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The BEST and REALISTIC spaceship simulator game for Android only onGoogle Play!Unleash your inner maverick, become a pilot, roar for abattle and save the galaxy! This game will keep youHOOKED!INTRO:Modern Galaxy Sniper Simulator is the latestsimulation game that will offer you the chance to become a realspaceship pilot and involving in an ultimate battle of the humanrace history! It has more complex gameplay then other spaceshooters game. Required skills are more important than fastreactions when battling against enemy invaders and alien shipattack waves. With incredible and wonderful interiors cockpit, thissimulator game will make you feel like driving a real spaceship!So, the experience of flying on the infinity galaxy is veryaccurate! Fast paced gameplay gets you into the action fast! Theplayer must also have strategy skills to equip proper defense anduse the appropriate skills during specific space missions.STORY:Inthe year 2999, the ugliest and ruthless alien army invaded ourplanet. Human experienced catastrophic damage. Human need you toprotect our earth and the galaxy. The commander has given his orderand the only soldier left is you! With your phenomenal abilities incombat, you are the only hope in restoring peace and will need todo so by attacking the invaders. Pilot your spaceship through thegalaxy and blasting an alien species to pieces! Beware, theirpowerful overlords are watching and will join the fight to help thealien forces destroying you. Your mission is to ensure the survivalof the human civilization. FEATURES: - Addictive Missions- DynamicLighting- Cool Animations- Entertaining Sound Effects- Awesomespace battle scenes- Chance to become a real galactic hero!!-Detailed Cockpit Interiors and Environment.- Realistic VisualDamage (smoke, missile etc.)- Intuitive Mobile Controls (to makethe gaming experience more realistic)HOW TO PLAY:- Firing isautomatic, just aim and vaporize the enemy! - The more aliens youdestroy the more points you get!TIPS:- Don’t shoot the emergencyaid spaceship.- Prepare carefully when the alien waves coming.●Play it anywhere.Modern Galaxy Sniper Simulator does NOT requireany internet connection. You can enjoy it anywhere and anytime youlike● Limited data usage.This game will not consume tons of datafrom your mobile plan● Compatibility.Compatible with more than 5000android devices but we are still working hard (and continuously) sothat all Android devices can run the game smoothly. ● Age ratingdisclaimerModern Galaxy Sniper Simulator does NOT contain violenceor any other mature content. You're free to play it together withyour children of any age without doubt. We bet your boys and girlsare going to love it!Start your spaceship engine and join this epicgalactic war. Make us proud!“In space, no one can hear you squeal.”Download Modern Galaxy Sniper Simulator now! It’s absolutely 100%FREE and 100& FUN!We are thinking everything we can to improvethe Modern Galaxy Sniper Simulator experience! So please, feel freeto contact us to give your feedback! Your support and suggestionsare very important for us to make this game more interesting andentertaining! Feel free to give a rating and comment.

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    Modern Galaxy Sniper Simulator
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    June 14, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    XoX Lab
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Do you like watching "Jurassic Park" the movie series and the newmovie of "Jurassic World"? This game is about the dinosaur butdon't get confused, it doesn't have any related with that's greatmovies but this game is more fun and more addicting than these alldinosaur's movies. Get ready for this epic adventure! Enjoy thecrazy RUN game with new fantasy theme and environments. FEEL theJurassic Age environment and amazing game play. How far yourdinosaur can run?“Jurassic Island Run” is a FREE game withaddictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Download the game NOWand play your new "FREE" game on Android Google Play! Unlock newchallenges and new level! Enjoy the Velociraptor (commonlyshortened to “Raptor”) adventurous run. Test your Velociraptor’sreflexes in the most daring running game! Take control of yourVelociraptor, grab all the coins; dodge the obstacles, run andjump! Just do anything to keep the Raptor alive. But beware ofangry and hungry’s T-rex.Game Features:-10 adventurouslevels-Excellent HD graphics-3D fantasy game play-Best Jurassicenvironment!-Exciting and Fun PLAY!-Rock to our awesomesoundtrack!-Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices-Best HDgame play in tablets!-It's a FREE game!How to Play:-*Press theright button to go fast forward.*Press the up button tojump.*Collect as many coins as you can – you’ll need them to unlockthe new levels.The raptor’s habitat have been attack by a group oft-rex. Help the raptor to escape from the island. Run, jump anddodge the obstacles or the raptor will die in this crazy newendless running game!Forget the temple run, angry granny run, ninjarun, minion (despicable me) and subway stations, now is the timefor dinosaur and “Jurassic Island Run” is await you!This runninggame is similar to other jumping, arcade games only more fun. Thereare definitely other dinosaur games out there, but this one is morefun and more addicting. No dinosaur fights or battle, simplyrunning and jumping. This is the “No 1” Dinosaur Game.If you areinto Running games or Racing games this is the best app. Help theRaptor to escape and complete the levels in this exciting game thatare better than other dinosaur games.“Jurassic Island Run” is thebest free running game! If you love adventurous dinosaur games thenyou will love this cool FREE running game!*Iconic worlds andcharacters from the “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” movieseries.
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"Muharram e-Cards" app allow you to choose from many cards whichyou can type your messages, or just send the readily e-cards. These"Muharram e-Cards" are high quality that fit in any screen size ofyour Android™ device. Send and share the e-Cards and your wisheswith your families and friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS,WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line etc.Features:1. Muharram cardsthat you can type your messages/ greetings/ wishes. 2. Readilye-cards that you can send instantly.3. You can also set the e-cardsas your mobile devices wallpapers or backgrounds.4. Instructionsdetails are explained in the application.5. Send and share viasocial media.Muharram, derived from the word haram, which meanssinful, is a month considered most sacred of all besides the monthof Ramadan. During this time, Muslims are forbidden to fight;hence, a time of mourning and peace.This first month of the Islamicyear coincides with the migration of Prophet Mohammed from Mecca toMedina in 622 AD and is therefore, considered a time forself-evaluation and a starting point for change.The Hijri New Year,also known as Islamic New Year is the day that marks the beginningof a new Islamic calendar year, and is the day on which the yearcount is incremented. The first day of the year is observed on thefirst day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Thefirst Islamic year beginning in 622 AD during which the emigrationof Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra.While someIslamic organizations prefer determining the new month (and hencethe new year) by local sightings of the moon, most Islamicinstitutions and countries, including Saudi Arabia, followastronomical calculations to determine future dates of the Islamiccalendar.There are various schema for calculating the tabularIslamic calendar (i.e. not based on observation), which results indifferences of typically one or even two days between countriesusing such schema and those that use lunar sightings. For example,the The Umm al-Qura Calendar used in Saudi Arabia was reformedseveral times in recent years. The current scheme has beenintroduced in AH 1423 (15 March 2002).Muslims celebrate this eventall over the world. The Shia Muslims (Shi’ite) spend the daymourning – some even to the extent of flogging themselves – tocommemorate the martyrdom of Hussein ibn Ali. The Sunni Muslimsfast and celebrate the day according to the Sunnah of Mohammed,which is in honour of Moses’ recue of the people of Israel fromPharaoh, sometimes on the 10th day.Also on the 10th day ofMuharram, most Muslims start fasting when the sun rises and do noteat until later in the evening. Muslims cook sweet rice, also knownas Bubur Asyura and share them among family members and friendsduring their breakfast. It is also during this time that Muslimsgather in mosques to usher in the new Hijri year.At the same time,various religious activities will be carried out such as spiritualsinging, religious activities and the recitation of Koranic verses.Since special prayers and sermons are conducted in public halls andmosques, areas around mosques will be congested in the evenings andat night.There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is hisprophet.#Download “Muharram e-Cards” free now.#Android is atrademark of Google Inc.
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If you love ninja fighting games or running games, you will find“Ninja Warrior Heroes” game irresistible and simple addictive forunlimited playing with the ninja run fighter.STORY:Enemies areintruding your city and homeland. You are the only ninja with greatskills, including, double jump, ninja star shuriken, stone skin andQi. Your mission is to run as far as possible, avoid the shurikenobstacles and collect as many stars as possible to achieve highscore and unlock the next level. The Ninja Warrior needs your helpin this side scrolling adventure through challenging levels ofrunning and jumping. Help the ninja warrior and become ahero!GAMEPLAY:♦♦♦ Simply control the ninja with jump and fastforward buttons.♦♦♦ Avoid the shurikens, try to escape from thoseobjects.♦♦♦ Collect the gold stars to get the high score.♦♦♦Collect the “hearts” and “magnets”.♦♦♦ Wonderful game playexperience.FEATURES:♦♦♦ Lots of challenging levels.♦♦♦ Goodbackground music and sounds.♦♦♦ Unlimited game play experience.♦♦♦Real Sounds experience.♦♦♦ Great graphics.Think you're the bestninja around? Prove it!Put your martial art skills to the test andshow everyone what you're made of!Play the most exciting runninggame on the Google Play Store. “Ninja Warrior Heroes” givesrunning, jumping and avoiding experience in one amazing game.100%addictive, fun and challenging game for all ages with free ofcost.If you loved running and classic arcade games, you should notmiss this game!** More levels will be update soon.** Give yourreview and feedback to help us to improve this amazing game.**Thanks for the support guys!
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Download “Salam Eid al Adha Cards” app for Android™ and dress upyour home screen with our free Eid al Adha pictures and celebratethis holiday in the right way.Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īdal-’Aḍḥá, IPA: [ʕiːd al ʔadˁˈħaː], "feast of sacrifice") or"Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" is an important religiousholiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate thewillingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael(Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened toprovide him with a ram to sacrifice instead. The meat is dividedinto three parts. The family retains one third of the share;another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and theother third is given to the poor and needy.Eid al-Adha celebrationsstart after the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in SaudiArabia by Muslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat.Features ofthe app:#Free down load from Google Play Store.#Unique cards withattractive backgrounds. #Can keep as wallpaper as yourfavourites.#Share and send via email, Facebook, Instagrams,WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram, Twitter etc.Show how religious you areand make your phone unique with "Salam Eid al Adha Cards".Forquestions, comments and suggestions related to "Eid al-AdhaWallpapers eCards", please email me [email protected] is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Melalui aplikasi mudah alih APDM, data, kehadiran dan statistikmurid/ pelajar dari sekolah rendah sehingga tingkatan 6 akan dapatdiakses secara online. Dengan wujudnya fungsi ini proses semakandata murid/ pelajar menjadi lebih cepat dan lebih mudah.Ciri-ciriutama:1. Semak dan kemaskini data murid/ pelajar.2. Semak dankemaskini kehadiran pelajar.Muat turun APDM di telefon pintar dantablet anda sekarang, ianya selamat digunakan dan PERCUMA!
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Hari Raya Aidilfitri tidak akan sempurna tanpa dendangan lagu hariraya. Aplikasi "Lagu Raya Terbaik" terdiri daripada himpunanlagu-lagu raya nostalgia dan terhebat sepanjang zaman khas untukdiperdengarkan kepada semua dimana ia dapat mengimbaskan kenangankita semasa di hari raya. "Lagu Raya Terbaik" memutarkan lagudengan dalam format MP3. - lagu boleh diputarkan tanpa menggunakandata internet- muat turun lagu raya kegemaran anda secara percuma-putarkan lagu raya kegemaran anda walau di mana berada- muat turunapplikasi dengan percuma.Dengarkan lagu Hari Raya yang evergreenpada telefon bimbit anda sekarang. Ceriakan suasana hari raya andatahun ini dengan "Lagu Raya Terbaik" sepanjang zaman!SelamatMenyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!
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Hari Raya Aidilfitri is fast approaching. Have you decided how youwould like to celebrate and commemorate this auspicious day withyour beloved family and friends?

Introducing the best “Eid MubarakPhoto Frames” app for Android. The best camera frames app onAndroid right now!“Eid Mubarak Photo Frames” is the perfect app forthis year's Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration to make your familyand friends happy with little effort but with big hearted messages.Decorate your photos with lovely, cute and amazing frames styles.“Eid Mubarak Photo Frames" is easy to use with friendly userinterface. One of the great way to celebrate and commemorate thisAidilfitri with everyone in the family.With "Eid Mubarak PhotoFrames" app, you can:★ Select a photo from the gallery or takephotos using the phone's camera.★ Save and share your editedwonderful photo to social network such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, What App, Telegram, email etc.★ Easy to use★ No internetconnection needed.★ Absolutely free!!Download this “Eid MubarakPhoto Frames” app into your smartphones or devices and start takinglovely photos decorated with specially selected photo frames withyour friends and family. Get your other friends and family membersto download it into their smartphones too. They will haveabsolutely so much fun with it this coming Hari Raya without theneed of any professional photographer! It is the best camera framesapp you can find in the market right now! Spread your blessingsusing "Eid Mubarak Photo Frames" by sharing them on Facebook,Twitter, & Google+. ★Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri★Maaf Zahirdan Batin★
Halloween Frames HD 3.0 APK
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Happy Halloween! Are you preparing for this amazing holiday bycarving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns and looking for the bestHalloween costume ideas for the party? But don't miss somethingvery important! You need "Halloween Frames HD" so you can decorateyour holiday pics as well as you decorate everything else. This isthe best free photo editing software that can make your pics soawesome and so scary that everybody will like them. Start aHalloween countdown and begin with photo fun!With "Halloween FramesHD", you can add a spooky frames to your favorite photos of theHalloween night, any picture will be perfect!Create terrifying andfun photographs with multiple frames available, witches, pumpkins,ghosts, monsters and more!With "Halloween Frames HD", you can:★Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using the phone'scamera.★ Wide range of styles and different frames for anypicture.★ HD quality frames with vivid colors.★ Two types offrame's layout, either portrait or landscape.★ Apply differenteffects on your photo: Black & white, sepia, gray scale, andmore!★ Share your creations via WhatsApp, Flickr, Telegram, WeChat,Line, Email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.★ Easy touse: Its creation in 2 steps!Download now and don't miss thisyear's Halloween. Enjoy Halloween!