differentmap of a similar town and desert.What is the sniper elite, sniperis the skill you use to survive, and you use this skill to protectyour country and appoint. In this epic game, you have to fight tobe the best sniper. Soldiers should have more comprehensiveexperience in the war. War is tough and you should know who yourenemies are and reach your goal. Be careful of the enemy and theirsniper, before they find you kill them.You will have a differentgoal at each stage, complete the goal to upgrade your weapons, getmore weapons, which will help you to better complete the task. Payattention to control time and your life. Watch the game's rightplay.Use your finger to operate.- Sniper Shooting War - Features-pull away the distance to kill- realistic scenes and weapons-Passionate music- completely free- the pleasure of modern warfare
Bubble Shooter 1.0 APK
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Bubble Shooteris the easiest and most addictive elimination game onGoogle Market, accepting every challenge and removing all thebubble expressions. After the completion of the task will berewarded, this to youIt is easy to use leisure time such asairport, bus or train for free time. You can continue the game tomake sure you will not fall play:Connect three or more bubblestogether to burst. After opening the next challenge, destroy allthe bubbles.Bubble Shooter features:- Free Bubble Shooting game,without any paid content- Use a limited number of bubbles to unlockthe switch card- Funny game operation- New design style- enjoy thefun of the game screen and the sound of music- Easy to use casualgameswhat are you waiting for? Quickly pick up your cell phone toplay together!
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The most interesting first-person perspective of the FPS game, thegame has a variety of weapons and equipment waiting for yourchoice, such as: AK47, P90, M4A1, etc .; into the game we willassume an important task to obtain a certain amount of gold coins.By eliminating the number of enemies, gold coins can be purchasedin the mall more advanced weapons, including offensive anddefensive weapons, improve combat effectiveness. Complete the taskmore, the difficulty of the level will increase, you can continueto challenge their own limits.SWAT Anti Terror is game has arealistic battle scenes, 3D perfect scenes, including simple andsmooth operation of the game, the game has a rich fighting posture,will let you have a more realistic and thorough feeling, what areyou waiting for? Let us quickly join the battlefield, fight it!-the best fps (first person shooter)- Real 3d shooting battlefieldenvironment- radar vision to locate the enemy's position- Challengetasks increase with difficulty- Very high quality attractive sound-Effective weapon control and smooth movement- easy to shoot theenemy
SWAT Sniper Traffic 1.0 APK
andy bush
SWAT Sniper Traffic is a very fun 3D FPS sniper game. Combateffects gorgeous, easy to understand the way of operation. Let youexperience the battlefield, feel the excitement in the hail ofbullets.There are a lot of powerful sniper weapons in the game, avariety of different fighting scenes, the difficulty from low tohigh, so you slowly become a powerful sniper in the game. This is acan to bring you exciting games, to feel his heart beat it. Pleasedo not hesitate to join us now.SWAT Sniper Traffic Features:- freedownload at google- first-person perspective shooting- Full-screenfinger simple operation- 3D real mode- Shocked sound effects- realsense of shooting- a variety of stimulating tasksTo become aprofessional sniper bar, in a second task hone their own, to showtheir ability!
Extreme Furious Racing 1 APK
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Extreme Furious Racing is a verypassionateracing game, you can drift in the city here. Thesurroundingvehicles and lanes are all drawing your attention, Ifyou destroysomething, you will be chased by the police.Come and join this game now, get into your car, turn on theengineand enjoy the fantastic racing it.Different cars, different speeds. Let you experience adifferentstraight line racing game.Extreme Furious Racing Features:- Simple operation and drive- realistic 3D cockpit- endless road- different scenes- a variety of car options
Duty Army Sniper Shoot 1.0 APK
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Duty Army Sniper Shoot is a 3D shooting game.The game has arealistic battle scenes, running smoothly, rich weapons system,players can complete the task and kill the enemy, the system willgive the corresponding reward.★ full range of weapons systems:including you experience the fun of the game weapons, from thepistol, submachine gun combination of weapons sniper rifles, allkinds of weapons for your free choice, such as AK47, P90, M4A1,★player weapons upgrade system: by eliminating the number ofenemies, increase the shopping center of gold coins to buy moreadvanced weapons, enhance combat effectiveness;★ smart adjustmentsystem terrorists: difficulty to complete the task more difficultto improve, you can continue to challenge their own limitations,★various fighting positions: vertical shooting, squat shootingbattle, experience the reality of the fighting road;★ radar system:radar system can see the direction and the enemy's position, tomaster a better fighting situation;★ realistic picture: the realscreen effect and powerful unique sound, such as shooting, runningor even death.★ free independent game: free download, free initialequipment, as long as the continued completion of the task, thelatter part of the weapons are relatively rich.Duty Army SniperShoot feature:- stunning 3D graphics- Smooth touch control-Experience- Smart AI and exciting games- 3 different game modes tochoose from.- Google leaderboard- completely free!We will let youfall in love with this game, still waiting for what? Try the gun toshoot the game's mobile version!